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Empowerment Spell Bottle

My craft is quite personal. I just follow my instincts and choose things that seem to call to me at the time, so you won’t find me posting spells very often. But as I was making up this spell bottle I thought I’d post it to inspire others to create something similar or to add a little magick to their holiday season.

This bottle contains:

-water (from my home)
-a few drops of sweet orange essential oil (to keep my family close)
-lavender buds (for less stress)
-rose buds (for love)
-bay leaf (for prosperity)
-catnip (for my kitty)
-sea salt (for luck in my craft)
-dandelion (so my wishes come true)

While placing this bottle under the light of the holiday full moon, I will chant:

With this elixir I ask the Earth
to be with me now
and in this year’s new birth.

I plan to dab the charged water on my wrists and behind my ears throughout the year to empower me and remind me of my goals from the previous year.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays, and a lovely new year (:

Grounding With the Elements

These tips are from my own experience. Grounding daily or when needed with the aid of an elementis also a great way to work with them.


-The ‘typical’ way of grounding, which is to visualize roots coming from one’s body and being ‘chained’ to the ground. In this way you are getting rid of excess energy and giving back to the Earth.


-I use breathing techniques to ground with the air. You may also use essential oils to help in regards to exhaling. For example, you may inhale sweet orange essential oil to energize you, and you may exhale the excess energy you have surrounding you. Another technique you can use to is visualize excess energy inside of you, and begin to exhale it out of you.


-Finding a way to ground using fire was a bit tricky for me, but I found a way in regards to meditation with a lit tealight candle. You would hold this candle in the palms of your hands while feeling it’s warmth, visualizing that the warmth is slowly burning or melting away excess energy.


-For water, an effective way is to ground yourself is by taking a fresh shower, imagining the water washing your excess energy away. If you have a special bath soap you use, you can use it here, too.

Sleep savers✨🌙

As we all know, sleep effects your overall well being, health and happiness infinitely! This is an informational post about all the sleep remedies I have tried, enjoy and recommend. All natural, tried and true🌙

Let’s all have a great sleep tonight.

Howlite: for restful sleep. absorbs anger, calming
Amethyst: relieves nightmares & anxiety. strengthens boundaries
Labradorite: grounding, protecting, clears fears that disrupt sleep
Smoky Quartz: grounding, protects from nightmares
Red Jasper: for recalling dreams
Amethyst, Sodalite & Selenite: good for quieting mind chatter

💖Crystals can be used for sleep by putting them under your pillow, on your nightstand, keeping them in your bedroom, or putting them in a sachet with sleep health promoting herbs and hanging them near your bed/under your pillow💖

✨Essential oils✨

Wild Orange
Roman Chamomile

💖Essential oils can be utilized for improving your sleep by putting them in a diffuser, using incense before bed that are these scents, applying them in a spray to your bedding+pillows💖

A blend I like to use in a spray bottle that I spray on my bedding and especially on my pillows at night! Kid safe and skin safe 😊
1 oz witch hazel
1 oz distilled water
6 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops sweet orange essential oil
3 drops roman chamomile essential oil

Put in spray bottle, shake to mix!


To guarantee that a tea will be good for sleep, first make sure that it is caffeine free! Good rule of thumb is that *most* “herbal” blends and Rooibos will be caffeine free because they do not include Camellia sinensis (the “tea” plant that is the base for white,green,oolong,black & puerh teas)
Rooibos is my favourite tea base because it is naturally hydrating, caffeine free, affordable, and super tasty!

💖Plants commonly in tea that promote great sleep💖
Valerian Root
Lemon Balm
Licorice Root


Cherry juice
Whole grains
Dark chocolate


Aloe Vera
Spider Plant
English Ivy

💖Utilize these plants to benefit your sleep by having these plants in your bedroom💖

✨My favourite sleep chant/prayer✨
Goddess above, queen of the night
Help me sleep in your healing light
Restful sleep, come to me
Relax my body, and let my mind be free
Grant me calm and peace tonight, and
Let me wake in the God’s golden light

That’s all I have for now, friends! May your dreams be sweet and you wake up feeling refreshed.

