sweet mother of everything

I imagine, that humans would be more violent in our way of getting revenge. Like, I think that some sort of alien would anger a human and cause the human to want to get revenge, like killing a family member. So, I imagine, this really, like, badass mom, that had captured the captain of a space crew, and was keeping it hostage on her Captain’s spaceship, unbeknownst to them all. I imagine this mom being all sweet and kind to everybody on her spaceship, until the news came to her about how a enemy ship tortured and killed her son. I imagine all of that kindness, all that sweetness, everything that makes a mother, draining away, leaving only an empty shell with an unquenchable thirst for blood. I imagine she keeps the captain of the enemy spaceship in her room for days on end, starving it, torturing it, and being the Savages that all of the aliens seem to forget that we are. I imagine the captain checking up on its crew members, more specifically the mom, because her son was a valuable member to their crew. I imagine the captains shock , horror, and confusion at the sight of a tortured, bloodied, almost dead alien. Not just any alien, the captain of an enemy ship. And then to add a plot twist to it, instead of being the stereotypically like angry person, she’s like The Psychotic happy one. Alien captain:(alarmed and terrified ) what’s going on? The mom: (smiling, though covered in electric blue blood, while holding a bat) (sweetly) nothing~ (add on if you want! All additions are welcomed!!!!)

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Seeing that post of your made me wonder; What is your head canon for Scout's mom?

This may be one of the headcanons I dislike the most in TF2: Scout mother being sweet, innocent and pure woman.

She is everything but that.

Rarely I see her represented as this strong, dedicated woman she is. 
Just think with me, she is a single mother in the 60′s, she has eight sons which she raised by herself. I can’t see her being this kissy kissy I love everyone kind of person, I see her as someone tired and angry and someone who wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone for her sake and for her boys. And we know that her sons weren’t easy to deal with, in Scout’s description they were literally described as a “ pack of mad dog siblings ”, so can you really see this suburban mother as being kind and gentle?
No, people are terrified of her. She will destroy you and use your blood as her lipstick, she is a woman who shows power and determination, a woman who can’t allow herself to be an easy target, not after having eight sons, not after being a single mother, not after being abandoned again by a man. 
Her sons? They run wild however they want, but the moment their mother steps into the game they follow her rules, because they love her but most of all, it’s respect
Scout’s mother is a queen. She will have no mercy with whoever steps in her way and if she wants something, she will get it. 

I mean…. Weren’t she like this, how else would’ve Spy fallen in love with her? Someone beautiful and powerful and for one night he was completely drunk in love with her.

I am reading aloud the book of my life on earth
and confess, I loved grapefruit.
In a kitchen: sausages; tasting vodka,
the men raise their cups.
A boy in a white shirt, I dip my finger
into sweetness. Mother washes
behind my ears. And we speak of everything
that does not come true,
which is to say: it was August.
August! the light in the trees, full of fury. August
filling hands with language that tastes like smoke.
Now, memory, pour some beer,
salt the rim of the glass; you
who are writing me, have what you want:
a golden coin, my tongue to put it under.
—  Ilya Kaminsky, from “Musica Humana” in Dancing in Odessa

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Hi! Could you do some hcs for izuku, kirishima, and uraraka with a (fem) artistic s/o, like someone who is really good at drawing and stuff?

Izuku Midoriya:

‌•  Izuku has always been absolutely fascinated with art, despite the fact that he himself can’t do it worth a lick.  He’s tried before, he just doesn’t have the patience to keep practicing, but that just means he respects your ability all the more! He knows it must have taken a lot of hard work for you to get as good as you are and takes a lot of pride in the fact he’s dating someone so talented!

‌•  He asks at least once a week if you’ve drawn anything knew that he can see. He’s had several artist buddies before and knows that just picking up a sketchbook and flipping through it a big no-no, but still, he wants to see what you’ve been working on if you’ll let him! If there are drawings he particularly likes, he’ll ask if he can take pictures, and will sometimes use these as his phone background!

‌•  Always buys you art supplies when a holiday or your birthday comes rolling around. New pencils, sketchbooks, pens, he even once bought you a really big set of good quality and expensive markers! He had saved up for months to be able to purchase them. He never wants you to be without the materials to create, and he’s happy to provide when your artwork provides him so much happiness.

‌•  One time he asked you if he could commission you to do a giant portrait of his mom for her birthday, and she absolutely LOVED IT. It was definitely a labor of love, as you got very detailed and wanted to make sure everything was perfect for your boyfriend’s sweet mother, but it was absolutely worth it. Your piece now hangs in the living room of the Midoriya household.

Eijirou Kirishima:

‌•  Welcome to support town population Kirishima! This boy does not understand a single damn thing about art, but nevertheless he’ll support you with all his manly heart and soul! If something makes you happy he’s gonna give his all in letting you know he appreciates it! He’s super loud about it too, he’s constantly telling everyone that his s/o is a super great artist. They’ll be the next Picasso, just you watch!

