sweet oppa

S/O Pet Names
  • McCree: Babydoll, Darlin', Sweetpea
  • Junkrat: Darl', Hotness, Precious
  • Soldier76: Princess, Babe, Wonderful
  • Roadhog: My queen, Babygirl/boy, Babe
  • Hanzo: My love, Prince(ss), Diamond
  • Tracer: Love, Honey, Sweetie
  • Widowmaker: Cherie, Mon amour, My sweet flower
  • D.va: Oppa, Honey, Bunny
  • Zarya: Dearest, Angel of Mine, Kitten
  • Sombra: Mami/Papi, Sexy, Hot lips
  • Winson: Hi there.
Dang it not again

Well I completely and utter have fallen for this kid and will probably start stanning him and become a Garnet (fan group)

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Honestly I hadn’t paid much attention to Produce 101 the boy’s version but when I heard about Samuel’s elimination I was pretty upset because I knew his past with Seventeen and knew he was really talented

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Now that he’s debuted solo I’m so happy  for him but have also realized he’s really cute and that I should really start being a fan of him. He has a lot of talent. 

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He’s born in the same year than me (barely cuz he’s a January birthday but he’s still older) which kinda surprised me at first but yeah 

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So I’ll be joining Samuel’s fan group Garnet little by little than (cuz I’m still being over run with fandoms and comebacks) but let’s all support Samuel’s solo promotions as an artist and give him lots of love

B.A.P Kinks...[SMUT]


~ daddy kink
~ dirty talk
~ oversimulation
~ being riden


~ licking
~ scratching
~ mirror sex 
~ hair pulling


~ sweet sex
~ foreplay
~ oppa kink
~ high heels


~ spanking
~  light bondage
~  teasing
~  chocking


~  breast bondage
~  shower sex 
~  scratching
~  punishment


~ grinding
~ roleplay
~ sex in the office
~ nudes 

Love, Youngmi~

Love or gratitude ? BTS Jimin (M) chap 01

pairing: JIMIN X  reader y/N 

Genre: angst/smut 

M= mature contents 

summary: what will you do when all of sudden you find your self getting married to someone used to be your best friend’s lover just because he turned to be a father !!!


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*chap one : i like him !  

two years ago

you don’t have to be so shy if you really have all this feeling y/N ! “ jung hyerin said reassuring you 

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Rap Monster: He feels at perfect ease with you in his arms and you know it!

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Suga: This boi knows how his expressions alone can tease you so he constantly sends you flirtatious smirks.

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J-Hope: This cinnamon roll absolutely loves anything you do! He will just sit and watch you any chance he can get. 

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Jimin: He always gets awe inspired stares casted your way when he is around you. He just can not believe he has some one as amazing as you. He constantly wonders how he got so lucky to have you.

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Jin: This sweet oppa is the doting boyfriend. He will always want to take care of you cuz he loves seeing you look relaxed.

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Jungkook: Our sweet, sweet kookie; he is such an innocent bean and loves all the time he gets with you during breaks from touring.

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V: This adorable bean loves making you laugh. He makes it his goal to have you giggling because of him as he believes its the most beautiful sound he has ever heard.

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Come Through

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For five years you stuck around Young Woo. You were by his side supporting him with everything he wanted to do. You were in love with him, so deeply in love. You would like to say he was too but there were doubts. 

You knew for a fact you would do anything for him. But would he do anything for you? You often thought about that.

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All My Idols Ch 4: Too Many Wake Up Calls

Two months have passed since I have moved to Korea and became, basically, best friends with Big Bang, a sentence I never thought I’d say. In that time, even with their busy schedules, we have become strangely close; along with CEO ahjusshi, who insisted on meeting me when he found out I have been sneaking in and out of his company. He is always nice to me when I see him, though whether he’s doing it because he actually likes me or because all of big bang would throw a fit if he wasn’t, is beyond me. Their protectiveness towards me threw both manager unni and I off at first but we grew use to it after awhile. Unni actually started using it to her advantage much to my displeasure, by convincing the guys to go to events without a fight, promising them free time and with just that fact that I would be there seem to always work.

Which is how I ended up standing on the curb in front of my work at 7 a.m. in the cold. Without even a jacket I look like an idiot standing there in ripped black skinny jeans and skimpy black tank top. When a familiar car pulls up I wanna scream in happiness as I jump into the cars warmth. Unni is driving with her pretty face in a deep frown at the sight of me.

