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hello! i'm curious about how you started shipping iwadai because they are really sweet and pure when you draw them but they barely (or almost never) interact with each other in the manga/anime :O please continue blessing us with your warm iwadais, thank you!!!

aahhh i’ll try to keep this as short as possible without rambling too much about my love for iwadai ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ

So it all started when I read a fic, I don’t remember which, but it was a college au and had platonic iwadai. Their friendship was such a pleasant surprise I was like holy shit??? they’d be such good friends if they talked with each other in canon??? They have similar personalities; both have a quick temper, both the reliable type, both competitive dorks. They both just give a very calming and chill aura ya’know?? Anyways, after reading that fic I craved for more of their friendship, but there wasn’t much out there I could find ;m; so i just ended up lowkey liking iwadai.

Fast forward to me chatting with Jess. I don’t remember how we started talking about iwadai but after exchanging thoughts about how good they were together, it sparked my fiery love for iwadai. I cried when I went to the tumblr iwadai tag because there was very few artwork (quality stuff tho that got me craving more). I also cried when I went to ao3 to only find a couple pages of fics of them (fyi iwadai still has less than 100 fics OTL). I came late to the party (as always) so there wasn’t much new fanworks of them. All I had at the time was talking headcanons and ideas for fics/art with Jess (bless her for keeping me company). Eventually I got so thirsty that I was like FINE I’LL CREATE ALL THE CONTENT MYSELF AND DRAG OTHER PEOPLE WITH ME INTO THIS LONELY RAREPAIR CIRCLE.

My first art of them is my tumblr bg and as you can see, I’ve longed since thought of them as domestic and cuddly ;;v;; I see them as the definition of friends to lovers and domesticity. The Good Shit i’m weak in the knees for so ya I fell hard for these two. I was also falling really hard for Daichi at the time, and I found that Iwaizumi would be such a good thing for Daichi. The thought that they would have a trusting relationship and be each other’s rock got my heart aching with dokisdoks.

TRUE they’ve never interacted but the lack of canon interactions between characters has never stopped me from shipping characters (cough sou//mako cough). I find rarepairs extremely fun to ship!! I love imagining characters in different situations and wondering how they’ll react with characters they wouldn’t usually. It allows me look beyond what’s already given to us and explore their personalities more you know??? It’s also much easier for me to come up with ideas for them. There’s nothing wrong with popular ships obviously, but I always feel like there’s enough content and that everything’s been done?? so I don’t usually get invested in them as much as rarepairs.

I always say the same thing whenever someone asks me why I ship a rarepair: its all about the Potential. And iwadai has so much of it.


You’re the good different, you’re the good strange.

Alice & The Mad Hatter + Moodboard

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Hi! I wanted to tell you, I adore your drawings, the style is cute (but we have said it to you already) and you are the only one has made of fan art GunderKeen!

Honestly these two are the greatest and they’re my favorite couple ever and they need more fanart tbh

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I have a random headcanon that carter is really afraid of the dark but doesn't like to admit it because at his age he feels like he shouldn't be. His boyfriend (Percy) finds out, so he makes him a small jar filled with water and moon coral (because its bioluminescent) so carter doesn't have to be in the dark, and can think of him when ever he uses the jar (which is every night). Percy tells carter to tell everyone he misses him, hence the jar, so he doesn't have to say he's scared of the dark.

this is honestly so heartwarming and good

From the Dining Table

note: this is the first part of a drabble series that I’m planning to write inspired by songs. I don’t know how frequently this will be updated, it’s more of a when the mood strikes me kind of thing. this first drabble in inspired by Harry Styles’ from the dining table  ♥

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pairing: jimin x reader

genre: angst

wordcount: 1.3k

“Maybe one day you’ll call me and tell me that you’re sorry too.”

The amber coloured light that sifted in through the old window gave your bedroom a strange, melancholic feel. The dirty coloured glass diluted the pure light into something unclean, the strange hue it filled the place with made you want to pull the pillow over your head once more.

Early morning sunlight was always unforgiving, it never failed to expose what would rather remain unseen.

You knew that escaping into the darkness of your pillow wouldn’t truly resolve anything. The unpleasant light wasn’t the real problem.

By now you were certain your bedroom was cursed.

It was cursed with Park Jimin.

It was in here, on the very bed that you know lay your broken body, that he had slept. More than that, he had rested in these exact same sheets, the off white ones you hadn’t gotten around to washing yet.  And he had sat on your desk chair, and he’d picked up the small rusty trinkets that decorated various shelves and his fingers had glided across your large collection of DVDs. It was quite possible that there was not a single thing in this room that had not been infected by Park Jimin, yourself included.

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