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jane austen was so lit because she wrote about men the way men typically write about women i.e. her stories just centered around women and men were only there for the sake of women, and her books could have been all bitter and sad about the state of women in that century, but instead they’re sweet honest observational stories of friendship, family and love *sighs* what a lady i am sorry i ever doubted you cos I was bored in high school


Acca 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Food Illustrations Episode 8 - Warmth

a ranking of alexander the great novels based on how much of a twink he is

5. THE PERSIAN BOY, mary renault

slight twink factor in bagoas’s declaration that alexander is  “fresh” and “sweet” may be observed; but other than that, this passage is boring as shit. just absolutely boring as fuck. 2/10 

4. FIRE FROM HEAVEN, mary renault

in this passage, an effervescent and pliably twink-like attitude is observed when alexander encourages hephaestion to “catch [him]” and then flounces off. despite this enticing opening, little comes of this scene, and alexander’s perfumed hair is only mentioned once. 4/10

3. ALEXANDER: CHILD OF A DREAM, valerio manfredi 

valerio was held at gunpoint by an lgbt activist while writing this. i have nothing. 0/10

2. THE GOLDEN MEAN, annabel lyon

at last we are met with a true competitor. we receive a number of pleasingly twink-like descriptions of alexander here, including his nice smell, his perceived creaminess, his “tightness” – perhaps a sexual reference – and his innocence. 8/10 

1. THE CONQUEROR’S WIFE, stephanie thornton 

what thornton has accomplished in this passage rivals the work of nabokov. in possibly one of literature’s greatest feats, she seamlessly implies that alexander enjoys being the receptive partner, simultaneously introducing his “freakiness” and enjoyment of an outside sexual adventure. a true twink is at last observed, and executed with flawless technique. 10/10

Actual SINnamon Roll Prompto

Me upon finding out Prompto is a Scorpio:

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In all seriousness this was a ton of fun for me to write especially considering that out of all the Chocobros, Prompto’s the one I’d be more likely to call a muse. He has so much potential… So here’s some Prompto sex headcanons?? I take requests, so if you like what you see drop me a line!

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Jungkook Scenario: Moon Lily.

Request: Yeaaay requests are open! Could you write hogwarts!au jungkook fluff? <3 tq!

Harry Potter/Hogwarts AU.

Genre: Fluff.

Herbology was never jungkook’s favorite course, but for the past six months he’d gone more to the herbarium than he had gone while having classes with Miss Sprout. He smirked lightly, rushing his pace there, you were the only reason why he would so willingly spend time in that place at all.
It wasn’t odd to find you strolling around the different kinds of magic plants, going about the benefits of a certain leave and how magnificent every other flower was, so when he found you taking care of a bush of Belladonna he stayed at the door only to take his sweet time observing you.

He’d haVE to use Belladonna for his next test on potions class, and you had told him you were going to find him the best stash of seeds for him to succeed, because as always you were so ready to help out others even if they belonged to the Slytherin house, you were humble, sweet, dreamy, so you, so Hufflepuff at its best, and Jungkook, one of the proudest Slytherins out there was totally gone for you.
You sang softly to the Belladonna as if it was called the devil’s favorite plant for nothing and something in him felt warm just seeing you work on the plants.
Suddenly you turned your head startling him a little when your eyes landed on him. 

-Jungkook! You’re here-

He straightened his back and cleared his throat. -I just got here-

-And at a good time- you smiled and he did so as well in return. -I got your seeds- He arched a brow and you giggled. -For your test? Remember? You have a Potions test next week-

-Right the test- he exhaled walking closer to you. -You think with those seeds I can succeed? I don’t know anything yet-

-Jeon Jungkook- you scolded lightheartedly making him laugh. -You told you were going to put attention to potions, you have even been coming here to learn about plants to be more prepared-

Of course, Jungkook thought, he had said that to you to not make himself that obvious about him always wanting to be together. 

-You’re naturally good at this Y/N, teach me?-

You crossed your arms faking a scowl and then smiled when he didn’t stop staring. -Alright, but you should study by yourself as well- you extended the jar with the seeds which he placed in an inside pocket of his robe. 

