sweet motifs

More Candytale Sanses!

I decided to redo a picture I had done long ago, that included six Sanses (mine included) that had a sweet motif. And now I did this one, which now has ten! :D
They’re all called either Sugartale or Candytale, whether here on tumblr, deviantart, or paigeeworld! I hope you all like it ;w;

Taffy Sans © @candy-undertale / @babyabbiestar
Sugar Sans © @sugartalesans
Sugarcoat Sans © @sugarcoatedunderground
Underush Sans © @fuji-ruji (deactivated)
Ice Pop Sans © @fizzykitty (last known name was “shaywarrior”)
Jolly Rancher Sans © @candy-tale
Blueberry Sans © @bluefizzysans / @l0nelycousin 
Marshmallow Sans © @jazzhands966
Cotton Candy Sans © cat18816 on paigeeworld
Candy Goop Sans © ??? @whelth (they’re the one who posts art of him the most, but I don’t know if they’re the owner)

Sweetness (Motif for my cousin’s Christmas present)

(Neni’s Advent Calendar, Day 14)

I am only posting this here because I think there’s absolutely no chance my cousin is gonna see this, unless my sister sends them a link or something. He doesn’t follow any of my Social Media, as far as I’m aware.

Anyway, this is a little piece I drew as an illustration for custom made coffee mugs for my cousin, Mina and his wife, Nadina. Last year the two of them got me this really cool magic coffee mug for Christmas which reveals a Madoka Magica motif when there’s a hot drink inside, so I decided to repay them the favor. So I drew this, split the picture in the middle and ordered two custom, each with one half of the picture of it. This way, if they put their mugs together, they get the full illustration.