sweet lord this show is great

moreprivilegedthanyou asked:

Right? Like it's actually a pretty fucking good show. Steven is annoying and useless through most of the first season but it's not a bad show. It's sad how shitty, rabid fandoms can ruin a show's reputation because the show honestly has nothing to do with that and shouldn't be judged for it in my opinion.

Yeah Steven annoyed me quite a bit at first but he grew on me and now I really like him he is adorbz ^^ And the gems are A M A Z I N G I love all 3 of the Crystal gems so so much (thinking about cosplaying Amethyst) and PERIDOT OH MY SWEET LORD SHES MY W I F E. I love how much emotion the show carries and how a lot of it’s messages are beautifully subtle and the art too, it’s great.

I didn’t watch it for the longest time because of all the drama and feminists that are a part of the fandom and constantly scream about bs, trying to alienate anyone who likes it and isn’t a part of their ideal in group and tying their SJ bs into every aspect of the show. But I’m glad I did.

so John Wick was super rad

that very last scene felt kind of forced, but overall, that movie was great. Plot was simple and sweet, gave Keanu Reeves some room to show some great acting, villains were cool as hell, (from the amount that they showed) the setting of the movie is neat with the hotel for assassins and shit, and the actions scenes - oh lord - those actions scenes. It really is nice to see action flicks being more creative to break the mold. The action scenes blend hand-to-hand fighting with gunplay really nicely, there’s a cool flow to John’s moves as he throws and headshots everybody ever in this fucking film, and there’s a sweet amount of creative kills that get shown. Seriously, I’ve never seen a car used so elegantly before.

and really, that revenge motive for John Wick is great. Like, from the trailers, you’d be like “fucking seriously???? like, I love them too, but really like that’s the reason??” but you know what? It fucking works. It works, and Keanu Reeves MAKES it work. There’s a great scene where he explains it, and his delivery on those lines send shivers down my spine. There’s a great crescendo to the delivery and it’s awesome.

So yeah, John Wick’s pretty up there for me in terms of action movies I like. The Raid and The Raid 2 share the #1 spot, but maybe this would take #2. I think a part of me likes this more than Wanted, so Wanted can take #3.

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RAISA!!!!! ❤️❤️ I wanna know your top 5: foods, songs, books, colors, and bands! Also movies and/or tv shows/sketches of Monty Python!!

Y A Y!!


oh boy i literally eat like… nothing

  1. clementines 
  2. red grapes
  3. broccoli
  4. pepperoni 
  5. …  .. peanut butter


aghh i can only choose five help me l ord… these aren’t in order 

  1. i want to tell you - the beatles
  2. that’s not me - the beach boys
  3. i want to be with you - the bonzo dog band
  4. my sweet lord (demo version) - george harrison
  5. bargain - the who



  1. monty python’s tunisian holiday
  2. wuthering heights 
  3. the great gatsby 
  4. a liar’s autobiography 
  5. calcium made interesting 


  1. orchid
  2. red
  3. (royal) blue
  4. maroon 
  5. green


this one is not as difficult seeing how i listen to very few select bands

  1. the bonzo dog band
  2. the beach boys
  3. the beatles
  4. george harrison 
  5. the who

and monty python sketches!! man!! in order!

  1. there’s been a burnley / europoliceman
  2. louis xiv
  3. spam
  4. rival documentaries 
  5. blood, devastation, death war and horror