sweet pillows

Gensokyo hit by wave of unsettling dreams.

Victims report seeing an identical figure every night, who asks them bizarre questions like “How would you rate this product on a scale of 1 to 5?”, “Is this product too hard? Too soft?”, and “Would you recommend this product to your family or neighbors?”

In unrelated news, local youkai Doremy Sweet has been seeking to address these uncomfortable nights with her new product: the Sweet Dreams Pillow, guaranteeing a night of restful sleep. These pillows have been a hit with both humans and youkai, and it’s no surprise, seeing as 1/3 of your life is spent sleeping. All the more reason for our bold reporters to get on top of the unsolved dream phenomenon.

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Can I request for bakugo, todoroki and eijiro with their s/o spending some fluffy cute time alone at home. How do they spend their relaxing home-date night with their s/o? Thank you very much.

Hi dear! Obviously you can, I was looking forward this. What a fantastic ask you sent! I really enjoyed writing those head canons for you! I’m feeling all giddy now and really, those boys are the best.

 I hope you enjoy it!




  • You can tell that is going to be a relaxing, home-date night in the exact moment you see him. Bakugou, at the thought, can’t stop himself from showing small happy grins when he thinks you’re not looking and tends to hum softly his favorite songs.
  • He cooks, as usual since he’s really good at it, but goes out of his way to ask what you would like to eat. During the dinner, he continuously glances at you, trying to not be seen, to understand if you really like what he cooked. Not that he doesn’t believe to your praises, but it feels more gratifying to just look at your shining eyes and delighted expression while eating.
  • Usually after dinner, you wash the dishes and clean the kitchen while he takes a shower. However, on those nights, Bakugou insists to do it together with some random excuses; one washes, the other dries and both of you enjoy the silent presence of the other or tell each other how the day went.
  • Afterwards, you have the tradition to watch a movie together, while eating snacks and sweets, sometimes feeding each other playfully. He likes to pull you closer and wrap an arm around your shoulders, while you rest against his chest.
  • And you really love movie’s night, but you would really like, for once, to see the film till the end. Unluckily, it seems something impossible: it doesn’t matter which type of movie you choose (you’ve tried action movies hoping he was going to get caught by the plot and explosions, and even romantic movie to bore him to the point of falling asleep) but it’s going to end always in the same way. Before the ending, if you’re lucky, (In the middle of it if you’ve pushed his switch), he starts distracting you by caressing your waist or your tight; then he nuzzles against the crook of your neck and leaves a trail of soft kisses on the skin from the cheeks to the shoulders. Finally, those kisses become playful bites; just to be sure he has your complete attention. And, let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how much time passes, you are never going to have enough resistance to continue watching the movie.
  • The only times it doesn’t end like this, is when you had a tiring day and so, you fall asleep before he can start tempting you. In those cases, growling complains he just switches off the TV and picks you up in bridal style to carry you to the bed. As a pouty punishment, he leaves a big hikey on you neck while you’re sleeping.
  • When you two watch romantic movies, obviously thanks to your insistence and much to his boredom, you force him to repeat and act the cheesy lines the male protagonist says. The problem is that he changes the words so much and pronounces them in a so deadpanned, annoyed or incredulous way that it always ends up with you laughing to your heart content.

“Nobody in the whole world could ever divide us.”

“I’m going to fucking kill the first who tries to divide us.”

“You’re the star of my life, the hope of my existence and the light in the darkness that guides me.”

“You’re a freaking fizzy, glowing mass of matter that I seems to love and follow everywhere like an idiot for unknown motives…Oi, s/o stop laughing! It’s not my damn fault if they’re idiots! Why the hell a stupid, far away star? Don’t they know what a star is made of? Shit, this is dumb, not romantic. I would just kiss the hell out of you and end it there. I hope she breaks up with him.”



