sweet mercy it burns

I Need a Gangsta

Harley/joker au!

“They were the King and Queen of Gotham….and god help anyone who disrespected the Queen.”

NOTE: the canon Harley and Joker relationship is 100% abusive and unhealthy, and shoUld not be romanticized. However, Suicide Squad portrayed their relationship to be much more loving and rather obsessive in a twisted type of love. So, that’s what im basing this on.


Very light gore and yknow…burning alive



“She weighs like 100 lbs…and you’re telling me..s-she already took out 5 of my men?” A brooding voice belted to a small group of armed men.

“She’s insane! She’s like some whole other…being! She’s so fast and really scary!” An officer stammered with several others nodding their heads in agreement.

The chief let out a deep sigh as he watched her from her chamber.

Dangling from the bars of her cage, was the infamous Queen of Hearts. She lived up to her name, moving with such grace and beauty, holding her head high with regal superiority to anyone in the room. Even behind bars, she made you question who was really in control.

She looped and swiveled against her ropes with exquisite flexibility, causing anyone to fall in a trance with her natural flow.

Men or women, she could entice just about anyone with her beauty. And, if she wasn’t so insane, people would fall in love with her.

“God. How could a dame like that get so screwed up with a guy like…him?” One of the guards whispered towards the chief.

“You know rich girls…all they want is adventure..” The chief huffed, walking towards the bars.

Her big brown eyes snapped towards him, and a brilliant smile spread across her face.

“Hiya chief~ Sorry I played too rough with ya buddies! I guess I’m just too…” She began, slipping out of ropes to greet him at the bars.

“Eccentric~” She giggled.

“What’s the deal Heartfilia? You were such a good girl these few months.Why the temper tantrums?” He spoke, almost angrily as she was obviously ignoring his words.

“I’m just….excited is all….” She said, pacing back a forth between her caged walls.

“For what exactly?” He said.

She froze, back facing the squad of officers as they watched her begin to shiver.

Then, she let out small spurts of giggles.

Soon, she was cackling like a maniac.

“Heartfilia! Excited for what?” He said, slamming the bars.

“I’m getting a visitor chief…” She spoke softly, sinisterly as she faced him.

“You aren’t allowed to get visitors Heartfilia…” He spoke sternly.

“Oh but my visitor doesn’t follow the rules! He’s a bad bad boy~And he would do anything for his princess.” she teased as she swiveled her hips against the bars.

The officers shook at the comment, eyeing each other nervously.

“You heard the rumors…right fellas?” Lucy said, turning her glance towards the guards.

“How he has the biggest body count of any villian in gotham. Maybe the whole world? I’m not sure, but I know he likes to be the best!” She laughed, watching as their eyes widened.

“Mmhm! He likes to stab them, crush them, shoot them, bomb them, poison them-the whole 9 yards! His favorite? Oh his favorite, favorite in the whole wide world is to burn them…alive~” she said slowly, giggling with joy as they began to shake.

“You know what he did? What he did for my birthday? Oh it was so romantic~! He crashed my birthday ball, shot every person in the room, and then burned my daddy to a crisp as I watched!” She laughed harder, watching as they all became confused and horrified at her simplicity towards her father’s death.

“Oh don’t worry! I’m not a psycho, I wouldn’t LIKE watching my daddy die….I LOVED watching him die.” She said in a sharp tone, making them jump back in fear.

“How could you love a man who did that to you?” One the guards spoke.

“He freed me dummy! And he’s gonna. Do it. Again.” She punctuated as her eyes moved in on the chief once more.

“He won’t.” The chief scoffed.

Suddenly, the large concrete walls began shaking as a loud rumble was heard from outside.

The troops readied their weapons, lining up in formation as they headed towards the large metal door that encased the prison.

Then, the loud rumbling stopped.

“He won’t?…Chief?” Lucy said, twirling her long blonde locks.

Loud explosions rung against the concrete walls, causing the large chunks of rubble to come flying into the jail yard. The large debris crushed many guards in its path, while the explosion itself knocked many off their feet.

