sweet poetry

I found myself doing all the cliche movie things girls are supposed to do when they break up with their boyfriends. I ate red velvet ice-cream and got drunk on Moscato and called him at 2 am crying but all he did was make me laugh and forget why I was so sad in the first place. I listened to Fleetwood Mac and Lana Del Rey to try to forget all the pain but I ended up dancing around my room screaming the lyrics from the top of my lungs and I never felt more alive. I tried exercising but got lost counting the leaves on the trees and ended up falling asleep. I tried flirting with other boys and fucking an old flame but all I could think about was his touch and his name. I tried to forget our memories and our love but when I went with my stereotypical box to pick up all my stuff from his place we ended up going through pictures and handwritten letters, and we couldn’t stop smiling. Our relationship was not normal and neither was our breakup. We couldn’t bring ourselves to go our separate ways and leave our love behind. We still text each other good morning and good night, I still surprise him with lunch sometimes and he still rubs my tummy when I have cramps. We still find ourselves talking into the late hours of the night and more than a few times we’ve shared a kiss or two. But that’s okay. We’re still so madly in love with each other and we will find our new normal, whatever that may be. But as long as we are in each other’s lives and hearts, we are happy and that’s all that matters.
uhtsceatha replied to your post “Do you ever read fics recommended by non mutuals/fics that non mutuals…”

My first fic ever was Solavellan porn that somehow has a bunch of kudos/hits on AO3. It’s “Tease.” I also wrote a fluff piece called “Sweet Panacea.”

I went back and added you to the mutuals who write list because I’m a butt and forgot (because I totally read your Dalla porn when we did our art trade).

In any case: how about a link to your AO3 page?

I found you
I found the one, I know I have, no one and nothing fits me more than you do. The way you look into my eyes, stare into my soul, hold my hand and pull me close. You don’t judge me, you make me smile. You finish my sentences and know what I like, from my favourite food to the my taste in clothing. I never have to hide who I am with you. I found the one and that one is you.
—  Nari Ioapo, I found you finally

I’ll never forget the small things.

Like the way someone smiles at you in the hallways. Or how someone texts you a message saying how beautiful you are in the rising morning. Even the smallest gestures, a hug or a squeeze on the shoulder, to let you know they’re there. How that man in Whole Foods dances and sings with every ounce of his body. And still makes sure to greet you into the store. When the cashier at your local cafe knows you’re a regular. At random times, your father reminds you you're beautiful. When your dog sit by your feet. The warmth a fire radiates to your cold hands. When it was rainy that one morning and your neighbor gives you a quick drive to the bus stop. The random glances you get from your crush while you’re working on a project. The laughs that seem to continuously echo across the cafe that you share with your friends. The small folds you see in the corner of a page from a friends book you’re borrowing. How quiet the streets of your neighborhood are when theres ice on the road. The random lady who spared you a quarter at the gift shop. When someone lends you a pen and a smile in class.

And I will never forget the small things.

—  I don’t really know what you’re going though, but please remember to be happy, k.d.

I want to run to you. I want to hold
you in my arms, seal your cracks
with a kiss and gold. I want to be
your crying shoulder. I want to be
the space your hands long for. Make
me your home, your refuge. I will
make you mine.

I want to walk with you through
the night. I want you to lay open
your heart and soul so that I can
mend them. I will do the same. Mend
me, kiss me, do what you will. I want
to fold the distance between us into
a single point and bury it in memory.

I want to take the hole in your chest
and fill it with butterflies of every
shape, size and color. I want to take
you into my arms and cling to you
when you despair. I want to open up
your heart and eyes and show you
that I care. That you can trust in this
love with all of your heart. I don’t care
that you fear. I just want you.

Can’t you see that you are the only one who can make me feel this way, I mean not anyone can give me the feelings you give me. It’s special you know, the chemistry we share, it’s not just different it’s extremely rare. I know you may not know how much I love you but I want you to know that I give a damn about you and I always care.
—  Nari Ioapo, You are the one I’ve been waiting for.
Sweet Poetry - by phantomserenity

“Darling, what are you plotting now?” Tom asked, rather confused by the mischievous look in my eyes. “Don’t worry, you’ll find out in a bit. Come stand over here.” I said, putting on a bit of a stern mistress tone. That always excited him, and tonight was no exception. I could see him begin to harden as he moved closer. I began taking off my clothes, watching his eyes light up. He reached out one hand to stroke my skin, but I backed away, laughing softly. “Not yet, baby. Here, I’ll help you get out of those clothes.” I stared into his eyes as I removed his clothes, enjoying the lust that was building in his gaze. Soon we both stood naked in our room, and he teasingly asked “Now am I allowed to touch?”


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You are my absolute weakness, your flaws are what makes me love you even more. I can’t help but fall for you, love you, care for you and adore you. You inspire me, I admire you, you intoxicate me, I am crazy for you. You are mine, you belong to me, I belong to you, I don’t know about you but to me that’s the absolute truth.
—  Nari Ioapo, you are the closest thing to perfect