  • Home-date nights with Kirishima are the funniest; he really loves them and becomes happy and excited as a child, continuously surprising you with sudden pecks, lifting and spinning you in the air or hugging from behind.
  • The two of you start by trying to cook together, however your experiments doesn’t always end well, even because Kirishima can be very clumsy. So, if you don’ manage to save the dinner in time, the nearer pizzeria is now used to your sudden calls.
  • Washing the dishes includes poking each other with bubbling, wet sponges and splashing with water; no need to say that this can easily transform in real water battles. If this happens, you then have an excuse to enjoy a warm bath together. Nothing is better than relaxing and floating in Kirishima’s arms.
  • Then you always do something different; sometimes you play videogames, do session of crazy karaoke, play “have you ever…” with crazy challenges, watch matches or action movies on the TV or, your favorite, playfully wrestle on the bed.
  • You two are very competitive when you fight, armed with pillows, sheets and blankets, screaming and laughing loudly. The thing that you like the most is the fact the, in any case, Kirishima always treats you with the outmost carefulness and kindness. He pays a lot of attention to hit you lightly and not hurt you, controlling his force and being sure he’s not going to accidentally use his Quirk. Even when he has finally pinned you down on the mattress, (yeah, sorry but he usually wins), you can feel that the hold around your wrists is very light; firm, because he likes to win, but kind, no bruises are going to remain.
  • Well, once he has caught you, he reasonably decides to torture with tickle and stops only when you beg for it with tears in the eyes for the laughter. He then smoothers you with kisses.

“Ne, s/o who’s the stronger, manlier hero ever?”

  • You win only when you play dirty. A sudden kiss that makes him falter, puppy eyes that make him hesitate or faking being hurt (not seriously) to make him let down his guard. Obviously, using those techniques makes the battle ending with him kissing every inch of you too.


  • Nothing is more relaxing than a home-date night with Todoroki.
  • The two of you race to come back home earlier than the other to surprise them by cooking. This usually ends with both of you arriving at the same time and deciding to cook together.
  • However, Todoroki always buys you your favorite dessert and gives it to you at the end of the dinner as a surprise. Or sometimes a flower, a cute hairpin or everything else that during the week has caught his attention and reminded him of you.
  • Todoroki is a big cat. He doesn’t ask for cuddles, he just takes them when he feels the need. Without warning, he drapes himself over you and kisses you, or hugs you from behind nuzzling against your neck, or rest his head on your lap and “force” you to stroke his hair.
  • You usually just cuddle together, talking about everything. The week, something funny that happened, searching comfort if one of you is troubled or just telling something about yourselves. You two chat ‘till you start dozing and he picks you up or guides you by the hand to the bedroom.
  • Other times, you read together or Todoroki reads aloud for you. You also watch movies: you like to choose tragic or scary ones. In the first case he’s going to comfort you with a lots of cuddles and reassuring words; in the second, you can be as clingy as you want and he is going to repeat you that it doesn’t matter what is going to happen, is always going to protect you, so you don’t have to be scared. Moreover, his deadpanned expression even during the most scary scenes and the cold, filled with common sense and perplexed comments about what’s going on are amusing.

“Why she should open that door if she knows all the others are dead? Ah, she’s also without any weapon, she should have taken that baseball bat. I bet she’s going to die.”

  • Depending on the season, you curl against one or the other’s side of the boy, who finds it very amusing.
  • A bath together is a necessity. A long, warm, bubbly bath to relax and enjoy the intimacy.
  • When there’s the right weather, you take a blanket, some pillows and sweets, and exit on the balcony. There you sit down, Todoroki caging you between his legs and wrapping his arms around your waist, and you two look at the stars together, telling made-up stories about the constellations.
  • Todoroki always remembers to give you a goodnight kiss.
Okay but for real, how is this not freshly de-virginized Jamie watching Claire sleep after she's just blown his mind?


“Changing My Major” is a song from the ‘Fun Home’ Broadway Musical.

What happened last night?
Are you really here? Joan, Joan, Joan, Joan, Joan,
Hi Joan! Don’t wake up Joan!
Oh my god, last night. Omigod omigod omigod omigod last night.

