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jane austen was so lit because she wrote about men the way men typically write about women i.e. her stories just centered around women and men were only there for the sake of women, and her books could have been all bitter and sad about the state of women in that century, but instead they’re sweet honest observational stories of friendship, family and love *sighs* what a lady i am sorry i ever doubted you cos I was bored in high school

“The captain looks bad,” he said. “What did he try to do to poor little you?”
“Patronize me,” said Polly, glaring at Maladict.
“Ah.” said the vampire.
—  the absolute best part of Monstrous Regiment, by Terry Pratchett.
How they act when crushing on a girl




He’d be cool about it—he won’t go overboard or tell you more than you should know. He’d take his sweet time, preferring to observe you from afar for a while and see if he has a chance in the first place. He’d give you lots of rather straightforward hints but he won’t act upon the more until he knows/feels for sure that his feelings are returned. And he’d tease you to get favourable reactions out of you. He’d write a lot of songs about you, that’s for sure, but will never say your name because he surely gives them to you to listen and give your opinion on. And he’s most happy when you tell him positive feedback—and taken aback when you tell him that he sounds most in love. He’s slightly frightened by the intensity of his feelings, but accepts them quickly—there’s nothing he can do about them. And he doesn’t mind that much, even if his feelings are not returned. He’s mostly talkative with you and won’t shut up, wanting to know everything about you. And he’d want to spend time with you as much as he could. He’d probably wait a long period of time before he has the balls to confess to you, but when he does, it’s worth it.

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Keith finds his s/o's diary and see's that its just filled with sweet observations and lil things that S/o loves about Keith


Keith bit his lip in thought. Currently, (Y/N)’s diary was in his hands, and he was completely alone. He debated weather or not to read it for a long time, the thought that something about him could be written there only making the decision harder. Finally, he opened it, promising himself just one quick look. 

‘Taps when thinking’ 

He raised an eyebrow. He had opened the book to the middle, only to find a page with a list of things he didn’t understand. A few were scratched through, but still readable. 

‘Flustered by anything me’

‘Soft hair’ 

‘Back hugs!’ 

That was circled. 

‘Secretly smiles when no ones looking!?’

‘Silly- sometimes’

‘He loves me’

That had several hearts around it. Keith smiled genuinely once he realized that this was a list about him, or rather, things she loved about him. He felt his heart flutter a bit, though he wouldn’t admit it. Though tempted, he decided against reading any more. Instead, he was going to go find her. And maybe tell her he loved her. A little. Maybe, 

Quick little note about Lent

(If you don’t observe Lent, sweet, keep scrolling along)

Please don’t let Lent pull you back into any unhealthy habits you may be trying to move away from.

Instead of removing something from your life, ADD something! 

Everyone vows to stop eating dessert or coffee or pop or something like that, and that’s cool. 

But the point of Lent is to strengthen your spiritual life by understanding the significance of the events leading up to Easter in a deeper way. So you could ADD a devotional time every morning or ADD reading a chapter of the Bible every night. 

Just something to consider if you feel yourself heading back into a bad place.

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Hi, i get a teen wolf and Harry Potter ship please? I'm a Slytherin, Leo, INFJ, demiromantic, bisexual female. I'm 5,6, ombré shoulder length hair with green eyes,a light tan and slim build.I'm charismatic, sarcastic, laid back, observant, resourceful, sweet, honest, loyal and protective. I love animals, reading, movie marathons, running, road trips and making the people I care about laugh, smile and blush.

Teen Wolf

I ship you with…

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Stiles Stilinski!

No matter the time, you and Stiles would always be up for marathoning the latest film releases and maybe Star Wars again. You fully supported his sarcastic inputs and would often challenge his sarcasm with your own. Your observant eyes would detect any faults in any bad plan that pack would have to offer, and would help Stiles with his research. Your parents even allowed you to go on a ‘roadtrip’ with the pack, knowing that you adored them, to Mexico (though you failed to mention to your parents that it was Mexico you were travelling to). Your admiration for making those close to you laugh and smile always cheered up even the darkest of the pack’s day and Derek Hale.

Harry Potter

I ship you with…

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George Weasley!

Put it this way, you and George would never stop having fun (even in the more serious moments). Due to your laid back personality, Fred and George would have prank competitions to see who could the biggest reaction out of you. Being a Slytherin student, you would always find a way around the punishments which led you to not particularly worry about Filch or Umbridge. Also, you would try and sneak the twins into the Slytherin common room and since they were male, they would be allowed in the boys’ dorm. This came in rather handy when they were looking for new victims or Draco for their pranks. Your sarcasm would often come in handy when battling a wild Draco.

Steve Rogers tends to collect Bucky Bears.

This is mostly accidental.

To be honest, the actual Bucky Bear related things that he bought for himself were the keychain which now had his motorcycle and apartment keys and a small Beanie Baby version that sat on his desk.

