sweet maui onion chips

20 questions tag

I was tagged by @maxxie1129
Name: Ryan
Nickname: Ryno, Ryry, drama, bad girl riri, madman
Gender: Male
Height: 5′8"
Star sign: Pisces
Sexuality: Sweet Maui onion Hawaiian style kettle chips(gay af)
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Favourite Colour(s): Blue
Favourite Animal(s): Dogs
Time right now: 1:33pm
Cat or dog person: Dog person
Number of blankets: Two comforters
Favourite singer/band: Fuck it’s not that simple… The 1975, pierce the veil, Issues, all time low, periphery, the Japanese house, Beyoncé, lady Gaga, and Bruno mars just to name a few.
Dream Trip: I wanna go to Europe. I wanna see all the countries and backpack and party with strangers and get to enjoy my time in a place completely new.
Dream Job: something in music, whether that be a band director like I want rn or who knows
Blog creation date: May 2014(I think???)
Number of followers: 2,136
Why did I make this blog? I was stressing over finals and my friend told me there was a bunch of Gay stuff on tumblr so the rest is history lol. Why did I pick this URL? It was the first snapchat name I had. My friend Lauren and I would send whale emojis to each other and she came up with the name. It’s just stuck.
I’m tagging anyone who sees this :)

the signs as good ways to eat potatoes
  • Aries: with cheese
  • Taurus: fried in oil until crisp
  • Gemini: bake them and then scoop out the insides and mix the insides with cheese and them bake them some more
  • Cancer: how many potatoes do you think you can eat before you die from eating so many potatoes? probably a lot, right?
  • Leo: mashed with butter
  • Virgo: remember to wash them first. they grow in the ground did you know that?
  • Libra: are potatoes gluten free? i don't know how gluten works i guess.
  • Scorpio: eat a raw potato like an apple
  • Sagittarius: spend the entire weekend going from fast food place to fast food place ordering fries. make a chart about it. eat nothing else this weekend.
  • Capricorn: the best potatoes are potatoes prepared by someone else
  • Aquarius: sweet maui onion kettle style potato chips
  • Pisces: stick em inna stew