I got so excited. I was too enthusiastic.
Thank you for not laughing.
Well, you laughed a little bit at one point when I was touching you
And said I might lose consciousness,
Which you said was adorable, and I just have to trust
that you don’t think I’m an idiot or some kind of an animal.
I’ve never lost control due to overwhelming lust, but I must say that
I’m changing my major to Joan.
I’m changing my major to sex with Joan.
I’m changing my major to sex with Joan,
With a minor in kissing Joan.
Foreign studies to Joan inner thighs.
A seminar on Joan’s ass in her Levi’s,

And Joan’s crazy brown eyes. Joan,
I feel like Hercules oh god, that sounds ridiculous.
Just keep on sleeping through this,
And I’ll work on calming down, So by the time you’ve woken up,
I’ll be cool; I’ll be collected.
And I’ll have found some dignity, but who needs dignity?
Cause this is so much better.
I’m radiating happiness.
Will you stay here with me for the rest of the semester?
We won’t need any food. We’ll live on sex alone.
Sex with Joan!
I am writing a thesis on Joan.
It’s a cutting edge field, and my mind is blown.
I would gladly stay up every night
And hone my compulsory skills with Joan.
I will study my way down her spine.
Familiarize myself with her well-made outline,
while she researches mine.
I don’t know who I am. I’ve become someone new.
Nothing I just did is anything I would do.
Overnight, everything changed. I am not prepared.
I’m dizzy. I’m nauseous. I’m shaking. I’m scared.
Am I falling in to nothingness,
or flying into something so sublime?
I don’t know, but I’m changing my major to Joan.
I thought all my life I’d be all alone,
But that was before I was lying prone in this dorm room bed with Joan.
Look, she’s drooled on the pillow, so sweet.
All sweaty and tangled up in my bedsheets.
And my heart feels complete.
Let’s never leave this room.
How about we stay here til finals?
I’ll go to school forever.
I’lll take out a dementedly huge high interest loan
Cause I’m changing my major to Joan.

TITLE OF STORY: Exceptions to the Rules
AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics & cheers-mrhiddleston
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Twin AU - Jag!Tom & Exec!Tom
GENRE: Angst/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: A year after the events of What’s Yours is Mine, identical twins Thomas and William Hiddleston have fully acclimated to each other’s lives, including sharing a bit of happiness in the shape of a woman: their employee, Amanda Tremaine. But when Amanda begins to run out of hope that Thomas could ever be fully invested in a relationship with her, she turns elsewhere, leaving Thomas with feelings that he cannot fully describe. Her new relationship brings out unforeseen circumstances that the twins can’t ignore, leading all three of them down a path that will test each of them in their own way.
WARNINGS: Explicit language, violence, drugs, discussions of torture.
AUTHOR NOTE: This is a collaboration between myself and @teacuphiddlesfics and the sequel to What’s Yours is Mine. We’ll be alternating writing the chapters again, so make sure you’re following Christine if you aren’t already and stay up to date with the entire twins universe here.

The more days Amanda spent locked away in the room, the more she understood the reasons the Russians were keeping her.

It wasn’t so much in things she picked up; they were careful to only use Russian when around her, and the only times she heard English was visits from Jacob. The only person she ever saw was her supposed husband, but she heard more than a few voices outside her locked door. But they had a vested interest in keeping her alive, just not too comfortable.

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Galentine's Day

Pairing: platonic Wanda x Natasha x Reader, implied Bucky x Reader

Summary: Valentine’s Day without the boys? Whatever shall you do?

Warnings: flufff!!! plus kinda innuendos if you squint and like one language word.

Word Count: 529

A/N: This was written as part of @oneshot-shit‘s Valentine’s Day writing challenge. My prompt was “cuddles.” Hope you enjoy :)

Originally posted by gurl

“I’ll grab the popcorn,” you shouted over your shoulder. “Do you guys want me to get anything else?”

