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In the BS trailer, Link looks down on his luck, but Rhett, he seems to be doing fine financially, he has a giant house and everything... but he looks so lonely! Interesting choice, to make Rhett look more desperate for a friend. (I totally agree btw. Link would cope better with being alone, but Rhett, he's the one who said that even when he was little he thought he was part of a whole and he needed to find his other half!)

What a sweet observation! They’re both clearly feeling their incompleteness until that moment Rhett opens the door and they introduce themselves. I can’t wait to see it all play out!

jane austen was so lit because she wrote about men the way men typically write about women i.e. her stories just centered around women and men were only there for the sake of women, and her books could have been all bitter and sad about the state of women in that century, but instead they’re sweet honest observational stories of friendship, family and love *sighs* what a lady i am sorry i ever doubted you cos I was bored in high school

Harry Styles vs Niall Horan
  • Niall: I forget you're not here when I close my eyes. Do you still think of me sometimes? (Too much to ask)
  • Harry: Woke up alone in this hotel room. Played with myself, where were you? (From the dining table)
  • Harry: Tell me something I don't already know. (ESNY)
  • Niall: And I tell you things you've never heard before. (Flicker)
  • Harry: Understand I'm talking to the walls. (ESNY)
  • Niall: Asking questions to the ceiling. (Flicker)
  • Harry: I just left your bedroom. (Meet me in the hallway)
  • Niall: He closed the door. (Mirrors)
  • Niall: I lead a selfish life, cause it's what I need. (You and me)
  • Harry: I'm selfish, I know. (Woman)

Acca 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Food Illustrations Episode 8 - Warmth

a ranking of alexander the great novels based on how much of a twink he is

5. THE PERSIAN BOY, mary renault

slight twink factor in bagoas’s declaration that alexander is  “fresh” and “sweet” may be observed; but other than that, this passage is boring as shit. just absolutely boring as fuck. 2/10 

4. FIRE FROM HEAVEN, mary renault

in this passage, an effervescent and pliably twink-like attitude is observed when alexander encourages hephaestion to “catch [him]” and then flounces off. despite this enticing opening, little comes of this scene, and alexander’s perfumed hair is only mentioned once. 4/10

3. ALEXANDER: CHILD OF A DREAM, valerio manfredi 

valerio was held at gunpoint by an lgbt activist while writing this. i have nothing. 0/10

2. THE GOLDEN MEAN, annabel lyon

at last we are met with a true competitor. we receive a number of pleasingly twink-like descriptions of alexander here, including his nice smell, his perceived creaminess, his “tightness” – perhaps a sexual reference – and his innocence. 8/10 

1. THE CONQUEROR’S WIFE, stephanie thornton 

what thornton has accomplished in this passage rivals the work of nabokov. in possibly one of literature’s greatest feats, she seamlessly implies that alexander enjoys being the receptive partner, simultaneously introducing his “freakiness” and enjoyment of an outside sexual adventure. a true twink is at last observed, and executed with flawless technique. 10/10

Pick Her Poison

Summary: Coffee shop meet cute: Bucky tries to convince you to have coffee with him.

Prompt(s): “I can fix this” for @just-some-drabbles​’ RomCom challenge!

Warnings: I think I swore once?

Word Count: 2557

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It was a gloomy fall day all around. The grey and drizzle outside had persisted at least since you’d woke well before dawn that morning and trudged to your bus stop and into work. Even in your waterproof hooded jacket, the humidity clung to your skin and filled your lungs like a smooth heavy smoke.

Once you unlocked the door and shrugged out of your dripping coat, you rubbed your hands together and got to the first order of business: making yourself some coffee. With the lights to the shop still dim and the world outside not quite waking, you started up the massive ovens and pulled out the racks of small pastries the night shift had prepared before closing yesterday. The morning continued as always, you buzzed through the small shop, swapping fresh baked pastries from the oven to the display case, sometimes adding a drizzle of sweet, sticky icing, sometimes a bit of orange zest, sometimes a thick, warm chocolate sauce that would firm up just enough to stick as it cooled.

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!!!!!!!!! Headcanon that all of the Serpents absolutely love and are SUPER protective of the reader. Sweet Pea loves watching you laugh with his friends, he can't help but grin and think how lucky he is❤️

this is so cute!