I glare back, “Don’t judge me. I’m tired and reek of alcohol, can we please make this a fast as possible.”

She sighs, “I’m sorry, it’s just so different from your personality and the guys are being particularly difficult this morning. They are still pretty upset with what happened last week and with their schedules being so busy they haven’t gotten their dose of Charlie in a while.” She teases at the end but I know how stressed she really is and my irritation fades away. All of the guys’ apartments had been broken into last week and a couple things were stolen so they decided to just stay at a hotel for awhile, not wanting to go to a violated home. We arrive at their very fancy hotel, using the garage to avoid the fans that are waiting outside.

Unni is staring at me again when we are in the elevator, “You just look so much older, I can barely tell it’s you.” I roll my eyes at her, but at the same time I completely understand. My normally rounder child like face is contorted and to look more mature; I used eyeliner to make my round eyes more cat like, more sexual, a word I would never use to describe myself. When we get to the penthouse where they are all staying I use my key to get inside.

I look over my should at Unni as I wander down the hall toward the bedrooms, “Who should I wake up first?” I stop for a second and stare to the view of the city. The hotel is nice with blue and gray furniture, and floor to ceiling windows.

“Do Riri first, he might scream and wake the others up when he sees you dressed like that. I’m going to make coffee.”

“You owe me more than coffee, I’m expecting a full breakfast.” I say.

She grins and pulls out the room service menu from the kitchen and waves it at me, “Anything for you Lottie!” I roll my eyes at her again at the little nickname she gave me. She still insists the guys give me one that isn’t any variation of my full name, Charlotte, but she ignored her own rule and gave me a new one. The guys and I haven’t agreed on yet.

I stop at the first door on the left, not even bothering to knock before going in. The lights are off and the curtains, drawn close. Normally I would wake them up nicely with gentle shaking and sweet words but I’m too tired for that. Hopefully they will understand. I flip the lights on and walk forward to the massive bed against the far wall. I feel tempted to jump on the bed but push that idea away with the promise of breakfast as my stomach growls.

“Oppa!” I yell as I grab his feet and drag him half way off the bed.

“Ya!” He whines as he tries to hold on to the head board that is already out his reach.

“Oppa!” I whine once again, letting my sleepy frustration show in my voice. He must hear it as he rolls over on to his back and stares at me with eyes like slits because of the bright lights.

“Charlie?” He leans forward and stares at me.


“What are you doing here? Didn’t you work last night or this morning or something?” He mumbles as he rubs his eyes before looking intently at me again.

“Yes, I did. I worked an extra long shift yesterday from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. and I would like to go to eat breakfast and go to bed but that only happen if you get up so please.”

Without hesitation but with a little grumpiness he climbs out of bed and makes his way to his bathroom. Great one down, four to go. Next is Dae, an easy one. I flip the lights on in his room and yell, “Oppa, food.” I laugh when I hear him roll on to his floor with a thud, ow. Tae isn’t really difficult he is definitely more tempting than anything. Him and GD always try and convince me to just lay down with them, more than once actually getting me to do so. So I keep my distance from the bed as I walk into his room.

“Youngbae Oppa!” I say about a yard away from the bed. At the sound of my voice he is already sitting up with his eyes still closed.

“Charlie-ah?” He says with a sweet voice.

“Oppa, it’s time to get up.”

“Or we can go back to bed.”

“I haven’t gone to bed.”

He pout at that, his eyes opening slightly at first but one he sees me they go wide with surprise. “What the hell are you wearing?”

I roll my eyes at him, “I’m wearing my work uniform, I know it’s reveling, I know I need a different job, but this one pays well and also comes with a cheap apartment so no. Now please get up.”

He doesn’t say anything, just continues to stare.

I take his wide eyes as a sign that he won’t be going back to be and leave to wake up the last of them. GD whines as I do the same to him as I did to Seungri, but like the rest of them he obeys and gets up. Now the biggest problem, Top. His door is all the way at the end; I stand at it, thinking of how I want to do this with him catching me like last time. My thoughts are too focused to notice GD coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around me waist, his bare chest meets my bare shoulders and lower back.

“I don’t know why you are dressed like this but I like it.” He easily rests his chin on my head.

“It’s for work, you should know this by now.”