Warm blessings ❤️

DIY witch’s herbal remedy medicine cabinet must haves

Whether you’re a witch thats into their herbs or a person who prefers CHEAP and natural remedies, this DIY is for you

Here’s what this post will teach you to make:
Echinacea tincture
Plantain – Apple Cider Vinegar Tincture for acne
Healing salve
Chest rub
Arnica salve
Digestive Tea
Throat lozenges
Air purifying spray


1.Echinacea tincture

You will need:

-Dried Echinacea
-large canning jar


Pour glycerin over echinacea  until it almost reaches the top of the jar. Place lids on these jars and leave for 3 weeks, shaking jar occasionally. After three weeks have past, strain out the herbs. You now have tinctures!


You will need:

Dried Plantain
Apple cider vinegar


Pour apple cider vinegar over plantain. Close with lid and leave for 4-6 weeks. Strain out the herbs. Use to this tincture on acne on the face or back of arms. If too strong, dilute with a little distilled water.


What you will need:

½ cup Olive oil
1/3 cup dried plantain
½ ounce beeswax
a container that can hold ½ cup of salve (or multiple containers)


-Turn on the oven to 300 degrees. While it warms up, place the jar with plantain/oil into a loaf pan or casserole dish. Add water to the bottom of the pan so it comes up the sides of the jars (about an inch or so).

-Once oven is preheated, place this dish with the jars and water in it, into the oven. Turn OFF the oven. Leave for 3 hours.

-After the three hours for the oil is up, take pan out of the oven and let cool briefly. Strain out the arnica and plantain. In double boiler, place the plantain infused oil. Add ½ ounce of beeswax. Warm over low heat until the beeswax melts. Once the beeswax is completely melted, turn off heat. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly, then pour into clean a clean jar (or jars).

-Allow to cool completely before adding the lid.
Salve will keep for up to a year.


You will need:

½ cup olive oil
¼ ounce dried plantain leaves or dried mullein (optional)
¼ ounce beeswax
1/8 teaspoon vitamin E oil
15 drops eucalyptus essential oil
6 drops rosemary essential oil
6 drops peppermint essential oil
4 ounce jar (needs to hold ½ cup)


-On the stove top place a small pan with a heavy bottom. Add 1/3 cup of plantain and ½ cup oil. Warm over the lowest heat possible. Only needs to warm for about 20 minutes. So set a timer and keep on eye on this!  

-Pour the cooled plantain/oil mixture through a cheesecloth and strain out the herbs.

-Place this infused oil back into the pan along with the ¼ ounce of beeswax. Melt over very low heat. Cool slightly and add the essential oils and vitamin E. Stir to distribute evenly.Pour into a clean jar and allow to cool.

-Once completely cool, add the lid and label. This homemade chest rub can be kept for one year at room temperature

5. ARNICA SALVE (soothes bruises, aches, and pains)

What you need:

dried Arnica, .1 ounces
4 ½  ounces grapeseed or olive oil
½ ounce beeswax
canning jar
optional: peppermint essential oil


Pour oil over arnica flowers in a jar.
Turn on the oven to 300 degrees. While it warms up, place the jars with arnica flowers/oil into a loaf pan or casserole dish. Add water to the bottom of the pan so it comes up the sides of the jars (about an inch or so).

Once oven is preheated, place this dish with the jars and water in it, into the oven. Turn OFF the oven. Leave for 3 hours.

Place arnica infused oil in top of double boiler, add ½ ounce beeswax (this will make a slave consistency. If you want this to be more like a balm, add extra beeswax – this will make it thicker and firmer).
Warm over medium heat until beeswax is melted.
Remove from heat, add 10 drops peppermint essential oil, if desired.
Pour into jar and allow to cool completely before closing with lid.
Note: Arnica salve should be not be used on skin that is broken, or on open wounds. It is intended for use on bruises, bumps, sprains, and aches.