  • you hadn’t really met sweet pea’s friends when you started dating since he wanted to take things slow first 
  • you were nervous meeting them, but they fell in love with you instantly
  • “what if they don’t like me? i’m from the northside, they’ll think i’m a bitch.”
  • “well, i guess i’ll have to break up with you then.”
  • you punching his shoulder
  • when you first met them at the whyte wyrm there was this awkward silence because your outfit screamed northside and they didn’t really know what to think or how to react
  • but then they saw sweet pea wrapping his arm around you protectively and looking at you with so much affection 
  • toni almost threw up
  • jughead couldn’t believe his eyes
  • “how much is he paying you for dating him?” - fangs forgarty
  • “not nearly enough.”
  • everyone bursting out into laughter
  • toni literally crying
  • sweet pea pouting
  • “you’re in, princess.”
  • everyone calling you princess, teasing you since you’re from the other side of riverdale
  • even though you don’t plan on becoming a serpent, they treat you like a family
  • meaning they’ll always watch out for you and care for you, especially when you wander around the southside alone idk why you would but still
  • once a ghoulie decided to follow you and corner you when you were on your way to sweet pea’s trailer
  • well
  • he was lucky he got away with just some bruises
  • you baking pies for the serpents weekly as a thank you because they always have your back
  • “i love how this relationship benefits all of us.” - toni topaz
  • they also think it’s kind of funny how you have sweet pea wrapped around your little finger
  • everyone lowkey ships you and thinks you’re adorable
  • “if you ever break up with her, i’ll gladly take your place, pea.”
  • “that’s not going to happen, topaz.”
  • when you hang out with the crew, sweet pea just loves observing you interacting 
  • like he loves it when you make them laugh or they make you laugh
  • he is genuinely happy that you get along with them so well because the serpents are family to him
  • and to you now too

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Do you think you could write a Patrick falling in love and courting hc's?

•Patrick Hockstetter falling in love headcanons•

- Patrick is not the kind to fall in love at first sight

- At the beginning there might be something that sparks his interest in you

- And he takes his sweet time to observe you

- At first he doesn’t realize what is going on with him

- Even when he knows it’s not just some casual obsession he would never use the word “love”

- He doesn’t know how to express his feelings

- Naturally he uses other mehtods than being nice to get your attention

- He can be pretty charming but it doesn’t feel right

- He’s always around you somehow (even if you’re not aware of it)

- He’ll catcall you and make inappropriate jokes loud enough so you can hear them too

- He’ll try to get alone time with you but he’s not sure of how to do that

- Maybe at some point he’ll introduce himself like a normal person does

- He’s a bit scared of the things you make him feel but he won’t show fear, rather get much more aggressive with others than usual

- At some point he will just assume you’re his even if he didn’t ask you out

- Patrick wouldn’t ask for anything, he
would just take you

- He would try to kind of befriend you to spend more time with you but that doesn’t mean he won’t pick on you

- Sometimes he would do nice stuff, but with a twist

- Patrick asks you to have lunch with him; you have to pay for the both of you

- He gives you small gifts; stuff he found laying around somewhere or he stole

- “That song makes me think of you”; it’s Maggie Mae by the Beatles

- “You remind me of those little things from that movie with the big eyes and cute nose…Gremlins?”

- “Do you want me to come with you to that doctors appointment tomorrow?”
“How do you know - ”
“I found you planner in your locker. Also don’t forget to call your aunt on friday, she’s turning 47.”

- He tries to show you that he’s thinking about you non stop but at the same time won’t admit that you’re a weakspot

- He’s really trying so hard to figure out how to behave around you without making a fool of himself and also win you over

- Patrick is not good with feelings and as much of an asshole as he might seem sometimes he’s constantly talkig about you and wanting to get you to notice him

- Also he keeps imagining how it would be if you were with him and it gets really dirty most of the time

- He will try to touch you “by accident” as often as he can, sometimes he will go out of his way just to pass by you in the hallway and brush your hand lightly

- Patrick might be a bit too aggressive and overstep some boundaries regarding personal space and privacy

- Patrick will talk to the others a lot about how much you “get on his nerves” and how dare you “ignore him when he’s staring at you for a few minutes trying to make you pay attention to him”

- It’s obvious to everyone that he’s falling but he won’t accept it that easily

- When he finally does ask you out he’s just so nervous but won’t admit it even at gunpoint

Actual SINnamon Roll Prompto

Me upon finding out Prompto is a Scorpio:

Originally posted by hippietyy

In all seriousness this was a ton of fun for me to write especially considering that out of all the Chocobros, Prompto’s the one I’d be more likely to call a muse. He has so much potential… So here’s some Prompto sex headcanons?? I take requests, so if you like what you see drop me a line!

More under the cut.

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Jungkook Scenario: Moon Lily.