-Thank you- he said stepping closer so he could kiss your lips, shortly but it still made you flustered. -How can I ever repay you?- he asked teasingly. -Maybe some smuggled butter beers, I know you like those-

You giggled. -I do like those, but actually…-

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“Can we do it quietly” -Jin Drabble

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Drabble Prompt

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“Can we do it quietly”“You child wants you”

Jins hands clasp around your waist as he sways you gently to no particular rhythm. Slowly he lent down so his lips were equal height to your ear he sinful words echoed around your head “Care to take this to the bedroom?” he asks his lips finding that one special spot bellow your ear, his teeth nipping gently at the patch of the skin.

 “We can’t the kids are sleeping” You whisper not truly believing your own protest. Ever so lightly he rubs circles around you sides with his soft hands. “Can we do it quietly?” Jin asks a small smirk covering his usual sweet smile as he observes your face contort trying to fight against yourself to be responsible. After a roll of his eyes he presses his smooth lips against your the passion erupting as soon as your lips collided. 

Without knowing you melted into the kiss and allowed your arms to wrap around his neck pulling him as close as he could get. Once he knew you relaxed into the kiss his hands drifted boisterously down to your arse groping it slightly. Quietly you moaned into his mouth and he ate it up with great desperation as your hands weaved through his hair both getting extremely into it before you heard a patter of tiny feet down the stairs.

Your eyes shot open as Jins lips travelled down your neck sucking happily on the free part of your skin. You saw your son and daughter crawl and waddle down the stairs looking at you dead the eye. You tried to pull away from Jin but he was persistent. “What are you doing?” he asks keeping a firm grip on your waist. “Daddy what are you doing?” Your daughter asks and you eyes widen as you try your hardest not to laugh. “Your child wants you” You mutter and he quickly lets you go and regains composure before walking to his child.

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“The captain looks bad,” he said. “What did he try to do to poor little you?”
“Patronize me,” said Polly, glaring at Maladict.
“Ah.” said the vampire.
—  the absolute best part of Monstrous Regiment, by Terry Pratchett.

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  • expresses his love more through actions than words
  • a v gentle boyfriend
  • he’d always put you first and would be constantly looking out for you
  • he’s the type that takes time to open up but he’d be totally transparent with you
  • the type to still act a bit shy when actually showing affection (aka hugging, kisses, etc)
  • having him as a boyfriend means the occasional super deep and emotional talks
  • he’d never get mad at you and if he did it’d pass within seconds
  • he’d love playing video games with you
  • and if you guys shared the same love for manga he’d find you hella attractive
  • the sweetest eye smiles ever they’d radiate so much warmth and love
  • he’d constantly remind you about how pretty you are
  • the type to drape his jacket over you if it was cold
  • i feel as if he’d plan a lot surprise dates
  • very thoughtful and sweet gifts
  • he’s very observant so i think he’d be really good at reading your moods and would know how to act accordingly
  • he’d have a lot of pictures of you in his phone but you’d be completely oblivious about it 
  • he’d love watching you sleep 
  • the type to tuck hair strands behind your ears
  • quiet protective type
  • he’d like to rest his chin on your shoulder a lot as he hugged you from behind
  • he’d love to play with your hair a lot (he’d ruffle it and make it messy thinking you looked adorable af)
  • he’d like lifting you up a lot despite your protests


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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 11 Full Translation

Marriage Registration


pages 121-129

Squad 4 barracks office.

After finishing her patrol of the Coordinated Relief Station, kotetsu Isane returned back to the squad barracks, “I’m back~!” she called out whilst opening the door of the office.

“Wel-come w-ack w-ig sis”

The younger sister Kiyone who was grappling with piled up paperwork on the tabletop lifted her face up and replied whilst her mouth remained stuffed with suzu castella*. (*Bell shaped Japanese sponge cake)

“Oh! Eating sweets during work again!”

“It’s fine! It’s only us! I need to consume enough sugar because I use my head for paperwork”

“You did that at the 13th division too right? Without eating sweets”

"No no, the amount of paperwork at the 4th division is different! I absolutely cannot do without eating this~”

Kiyone said whilst tossing the suzu castella up into the air, catching it with her mouth before eating it. She did not stop herself from eating even as Isane chided her “Ugh! Can you not spill any sugar on the documents?”

“Oh yeah, before coming here just now, I saw Kuchiki san and Abarai kun!”

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REQUESTED: Hey can u make a cute and fluffy imagine about how y/n is 15 and Justin is 23 and they are best friends and he gives her advice and they do cute things together? Thank u sm xx 😘

Warnings: None!