“You always talk about how you dress there but we have never seen it.”

“Charlie-ah!” Youngbae whines as he leaves his room, sort of dressed, this one is also missing a shirt.

“Yes oppa?” I say turning around to look down the hall with GD still attached to me.

“Where is the food?” He pouts sleepily.

“Go ask Unni, and see if you can get the others to go with you.” I say wiggling in GD’s grip.

“GD come on,” Youngbae pulls his friend off me with such force he almost falls to the ground. He continues to drag the other boy down the hall stopping at the two other doors to yell, “You have two minutes before I get a bucket of water.”

I turn back to the last door and finally convince myself to open it. As I flip on the lights, he doesn’t even stir in his massive cocoon of blankets, not that that surprised me.

“Oppa,” I coo softly as I reach the end of the bed. “Oppa, it’s Charlie.” I gently shake his leg, not wanting him to be able to grab me.

At my name I see the blankets shift, I let out a scream when a hand shoots out from the foot of the bed and latches on to my wrist. Next thing I know I’m being pulled on to the bed, my slippers are left on the floor. I don’t know how but I somehow end up, upside down on the bed next to Top, who has now cocooned me in his blankets as well. It only takes a few seconds for the others to hear my scream and rush down the hall and into the room.

Unni is glaring down at Top, “Oh no, Top, you are not doing this again!” I want to yell at him along with her but I’m too comfortable in his grasp to say anything and end up snuggling closer to him.

“But Noona,” Top actually whines, “We’re so freaking tired.”

“Oh shush, Lottie has been up all night and you don’t hear her whining,” Unni snaps back.

“I think that’s because she fell back asleep,” Ri laughs as he climbs into bed next to me.

“If you guys get up and ready to go in 20 minutes I’ll let Lottie come with us today.” All eyes snap to Unni, the guys are excited at the idea of me coming along but all I can do is glare at her. Not that I don’t want to hang out with them it’s just that I’m so exhausted from work I don’t know if I’ll be able to get out of this bed. But my decision is made for me when all but Youngbae bolt to their own bathrooms to get dressed. When everyone else is gone he leans over me with a small smile.

“You’re really tired aren’t you?” He says in a soft voice as he strokes my cheek.

“Yea, but I can sleep when we get to where ever we are going.”


“It’s okay, now do me a favor, carry me to the kitchen please,” I hold my arms out to him. He laughs as he easily picks me up and wanders into the kitchen. Unni is standing at the island drinking coffee and playing on her phone. I’m set down in one of the stools before Youngbae goes back to get ready. When he’s gone I turn to Unni with a full on glare. “Will you stop volunteering me for things?”

“Come on, the boys are over the moon at the fact that they get to spend the day with you. Plus I think you are going to love it.”


“Because after the photo shoot and a meeting at the company we are going to the SBS countdown.”

I perk up at that. Since I’ve been here, I have been either with the boys or at work so I haven’t been able to go to any concerts or award show. Unni has always been against it since she still doesn’t want to explain to fans why their oppas have some little mutt girl following them around. Even when I go to the company I am able to avoid any other groups that happen to be there. Very few people in the company even know if my existence, the only ones are the people who I happened to have ran into and questioned me. But even to them I’m just an intern or something. So the idea of actually being able to see my favorite idols perform is enough to get me out of my sleep funk.

When someone knocks on the door Unni rushes to get it. As she is doing that the boys begin to appear, starting with Dae who stops and stares at me the moment our eyes meet.

“Take picture, it lasts longer,” I tease. To my surprise he actually pulls out his phone and snaps a few pictures of me. “I was kidding!”

“No, you offered!” He comes over and kisses the top of my head before sitting down on the stool next to me. Unni comes back with a whole cart of food. A pitcher, with six glasses next to it, is filled with orange juice. Normal breakfast foods are on the lower shelves, kimbap, kimchi, fried rice and a few other sides. My mouth waters when I smell it. The three of us move to the dinning room and set the nice table. With everything set we sit down at patiently wait for the others. Who am I kidding, I started eating the minute everything is on table.

As I thought, the food is absolutely amazing, and I actually feel bad not eating it slowly to fully enjoy the taste but my stomach does not care one bit. The rest of the boys come out together dressed in simple jeans and sweatshirts, not their usual edgy attire. GD comes over to sit on the other side of me and gives me one of his smaller sweatshirts. I smile in appreciation of the warm material with bad boy printed across it. He smiles back and kisses the top of my head.