Request: Yeaaay requests are open! Could you write hogwarts!au jungkook fluff? <3 tq!

Harry Potter/Hogwarts AU.

Genre: Fluff.

Herbology was never jungkook’s favorite course, but for the past six months he’d gone more to the herbarium than he had gone while having classes with Miss Sprout. He smirked lightly, rushing his pace there, you were the only reason why he would so willingly spend time in that place at all.
It wasn’t odd to find you strolling around the different kinds of magic plants, going about the benefits of a certain leave and how magnificent every other flower was, so when he found you taking care of a bush of Belladonna he stayed at the door only to take his sweet time observing you.

He’d haVE to use Belladonna for his next test on potions class, and you had told him you were going to find him the best stash of seeds for him to succeed, because as always you were so ready to help out others even if they belonged to the Slytherin house, you were humble, sweet, dreamy, so you, so Hufflepuff at its best, and Jungkook, one of the proudest Slytherins out there was totally gone for you.
You sang softly to the Belladonna as if it was called the devil’s favorite plant for nothing and something in him felt warm just seeing you work on the plants.
Suddenly you turned your head startling him a little when your eyes landed on him. 

-Jungkook! You’re here-

He straightened his back and cleared his throat. -I just got here-

-And at a good time- you smiled and he did so as well in return. -I got your seeds- He arched a brow and you giggled. -For your test? Remember? You have a Potions test next week-

-Right the test- he exhaled walking closer to you. -You think with those seeds I can succeed? I don’t know anything yet-

-Jeon Jungkook- you scolded lightheartedly making him laugh. -You told you were going to put attention to potions, you have even been coming here to learn about plants to be more prepared-

Of course, Jungkook thought, he had said that to you to not make himself that obvious about him always wanting to be together. 

-You’re naturally good at this Y/N, teach me?-

You crossed your arms faking a scowl and then smiled when he didn’t stop staring. -Alright, but you should study by yourself as well- you extended the jar with the seeds which he placed in an inside pocket of his robe. 

-Thank you- he said stepping closer so he could kiss your lips, shortly but it still made you flustered. -How can I ever repay you?- he asked teasingly. -Maybe some smuggled butter beers, I know you like those-

You giggled. -I do like those, but actually…-

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Can I request an imagine with Luke where the reader who worked at the bau with the others but is on maternity leave brings their 3 year old baby girl for a surprise visit and the team gushes over their baby and Matt meets the daughter for the first time? Please and thank you!

Gosh, thank you so much for this request! I’m already loving Matt Simmons (especially his relationship with Luke). So, this was so much fun to write! I did change it though so Luke’s baby is a newborn, it just flowed better with the storyline. Enjoy <3

A Surprise Visit

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request
Warning: SPOILERS for Season 13

Description: A surprise visit from your baby girl brings a lot of happiness to the BAU.

It had been two months since the death of Stephen Walker. Yet, every day at the BAU felt like a struggle. Having to glance at his empty desk every time they entered the doors placed a heavy weight on them all.

It hadn’t helped that, since returning from their short break, the cases had been more difficult than ever before. Being another team member down due to your maternity leave only exacerbated the situation. Not to mention that Luke had become increasingly distracted, clearly missing you and his baby whilst he was halfway across the country.

Everyone was sympathetic to the downtrodden agent, trying their best to keep his spirits up. Even Garcia had made an effort to ensure he received regular updates, including adorable videos and photos, on your baby girl.

But, not even their best efforts could make him feel better about being separated from his new family.

It was a particularly bad day when they had all trudged back to Quantico after a horrific case that had resulted in the loss of hostage. The mood was solemn the entire flight home and you had been able to pick up on their upset just through Luke’s texts alone. He usually sent long messages detailing the case, how much he had missed you, asking about ‘his favourite girls’ and how he couldn’t wait to get home. So, it was strange that he only sent a brief text informing you that the jet would be landing in two hours.

As you glanced over at your daughter sleepily soundly in her carrier, you had immediately called Garcia to tell her you would be popping into the office. Although being at home trying to cope with the demands of a newborn as well as your own recovery from childbirth was challenging, you felt slightly guilty that Luke had been the one to return back to work.

You knew he feared missing out on precious time with his daughter and he would have given anything to be at home with the two of you. So, the least you could do was welcome him back properly.

Luke always been considerate of you but, since the birth of your child, he had been more attentive than ever. He had spent the entire month off following Stephen’s death at home with you, helping your through the late stages of your pregnancy. A smile crossed your face at the memory of him painting the nursery and giving you a relaxing foot massage as the two of you lay on the couch.

