sweet parents

The Weasley parents run their day like bookends.

Molly wakes the Burrow. She wakes before anyone, opens the shutters, feeds the chickens and draws the eggs gracefully into a basket with her wand, lights a fire in the kitchen hearth and starts breakfast. 

Arthur puts the house to sleep. He is the last to bed each night, and only after drawing the cat inside, neatening the foyer and hanging coats on the racks, kissing the last of his children goodnight, turning off every light, closing all the windows, and locking all the doors. It calms him to see the house put to rights before he sleeps. 

Their respective care and love keeps house in peace and balance. 


In tough times, just having someone to say they’re on your side can save you.


The Ham fam!

(Right one is transparent btw)

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notsosociosawyer  asked:

HC: Maggie visiting home because her mom asks to meet the woman who has made her hija happier than she's heard and seen in a long time. But Maggie had kind of lied (read: completely bullshitted) how her father actually reacted to her coming out. Of course she wants to introduce Alex to her madre though, so they go. Maggie immediately tensing up and going so quiet in the presence of her father and Alex of course notices. Maggie's father, who hardly seems to even acknowledge his daughter (cont)

A level of disappointment and coldness in his look that rivals Eliza at the most disappointed Alex had ever experienced. He doesn’t acknowledge their relationship, hardly speaks at all in their presence except to ask for things at dinner to be passed to him, or a sound that’s almost like a scoff when Maggie talks about her career or the amazing things about Alex or their relationship. All Alex can do is watch Maggie get quieter and more subdued in his presence. Despite the loving and sassy relationship she gets to see when it’s just Maggie and her mother. One day it comes to a head though, Alex coming back from a morning run and pausing in the doorway as she hears rapid and angry mix of Spanish and English being snapped by Maggie’s father, with more pleading and upset words coming from Maggie. Ultimately culminating in Maggie going “la quiero, papi. I love her and I’m happy. I’m not ashamed of it!” And her father replies in Spanish (telling her that she should be), Alex doesn’t understand what he said, but she’d snuck closer and she can see the shattered look on Maggie’s face. Like she’d been sucker punched. And she can’t help crossing the space to step between them and cup Maggie’s cheeks, make sure their eyes meet, seeing the sheen of tears that make her heart break. Knowing her words can’t heal everything, but whispering “there is nothing to /be/ ashamed of, Maggie.”