‌•  Even though Kirishima has no inkling of the process of creating art, he loves to watch you work. It’s so relaxing to just cuddle up beside you and watch you draw, the smooth movements and soft scratching sounds of the pencil are really soothing. The only problem with this is that Kirishima’s a little bit of a backseat artist despite not being an artist in the first place, and will often make suggestions of what you should add to your drawing or what he thinks you should draw next. A lot of: “And what’s that gonna be? It doesn’t look like that. It’s cause it’s not done yet? Oh, yeah, sorry.”

‌•  He has a terrible, TERRIBLE case of “steal-my-lovers-sketchbook-and-show-off-to-everyone-in-class” syndrome. You’ve come back from lunch multiple times to find the Bakusquad hunched around his desk as he flips through the sketchbook he nabbed from your desk and brags about how great you are at art. While the fact he’s so proud of you and your work is endearing, you’ve had to lecture him multiple times about asking first. He just gets so excited about your art that he forgets.

‌•  “PAINT ME LIKE ONE OF YOUR FRENCH GIRLS, (NAME)!” is a phrase you are sick to death of hearing from this boy. You always give in though, because he looks so, so dearly excited about the mere prospect of you drawing him. He keeps every single portrait of him that you do, hanging them on the wall near his bed so he can admire them before he goes to sleep. 

Ochako Uraraka:

‌•  I headcanon her as also being able to draw relatively well and having an interest in art, so I think she’d be incredibly excited at the prospect of her s/o having a similar hobby as she does. You’re much better practiced than she is, however, so sometimes she gets a little self conscious about her own little doodles in comparison to your work. You always assure her her drawings are lovely though, and encourage her to draw more and more.

‌•  Like Izuku, she likes to buy you sketchbooks as well! She always leaves a little doodle in the front of every sketchbook she buys for you, typically of a cute, cartoony little animal saying something encouraging or loving. She also loves to do little collaborative pieces with you, where one of you will draw half the picture and the other finishes it out. It’s almost become its own little game, and occasionally the two of you let Iida or Izuku make their own little additions to your pieces as well.

‌•  As much as she loves seeing your finished work, she really really enjoys getting in progress pics from you! The process of creating a drawing is fascinating to her, and she loves seeing you take a figure made simply of circles and lines to a fully fleshed out and detailed human being. When she’s practicing drawing herself, she often looks through the progress pics that you’ve sent her and tries to emulate your process herself to improve. Getting compliments from you on her work send her over the moon with happiness.

‌•  Shows a lot of your work to her friends and parents (with permission of course) because she’s just so dang proud and happy to be dating someone with such a talent. She always offers the best, sweetest encouraging words, especially if you’re feeling frustrated with a piece. She always knows just what to say for you to cheer up and get back to work with a newly lit fire in your eye.

Queen of the Water (3)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: A normal girl gets thrown into the Royal world. Royal AU

Word Count: 2.4k+

Warnings: none!


Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

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Y/n groaned at the sound of her alarm. She threw her arm to her side and slapped her clock shut. Her door opens and she groans again when Peggy pulls the curtains open and tugs her blankets away from her body.

“Five more minutes, Peggy, please,” Y/n whined against her pillow, squinting through the harsh light pouring into her room.

“Absolutely not, young lady! Today is the day! Your mother’s getting married and you have a big role to play! We’re leave in 90 minutes and I’m tasked at getting you ready!” Peggy barked back, stepping into her closet. “You’ve been here for a week and your room is already a disaster! When your mother and Edward are on their honeymoon, you’re cleaning your room!”

“Only if you let me pick what I wear. I am not wearing that ridiculous dress. I look stupid,” she said, trying to negotiate what she was suppose to wear to the ceremony and to the reception.

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Ready Steady Part 30

Summary: Baby Benedict is here! Just in time for the holidays… but why can’t life for the Reader and Rob just go smoothly for once?

Word Count: 3125

Warnings: Lots of baby fluff it’s almost gross. And, wait… did you order more angst?

Note: For the sake of the remainder of the fic, I’m using some old Louden Swain songs and making them new ones. Also, as you can tell, my reader is a singer/songwriter and a country girl at heart… so for her, instead of trying to write my own lyrics, I’m using songs by Miranda Lambert and claiming them as the reader’s own. Hey, this way, you can listen to the actual songs after you read!

Another Note: Very quickly written chapter, sorry if it sucks.

I had some recommendations for what to name the baby… I went with a name that I liked, but I guess if you hate it, you can substitute your own pick.

Also… I’m so sorry.

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The excitement of the delivery had ended; he had been checked on by the nurses and doctor, who happily assured you that he was perfect. You had breathed a sigh of relief when they told you he was healthy and strong. For once, everything was as it should be.