6. Digestive Tea

What you need:

3 ounces dried spearmint leaves
10.5 grams dried licorice root (not ground, but in small chunks)
jar to store tea


Add  digestive tea ingredients (licorice root and spearmint) to a jar. Label and store. (May wish to add to label that 1 tablespoon per cup should be used when brewing the tea.)

7. Throat Lozenges

What you need:

¼-½ cup honey
1 T ground licorice root
¼ cup slippery elm


Place slippery elm into a bowl and add a few tablespoons of the honey. Stir to combine and add more honey until the consistency resembles playdoh.
(During this time, the plantain/oil mixture on the stove top should be ready to turn off. Remove from heat and allow to cool).
Use approximately 1/8 inch of the ‘playdoh’ mixture to roll a small ball to create a lozenge. Roll this ball in ground licorice root and place lozenge on parchment paper. Repeat until all of the mixture is used.
Let air dry to harden.

8. Air Purifying Spray

What you need:

Sweet Orange essential oil, 12 drops
Lemon Essential oil, 12 drops
Clove bud essential oil, 10 drops
½ ounce vodka
½ ounce distilled water
spray bottle that will hold 1 ounce


Mix 1 ½ ounce vodka and 1 ½ ounce distilled water in a measuring cup with a spout.
Add 10 drops clove bud essential oil and 12 drops sweet orange essential oil and 12 drops lemon essential oil.
Use to purify the air and to clean door knobs, counter tops, anywhere germs may hide.

That is it for your herbal remedy cabinet must haves! 

Happy witching x

~ @indigo-amethyst

Positivity Oil

I made this blend without checking correspondences first. I just threw together all my citrus oils because I love the smell of citrus. Later I checked the correspondences and went “Huh, those work decently together in a magical sense.” Play with the proportions as needed, this isn’t an exact science. Just add oils until you like how it smells. Maybe you like sweet orange more than lemon. idk. You do you, boo.

  • 3 drops lemon essential oil
  • 2 drops grapefruit esssential oil
  • 1 drop sweet orange essential oil
  • Sunflower oil base

-Lemon is associated with washing away any negative gunk in both a mundane and a spiritual sense
- Grapefruit is also used for cleansing and purification
- Sweet orange brings love, luck, money, and blessings to the business or home.
- Sunflower oil is associated with the sun, solar energy, happiness, and positivity (also has very little scent of its own, for maximum citrusness)

It’s mostly an oil I use for cleaning/cleansing, with just a smidge of extra niceness added to it. And sometimes I just put some in an oil warmer for no other reason than citrus scents make me happy.

Aroma Veil (Pokemon Inspired)

A perfume spell to protect the user from negative people and their presence and instead attract positive people. 

Originally posted by nurse-peach

You Will Need:

💟 A spray bottle or perfume bottle (you can find them on amazon)
💟 Carrier Alcohol (vodka is usually most common but I have used rubbing alcohol with success)
💟 Water
💟 20-30 drops Rose Essential Oil (depends on your preference and bottle size)
💟 5-8 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil
💟 1-3 drops Vanilla Essential Oil
💟 Amethyst, Angel Aura Quartz, Fluorite, Rainbow Obsidian, and/or Rose Quartz


💟 In your bottle fill it about half with your alcohol and then add in your drops of oil. Shake well and test. If not strong enough add more (do know that you will be adding water to it so it will be distilled a bit)

💟 Once you are happy with the scent add your water and shake well to mix

💟 Place in a window over night encircled by any of the crystals above to charge.

💟 Spray onto self before leaving your home to protect yourself from negative people and attract positive people. Store at room temperature.

From the Waxing Table

harry stripped in the behind the album vid and i… got some feels about it… so enjoy harry’s pain kink mixed with a bit of waxing :)

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Cleanse and protect against negative energies.

Water element
You may want to have some candles and soft music.

Draw a warm bath. Add sea salt (or whatever you have around but make sure its cleansed and consecrated)
Add 3 drops Lavender essential oil
3 drops of sweet orange essential oil
1 drop rosemary essential oil

Talk with you god and goddess. Ask for protection against negative energies. Imagine all your negative energies releasing from your body. From your head to your toes.

