sweet patience

Thanks for sending all those prompts, guys! I’m drawing them now, but I’d like to upload this before Thanksgiving ends :P

Branch has one hell of a sweet tooth and he’ll often try to get his hands on Poppy’s cooking before it’s served or even cooled

AKA, Poppy finds use for Branch’s ridiculous amount of mousetraps 

The Signs As My Chemical Romance Lyrics

Aries- “See the rust through your playground eyes”

Taurus- “All the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me”

Gemini- “We’re both two men as God had made us”

Cancer- “Tell me I’m an angel, take this to my grave”

Leo- “You only hear the music when your heart begins to break”

Virgo- “I choose defeat, I walk away”

Libra- “This ain’t about all the friends you made, but the graffiti they write on your grave”

Scorpio- “If life ain’t just a joke then why are we laughing”

Sagittarius- “And the collision of your kiss that made it so hard”

Capricorn- “Don’t you breathe for me, undeserving of your sympathy”

Aquarius- “So sick of all the needless beating”

Pisces- “Let me be the one to save you”

Gerard Reminds me of some emo fucking Pokémon character in the photo. Lmao.

i’ve literally never seen a picture of me so happy (i can’t believe this was exactly 2 years ago wtf)