We eat in silence, sleepiness is obvious across every face. It doesn’t take long for us to clear the table and be ready to head out the door. In the garage it’s a debate on whose car I should ride in, the boys wanting me to ride with them well Unni is very much against it. After the last time when they got me in the car and skipped the photo shoot and most of their schedule, Unni makes me ride with her so they actually show up without a problem. With that lovely debate done I crawl into the back seat of Unni’s car and try to fall a sleep without much of a problem, other than for the fact that I was only able to sleep for twenty minutes.

“Lets go Lottie,” Unni gets me out of the car, her arm wraps around my shoulders as she leads me into some building. Apparently the boys are already there in the dressing room waiting for us. As soon as I step into the room I spot Youngbae sitting on a couch playing on his phone. Without any hesitation I wander over to him, giving small smiles to the three makeup unni’s, and lay down with my head in his lap. He is only surprised for a minute before his hand settles on my shoulder and he continues playing on his phone. When he is called to do his makeup, Top takes his place as my pillow.

Photo shoots are boring to me. All I am able to do it either hide in the dressing room or hide behind Unni while trying to avoid eye contact with the boys. It seems to drag on forever, ending at about lunchtime. The boys bow to the crew as they say their goodbyes and head back to the dressing room with me in tow. I hadn’t slept the whole photo shoot, something I expected to happen with Unni continually asking me if they looked good, if the lighting is good, any and all questions she asked could have easily been addressed by the crew on staff.

After the boys are changed we get back into the cars and head to YG for their meeting with Ahjusshi. Daesung has his arm around me as we walk into the company, easily avoiding any curious people. The conference room is empty when we arrive. The guys sit down in the nice spiny chairs around the large table, Top tries to have me sit next to him but Unni grabs my hand to stop me.

“Lottie, this meeting is going to be pretty boring so if you want, you can go sleep in the studio,” She suggests with a smile. I happily accept and head toward the door but am stopped yet again by Top calling for me.

“Take this,” He hands me his long jacket before sending me on my way. I can find my way around the building without any problem, after sneaking around for so many months I’ve learned which ways to take. I can’t help but pass by the dance practice room, though it is out of the way, to peek in at Ikon practicing. Looking through the small window, I can see they aren’t doing anything at the moment, just sitting on the floor messing around. I give them a silent ‘fighting’ before continuing to the studio.

I make myself comfortable when I arrive, slipping off my heeled boots and laying down on the all to familiar couch. It has become my bed away from home. Falling a sleep isn’t a problem, it’s staying asleep  that is my problem when the lights flicker on in the studio followed by familiar voices that I have only heard through speakers.

“You guys we shouldn’t be in here!” A worried makne whines.

“I just want to know where that girl went,” B.I. says trying to calm the younger. I roll over on the couch to face them, irritation obvious on my face, something they were not expecting as all seven boys stare down at me with wide eyes.

Tired of constantly being woken up today I finally snap, “What the hell do you want?”

NCT MTL... To like their s/o calling them oppa

I would like to clarify these are our personal opinions and do not reflect the members’ actual feeling towards this issue.

*For this post “Oppa” is being used in the place of a petname, not in the literal use for older brother/older male.

**Oppa or the equivalent in their native language.


  • Johnny - Johnny has transcended Oppa. He is on a different level. He has completely passed Oppa and accepted his true calling of being Daddy. It is what it is.

  • Yuta - Is The Oppa. If you look in the dictionary under Oppa, there’s a pic of Yuta scolding you for using informal language. He not only loves being called oppa, the boy needs it.

  • Jaehyun - Now being an oppa is one thing, that’s just how the honorific system works. But being your oppa is an entirely different ballgame. Coming from his bae, “Oppaaaa” has bypassed the system and moved on to the list of things that make Jaehyun’s heart flutter.  

  • Haechan - Unless he’s hanging out with like, 12 year old kids, Haechan doesn’t often get to hear Oppa. Regardless of age, Haechan would try his best to convince you to call him Oppa and if you ever gave in he’d grow like three new super manly chest hairs.

  • Taeil - Taeil would only accept oppa as the social norm, the same way he’d call you noona if you were older. But he doesn’t much care for it in a casual setting, prefers to just use each other’s names or use real petnames. Oppa is too formal.