The others were definitely presents, starting with the one sent by that sweet little girl who observed that he “looked so sad” and correctly deduced that it was because he missed human Bucky.

And after that, everyone he knew somehow ended giving him something Bucky Bear related or the other.

Tony was totally responsible for the Bucky Bear t-shirt that was Steve’s favorite sleepwear.

Natasha was the one who got the Bucky Bear fuzzy slippers.

Sam got him the mug.

See? All totally not Steve’s fault that he was friends with a buncha wiseasses.

Okay, so Steve did sleep with the original, repaired Corporal Bear. It helped. Nightmares. Sometimes.

Shut up.

When he was finally reunited with human Bucky, the latter was a bit nonplussed at all the Bears. However, since he now had his Stevie wrapped around him, giving him snuggles and sugar on the regular, Bucky Barnes was content.

Also, Steve nuzzling and kissing him in that spot just below his jawline made human Bucky purr more like a cat than a bear. Steve also could make him rumble and growl too but the two of them HAD to get out of bed sometime, right?

Okay, so Corporal Bear got a new Bear sibling from Coney Island. Bucky was pretty much defenseless in the wake of Steve’s sunshine smile.


The Bucky Bear Collection, Steeb and Bucko

Because greenbergsays inspired me. Again.

Last Night, The Carnival Came To Town.

Last night, the carnival came to town. With it, came the traditional canvas red and white striped tents, housing ropes, and lions, and batons that weave between nimble fingers. Alongside the carnival came rolling popping-corn stands, kernels blooming quickly into white puffs as the cart ambles down the gravel path. The carnival that came to town last night brought face-splitting grins and joyous peals of laughter echoing off the lips of the patrons. With the carnival came a mysterious intrigue, a comforting allure beckoning the beaming townsfolk into the tired wooden bleachers surrounding the circular dirt stage. As I wander through the sticky sweet night and observe the giddy grins plastered firmly on the faces of everybody around me, I cannot manage to recall a time where I was more thankful than I was last night, when the carnival came to town.


The first time I met Adrien? Well, you see Adrien told us was home schooled for a long time, but for his first year of high school, he got to go to public school with the rest us! I thought it was cool that he was a model and all, but I think the first time I started stammering around him was after he had complimented something I made! You see, when it started getting cold out that year, it had been a lot earlier than usual, so I decided to make scarves for all of my friends! From what I’d seen, he hadn’t talked to anyone but Chloe so… I was totally over the moon about it! He’s sweet, observant, attractive, calm, collected… //dreamy sigh… Ah! B-But that’s not what you were asking oh gosh I’m so sorry! B-But um…! Yeah we first met when he first started attending high school with us!

So, I just got home from work and checked Tumblr and am seeing all of this Beth Matters stuff, and it reminded me of something I did on Twitter in December when people were sending in spoons (I wasn’t yet part of TD) and there was a ton of hate on my TL from people against TD and the spoons.  So here’s what I posted way back in December:

There are so many other reasons that could be mentioned as to why Beth Greene matters.  Beth Greene is a one of a kind character.  She is soft and innocent.  She is sweet and charming.  Observational and witty.  She is good.  She is a spark of hope…a literal beacon of hope.  She went from being a little girl living on a farm, a girl who was weak in the eyes of so many, a girl who attempted suicide when the world around her came crashing down to a strong young woman who stood up for what she believed in.  Whether that belief be that there are still good people in the world, or her belief that Noah would make it out of Grady and never come back.

tagging @sparks-of-greene because she’s the one who started this Beth Matters thing tonight!  Absolutely love the idea!

  • Librarian Remus Lupin:
  • He sees so many library dates. “Study” dates. 
  • He ships so many people together.
  • He predicts when they’ll get together with the other ladies. 
  • He helps shy boys and nervous girls with their romantic gestures. 
  • He helps the younger ones with their homework and leads a story hour once a month. 
  • He gets everyone pizza during finals week. 
  • Everybody comes to him for advice and he always asks how things are going.
  • But somehow, he doesn’t have a clue what to do when the tables are turned. 
  • A new volunteer has his stomach in knots and his tongue tied. 
  • The regular students that come in laugh at him, it’s so obvious.
  • So, as a thank you for all of the advice, they team up to help him win Sirius’ heart.
  • Leaving messages on post-its in the books that he has to shelf.
  • Cute compliments and lame pick up lines, just sweet observations. Witty little jokes. 
  • Things that Remus couldn’t even think to say aloud.
  • It was so rewarding, those little smiles and blushes Sirius’ got, because he had no idea how beautiful he really was. 
  • Eventually Tonks comes in and cuts the bullshit.
  • “Enough of these little notes, it’s cute and all, but seriously. Stop dancing around each other and dance together.” 
  • Which is exactly what they do. A week later, Remus and Sirius go on a date. Out dancing. Remus has two left feet, but Sirius clearly has experience.