Now imagine white pure energy flowing around you. Starting with your head and working down. Consecrate on pure, happy light flowing with in you. Encompassing everything, your heart, mind, and soul

When you are finished dry off and watch the water drain. Focus on all the negative energies going down and being released from your body and your home.

Distillation of Essential Oils, Part Two

Hydrosols: A By-product of Distillation

Hydrosols (also known as hydrolats, floral waters, distillates, or “water of _____”) are the by-product or product (depending on the distiller’s purpose) of the distillation process.

Hydrosols are fragrant waters that contain the essence of a plant in a milder, more accessible, and easier to use form than essential oils. They are suitable for all manner of applications for which essential oils are too strong – for example, they are clothing safe, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and pet safe (provided they are the hydrosols of plants that are non-toxic and poisonous to pets, for example, lily hydrosol would be dangerous to cats, but most medical grade essential oils are dangerous to pets due to chemical burn concerns.)

They are quite like essential oils, but are far less concentrated. During distillation, the water-soluble constituents of the aromatic plant and the essence of a plant is released as steam, which condenses into two products – the essential oils, also offered through Haven Craft, and the hydrosols.

Hydrosols also retain a small amount of essential oil. Every liter of hydrosol contains between 0.05 and 0.2 milliliter of dissolved essential oil, depending on the water solubility of the plant’s components and the distillation parameters.

*Please Note: The addition of essential oils to water is not at all the same as true hydrosols, and it is recommended that you read the ingredients label on products to ascertain whether or not you are getting a true hydrosol. When water and essential oils are mixed together with or without a dispersant, this is called a “spritzer” or “aromatic spritzer,” and this product should not be confused with a true hydrosol.

Hydrosols do not need to be shaken before use.


Expression, also referred to as cold pressing, is a method of extraction specific to citrus essential oils, such as tangerine, lemon, bergamot, sweet orange, and lime. In ancient times, expression was done in the form of sponge pressing, accomplished by hand. The zest or rind of the citrus would first be soaked in warm water to make the rind more malleable in the pressing process. A sponge would then be used to press the rind, thus breaking the essential oil cavities. The sponde would then absorb the released essential oil.

Once the sponge was filled, it would then be pressed over a collecting container. The expression would then stand to allow for separation of the essential oil from any released water or juice. The essential oil would then be siphoned off.

A more modern method of extraction, much less labor-intensive, has been termed the “ecuelle a piquer” process. It involves a prodding, pricking, sticking action to release the essential oil.

During the ecuelle a piquer process, the rind of the fruit is placed in a container with spikes that punctures the peel while the device is rotated.

The puncturing of the rind releases essential oils that are then collected in a small area below the container. The end process is the same as above.

The majority of modern expression techniques are accomplished by using machines using centrifugal force. The spinning centrifuge separates the majority of essential oil from the fruit juice and water.

Some aromatherapy and therapeutic oil companies sell both a distilled and an expressed citrus essential oil from the same species. The main differences between a distilled and an expressed citrus essential oil  are their toxicity, volatility, and aroma.

Distilled citrus oils deteriorate more quickly and are considerably more unstable than the expressed oils. Distilled citrus oils are not recommended for aromatherapy use.

The one exception would be for distilled lime essential oil, which is considered to be superior in aroma to its expressed counterpart.

Both the expressed and distilled essential oil of bergamot contains the phototoxic furanocoumarin, bergaptene. The aroma of distilled oil is considered to be of lower quality than the expressed oil.

Expressed lemon oil contains the phototoxic furanocoumarin, bergaptene, where as the distilled lemon oil is considered to be non-phototoxic. And like bergamot, the aroma of the distilled oil is considered to be of lower quality.

Expressed lime oil contains the phototoxic furanocoumarin, bergaptene, whereas the distilled oil is not considered to be phototoxic. The main difference with lime is that the distilled essential oil is considered to have the superior aroma. The distilled lime is considered the superior of the lime oils because it has greater similarity to the natural lime scent.

Extraction Techniques for Absolutes (Extracted Oils) & CO2 Extracts


Flowers were being processed via enfleurage in the Grasse region of Southern France long before the modern method of solvent extraction was in widespread use. In the antique perfume trade of France, many flower scents were extracted via enfleurage.