“M&Ms and Twizzlers please!”

“Oh! And ice cream!”

You returned to the cinema room a few minutes later with a giant bowl of popcorn in one hand and a stack of assorted ice cream and toppings balanced in the other.

“You two could have at least helped,” you giggled as Wanda took the bowl out of your hand and tossed a piece of popcorn into her mouth.

“I am helping,” she cooed. “Quality control is of utmost importance. Besides I brought the movie.”

“Correction, I brought the movie.” Natasha smirked as she took the bowl of popcorn out of Wanda’s grasp. “You just put it into the DVD player.” She popped a handful of popcorn into her mouth as if to prove her point.

“Fine, you win.” Wanda pouted, but it quickly transformed into a wide grin when she saw the ice cream flavours you brought.

“Aah you got cookie dough!”

“I stole Sam’s pint of vanilla caramel fudge too.”

Wanda looked at you with wide eyes. “No! Did you really?!”

“Oh but I did,” you smirked.

“Y/N, I love you.”

After filling your bowls with copious amounts of ice cream and sweets, re-fluffing the pillows on the sofa, and dimming the lights, the three of you curled up together under the fluffy blanket Natasha stole from Clint’s room just after the boys left for their untimely mission.

“You know,” Wanda mused between bites of ice cream, “I thought I would be more upset about Vis being gone on Valentine’s Day, but this is great!” She twirled her spoon around, indicating the extravagant set up the three of you made. “We need Galentine’s Day more often.”

Natasha threw her head back and laughed. “Yes we do! Clint never lets me use this blanket. He’s very protective.”

You gave her a sideways glance. “I am not getting on Clint’s bad side because of you and your blanket feud.”

“Oh don’t worry, I have a few distraction techniques that I know he won’t mind,” she said, wiggling her eyebrows.

You snorted and shook your head. “You never cease to amaze me, Nat.”

“And how are you getting on without your Cuddle Bucky, Y/N?” Wanda asked as she poked your shoulder playfully.

You threw your arms around your two best friends and gave them a tight squeeze, popcorn pieces tumbling out of the bowl at your enthusiastic movement. “He’s in for some serious competition when he gets back,” you giggled.

“Mhmm he’s got nothing on us,” Wanda smirked.

“Damn straight,” Natasha agreed as she pulled the blanket tighter around the three of you and snuggled into your side. “Shall we start the movie?”

You nodded in agreement and lay your head on Wanda’s shoulder as the opening scene of the film illuminated the room. So maybe Valentine’s Day was a day for love, and perhaps it did feel a bit lonely without the rest of the team there, but that could never dampen the immense adoration you had for your two best friends. Wanda was right - Galentine’s Day needed to happen more often.

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Yoosung- Yoosung hadn’t had a standard of beauty due to his inexperience, but MC was gorgeous to him. He loved her cheeks, they way they went rosy when she was flushed or embarrassed, and the easy squishy material that he constantly wanted to poke and hold.

Zen- His personal philosophy had always been to have the perfect toned body, but looking at MC in summer clothes made him think that maybe a toned body wasn’t the perfect body. He loved when MC wore long summer dresses and it complimented her skin and hips. MC was the cutest thing in his universe and he would never go back to believing that skinny was perfect.

Jaehee- Always one for self confidence, Jaehee loved MCs body and always took pictures with her to spread body positivity across social media. Jaehee herself was gaining weight from finally taking time to eat proper meals and work at the cafe, and she and MC loved each other only more for it.

Jumin- He had always been one to have every element of his life perfect, and therefore never viewed MCs weight as an imperfection. Jumin began investing and donating to plus size model campaigns and clothing brands, and bought MC all of the clothing. He actually did so much promotion that he got MC a job as a plus size model, and came to all of her shoots.

Saeyoung- He loved the thigh pillow. All worship the sweet, godly thigh pillow. No matter what Seven would love MC and the weight was just a bonus. He loves hugging and cuddling MC and generally appreciated her body so much more because she didn’t fit the “beauty standard”.

