sweet orange essential oil

Empowerment Spell Bottle

My craft is quite personal. I just follow my instincts and choose things that seem to call to me at the time, so you won’t find me posting spells very often. But as I was making up this spell bottle I thought I’d post it to inspire others to create something similar or to add a little magick to their holiday season.

This bottle contains:

-water (from my home)
-a few drops of sweet orange essential oil (to keep my family close)
-lavender buds (for less stress)
-rose buds (for love)
-bay leaf (for prosperity)
-catnip (for my kitty)
-sea salt (for luck in my craft)
-dandelion (so my wishes come true)

While placing this bottle under the light of the holiday full moon, I will chant:

With this elixir I ask the Earth
to be with me now
and in this year’s new birth.

I plan to dab the charged water on my wrists and behind my ears throughout the year to empower me and remind me of my goals from the previous year.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays, and a lovely new year (:


I made my first spell jar today to strengthen the love between my partner and I, we’ve been going through a lot of emotional turmoil from a lot of outside factors and I felt that a little extra magic could keep our love strong while we’re going through so much.
-Himalayan pink salt- love, promoting positivity
-Cinnamon- love, success, protection
-Cumin- protection, Fidelity
-Bay- protection, healing, strength
-Basil- love, protection, soothes tempers between lovers
-Lavender- protection, love, peace, happiness
-Rose- love, protection, luck
-Paper with sigils anointed in sweet orange essential oil (for love and positivity)
-Quartz (to enhance energies) and obsidian shards (guards from infidelity, strong shields against negativity, suppress aggressive energy, removes stress)
-A few drops of moon water to enhance the spell
-Candle wax to seal
I layered the ingredients in the order they’re listed, while stating intentions for each one. I drew the strongest sigil on the lid and after I took these pictures I sealed it with a white candle.
I hope someone else will find this helpful 😊

Future Sight (Pokemon Inspired Spell)

A spell to improve your divination work and to bring you psychic clarity while doing readings (cartomancy, tasseography, etc).

You will Need:

  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • Orange Incense
  • Black (or White) Candle(s)


  1. Light your candles then light your incense. Make sure incense is in front of you so you can watch the stream of smoke from it
  2. Put a drop or two of each oil onto your dominate hand’s pointer and middle finger. Then rub it to the center of your forehead then your left and right temple (in that order)
  3. Focus on the stream of smoke from your incense and breath in and out. Feel the energy from the oils warming and awakening your mind and eyes, while the scent from the incense fills your lungs. 
  4. Continue this until you feel calmed, focused and ready to begin
Spells of Craft Formulas

Citrus Oil Purification

This is perfect for purifying your home. I make a batch of this to use after I have blessed my home.

3 Drops essential oil of Orange (sweet)
2 Drops essential oil of Lemongrass
2 Drops essential oil of Lemon
1 Drop essential oil of Lime
1/8 Cup carrier oil such as Olive, almond, sunflower or Jojoba

*Do not stir the oils, instead slowly tip the vile around to blend it and add dried zest of orange, lemon, or lime. Also add one of the following to enhance the power of the oil: Aquamarine, blue calcite, or salt. (I use sea salt.)
Anoint white candles with this oil and burn in the home to purify it.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet orange essential oil is a popular essential oil that is wonderfully uplifting. Sweet orange smells like a fresh burst of juice from an orange peel. It is a lovely essential oil that gentle enough for use on children.

Tip: If you are a smoker and wish to mask the scent in your home, use a Full Bloom Naturals Sweet Orange Essential Oil Reed Diffuser.

Tip: Sweet orange essential oil contains a high percentage of limonene, a substance in many household cleaners. So add a small bottle of sweet orange essential oil to your green, earth friendly, cleaning routine!

Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Citrus sinensis
Aromatic Scent: Sweet Citrus
Healing Properties:

  • Helps with depression, emotional stress
  • Sedative for nerves
  • Helps with slow digestion
  • Brightens skin complexion
  • Uplifting
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Fights and aids symptoms of: colds, flus, bronchitis.

Featured Essential Oil: Sweet Orange 

A classic holiday scent. Put a few drops in your nebulizer or oil burner & your home will smell sweet & citrus-y. 

For therapeutic purposes, sweet orange essential oil is stimulating; you can use it to help you focus when tired, you can incorporate it into detox programs, and it can help improve digestion.