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When Your Little Wants a New Stuffie
  • Little & Cg: *at the store getting groceries*
  • Little: *gets all antsy and starts to get all grumpy because they want a new stuffie so they cross their arms*
  • Cg: *notices their little all grumpy* Sweetheart, what's wrong? You seem like you have the grumps.
  • Little: *unfolds arms and acts all confused and not grumpy* Um... Huh? Oh I'm not grumpy...
  • Cg: Yes you are, little one. I can tell. Tell me what's wrong.
  • Little: *hesitates* N-Nothing is wrong.
  • Cg: Tell me right now. Be a good little sweet pea and tell me.
  • Little: Fine... I-I wants to goes to the toy section... pwease? *looks at cg with puppy eyes*
  • Cg: Sure, little one! Only for my little baby. Let's go find you some more friends! *Grabs little by the hand and walks with them to the toy section*
  • ______________________________
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A Sweet Attempt

Fandom: Final Fantasy XV
Title: A Sweet Attempt
Characters: (young)Ignis Scientia and Noctis Lucis Caelum
Rating: K
Genre: Friendship
Summary: Ignis isn’t sure how to help Noctis’s depression, but a spark of interest he sees from the child prince gives him a start.

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Sitting alone at the oversized table, the young Prince Noctis poked at his dinner with a total lack of enthusiasm. Carefully picking peas out of the dish one by one and pushing them aside, he had hardly taken any actual bites of food. At his side stood Ignis, twelve years old and watching the boy with the concern of a parent etched on his face. Leaning forward just into view, he smoothed out his frown and kept his voice gentle as he asked, “What is the matter, Highness? Is it not to your liking?”

“Too many peas.”

“There’s so much gravy on your plate, I doubt you could even taste them, so-.”

“I can taste them. They’re gross.”

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[* Trident first gathers the SOULs he had hid during his time here, pocketing them into his inventory. He then goes up to Shifter and Akim with a sweet smile on his face.]

Howdy! How are you two losers doing?

[* Trident takes the two SOULs out of his inventory, one in each vine, and shows them off before absorbing them and transforming into some sort of plant-dragon right before their very eyes.]

Name’s Trident.

[* He then creates a portak to his home timeline, takes a deep breath, and yells out…]


[* Just then, hundreds of people from Trident’s timeline start pouring through the portal and begin to party. There is also really loud and obnoxious music playing as well. You can’t have a destructive party without loud, obnoxious music.]

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Had a really long day at work but I have been eating so much crap lately and decided it’s time to make a change. I also have a very form fitting dress to wear for my graduation in two weeks so need to start eating healthier. The great thing about flatbreads is you can really top them with anything. Here are a couple of ideas to get you going. Sainsbury’s sell a pack of four for under a pound, they freeze and you can just pop them in the toaster! I made enough to have some leftover for work tomorrow as well so a win win all round…

Flatbread topped with a fried egg, baked paprika chickpeas and sweet potato and a warm courgette and spinach salad. 

Baked Chickpeas: 

(Serves 2 - large portions)

1. Preheat the oven to 180*. Drain one tin of chickpeas and pop in a tea towel to dry off (this step is important as it helps the peas become extra crisp). 

2. Chop ½ a large sweet potato in to small chunks and add to a small baking dish - add the chickpeas then cover in olive oil (this is really up to you and how healthy you are, but the more you add the crispier they will be!) sprinkle over some salt and bake for 25 minutes. 

3. Add paprika and cumin and stir. Serve as a snack or to top a flatbread or salad.  

Warm Courgette & Spinach salad

(Serves 2 - large portions)

1. Finely chop ½ a red onion, one clove of garlic and julienne 2/3 a courgette (this is a fancy word for chopping in to sticks). Put a large wok on a medium heat and add a splash of olive oil and 1tsp of oregano

2. Allow the oil to heat then add your onion and garlic. Let this soften, then add your courgette. Keep stirring then wash your spinach. Wilt the spinach in, add ½ a chopped avocado and 1tbsp of torn fresh basil