Enfleurage is now considered an ancient art that is passed down through family lines, from generation to generation.

Enfleurage is a cold-fat extraction process that is based upon the principles that fat possesses a high power of absorption, particularly animal fat. The fat used must be relatively stable against rancidity. It is a method used for flowers that continue developing and giving off their aroma even after harvesting (e.g., jasmine and tuberose).

This technique involves placing the flower petals on a layer of glass that is first spread with a thin layer of fat, called “chassis”. The volatile oil diffuses into the fat, then the fat is collected and the oil is extracted from the fat using alcohol.

Once the alcohol evaporates what is left behind is called the absolute.

Today, Grasse continues to be one of the few areas in the world that continues to employ enfleurage as a method of extraction, although it is rare in the aromatherapy market due to the expense. If one finds a jasmine enfleurage on the market, this would typically be considered an absolute.

Some of the therapeutic grade absolutes (extracted oils) carried by Haven Craft were created using enfleurage.

Solvent Extraction

Some plant material is too fragile to be distilled – the heat will break down the material to unusability long before oils are released – and so an alternative method must be used. Solvent extraction is the use of solvents, such as petroleum ether, methanol, ethanol, or hexane, to extract the odiferous lipophilic material from botanicals.

The solvent will also pull out the chlorophyll and other plant tissue, resulting in a highly colored and thick, viscous extract.

The first product created during solvent extraction is known as a concrete. A concrete is the concentrated extract that contains the waxes and the fats of the botanical material, as well as the odoriferous oils from the plant.

The concrete is then mixed with alcohol, which serves to extract the aromatic principle of the material.

The final product is known as an absolute or as an extracted oil.

Solvent extraction is used for jasmine, tuberose, carnation, gardenia, jonquil, violet leaf, narcissus, mimosa, and other delicate flowers.

Neroli (orange blossom) and rose can be distilled or solvent-extracted.

The name neroli typically implies the essential oil, whereas the name orange blossom is commonly used for the absolute or hydrosol of neroli. The name rose is used to describe either the essential oil or the absolute.

Companies selling essential oils should rightfully clarify whether the product you are purchasing is an essential oil or absolute. This information should be on the label and in the product catalog. It often isn’t, though, so reflect upon the price – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

After the solvent extraction process has been completed, the resulting absolute will have an extremely low concentration of solvent residue, approximately 5 to 10ppm (parts per million). The current European Union standards are for less than 10 parts per million solvent residues in a finished absolute.

This does not interfere in their use as therapeutic oils – some believe it does, but my teacher did not.

It may interfere in their use as medical grade essential oils. Even with such a potentially small residue (less than .0001%), many holistic herbalists disagree with the use of absolutes for individuals with a compromised immune system, due to the potential effect of the residual pesticide.

However, absolutes do have therapeutic value and are often used for psychological purposes and for animals, particularly horses. Many therapists incorporate absolutes, such as rose, jasmine, and tuberose absolutes, as a valuable part of their therapeutic applications of aromatherapy. Ultimately the decision to use absolutes is up to the practitioner and personal preferences.

Absolutes are used extensively in the cosmetic and perfume industries due to their strong aromas – they often smell more like the botanical material than essential oils do.

There are also different grades of absolutes.

The top grade is the uncut, which can be a thick or semisolid substance, making them difficult to work with.

Less expensive grades are diluted with alcohol or a carrier oil, called a “filler”, to make them more user friendly, although often the strength of aroma is slightly diminished.

If the absolute pours very easily and is thin or runny, it has likely been “cut” or “filled”.

Most bath oils and gels, candles, shampoos, toothpaste, fly spray, aromatherapy suppliers, and air fresheners (somewhere around 98 percent), use absolutes rather than medical grade essential oils.

CO2 Hypercritical Extraction

Hypercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction is a relatively new process, developed for for the extraction of aromatic products.

CO2 under pressure will turn from a gas into a liquid, which can then be used as an inert liquid solvent.