Hope you like it! Thanks for the request

The scraping and crunching of the pavement beneath me, as well as the blinding flashes from every which direction was the only thing surrounding my senses. It was as if no matter where we went, it was just bound to happen. But being with him - my best friend - was enough to make it all worth it. 

Other then the scrapling sound of the skateboard beneath me, the only other sound I heard was the echoing of Justin and I’s laughter as we raced each other down the streets of LA.People politely stood out of our ways, most with a phone or camera out recording us as we dashed past them, but it didn’t bother us at the moment, we were enjoying our time together. 

As I padded my right foot against the ground to regain speed, it was a startle to suddenly feel a tug on my right arm.My laughter began to succeed at the sight of Justin balancing on top of his purpose skateboard, gripping my arm with a smirk on his face. 

“That’s cheating!” I laughed. 

“Who says?” 

“Says me!” I replied.

“Well last time I checked, you don’t make the rules.” His voice was flat and almost serious but the joking smirk on his face said it all. And all it took was a split second to be distracted by his stupid gaze to suddenly stumble off the board, and thanks to Justin who already had a firm grip around my body, fell off with me.

Instinctively, I grabbed a hold of Justin as he did the same, holding me in his arms as we rolled off the boards and onto the pavement on the street. It would have hurt a lot more for me if it wasn’t for Justin who took the fall and landed on his back with me in his arms, but he almost seemed unphased by the scrapes we had received and honestly it wasn’t that bad. In fact, the whole time, we were laughing.

A few people who had been recording us earlier had packed around us, a few attempting to help us but we only shook it off, helping each other up. “Your so annoying.” I spat after a fit of giggles. 

“Thought you would have known that by now.” He answered. 

“You threw me off a skateboard!” I continued. 

“I didn’t throw you.” He stated with a guilty smile. “It was more of a friendly push.” 

“I’ll show you friendly push!” I yelled. As I dashed forward and grabbed a hold of Justin’s shirt, attempting to wrestle him to the ground. He just stood his ground laughing at my antics while shuffling around from all the pushing and tugging I was doing.

A sigh escaped my lips as I gave up, and bent over to dust myself off. A sweet observer who looked around my age, maybe 15 to 16 years old approached us with our boards which had previously rolled down the hill.

I smiled at the girl who seemed rather star struck as Justin threw her a loose smile and a sweet ‘thankyou’ while removing his board from her grip and tucking it under his arm.

Once we had calmed down, dusted ourselves off and collected all our belongings, Justin suggested we go grab something to eat before he had to drop me off back at my parents house. I was supposed to be at a wedding now, one that I was really not looking forward to going to. Thankful to Justin who had managed to pull me out of it for a little while, but my parents weren’t having it all and told me to at least show up for the reception.

After going for a small stroll around the area, in search of a nice restaurant we could settle at, it wasn’t long before Justin pointed out a delightful little cafe on the corner of a main road, right across from a beach.Once we stepped inside the cafe which was rather slow in business at the moment, we were immediately seated by a window overlooking the passing cars and calm waves of the beach. 

We quickly went through the process of scanning over the menu and ordering our food, which was a chicken burger for Justin - and a steak sandwich for myself. 

“So, how’s school been treating you?” Justin piped up after pouring us both glasses of water. 

After shoving one of Justin’s fries into my mouth, I shrugged my shoulders in an attempt to answer. “It’s alright. I mean, a bit hectic - you know, being known as Justin bieber’s 15 year old best friend.” Justin’s face fell, almost seeming guilty. He always does this, and I hate it. 

“I’m sorry.” He said. 

I sigh “Stop Justin. Stop apologizing, you do this everytime. If It wasn’t worth it I wouldnt do it. I love spending time with you so stop. Yes the pap and attention gets annoying but that’s just the price that comes with your friendship. It’s fine. Honestly.”

“I know, It just sucks to know that I’m the reason you have a hard time at school.” 

“It’s not hard Justin, it just becomes a little uncomfortable with all the stares. But a few stares from stupid amateurs aren’t going to kill me. So relax.” I added. “Besides, I’m hoping to drop out soon. I really want to pursue a singing career.” 

“Y/N.” He said warningly. 

‘What?” I shrugged. 

“You know I love the idea of pursuing your dreams, and I encourage and will help you every step of the way, but don’t you dare think about dropping out of school.” 

“Why not? You did it.” I stated.

“That’s different Y/N, I was home schooled. And I also didn’t get to do some of the things I really wanted to do.” 

“Like?…” I encouraged.