  • Taeyong - You would quickly learn that ‘’Oppa” makes Taeyong blush and completely forget where he is or who he is. Whether you were being a lil flirt or just asking the time, something about your voice would end him for a solid five minutes. For his own peace of mind he’d rather be called something else.

  • Doyoung - The way you say oppa gives him a real kick, but Doyoung is such a fluff that he’d start giggling and stuttering every time. You have to reserve “Oppa” for private times otherwise the members or netizens would start to think he was having some sort of fit whenever you were around.

  • Mark - Feels that Oppa can never leave the Brother Zone. And he doesn’t want to be your brother, he wants to be your man. Well he wants to be your small, overworked, underappreciated manchild, but certainly not your brother.

  • Winwin - Just prefers being called something soft and sweet. Oppa makes him feel like an old man, you’d think you’d just called him Ahjussi or something with the way he reacts to it. Like “no no I am not your oppa, I’m your baby please just call me baby.”

  • Ten - Would dropkick the entire honorific system if he could. Not only does he not want to be an oppa, he wants to call his managers and pd’s ‘Dude’ or ‘Bro’. Firmly believes in just being your sweet Ten, oppa is for strangers.  



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Yixing’s Little Sister

Summary: Yixing’s little sister was finally getting to visit him and the boys, but the language barrier may prove to be a problem.
Members: Exo x Yixing’s little sister
Type: General/ sweet
Length: 938 Words

I love the idea of EXO members being sweet older brothers. I think it is really cute. I hope you like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

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Yixing was so excited for today. This was the first day he was given the opportunity to see his little sister. The best part was, she was finally going to meet his group members. She had seen them in concert a few times with his mom, but this was the first time she being allowed to go and visit him alone. Yixing had been busy with their new album promotion, so it had been a while since he last saw her.

A giant smile grew on his face the moment he saw his baby sister. She had been waiting for him on the park bench at Hans River. She held a bag of sweets and homemade food out for him. “Hey, (S/N), you look so big now.” He said as he pulled his seven year old sister into a hug. She smiled brightly at him and wrapped her arms around him. She was so small in his arms, the top of her head barely reaching his chest. “How have you been? Is everyone still healthy and well?” His Chinese flowed so easily. It was a bit comforting for him to have someone to talk to in his native tongue.

He listened as his sister told him all about school and her new friends and favorite hobbies. The two made their way back to his dorm. He knew his sister was very excite to meet the other members. She loved watching their music videos and any and every show that they appeared on, especially EXO Showtime. After she saw that, she declared to her brother that her bias was now Sehun. She raved about him every time he called home and begged Yixing to introduce them one day.

He opened the door to this dorm, letting his sister enter before him. They were both greeted by all the boys standing together in the kitchen. They greeted her using the phrase that Yixing had taught them. He looked down at his sister. She had a toothy smile that spread from ear-to-ear. The boys each greeted her, sounding the same as they did when they introduced themselves during a concert in China. Yixing placed his hand on her head and led her into the room. “Everyone, this is my little sister, (S/N). She is seven years old and loves to dance and sing.” He said like a proud father. His sister watched as he spoke, amazed at how much better he had gotten in speaking Korean.

“Well it is really nice to meet you. I heard I am your favorite.” Sehun said in a cheeky voice. Yixing had been helping Sehun with his Chinese for a while now. Out of all the members, his Chinese was the best. Despite this, his Chinese was still lacking greatly. Yixing’s little sister’s face was turning red and feeling extremely hot. The boys chuckled at her embarrassment, but did not tease her.

She sat beside her brother, keeping close due to a mixture of shyness and overwhelming joy at being in the same room as all the boys. You guys talked for almost an hour, well Yixing mostly acting like a translator, before he suddenly got a call. He looked sad as he told his sister that he had to run out for a quick minutes. Her eyes widened in fear of being left alone with the boys, but he insisted that she would be fine.

The moment he left, the room fell silent. The boys stared at the young girl in silence. Suho was the first to talk to her. “You…um… you happy you here?” He asked in his shaky Chinese. She looked up at him with a shy smile. “Yes, very happy.” She replied in Chinese. Sadly, she didn’t know any Korean besides the common greetings and how to say her name. She felt awkward sitting in front of them, unable to actually communicate.