3. Easy as that!

i was seventeen when i packed my bags and left home.
you were sitting in a lawn chair in our backyard -
if you can call it that, the pathetic stretch of 5 x 15 feet,
that had maybe 1 x 1 feet of living grass, 2 x 1 feet of bricks, and
the garden that agnes tried so hard to grow
but always died in the dry heat of colorado summers.
i wonder if she misses the flowers and the rains of the philippines,
i wonder if she regrets coming to live with us and love us.
you were fiddling with that awful plastic jar - i hated it,
you always caught gardner snakes, my favorite ones, the ones with the red stripes,
and you trapped them in the jar,
and tossed it at the dog until it
finally died from convulsing in fear.
everything was a toy to you.

you were sitting in the green lawn chair, smoking a marlboro red, you said,
“sweet pea, i tried, you know that?”
your back was turned to me. you tried, i know you tried.
you tried every day to not make me cry and every day you failed.
“i know i never had as much money as your mother,” you said,
and i wanted to scream at you, scream,
“dad, it was never about the money, for god’s sake!
it was about us always having enough food for you but never for me,
it was about you always having enough patience for my brother but never for me.
it was about you throwing a laundry basket down the stairs at agnes, and then
wondering why the hell she tried to leave you, and then
sending a crying 10 year old to bring her back even though
i was just as scared of you as she was (maybe because i was just as scared).
it was about throwing a live snake in a jar at a live dog
and then wondering why the snake might’ve died.
it’s about wondering why your daughter doesn’t love you when you’ve never known how to love her, and only yourself.”

but i didn’t say that. i never told you any of this -
and mom never told you why she really left.
and agnes told you but that’s why you were able to talk her into staying, isn’t it?
i didn’t wanna give you the bait, give you a way to wrap your words around it.
so i said, “i’m sorry, dad, i love you. i’ll call you.”

i’m twenty now, and you call me for birthdays and holidays,
because you know i don’t wanna hear from you any more than that.
i wonder if you still
use a slingshot to torment the neighborhood squirrels and bunnies,
i hope you don’t,
but i wouldn’t be surpised.
i wonder if you still throw laundry baskets at agnes,
i wonder if my brother still tells you he loves you.
i wonder if he still means it.
i haven’t meant it in years.

things i’ll never tell my dad // seraph

tws: #domestic violence #animal death #animal cruelty #child neglect

anonymous asked:

Hey Anna! I'm supposed to get my wisdom teeth pulled this week and I'm really scared :( is there anything about the procedure you can tell me? I'm actually most afraid of being drugged up and saying or doing something weird in front of my parents...but yeah I'm not sure if you know anything about this so sorry if you're not the right person to ask!!

Hey sweet pea! You came to the right place!

Let me give you some background on wisdom teeth first off. They’re ‘unnecessary teeth.’ They were useful during the caveman days where our teeth were used for ripping and tearing. A lot of people don’t have room in their mouths for them - that’s why they get them removed! Some of the lucky ones can leave them in and they cause no problems, but mine were pulled because they were coming in sideways. Generally they cause more harm than good because if they come in sideways or impacted they can affect the teeth that are already sitting there.

they use a type of anesthesia that’s very safe! They’ll give you a muscle relaxer pill (Valium) that will make you feel a little wobbly, and then put before the procedure they’ll give you nitrous through a little nose thing to put you to sleep. It’s the medicine wearing off that makes you say silly things or feel nauseous which is a totally normal side effect (we did this to eachother in class and it was actually kind of fun!). You’ll go to sleep when you get home and the pockets will heal over quick. Make sure to avoid straws or hard foods for a few days as well so as to not hurt the stitches (which are dissolvable!). You’ll be just fine, this is something like 90% of the population go through. :)

i got one of them black leather, lotsa buckles, studs and d-rings and such cross shoulder, hip belt, thigh holster bag thing.

and i also got like a billion more seeds for my garden.

idk what this makes me but here we are.