“College.” He stated. 

I sighed. But Justin decided to drop it for now. “We’ll talk about this later.”It was rather silent between us for a short while, not awkward but a small amount of tension. I always knew Justin was strong on me finishing school, so It was kind of expected.

But of course, being my best friend, he always knows how to lift the spirit.

“So….any boys?” Justin smiles, wiggling his eyebrows.

After taking a large gulp of my water, I place it down and blush slightly, knowing this conversation topic was to come up sooner or later. He always asks and I always answer with the same “Nope, still as unattractive as ever.’ but today was slightly different.

“Um yeah…actually.” I answer shyly.

“Really?” He smirks. “Boyfriend?”

“Kinda…” I answer. “Where a thing but were not official yet.”

“What about your parents?”

“They don’t know. they’d kill me if they knew.” I sighed.

“Well I’ll make sure to keep my mouth shut around them. He’s not a dick bag is he?  Cause if he is….” He trailed off.

“No no, hes fine. Really sweet.” But my voice did not sound convincing at all.

“Y/N….I don’t like that tone. Do I need to go down and beat someone?” 

“No, It’s not that it’s just…This guy - he’s kind of a bad boy. Don’t get me wrong, he treats me well but, I just feel that I’m not good enough. Or that I’m too good.” 

“Y/N.” Justin began. “Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like that. Your perfect, innocent and young! This guy, I guarantee you will last 5 months, 6 if your lucky. None of you are ready to settle any time soon and lets be real, the chances of you marrying your first love is like - zero to nothing.” 

I chuckled slightly.

“Your a beautiful girl. Let this be experience. Plus, I doubt you love him just yet. How long have you been a thing?” He asked. 

“Probably around a month.” I shrugged. 

“Then you have nothing to worry about. Because believe me, it’s not the relationship that will change you, It’s the breakup. Don’t change yourself for anyone because the right guy is waiting out there, and he’s gonna love you for the person you really are, not the person you dress up to be.” 

A small smile tugs at my lips at Justin’s words, he really knows how to make a person feel special.

“Thank’s Jay. You always know how to make me feel better.” 

“Don’t worry about it Y/nickname. That’s what I’m here for.” 

And after that it was silent. Comfortable silence. I guess that’s a pretty good note to end on.

“Oh, and no sex. Your too young.”

Okay, maybe not…

I’m sorry if its short and shit, and I really did not know how to end this…but I hope you like it! 

For the people that have requested, Yes i have seen them and yes I will start writing them soon.

Send requests my peeps.

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You'll either love me or hate for this one ahaha: first time stargazing together, by accident, while two strangers find themselves together in a park and "why are your brows so damn furrowed boy?" (or "why are your eyes so glassy?" as you prefer). Your choice for the member (but damn if I know you you'll go for Yoongs or Jeon girl). Hope this help ;) love ya <3<3

The poet that fell in love with the moon.

“Firsts” Drabble Game

↠Genre: I wish I knew.

↠Member: Yoongi

↠Words: 2.056

Note: Conny, I don’t know what this is, but I like it. It probably makes no sense, but I had so much fun.

There is something about woods that brings me peace. I don’t know if it’s their golden leafiness in autumn; or the earthy scents that come from the ground in a mixture of rain, and dirt, and rotting leaves. I don’t know if it’s the gravel paths, that lead nowhere, or the oak on the hill and its vast boughs, spreading towards the skies, loaded with leaves that will never fall, even when the rest of its companions must face the wintry weather bare from their other time luxuriant greenness.

There is something about this place that allows me to breathe, to dream, to escape the chaotic streets, swarmed with millions of people that would never look at me, not even once. Amidst the trees, and under the starry sky I’m still one of many, but somehow it does not matter if I go unnoticed to the world. I still exist, and I matter. My steps feel real, solid, against the fallen leaves. I feel real, solid, as I walk through the night, leaving behind with each step the worries that will wait outside the ancient iron fence that encloses the park.

I know every turn of the path, and I have named every stream that crosses this land and every tree that, like an old friend, waits for my return. There are many secrets hidden in the park, places no one has trodden in years, for they belong to the darkness of the woods and are inhabited by night creatures, that lay in wait amidst the undergrowth.

There, past a sea of emerald, wet waves, that will never perish against a desert shore; down a path that disappeared between tall trees of robust trunks that would defy the elephantine columns of the Coliseum, and illuminated solely by a masked moon, that played hide and seek with the midnight haze, there and only there is where I go.  