Holding your son was an experience that you couldn’t fathom. Never had you thought that you would ever be a mother; in the past, it wasn’t an option for you. Now, here you were; holding this tiny baby, reveling in the moment with the man that you were crazy about. You weren’t sure how it was possible to filled with so much love in one moment, but you decided not to question it for once. You cradled him, amazed at how little he was and how he was already able to capture your heart. Occasionally, you’d pull him up closer to you so that you could nuzzle against the soft skin of his face.

“We should probably pick a name,” Rob said as he leaned against you, carefully reaching over to hold onto the baby’s tiny hand. You watched him with adoration, finally feeling as if everything in your life had fallen into place.

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Him as a Boyfriend: JI CHANGWOOK

/ Park SeoJoon // Ji ChangWook // Kang HaNeul // Lee SooHyuk /


  • A goof ball;
  • Tough on the screen only;
  • You will have to be his `mother`;
  • But honestly he’s so sweet everything else doesn’t even matter;
  • Also;
  • He’d probably teach you some acting techniques;
  • But in exchange if you don’t use them against him;
  • He’ll soon realize he made a mistake;
  • But will stubbornly continue teaching you because he trusted you to not use any tricks on him;
  • So this smoothed us into another point;
  • He’d be hella stubborn;
  • So if your opinions wouldn’t match it would be very hard to catch an ultimatum;
  • This would then cause quite severe fights;
  • Which would usually in you two giving each other a cold shoulder and not talking for a couple of days;
  • First time it happened your friends got pretty concerned because you’re like, inseparable and then suddenly boom you’re not talking;
  • They came to learn that that’s just how you two do things;
  • Since you make up quite soon anyway and continue on as if nothing happened;
  • Besides, those fights had good consequences as well;
  • After going with your days giving a cold shoulder to each other, it allows you two to relax and let off some steam that accumulated in the relationship;
  • And then when you make up the sex is great;
  •      But that’s beside the point *cough*cough*;
  • Also prolly the kind to get jealous- not easily jealous or anything, he’d just be jealous;
  • Like, sometimes even for no reason or to tease you;
  • “Hey, that man on set today was looking weird at you”;
  • “Um, so what? Jealous?”;
  • “Yeah. Since it wasn’t just today. But let him do whatever for as long as you don’t do it back.”;
  • Those kinds of sentences would usually fluster you because his words would come out randomly;
  • Like, you two would be watching TV, completely engrossed into some show, and then he’d speak and you’d be like wat???;
  • Oh, yeah, also- Ji ChangWook is all about that family life;
  • Like, him and children is just wow;
  • He sees a child and a mother and his eyes just do the thing;
  •      You know??? That thing???;
  •           Light up like Christmas trees and he’s just like;
  • “I want that to be us one day.”;
  • “What, me alone with a child?”;
  • “A family.”.
Big Sister

