sweet pleats

all I wanna do | first words soulmate!au Jinyoung

Requested by anon ♡ |  First words soulmate!au with Jinyoung if possible? I had this idea where the reader has been an idol for a few years, but they have “All I wanna do!” (first sentence of Wanna One’s greeting) on their wrist, and they have never heard Wanna One’s official greeting before. Oh and to make it easier on people in this au, the words turn gold after hearing their soulmate as to cause less confusion. I’m sorry if that’s a lot, but I’d 🐝 really happy if you could do it!

Genres: first words soulmate!au, fluff and slight angst

Summary: when your soulmate’s first words are tattooed on your wrist and it turned out to be his group’s greeting

Pairing: Bae Jinyoung x reader

Word Count: 864


The tough practice you had yesterday made you want to sleep a little more.

The idol life was you dream since you were little.

When you first watched TV and saw the group performing, you wanted to do that too.

You thought you were aware of how difficult this life is.

But one thing is now missing.


You’ve always been a loving person who wants cuddles.

In class, you were always daydreaming. Your mind always thinking about love.

Your friends often laughed at you when you told them about believing in love at first sight.

They said things like that never happen.

But the sentence written on your wrist always made you believe you will once find the one who loves you.

You get out your bed, trying not to faint because of the weakness of your legs.

The members were running by your sides, trying to get ready in time. While you were just standing still. You felt the earth turning twice as fast as his actual speed.

You woke up.

A white t-shirt saying  ‘sweet’ and a red pleated skirt were dressing you.

The brush in this woman’s hand was slightly stroking your face.

Feeling your vision getting blurry again, you shut your eyes, hoping to regain energy before performing.


An hour is left before your body will be standing on the stage.

You were sitting on the sofa with your team members next to you, watching the live stage on your dressing room’s television.

The fangirls were screaming even louder than before as soon as the camera filmed them.

‘Wooow it’s Wanna one !’ your leader said before the other members started to playfully scream like fangirls.

‘Today is Wanna one debut showcase ! Please introduce yoursleves’ the MC said

‘2 ! 3 ! All I wanna do WANNA ONE ! Hello we’re Wanna one!’

Your eyes widen. You coudn’t move.

‘Eonni, look at your wrist’ you heard the maknae talking to you.

You were born with an ‘A’ on your wrist.

When you grew a bit older, your mom explained to you that your soulmate has the same on wrist and that the ‘A’ was porbably his initial.

Every 5 years, an other word will appear next to the previous one and the sentence turned out to be ‘All I wanna do’.

You tried to hide your ‘tattoo’ the best as you could because people would find you weird but your manager and members obviously saw it but said that wasn’t a big deal.


It was your turn to perform.

Performing after the extremly famous rookie group made you even more nervous than you were before.

Despite your weakness, you had to perform in front of your fans, smile to the people who cheers your name.

The song was beginning and you head was already burning.

Soon is the chorus, don’t forget to smile during your part.

You kept hearing your voice in your head saying to be careful of what you’re doing.

You sighed, smiled and did your killer wink with a V pose : the performance was finally over.

‘Are you ok ?’ a voice woke you up

‘Where am I ?’ you replied

‘You’re in your dressing room, you fainted.’ the boy said

A sigh espaced your lips and you immediatly stood up.

‘You’re feeling alright ? St-tay here. I-if you’re feeling dizzy.’ he stuttered

You stopped your fast walk, just before passing the door.

‘If you’re feeling tired, you should rest for a little bit’ he said to break the silence

‘Who are you to tell me what I have to do ?! You’re from the new hottest group, right ?! I don’t think you’re aware of how though the idol life is you innocent boy ! And why are you here with me ?!’ you shouted to him before collapsing on the floor, breaking into tears

The boy kneeled down next to you, remaining silent.

‘I’m so sorry I-I didn’t mean it I-I’ you said

‘I’m Jinyoung. Wanna one’s Bae Jinyoung. I carried you here when you fainted after leaving the stage. Nobody cared when you collapsed. Like nobody really cares about how tired you are. I heard a lot of controversies about your company treating idols really badly. I’m sorry.’ he cut you off

‘Why are you sorry?’ you asked with your head still looking at the floor

‘I should have protect you’ he smiled to himself

Suddently, you raised up your head and looked at his dark eyes.

He lifted up his sleeve and put his wrist next to yours.

His goldish tattoo was matching perfectly with yours.

You smiled at each other, chuckled and probably blushed because you couldn’t believe the reality.

‘What is your name ?’ Jinyoung finally asked

‘I’m (y/n) but you can call me your soulmate’