Fonts {1}

1. Alex Brush Regular
2. Angelface
3. Autumn Chant
4. Back to Back
5. Bebasneue
6. Basic Title Font
7. Bitter Bold
8. Bringshoot

9. Angeline Valentine
10. Bromello
11. Chasing Embers
12. Code Bold
13. Coolveltica
14. Couture Bold
15. Crooked
16. Dolce Vita

17. Heather
18. Jenna Sue
19. Lemonmilk
20. Mochary
21. Monica Script
22. Moon Flower
23. Notera
24. New Romantics
25. Saint Andres Queen
26. Sweet Pea
27. Times New Roman
28. Unfolding Tragedy
29. Worth while

you can mostly download them on “dafont.com” and have them in Phonto

Imagine this; Jesse and Angela have a daughter, a tiny little toddler who Jesse’s been trying to teach how to walk for months now. One day he puts her on the ground and walks a couple of steps backwards, kneeling. Angela’s standing next to them, camera in hand, having recorded nearly every attempt. Jesse puts out his hands in a welcoming gesture, smiling at the toddler in front of him. “Walk on over to Daddy, sweet pea. It’s okay.” The child manages to stand up a bit wonky, and both Jesse’s and Angela’s eyes widen when their child finally sets her first steps.

Malec first time for everybody that ships them and wants to see them fluffy and smutty all over the place. This one goes out to my Tumblr Wife, whom not only supports the feels, but shares my love for them and encourages it.


Malec First Time

“If i’m eating these sweet peas, is it technically cannibalism?” Alec pondered, as he fished around his plate, scooping up a forkful.

Magnus refrained from lunging across the table and instead, scooped more food onto Alec’s plate. “God…. if you weren’t so cute.”

“Mmm, thank you,” he winked. “For the food and the compliment.”

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Garden Update: Jan 7th

The cowpeas have climbed the poles (one kind much more fully than the other, maybe the closer one is a bush variety of cowpeas?) and I love the flowers. We’re having a cold snap here and the cowpeas have developed mildew that you can see, but we’ve sprayed them with copper and are hoping the normal dry and warm florida weather will be back soon. The cold has been really great for everything else!

The tomatoes have come back to life and are fruiting, the coconut palm seedling is doing well, and we have some oranges ripening! 

We also have one bokchoy plant that self-seeded for the 3rd time (and came out the best of any we tried to plant earlier). A sweet potato vine also came back to life, and for the 6th time. The 6th time is clearly the charm because it is full of beautiful purple flowers (4th picture form the top)!

Starting to get the hang of edible growing here in SW Florida. Container gardening here is the way to go.

THOSE FLOWERS WERE HELL TO PAINT!!!! Doug is my smol twilight and I really can’t stop drawing him. My scanner fucked this up quite a bit!

 And (this time) I actually have all the meanings behind those flowers:

  • Buttercup -  Cheerfulness
  • Camelia - Adorable; Lovable
  • Clematis - Ingenuity
  • Fennel -  Worthy of all praise
  • Forget-me-nots -  True love; Memories
  • Freesia - Spirited; Trust
  • Periwinkle - Delightful Memories
  • Sweet Pea (flower) -  Goodbye; Departure

If any of them are wrong please blame google u.u

Texts between Magnus and Alec
  • Magnus: When are you coming home, sweet pea?
  • Alec: Soon
  • Alec: Y?
  • Magnus: I’m bored. Max is asleep and Chairman has decided he doesn't want to play with his new toys.
  • Alec: I told U not 2 buy them
  • Magnus: I didn't.
  • Alec: U lied???
  • Magnus: I'm joking. Of course I bought them.
  • Magnus: Most of them.
  • Alec: U bought Max's tho rite?
  • Magnus: Absolutely.
  • Alec: OK
  • Alec: I thought U had clients 2day
  • Magnus: I had one client and they died upon my arrival.
  • Alec: Oh
  • Alec: So U just left?
  • Magnus: After charging them for the trouble it took me to get there and to find a babysitter and a catsitter, yes.
  • Alec: Magnus!!!
  • Magnus: Catsitters are outrageously expensive.
  • Alec: R U for real???
  • Magnus: No, Alexander, it was a joke. My humour becomes a little dry when I have nothing better to do.
  • Alec: OK I’ll tell Jace 2 finish early 2nite
  • Magnus: Tell him you won't tolerate another hissy fit and if there's any trouble he'll have me to answer to.
  • Alec: He laughed + said he’ll answer 2 U any day
  • Magnus: That sounds like he's trying to flirt with me. ;)
  • Alec: What
  • Alec: No it doesn't
  • Magnus: Tell him thank you, but no thank you.
  • Alec: He was not hitting on U
  • Alec: OK?
  • Magnus: Would you be jealous if he was?
  • Alec: Shut up
the other album;