This liquid solvent is able to diffuse throughout the botanical material, thus extracting its aromatic constituents.

CO2 extracts contain most of the same constituents as their essential oil counterparts, although they can contain some elements not found in essential oils. For instance, the essential oil of ginger (Zingiber officinale) does not contain the bitter principles, however the CO2 extract does. Also, the CO2 extract of frankincense (Boswellia carterii) has immune enhancing and anti-inflammatory activity not found in the essential oil.

CO2 extracts are known for their strong similarity in aroma to the actual plant aroma, sometimes stronger than the abolutes produced from pressure extraction.

Other common CO2 extracts on the market include German chamomile (Matricaria recutita) and Calendula (Calendula officinalis).

The three main disadvantages for this process are cost, potential pesticide residue, and the lack of information regarding their safety, therapeutic benefits, and medical benefits.

With regard to pesticide residue, carbon dioxide extraction has been demonstrated to concentrate from 7 to 53 times more pesticide residues in the final extract. Therefore, it seems pertinent to only use organic plant material for CO2 extraction.

Perhaps as more CO2 extracts become available and more practitioners use them, further details regarding their applications will become apparent.

Two of the most common essential oils available via CO2 extraction include frankincense and ginger.

Phytonic Process

The Phytonic process is a one of the newest methods of extracting essential oils using non-CFCs (non-chlorofluorocarbons). It is also called Florasol Extraction. The oils produced are called phytols.

The oils are promising and are very close to nature; however, it does use fluoro-hydrocarbons which can be potentially harmful. The process also has some potentially negative environmental effects that need to be addressed.

More research needs to be done into phytol oils and the process itself before Haven Craft will carry phytol oils.

Warm Oil Infusion

It is possible to extract the volatile oils from plants into warm carrier oil by gently macerating the botanical materials and placing them in a carrier oil and slowly bringing that oil up to heat. These are not considered essential oils or absolutes, but they are good for home therapeutic when a great deal of oil is called for, such as in producing a salve or balm to be used all over the body.

Freeze Distillation

There is a method of solvent extraction that can be done at home to obtain a kind of extracted oil. It would not be considered a therapeutic or medical grade essential oil or absolute, but it is considered an alchemic oil and suitable for use in magick.

The process generally uses undenatured ethyl alcohol or very high proof grain alcohol. It does not use rubbing alcohol.

The plant material is macerated in alcohol for some time, then the plant material is strained out. The alcohol is then placed into an environment below the freezing point. The oil will congeal on top of the alcohol, which will not freeze, and can then be extracted. This method is very good for delicate materials that will burn before steam distillation releases the oils, such as jasmine.

Today Will be a Good Day Bath Spell

A morning bath spell to bring on a good positive day.

You will Need:

  • Lavender (happiness)
  • Rose Petals (happiness, joy)
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil (happiness, empowerment, positivity)
  • Rosemary (energy, positivity, self love, happiness)
  • Rose Quartz (happiness, self love, general positivity)
  • Clear Quartz (increasing energy)
  • Tiger’s Eye (peace of mind)
  • Lavender Incense
  • Sachet or coffee filters (with string or rubber band to tie)


  • fill your sachet(s) with your lavender, rosemary and rose petals. If you do not have a sachet that works in a bath coffee filters work just as good
  • Begin filling your bath with warm water and place your herbs into it in their bag
  • Drop a few drops of sweet orange essential oil into bath, not too much.
  • Along the rim place your rose quartz, clear quartz, and tiger’s eye
  • light your lavender incense and get into the bath
  • While in the bath visualize all of the negativity in and on you fading away like steam as the water glows with a soft light and mixes around you, so you too are glowing. Breath in and out slowly and let your body relax, meditate if possible.
  • “Today will be a good day, today will be a nice day.” repeat this three times then return to visualization.
  • Once you are ready to get out: “Let today begin.” 

Notes: this spell is to be done in the morning before the day has really started. If you cannot access a bath you can soak the bag of herbs in a large basin of water and use it to wash your face. Or if you have a shower, tie your coffee filter to the head of the shower.

