sweet maple syrup

This is the best part about my lazy Saturday, just eating bowl of deliciously creamy mac and cheese, sure doesn’t get any better than this💫
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cosmoderus  asked:

Hi! How do you make your rice milk? Thanks dear!

hey bright soul! it’s so very simple & cheap :) soak in water 1 cup of brown rice overnight & in the next day, rinse it & cook it with 4 cups of water! let it fully cook until it is totally smooth. once it is fully cooked, just blend it altogether. you can choose to leave it as it is or you can strain it with a cheese cloth to get a more liquid texture… i personally enjoy it as it is, it’s so very creamy! i did add a bit more water when i blended it, but see what you enjoy the most! also, you can add what you want while it is cooking… i enjoy a sprinkle of himalayan salt, a lil bit of a vanilla bean, a lil cinnamon powder & one piece of lemon peel. that’s it! & then for sweetness, i added maple syrup which i can highly recommend hehehe. makes it so very delicious! but you can leave it unsweetened, as you feel… the beauty of it is that you can be as creative as you want & make it to your own liking :) & not spend an extreme amount of money on very, very overpriced plant mylk… you can also do it with white rice or oats! those are the cheapest. almond & hazelnuts is also good but a bit more pricey :) just keep it in the fridge when it is done & that’s it!!!! in~joy! <3