It had been exactly what you both needed, time to recover and heal together. The birth of your daughter had been the perfect way to end the month, Luke holding your hand through the entire labour (he still claimed that his hand had sustained lasting damage) and being by your side to welcome your baby Sofia into the world.

The joy the two of you felt seemed like it would last forever. But, the break had ended much too soon. Luke had barely had the chance to settle into family life before he had to get back to the BAU. His guilt was evident, often crawling home late to whisper his apologies to you. It broke your heart to see his face fall in disappointment as you told him Sofia was already asleep.  Luke had been so determined to be the best father he could be to his little girl and you just knew he was gutted about not being able to be there to soothe her cries.

“Oh my goodness! She is just a bundle of overwhelming cuteness.” Garcia squealed quietly, fawning over the sleeping baby in your arms.

You laughed softly, seeing the way the bubbly blonde’s eyes lit up around your daughter was always amusing to watch.

“Seriously, how did Newbie manage to create this treasure?” She whispered, gently tracing her little cheek with her finger. “She’s definitely all you Y/N.”

You bit your lip to conceal a grin. Apparently, the banter and bickering between her and Luke was still as present as ever. Before you could respond to her comment, your eyes brightened as you saw the rest of the team filter through the glass doors.

Almost immediately, Luke’s eyes met yours. He did a double take, grinning in bewilderment as he quickly ran towards the meeting room.

“What are you doing here?” He asked quietly, pressing a light kiss on your lips – careful not to disturb your sleeping daughter. A gentle smile broke out across his face as he bent down to caress her tiny hand. She gripped onto his finger tightly and Garcia sighed dreamily at the cuteness of the scene.

“We thought we would surprise you.”

You shifted slightly, carefully passing your daughter over to him as the rest of the team filtered into the room. The adoring look on Luke’s face as he gently rocked Sofia in his arms caused them to smile brightly, overjoyed to see their colleague reunited with his daughter. The former ranger had been surprisingly broody recently.

Luke cooed softly as he held your daughter close to his chest, her little hand still gripping onto his finger. She found his heartbeat comforting and you had lost count of how many times you had walked into the nursery to find the two of them fast asleep together, her lying on his chest.

Everyone smiled as they observed the sweet scene. The fact that the tough FBI agent completely melted over the sight of his baby girl moved even Garcia.

Luke grinned up at you, happiness etched across his face as he murmured his thanks to you for the ‘best surprise ever’. You just laughed softly as the rest of team began to gush over their surprise visitor. They were all so thrilled to see Sofia, intently watching her sleep peacefully in Luke’s arms as if she were an engrossing movie. After an exceedingly tough case, seeing such innocence really helped them.

Rossi came over to embrace you, placing a kiss on your cheek as he muttered a greeting.

“It’s nice to have you back even if it’s only temporary.” He told you, tapping your cheek affectionally. “You’re looking even more incredible than usual. Motherhood suits you.”

“I wouldn’t say that. I’m fairly certain I still have baby powder on my pants.” You laughed softly, shaking your head. “But, I figured that it’s never too early for her first visit to the BAU.”

You grinned as your gaze fell upon Spencer who was peering over Luke’s shoulder, his eyes bright with happiness as he watched your daughter squirm. He was completely smitten with her, but was slightly fearful of accepting Luke’s offer to hold her. She just looked so tiny and delicate.

“This will be you one day.” JJ laughed softly, nudging the Spencer encouragingly as he reached forward to stroke your daughter’s cheek. She met your eyes and smiled knowingly. The two of you knew how great Spencer would be as a father.

“We’re so happy you dropped in.” Prentiss exclaimed, pulling you into a warm embrace. “And, don’t worry about us here. We’ll be fine. Take all the time you need off.” She told you kindly, well-aware that you had felt a little guilty about leaving them another agent down.

“It’s great to see you.” Tara smiled as she watched JJ tenderly hold Sofia’s hand. “You’ve really cheered Luke up…God, he really is so sweet with her.” She murmured, grinning as Luke bounced your daughter gently in his arms – her small hands moving to trace his face. He looked so proud as everyone fawned excitedly over her little movements.

You smiled at them, glad to have been able to bring a little happiness into the office.

“What’s it been like here? How’s Matt?” You asked curiously, eager to find out about the BAU’s newest recruit. You and Matt had established a good friendship over the years, so you had been pleased to hear about his appointment.

“He’s been great.” Prentiss replied, patting you gently on your shoulder. “He’ll be so happy to see you.”

Before you could enquire as to his whereabouts, he entered the meeting room – a bright grin plastered on his face.