Say hello to the Unicorn Egg!  Ever wondered what rainbows and sparkles smell like? Well now you can have all the magical fairy goodness right in your own bathtub! With yummy and fruity essential oils of grapefruit and sweet orange, feel invigorated and energized in a cute splash of glitter.

NEW! Just created some sweet, fresh and fruity unicorn bathbombs that will be up on my store on launch day 🌸 Stay posted ✨

At bubble bricks our cosmetics only contain the purest natural essential oils and ingredients. No chemicals allowed 🌿

I really appreciate every single one of our followers! 

Not entirely witchy. But still thought I’d share. I make a face wash for eczema. Thought I’d share the recipe. And you could even use this for glamour magic or otherwise! Ingredients: 2tbsp of each; lavender, chamomile, peach green tea, oatmeal, honey, coconut oil 5 drops of lavender essential oil 3 drops tea tree essential oil 3 drops sweet orange essential oil 5 pumps of Professional tea tree by paul mitchell moisturising shampoo (the lavender mint one) Mix together and use in place of face wash I follow with the Simple brand toner and Neutrogena Naturals multi-vitamin nourishingnight cream correspondences: Lavender; air, gemini, virgo, leo, aquarius, dreams, psychic enhancement, happiness, love, meditation, peace, prophetic dreams, protection, sleep, mercury, purification Orange; divination, love, luck, prosperity, sun, mercury, leo, fire, sagittarius Chamomile; sun, sleep, meditation, water, love, peace, prosperity, purification honey; love, attraction, solar magic, sun, lughnasadh, summer, fire, happiness, hearth, creativity, cleansing, fertility, water Oats; money, prosperity, beauty, healing, skin, heart, health, tonic, venus, feminine, earth Green tea; Summer, masculine, fire, mars, malachite, cleansing, happiness, energy, creativity, power, motivation

Originally posted by twilights-children


I made my first spell jar today to strengthen the love between my partner and I, we’ve been going through a lot of emotional turmoil from a lot of outside factors and I felt that a little extra magic could keep our love strong while we’re going through so much.
-Himalayan pink salt- love, promoting positivity
-Cinnamon- love, success, protection
-Cumin- protection, Fidelity
-Bay- protection, healing, strength
-Basil- love, protection, soothes tempers between lovers
-Lavender- protection, love, peace, happiness
-Rose- love, protection, luck
-Paper with sigils anointed in sweet orange essential oil (for love and positivity)
-Quartz (to enhance energies) and obsidian shards (guards from infidelity, strong shields against negativity, suppress aggressive energy, removes stress)
-A few drops of moon water to enhance the spell
-Candle wax to seal
I layered the ingredients in the order they’re listed, while stating intentions for each one. I drew the strongest sigil on the lid and after I took these pictures I sealed it with a white candle.
I hope someone else will find this helpful 😊

deepseanymph  asked:

I've never done any glamour spells but I really want to, do you have any that would be a good first couple to do, and/or your most successful ones? :)

Hi there!
Here are my three favorites. ( I’ll make two separate posts with two sigils that i made the other night. They’re also glamours)

1) glamour solid perfume ( this is a spell by recreationalwitchcraft )

* rose essential oil
* 1/8 part beeswax
* 1 part grape seed oil
* sweet orange essential oil
* optional: a pinch of gold glitter

2) Enchanted mirror spell ( inspired by a spell I saw here on tumblr and Snow White. Personal favorite because I think it’s cute!)

Gather some rose water and leave the pedals in the water. Afterwards dip the mirror into the water.

Mirror, mirror in my hand
Who’s the most beautiful in all the land

Lift the mirror out of the water. You’re image will show your true beauty.

3) Witches’ kiss

Take your favorite lipgloss/lipstick and
Draw a simple beauty sigil on the lipgloss/lipstick, any one of your choice. Charge it by chanting some thing along the lines of “ only true beauty shines when this is worn” or “ my beauty runs wildly and freely” then put it on.

Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Bath

Inspired heavily by Recreational Witchcraft’s Goddess Glamour Bath.