Thugs and other armed men came rushing in through the broken openings, shooting madly at the guards who were blocking the cage.

“Dammit!” The chief grunted, hurrying towards Lucy’s cage.

“Hahahahah! Come on Chief~ Come inside and end up like your other buddies.” She giggled, cracking her neck as she waited to attack.

Instead, a dart flew at her neck, causing her to scream in pain as she fell to the ground.

The Chief hurried inside while she was down, quickly throwing her over his shoulder.

“Alpha beta delta! Head further into the prison and gate off the yard!” He shouted, yet faltered as almost all his troops were splayed against the ground like party confetti.

“Cheif….you should never put your hands on the Queen..” Lucy rasped, digging her nails into his back.

“And why is that?” He scoffed, heading towards the bolted doors of the courtyard.

“Because…only the King can touch his Queen.” A gruff voice spoke behind him.

The Chief froze in place, feeling his blood run cold at the snake like rasp of the man behind him.

“Turn around and show me that pretty face.” He said.

His body moved without even thinking, meeting the face of his worst nightmare.

His green eyes pierced through his soul, almost in a trance as he quivered with fear.

Past the fancy clothing, was bronze skin that was littered with tattoos and markings.

His body was laced with rings and gold, most likely stolen without a second thought.

His hair was as pink as they say, yet no laughter could come from anyone who saw it as they would die in a second.

“There you are…” He said, eyes changing from hard and cold, to warm and passionate as he met gazes with Lucy.

“Puddin..” Lucy said lovingly, holding her arms out towards her savior.

Natsu held out his own strong arms, gaze shifting towards the Chief as he waited have Lucy in his embrace.

The man handed the girl over and watched in awe as the most terrifying criminal in all the world…smiled.

“Oh, how I missed that pretty face~And that laugh~ and those eyes! Could you get any more dazzling Luce?” He chuckled, nuzzling his forehead against hers.

“Honey, you know just what to say to a girl~” she teased, pressing her lips against his.

Natsu let out a satisfied groan, finally with his Lucy once more.

He happily kissed her back, gripping her thighs and back as she pulled at his pink locks.

They pulled away with a longing sigh, both smiling like lovestruck idiots.

“Can you walk princess?” He asked tenderly.

“No. That meanie shot me in the neck.” Lucy pouted.

Natsu’s gaze shot towards the chief in an instant, eyes growing very dark.

“What?” He spat.

“Oh baby! My whole time here was awful. Those guards..t-they would harass me all day! They would yell at me and force medicine down my throat….they…t-touched me…” She said.

Her soft whimpering caused Natsu to snap towards her once more.

“Nononono sweetie…I hate when you cry. It really boils me up inside! How can Daddy make it better?” Natsu cooed, placing her on the ground as he knelt beside her.

“Well…could you…do the thing you did on my birthday?” She sniffed as he wiped her tears.

“Of course…you twisted little lady~” he chuckled darkly, earning a eery giggle from her as well.

Natsu placed his coat over her shoulders before kissing her head.

He began walking towards the Chief, his loving gaze long gone as his eyes turned to a scorching blaze.

He pulled his glock from his pants and shot out the kneecaps of the man before he could even blink, causing him to grown in pain before falling to the ground.

Lucy clapped happily behind them, giggling like a child watching a puppet show.

Natsu whistled loudly, signaling one of his henchmen to his side as he held out a large weapon.

A flamethrower.

“Now, buddy, pal, friend,I really don’t want to do this! But! The lady always gets what she wants…” He said, towering over the man.

With a pull of the trigger, the machine burst out a flurry of flames that eagerly clung to the skin and clothing of the man beneath him.

There was an ear-piercing scream as the man felt his flesh sear away with the fire.

He quickly began rolling, yet felt no movement as his legs lay limp.

Natsu began whistling a happy tune as he sashayed towards his princess, watching as she snuggled in his coat.

Plopping beside her, they both watched as the man cried in agony for the sweet mercy of death, yet continued burning on the ground.

“You’re so thoughtful puddin’” Lucy smiled as she nuzzled into Natsu’s side.

“Anything for my girl.”