Every morning the sweet fragrances make themselves known to all the passers-by when Akaashi opens his shoe locker. It’s always something new and interestingly peculiar - roses, jasmines, gardenias, sweet peas, lilacs, lavenders, peonies, magnolias. He can’t help but take in a deep breath, closing his eyes and opening them a few times as if he were a camera taking photographs of the elegantly arranged flowers that decorated his locker in front of him. He holds himself back from making the click sounds of a camera, but does so in his head; the mental picture of each gifted flower forever engraved into his brain, neatly placed in one of the two albums that comprised his memory - the “everything else” album. 

Everyone looks but no one says a word. They can smell the flowers when they pass by his locker and they take a peek to see what kind of flower he’d gotten this time - irises, the purple kind with bluish lines running through the petals like veins. Those passers-by smile shyly when they see them or smell them, eyes trailing towards Akaashi. They all want to steal a glance at Akaashi’s smile - the one so obviously dripping in love and bliss - and while he tries his best to hide it, he simply can’t, because the overwhelming thoughts of the culprit behind all this completely floods his composure. 

Every time they meet in the same place; the rooftop belongs to them for five minutes before the first bell rings. Akaashi is the second to arrive and he feels his heart thumping in his chest when he sees the lone figure leaning out onto the railing, his head in the clouds without a doubt, his eyes bright like the sun. This day in particular was windy and Akaashi pulls out stray leaves from Bokuto’s hair to get his attention. And as he turns to him, Akaashi catches him with a sweet kiss on the lips, barely noticeable but fiery upon the touch - oh how Akaashi was thankful, oh how Akaashi was in love

“Irises today, Bokuto-san?” When a blush appeared on Bokuto’s cheeks Akaashi gave a devious smile. Click.

“They reminded me of you!” 

“But you say that about every flower.”

“That’s because nothing else is as pretty as you, Akaashi!!”

He laughed, seeing Bokuto’s cheeks blushing deeper and his eyes wide with certainty. Click.

“The flowers smell just as sweet as you are, Bokuto-san.” He said this with a shy grin and only grinned wider when Bokuto tried to cover his blushing face. Click.

Akaashi led the way back inside, his hand covering Bokuto’s, and he smiled to himself; the album of everything else just simply did not compare to Akaashi’s album of “everything Bokuto”. 

The signs as vegetables
  • Aries: Jalepeño (spicy personality)
  • Taurus: Peas (practical to have)
  • Gemini: Broccoli (most versatile of them all)
  • Cancer: Sweet potato (like the other but sweeter)
  • Leo: Potato (most popular of them all)
  • Virgo: Onions (make u cry)
  • Libra: Eggplant (good looking)
  • Scorpio: Brussels sprouts (the scariest veg of them all)
  • Sagittarius: Beans (diverse)
  • Capricorn: Tomatos (people think theyre one thing but theyre not)
  • Aquarius: Celery (fresh and idk)
  • Pisces: Sweet corn (4 their sweet personality)

am i the only one who firmly believes that sasuke and sakura are not the type to call each other “baby”… or even any pet name, really.

i mean i can see sakura sometimes teasing him with “darling” and “sweet pea” just to rile him up or get him annoyed, but i can’t actually see either of them calling each other anything else than just their names?