No one expects being a big sister to be easy. Especially when you’ve already got three little brothers. With a new sister on the way it’s all that Ellie Fong can do not to be excited!!
This was a short story inspired by @poly-bus and her “Parenting is great M'kay?” Oneshot. I loved the kids and just had to do something with them. Poly graciously gave me the chance to use the kiddos!! Hopefully this is the first of many stories about this family to come! This is set in an omegaverse time-line in which Evan Fong and Jonathan are together!! Sorry if it’s a little all over the place but I hope you enjoy!Please feel free to read the original!! https://poly-bus.tumblr.com/post/163838504603/parenting-is-great-mkay
Ellie yawned as the sun streamed through the window of her bedroom. She blinked the sleep out of her eyes, rolling out of her bed. She quietly left her room, careful not to disturb her sleeping brothers. El stepped passed her parents’ bedroom, ears perking as she heard someone shift. She hurried down the hallway towards the newest room in the house. The nursery. Ellie stepped into the brightly colored room, looking around at the patterns her father had painted on the walls. Swirls of light blues and pinks etched themselves across the cream walls. A picture of an owl was placed proudly above the oak wood crib. A racoon picture displayed on the opposite side. Ellie was always amazed at the work that her parents had put into this. She’d wanted a little sister for a long time. Ever since she’d had to practically babysit her younger brothers she’d wanted someone of her own taste. Someone to play dress-up with. Her brothers were fun and all but Ellie could only take so much. She stared longingly at the wooden bars of the crib. A cleared throat startled Ellie as she whipped around to face her father in the doorway. 
“You’re up pretty early princess.” Evan commented, kneeling down next to his eldest. 
“I can’t help it Daddy! I’m excited!” Ellie smiled at Evan warmly. She clung to his arm, hugging tightly as they took another look around the room. The book shelf in the left corner, the crib in the center of the room. Stuffed animals in one giant pile in the right corner. A single rocking chair placed to the left of the door. Evan motioned to the rocking chair, scooping up Ellie in his arms. 
“You’ve gotten so much heavier!” Evan laughed as he sat down in the chair. El nodded. Evan rocked slowly back and forth in the chair. 
“Daddy?” Ellie asked, looking up at her father, eyes sparkling. 
“What is it princess?“ 
“How long until Jilly gets here?“ 
"Not too much longer El. Your Momma’s been pretty antsy these past few days." 
Ellie sighed, crossing her arms. 
"I want Jilly to be here now!!” She pouted, hopping off her father’s lap. 
“I know you’re excited to be a big sister again, but it’s not that easy Pumpkin.” Evan smiled. 
“How about I make pancakes for breakfast. Will that cheer you up?” He asked, getting up off the chair. Ellie nodded and ran into the kitchen, sitting at the table. Evan pulled out the ingredients from the fridge. He knew how much Ellie loved pancakes. This was the perfect thing to get her mind off of Del’s impending labor. Truth be told, Evan couldn’t wait either. He loved all of his children and every new one was a blessing. He buttered the pan, getting everything set up.
“Hey El?” Evan questioned, facing his daughter.
“What is it Daddy?” Ellie asked.
“Could you go wake your brothers up for me? I know it’s a bit early but I want to make sure I see them before I go to work.” Evan beamed.
Ellie sprinted from the table to her brother’s room. She tiptoed past her parent’s room once again, the door opened this time. Ellie caught a quick peek at her mother as she passed. Jonathan was wrapped up in the sheets, his left hand curled protectively over his belly. Ellie giggled as she continued her trek to wake her siblings up. Ellie arrived at the door, knocking slightly before entering. The youngest triplet, Mei, was already awake, his tiny wings extended mid yawn. Ellie waved to him as she approached the other two.
“Good morning guys.” Ellie cooed to her brothers, lifting the sheets off of them. Kai, the eldest triplet, covered his eyes in protest as Jik burrowed his head back into his pillow. Ellie laughed at her brothers protest of waking up.
“Daddy’s making pancakes!” She exclaimed, giving a little bounce of appreciation, tail flittering.  That caused some movement within the room. Jik and Kai clambered out of bed, sleepily making their way down the hallway to the kitchen. That only left Mei in the room with Ellie. Mei made grabby hands at his older sister, wanting her to carry him. Ellie complied, taking her youngest brother in her arms just like she’d seen Jonathan do so many times before. She walked back to the kitchen with him in her arms. Evan grinned as Ellie came back into the kitchen, carrying Mei. She set him down alongside the other boys, the smell of the pancakes wafting through the air. Ellie sat herself as Evan placed the food in front of them. The four of them wolfed down the food as Evan carried the plate of food into the room he shared with Jonathan. Ellie could pick up the slight conversation between her parents. The mumbling of her mother, the sweet whispers of her father. The reassurance that everything was going to be okay. He emerged from the room a few minutes later, kissing each one of the kids heads.
“Okay kids, I’ve got to go to work.” Evan smiled sadly.
A chorus of goodbyes were heard as Evan walked out the door. Ellie put her plate in the sink, motioning for her brothers to do the same.
“I wanna go see momma.” Jik blurted out. The others nodded, looking at Ellie with pleading eyes.
“Well, let’s go see!” Ellie exclaimed, taking Jik by the hand, Mei and Kai following close behind. They approached the room, Ellie taking a second to peek.
“Momma?” Mei asked meekly.
Jonathan rolled over to face his children.
“What is it Mei?” Jon asked, concerned.
“Can we come snuggle with you?” Ellie prompted. Jonathan chuckled, opening his arms to his kids. The four kids slid onto the bed. Jonathan laughed, running a hand over his stomach once again. Ellie curled up next to Jonathan, face pressed lightly into his belly. The triplets took the other side, occupying the empty space where Evan slept.
“Hi Jilly! Can’t wait to finally meet you!” Ellie mumbled through the fabric of Jon’s shirt. Jonathan smiled, running a hand through Ellie’s hair, watching those beautiful blue eyes concentrate. It was going to be hard being a big sister again, but Ellie knew that it would all be worth it.


15 musically-driven moments on HIMYM:  [1/15]  » Farhampton - 8x01

The Funeral » Band of Horses
KLAUS: Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz is not something that develops over time. It is something that happens instantaneously. It courses through you like the water of a river after a storm, filling you and emptying you all at once. You feel it throughout your body… In your hands… In your heart… In your stomach… In your skin… Have you ever felt this way about someone?
TED: Yeah, I think so.
KLAUS: If you have to think about it, you have not felt it.
TED: And you’re absolutely sure you’ll find that someday?
KLAUS: Of course. Everyone does eventually. You just never know when or where.