“Well we are happy to meet you. Your brother says a lot about you.” Sehun said in almost perfect Chinese. You looked up at him and simply nodded your head. You had no idea what to say or even how to act. The room fell silent once again before the boys stood up. “Play game? No talking.” Chanyeol suggested. His Chinese was even more limited than Suho’s, but he figured he could help lighten the mode.

You watched as the boys discussed what game to play. They obviously didn’t want to play any game that would involve hitting, but it was hard to figure out a different punishment. They finally settle on playing 007 and changing the rules that whoever loses would not be able to eat the candy that they had received from the fans. They brought out the candy and placed it in the middle of the circle. They began the game, not explaining anything, and hoped that she would be able to pick up on the rules. It took a few rounds before she got the hang of it.

Yixing entered the house and was a little surprised to hear all the laughter. He knew the boys would be able to entertain his sister, but he couldn’t help but worry about the language barrier. However, he instantly relaxed the when he saw his sister laughing as she watched Sehun complaining about losing for the fifth time in a row. “This is fixed. You are cheating!” He complained to Baekhyun. She chuckled as she saw Sehun playfully hitting Baekhyun’s arm.

Lay quietly walked up and gave her a small kiss on the top of the head before giving a thankful look in the direction of the boys.

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Genre: Fluff

[A night in the studio with Giriboy]

Most couples spend a Saturday evening having a dinner, or going out on a date. Most girlfriends would be dolled up in a beautiful dress and make up but here you were couped up inside of a studio, wearing your comfiest pair of sweatpants.You didn’t mind too much, you understood that work was important and he had deadlines to meet. Siyoung’s studio was like a second home to him, in turn it was a second home to you. He had a bookshelf, a closet, bed, even a mini fridge. You insisted on most of those items knowing he could spend days on end in that room.

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School 2017, ep 15

Tae Woon & Eun Ho

They were just perfect this episode? Well, aside for Tae Woon not telling Eun Ho that his dad knew he was X.  But this episode just showed how close they are, how committed to each other and how much they are willing to protect the other.

I’ve always felt that Tae Woon was incredibly lonely. He wasn’t a loner by choice. I’m impressed that Eun Ho understood that. You finally saw Tae Woon surrounded by friends.  When he revealed he was X, you saw how that impacted his new found friends.  Sa Rang and Bo Ra hugged each other and were worried, as was Dae Hwi. More than anything this was what Eun Ho wanted to protect.  And she didn’t want Tae Woon to be shipped off.

Tae Woon wants to protect her dream. He also does not want his father to use Eun Ho as a scapegoat, like Joon Gi was.  This is why he telsl her to reveal that he is X, if she gets accused again. He’s fine with whatever happens to him. She is what is important.

How adorable was his confession of love? And her asking him to keep that promise.  I do hope in the final episode that she does actually finally say the words to him.  Eun Ho has done everything to show it but it would be nice to hear. The look on his face when called him Oppa was sweet. My Dimwit. Tae Woon SANG to her. Eun Ho, despite protesting Tae Woon holding hand at school, doesn’t protest too hard. She’s also quite touchy with Tae Woon without really realizing it. In front of the whole school.

One last thing.  Please stop having Eun Ho and Tae Woon hold each other’s faces and not kiss.  It’s rude, tbh.

The Principal, School and X Mess

I eagerly await the principal’s downfall. I wonder how much Tae Woon actually has on the principal, vice principal and the whole school. He’s clearly kept some things to himself. The only way to protect Eun Ho, and himself was to blow everything out.  He revealed that he was X super publicly so there was no doubt to his guilt. 

I think, that with whatever information he has coupled with Soo Ji’s investigation will destroy them all. Including his garbage father.

Hee Chan

I did not miss you these past two episodes. Good on Tae Woon for punching your stupid face. Bad on Tae Woon for saying that he was X - I thought he was smarter than than.  But sucks to be you since you did not actually think that Tae Woon had the balls to reveal he’s X in front of everyone. I’d be scared if I was you.  I’m thinking that Tae Woon has way more shit on you and your parents than you realize.

Eun Ho’s Family

Remains perfect.  They are slightly dysfunctional, but when it counts they are 110% behind Eun Ho.  Why would they want Eun Ho to go that garbage of a school?

I’m super sad that there is only one episode left.