Combine in a mortar and pestle/food processor/bowl with your wooden spoon, etc.:

  • A handful of sea salt
  • A handful of epsom salts
  • 3 or 4 Crushed up dried pink rose petals (for “the blush of youth”)
  • Essential oil of sweet orange, 5 or 6 drops
  • A capful of olive oil
  • A dash of cinnamon
  • The contents of a peppermint tea bag (or peppermint oil, leaves, what have you)

Clean the bathroom first, or at least the tub and whatever surface you’ll be using for the following:

  • White or pink candles
  • Dragon’s Blood incense to intensify the effect
  • A good emollient lotion
  • Any moisturizer, serum, etc. you use for your face
  • Lip balm
  • A small hand mirror
  • A calming playlist that will help you concentrate (or feel young again, or beautiful, or whatever mixture you like)

Run your bath, light the candles and incense, turn off the lights, get your hair up and out of the way, and get in when you’re ready. Soak yourself, cover as much of yourself as you can with the water, over and over. 

While you’re soaking, visualize your entire body, inside and out, rejuvenating. Internal organs working with the health and energy of youth, brain sharpening up, memory and intellect improving, the blood in your veins flowing without hypertension or cholesterol issues, your muscles staying firm, your skin staying firm and moist and glowing.  I held my breath and put my face under several times as well as splashing water on my face repeatedly.

I found myself repeating “I will always be young” several times.  Go with whatever feels right.

Get out of the bath when the incense burns out.  Pat dry, taking care to get as much of the mixture of rose petals and tea leaves off as possible.  Look in the mirror and visualize the signs of age slowly vanishing.

Cover yourself head to toe with the lotion, use your moisturizer and lip balm. Seal in the moisture and benefits from the components, as well as making a symbolic good faith effort to do what you must to stay looking and feeling young.  

(Side note: you will smell wonderful.)

Post Script: I did this almost three weeks ago. I am not lying or exaggerating when I say that the primary benefit I have seen is that I have gone from a woman who kept having to bump up her reading glasses prescription more and more, and never took them off her head (this is *with* contact lenses) to a woman who hasn’t taken them out of her purse since the day after the spell.

Post Post Script: This is my very first “homemade” spell! Again, I leaned heavily on the frankly awesome spell linked above, but otherwise, it’s the first I changed around to suit my needs!

Aromatherapy Tip of the Week-Petitgrain

Petitgrain is an essential oil obtained by steam distilling the leaves and small green branches of the bitter orange tree (botanical name Citrus aurantium). Steam distilling only the leaves of the tree, whose flowers produce neroli, yields more amount of the essential oil. The most excellent quality of petitgrain essential oil is generally obtained from France and the northern regions of Africa and it has an aroma that is more obstinate. This essential oil has a floral fragrance that is extensively used in making perfumes and is also present in colognes. The color of this essential oil varies from pale yellow to deep amber and has a water-like consistency. Similar to the bitter orange, petitgrain is also a member of the Rutaceae family. It is said that the best quality of petitgrain essential oil possesses the aroma of neroli. However, the petitgrain essential oil is no match to neroli - an outstanding essential oil. Petitgrain essential oil is very effective in balancing the skin.

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Spells of Craft Formulas

Citrus Oil Purification

This is perfect for purifying your home. I make a batch of this to use after I have blessed my home.

3 Drops essential oil of Orange (sweet)
2 Drops essential oil of Lemongrass
2 Drops essential oil of Lemon
1 Drop essential oil of Lime
1/8 Cup carrier oil such as Olive, almond, sunflower or Jojoba

*Do not stir the oils, instead slowly tip the vile around to blend it and add dried zest of orange, lemon, or lime. Also add one of the following to enhance the power of the oil: Aquamarine, blue calcite, or salt. (I use sea salt.)
Anoint white candles with this oil and burn in the home to purify it.

Toothpaste Recipe- Natural- Fluoride Free- Tasty


I am excited to share this recipe because it is my best yet!

Let’s get right to the ingredients! 

Whip these ingredients together in a bowl with a whisk. (This is easiest when the coconut oil is room temperature or warmer)

Test taste.