Saeran- Saeran needed cuddles a lot, and soft little MC could always provide for him. He often nuzzled into MC and didn’t even realize that time was passing because of the peace of MCs presence. He loved poking her cheeks and squishing then around while she laughed from the looks on his face.

V- He didn’t care about external appearances, but V loved the feel of MCs soft skin and curves. He would reach over and tickle her until she couldn’t breathe, she was super sensitive to stomach tickles and she wouldn’t cry laughing and beg him to stop. V loved to rest his head in and on MCs large and plushy breasts, and would constantly touch them.

Sorry if the spelling or anything is wonky I typed this with medical examiner gloves on. I hope you like it, I’m trying to revive this blog because my own stupidity killed it.

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Hi! I love your HC's! Do you have any about a single Alpha parent with a young Omega (possibly adopted) child? Much love to you!


  • It’s very unusual for parents to raise a child on their own, and this people usually assume the omega child is someone else’s, or they’re baby sitting them
  • Whether the omega is their child or not, they’ll probably be caught off guard by just how…different the child is
  • They often, subconsciously, worry that because they’re an alpha and the child is an adopted omega, their body will react to it as though they’re a potential mate
  • But the second they hold the child in their arms, just know that this is their child
  • Every morning before they let the child go, the scent them aggressively and hug them and kiss them way too much
  • Mothers at daycare go “awww, they’re so sweet! Where’s their mother?” and the poor alpha has to explain, and get odd looks and whispered about behind their back
  • This mostly stops of course when they see the omega come flying out at the end of the day and barrels into the alpha, obviously absolutely ecstatic to see them
  • When the child starts nesting, the alpha is caught off guard, because they’ll bring the child home from school and immediately the smol omega will disappear, presumably to do kid stuff
  • Lo and behold, when the alpha flops down onto the sofa, they yell out in pain as they only sit down hard on the wooden frame, because all the pillows have been taken
  • They’d search low and high, and eventually would find the little omega arranging a nest in the alpha’s cupboard because “I wanted to use your clothes but I couldn’t carry them all, so I just made it in here”
  • They frantically call one of their omega friends who has children, asking “are they supposed to be nesting this young?! Am I supposed to let them nest in my cupboard? I’m fine with them being in there, but I just think it’s a bit cramped. Wouldn’t they rather nest on my bed or something?”
  • The omega friend finds it hilarious
  • That night, the two of them cram into the cupboard, and the alpha croons their smol child to sleep
  • Fast forward a few years, when the omega starts at secondary school. They might get teased for being adopted/having only one parent, but one threatening look from the alpha sends the bullies scurrying away
  • The first time their child brings home a boyfriend/girlfriend is very disconcerting. The poor alpha is desperately calling and texting all their beta and omega friends, asking them how they should act and generally freaking out about it
  • The omega grows a little older, and begins to ask questions about their mother/real parents, and the alpha has to awkwardly stutter their way through, worried that at the end, the omega might hate them
  • But they don’t, of course, they just sit silently for a few minutes, then throw their arms around the alphas neck and tell them that they love them
  • The omegas first heat completely throws the alpha off. They’ve gotten pretty used to raising an omega by now, but holy shit when they get the first scent of the omegas changing pheromones, everything goes on alert
  • Suddenly, mountains of blankets and pillows and sweet food start appearing. The alpha is using all of their knowledge from past omega mates to try and make their child’s first heat comfortable, and then internally cringes because using knowledge of past mates for their child is just disgusting
  • Their child secretly finds it hilarious, and they’re texting their friends all through their heat, telling them about it
  • The day the omega leaves home is a very sad one. The alpha, of course, is bawling, and hugging and kissing their omega child, just like they did on their first day of school
  • And the omega realises just how much they’re going to miss their alpha parent, and that even if they were offered a line-up of parents, they’d still choose this alpha to raise them