It is but a fair meadow, secreted behind many trees. For anyone who does not know what waits past them, they cannot look far. They cannot look deep, not enough to glimpse the paradise past its branches.

The weather is clear tonight. It has rained earlier, when the lone aster still shone high in the firmament, so there are no more clouds in the sky. Rain has cleared the air—for me, I would like to think—and now the stars are brought out bright, titillating, like fireflies dancing in the skies.

There is an owl somewhere near. I can hear it as I advance, slowly, only guided by the moon and the confidence of those who know the way. I caught the colour of the meadow, even in the darkness, the amber leaves that cover the soil in a luxuriant mantle, whose every queen and king ever crowned would have envied, although they wore far more precious metals over their regal heads.

Nature is exquisite even when there is no one looking. She is a pompous child, showing off her many attributes when there are no poets, no painters around to capture with the loquacity of their verses, and the delicacy of their brushes, the deep tonalities, and the heady scents, and that ethereal light that seems to filter through the crowns of the trees, illuminating with fair resplendence the clearing, where a single, solitary bench waited for me.

If only it was not already taken.

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what's your favorite thing about baekhyun

tbh my favorite thing about baekhyun is him existing………..but seriously my favorite thing is how sweet and in tune he is with the people around him like he makes everyone around him love him and even tho he doesn’t seem like it he’s really observant when it comes to the personalities of the people around him to the point where he’s really good at accommodating and adapting to different personalities in order to make them more comfortable (i.e. kyungsoo, yixing, etc, who seem more introverted, and then pcy, heechul, etc who seem more extroverted). he’s so sweet and observant but he’s good at keeping it light and fun and it’s so soft and warm he is so soft and warm and so good and making everyone happy and feel loved i just really adore that about him. like… baekhyun is a sweetheart and a goofball who loves everyone and makes everyone smile and i feel like he’d be great at peptalks because he’s everyone’s hypeman and this is getting really cheesy and incoherent so i will stop right here take a fucking sip babes

Last night

A Drabble Games fic requested by @tigerslullaby, featuring Thranduil

25: “I dreamt about you last night.”
93: “I like it when you smile.” 


The morning sun poured its pale light through the leafy canopy of the Wood that dappled it with green as it crept through the arched window of the bedroom to kiss your cheeks. A slow smile tugged at your lips even as wakefulness radiated throughout your body with a catlike stretching of your muscles, and your eyes fluttered open to look at your surroundings.

Only yesterday, you had been a stranger in this room, with its glowing amber lamps, rich tapestries, vast four-poster bed and branching canopy, and chairs of glossy wood with their backs carved into the shapes of stags’ horns. Now, it was home. It belonged to you, as did the man with whom you would share it…the man whose piercing, glacier-blue eyes had been watching you keenly, fondly as you emerged from your repose.

Sensing his gaze, you turned toward Thranduil where he lay on his side to face you, his smooth skin warmed by the light’s caress and his silvery-blond hair draped like spun silk over the muscular curve of his shoulder. A smile illuminated his flawless face, and he reached to trail the backs of his fingers lightly over your cheek, down the column of your neck, lazily flicking his wrist to trace the lines of your collarbone with his fingertips.

“Good morning, wife.” His voice was husky with disuse, drawing you irresistibly closer to him, his arm slipping around your waist in welcome as you moved to share his pillow.

“Good morning, husband,” you sighed, pressing a leisurely kiss to his lips.

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How they act when crushing on a girl




He’d be cool about it—he won’t go overboard or tell you more than you should know. He’d take his sweet time, preferring to observe you from afar for a while and see if he has a chance in the first place. He’d give you lots of rather straightforward hints but he won’t act upon the more until he knows/feels for sure that his feelings are returned. And he’d tease you to get favourable reactions out of you. He’d write a lot of songs about you, that’s for sure, but will never say your name because he surely gives them to you to listen and give your opinion on. And he’s most happy when you tell him positive feedback—and taken aback when you tell him that he sounds most in love. He’s slightly frightened by the intensity of his feelings, but accepts them quickly—there’s nothing he can do about them. And he doesn’t mind that much, even if his feelings are not returned. He’s mostly talkative with you and won’t shut up, wanting to know everything about you. And he’d want to spend time with you as much as he could. He’d probably wait a long period of time before he has the balls to confess to you, but when he does, it’s worth it.

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