“Garcia texted to say that we had two very special visitors in.”

“Hi, you!” You exclaimed, pulling him into a hug which he reciprocated immediately. Even as the BAU’s most recent addition, he could sense the impact your absence was having on the team. Plus, he was always delighted to see you.

As you pulled away, his eyes swept over you – taking in the radiant glow of your skin and bright smile.

“You look beautiful.” He told you sincerely. He couldn’t believe that you had only given birth four weeks ago.

“I may be preoccupied, but I’m still in the room. Stop hitting on my girlfriend Simmons.” Luke quipped playfully, grinning at his fellow agent as he continued to gently rock Sofia.

A soft murmur of laughter filled the room at his comment. You smiled as your saw Matt’s eyes drift down to the bundle Luke was carefully cradling in his arms, his eyes softening at the sight of your daughter.

“Is this her?” He asked in amazement as he walked over to the pair. A wide grin crept across his face as he stroked her face tenderly, feeling her soft breaths.

Luke smiled at him. “Matt meet Sofia.” He shifted slightly in order to transfer his baby girl into Matt’s arms, grinning at the way her little arms moved as she stirred.

She gurgled slightly in protest at being moved from her father’s arms. You smiled to yourself, Sofia was already a total daddy’s girl and Luke was completely wrapped around her little finger.

Matt rocked her gently, instantly calming her. He had two young daughters himself, so he knew all the best techniques to soothe babies.

“There, there.” He whispered softly, smiling as she relaxed into his arms.

“Oh God, that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” Garcia muttered under her breath, clutching at her heart. You didn’t miss the exasperated look Luke shot her, biting your lip to prevent your laughter.

“She’s going to be heartbreaker this one.” Matt told you quietly.

Luke wrapped a strong arm around your waist as he pressed a tender kiss to your temple. Everyone laughed as a gentle murmur of chatter filled the room. The happiness was almost contagious and it seemed strange to think that just hours earlier they had been completely downtrodden.  

You outstretched your arms as Matt handed Sofia back over to you, pecking your cheek and murmuring his congratulations before pulling away to talk to Luke. You rocked your daughter in your arms as you carried her over to see Emily and Tara. Her two ‘aunts’ fussing over her as she stirred sleepily.

Luke and Matt stood side by side as your boyfriend stared at you, not able to take his eyes off the two of you. There was something about watching you hold his baby that he found truly amazing. He couldn’t keep the wide grin off his face as he watched you coo reassurances to Sofia.

“You’ve already prepared yourself for when she starts dating?”

Luke glanced up at Matt, a knowing smirk appearing on his face as he chuckled softly. “Ever since we found out she was a girl Simmons.”

Matt grinned, nodding to his fellow agent before clapping him on the back. “I did the same for my two girls.”

“The captain looks bad,” he said. “What did he try to do to poor little you?”
“Patronize me,” said Polly, glaring at Maladict.
“Ah.” said the vampire.
—  the absolute best part of Monstrous Regiment, by Terry Pratchett.
“Can we do it quietly” -Jin Drabble

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Drabble Prompt

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“Can we do it quietly”“You child wants you”

Jins hands clasp around your waist as he sways you gently to no particular rhythm. Slowly he lent down so his lips were equal height to your ear he sinful words echoed around your head “Care to take this to the bedroom?” he asks his lips finding that one special spot bellow your ear, his teeth nipping gently at the patch of the skin.

 “We can’t the kids are sleeping” You whisper not truly believing your own protest. Ever so lightly he rubs circles around you sides with his soft hands. “Can we do it quietly?” Jin asks a small smirk covering his usual sweet smile as he observes your face contort trying to fight against yourself to be responsible. After a roll of his eyes he presses his smooth lips against your the passion erupting as soon as your lips collided. 

Without knowing you melted into the kiss and allowed your arms to wrap around his neck pulling him as close as he could get. Once he knew you relaxed into the kiss his hands drifted boisterously down to your arse groping it slightly. Quietly you moaned into his mouth and he ate it up with great desperation as your hands weaved through his hair both getting extremely into it before you heard a patter of tiny feet down the stairs.

Your eyes shot open as Jins lips travelled down your neck sucking happily on the free part of your skin. You saw your son and daughter crawl and waddle down the stairs looking at you dead the eye. You tried to pull away from Jin but he was persistent. “What are you doing?” he asks keeping a firm grip on your waist. “Daddy what are you doing?” Your daughter asks and you eyes widen as you try your hardest not to laugh. “Your child wants you” You mutter and he quickly lets you go and regains composure before walking to his child.

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