Hullo lovelies! :) I’m gonna make this bit here short because I don’t think I could adequately put into words how much I appreciate every single person who follows me anyway, and I feel like I keep repeating myself…but I will honestly forever be baffled by the fact that people enjoy this blog AND decide to stick around even though it’s become such a fandom mess (…maybe I should get a life? Hm.) Thank you to everyone who sends me messages, reads and replies to my posts, likes and reblogs my shit. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re amazing and I appreciate you all so much. Stay beautiful, sweet peas ♥

At this point I gotta give a shout-out to some super special snowflakes:

brainiacdean: Because we’re both watching waaay too many shit shows that take over our lives (srsly, what are we doing?), and there’s no one else I’d rather discuss them with on a daily basis. You have no idea how much I love talking to you and being salty with you, Lucy. You’re smart and witty and I’m so grateful that you’re my friend.

dixonscarol: Hanna. Hannahannahanna. Even if we sometimes don’t talk for weeks (lmao), I never feel like we lost our very special way of having conversations, i.e. jumping from super ridiculous topics and writing sonnets about all sorts of things and people to insanely deep conversations about life and how much people suck. You are and always will be an amazing person.

empressmcbride: Weil’s manchmal einfach nett ist, meinen Hass und meine Liebe gegenüber mancher Dinge nicht auf Englisch verfassen zu müssen :3 You were one of the first people I followed and talked to and you’ll be there till the end (…way to sound super dramatic, Eena), because you’re on of the nicest, kindest and overall loveliest people I ever had the pleasure to talk to. I still hope we can make that meeting happen one day.

leigh57: I LOVE YOU SO EFFING MUCH, SHANA…which you probably know because I keep telling you, and to be honest, I think you’re actually the person I say it to the most, lmao. Talking to you is always such a joy, no matter the topic (let’s pretend we talk about other things than Carol and MMB 90% of the time), and I love how you do you and don’t let anyone bullshit you. You’re so intelligent and passionate and the kind of funny and sarcastic that I just adore - I aspire to be more like you, and quite frankly, I’m not sure why you even bother with me. Eh. But I’m so happy that you do. I admire the heck outta you.

seyfrieds: I’m pretty sure you’re my demonic soulmate, Sylvia. There’s no pretending with you because - even though we haven’t known each other for that long - you KNOW me because you ARE like me in so many ways. I thank the lord that you’re as messed up as me and just popped into my inbox when I declared my love for some maniac on a show that everyone else dreaded, and I always enjoy talking to you about his glorious butt. Thank you for letting me be my asshole self. Love you, hoe.

theresnosafeharbor4myships: Zan :) You gave me my favourite nickname and so much more…someone to talk to back when I didn’t really feel like talking to a whole lot of people. Someone who gets me, someone who cares how I’m doing, someone who values and trusts me enough to tell me about their life and ask for my opinion. I can’t imagine going a single day without talking to you because you pretty quickly became a vital part of my life, and if something happens, you’re the person I wanna tell. I’m so very grateful that, over a year ago, you decided to publish a post that I loved so much, it made me wanna talk to you…and yes, I do believe that was fate. You’re one of the strongest people I know, please don’t ever doubt that or yourself. I love you very much.

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In case I forgot anyone who feels like they should be on here, I’m really sorry! Please feel free to shoot me a message and ask me what the heck’s wrong with me. (Spoiler warning: the answer is ‘a lot’)

I’ve been watching “what I eat on a day” kind of videos for the last hour from vegan bloggers (almost all of them white) and like they call this extremely varied diet, like one girl had 3 sweet potatoes with nothing more but salt and a cup of baby carrots for lunch, WTF? that’s not varied, not one pinch of seasoning, none one sauce, nothing to company that plain vegetable with. Another had a bowl of green peas with salt and pepper and said that what she liked about being vegan was how it allowed you to eat so many varied colorful delicious food, maybe it’s because I hate peas, but eating ONE bowl of ONE vegetable isn’t exactly “colorful varied delicious food”. 

Almost all the videos included plain foods with nothing to season them, barely any actual elaborated food other than cooked veggies with salt, like microwaved stuff with salt and if they were feeling edgy “some seasoning” like Mr. Dash or something. 

I need good mexican (or any other culture whatsoever) vegan bloggers to do this kind of videos because my ideal of a varied healthy DELICIOUS food isn’t throwing a bunch of plain veggies in a plate and covering them in salt and pepper.