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Christian’s interview with Manhattan Digest 24/4

Christian Lee Navarro is going through something quite special, that not a lot of people in any industry faces.  Within a month, his name has become one of the most talked about in the entertainment industry, due to his role as Tony on Netflix’s wildly successful series 13 Reasons Why.  Christian, whose prior acting credits include the HBO series Vinyl, is going through a metamorphosis of sorts as he has gone from a somewhat known person in the acting world to defining “what’s next” in Hollywood. Tony, just like himself though, has quite a lot in common which makes the role for Christian that much more personal.

Christian is a lifelong New Yorker who resides in the South Bronx, and is a die hard Mets fan to boot (good choice, buddy).  We met up this past Friday at a local Gregory’s Coffee where he just happened to wear a leather jacket (seems familiar, right?), grabbed a cup of coffee, and sat down with me for one of the best interviews I have ever done.

This is a guy who is humble yet understands the magnitude of the show he is on and the gravity of what went into it, in order for it to happen.  The role he plays of Tony is incredible vital to the entire premise, in that he is the one guiding the main character Clay to finding the 13 reasons why his friend Hannah killed herself.  It is an incredibly tough show to get through, yet is taken care of so precisely and in such an incredible way that it has become one of the most popular (if not most popular) show Netflix has ever produced.  And with the production, comes the star power in Christian Lee Navarro.

I finished the series about two weeks ago, and was bursting from the inside with questions.  Will there be a season 2?  What did he think about his character being called “Yoda”?  Most importantly, how did he and the entire cast get through the unbelievable emotional baggage the show brought on?  Christian told me his thoughts on all of that, and then some.

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Chichay: You need to eat a lot of vegetables so you can live longer.
Joaquin: That’s useless.
Chichay: Huh? What do you mean useless?
Joaquin: What I mean is, it’s useless if I can’t even be with you for the rest of my life. 
Chichay: Mmm, okay then. You can go to the grave first.
Joaquin: Why are you so mean?
Chichay: But don’t worry, because when you die, I’ll follow right away.


“Simula ngayon, dalawa tayong lalaban.. kung pagod ka na, ako ang lalaban para sayo.. wag kang matatakot. Hindi kita iiwan.. kahit anong mangyari, nasa tabi mo lang ako.”