sweet motifs


a sort of update on my kirapre oc, Cure Pan

i designed an outfit for her but I’m having trouble w/ colors so I tested some out w/ the 1st sketch. I’m worried about messing up the full picture

Name - Nina Yasamura

Age - 17

I’m picturing her personality right now to be someone who’s soft & mild-mannered but maybe to the point that she can be naive & pushed around a bit? A bit of an airhead too. This idea might change later though

More Candytale Sanses!

I decided to redo a picture I had done long ago, that included six Sanses (mine included) that had a sweet motif. And now I did this one, which now has ten! :D
They’re all called either Sugartale or Candytale, whether here on tumblr, deviantart, or paigeeworld! I hope you all like it ;w;

Taffy Sans © @candy-undertale / @babyabbiestar
Sugar Sans © @sugartalesans
Sugarcoat Sans © @sugarcoatedunderground
Underush Sans © @fuji-ruji (deactivated)
Ice Pop Sans © @fizzykitty (last known name was “shaywarrior”)
Jolly Rancher Sans © @candy-tale
Blueberry Sans © @bluefizzysans / @l0nelycousin 
Marshmallow Sans © @jazzhands966
Cotton Candy Sans © cat18816 on paigeeworld
Candy Goop Sans © ??? @whelth (they’re the one who posts art of him the most, but I don’t know if they’re the owner)