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So Today I Watched… Castlevania (Season 1) // Netflix (2017)

If there is something that suits up Castlevania just right is animation. For years this story has been told in videogames with the Belmont Family. It wasn’t until 1997’s Symphony Of The Night that Darcula’s ilk entered the fray in the face of Alucard. This series doesn’t adapt directly from the games but creates a new storyline with familiar faces for the gamers: Trevor Belmont, the main character of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, Sypha Belnades from the same game and Alucard, the son of Dracula.

The show stars in Wallachia in the year of 1445 when Vlad Tepes receives a fierce woman named Lisa at his door waiting to become a doctor to help people. Since she’s not devoted on superstition she wants to learn actual science to make an actual difference on people’s lives. Something she believes Vlad can provide since is castle is chock full of technology. After some time they become a couple and she makes him fall in line with the customs of man. Vlad had vowed to walk, travel, learn and live like a normal human because of the love they professed to each other. Fast forward to 1475 and Lisa continuous practice of medicine does not fall in line with the Catholic Church impositions of the times, so she is accused of witchcraft and condemned to be burned at the pyre while Vlad was traveling on foot.   At his arrival he learns of his wife’s death and discards his humanity to swear revenge on every living thing on earth. One year later the country is barren by bloody heavens and bloodlust demons that raid humanity every night killing anyone in their path.

Trevor Belmont is the last in the house of Belmont. He’s been excommunicated from his church because they despised the family’s methods of dealing with the menace of Dracula. He’s only fond of being left alone to drink peacefully in a quiet place but circumstances bring him back to fight again when he arrives at the city of Gresit. He quickly learns of the powerful influence the church has there and how local Speakers has lost any connection to the people because of the impositions of the church. Trevor not only has to fight demons, he also has to deal with imposed bigotry and superstitious countrymen that are easily manipulated by the priests who impose their law by numbers and force. In the end he gets more of than what he bargained for since he joins forces with the son of Dracula and very powerful Speaker who manipulates the magiks arts to take down the Dark Lord once for all.

Written and produced by Warren Ellis, with sweet and gory animation by Powerhouse Animation Studios based on the art of Ayami Kojima, and amazing music by Trevor Morris, this first season is composed of a mere four episodes of 25 minutes each setting up the whole story for a very exciting second season of eight episodes coming up in 2018. This is one great show you will not want to miss, check it out now!

Just a random confession about myself

When I first was introduced to Bigbang back in 2011 Im not gonna lie but I found GD the most interesting. Especially after watching his ‘Heartbreaker’ MV 😂 My friend had emailed a list of links to Bigbang vids and also the solo projects for each member. GD was first on the list so I guess maybe that was why??? Then I watched T.O.P’s 'Turn It Up’ and I was pretty meh about it the first time around (it eventually grew on me). She didn’t send anything for Daesung, Taeyang’s was 'Wedding Dress", and for Seungri she sent 'VVIP’ MV because she thought I would like the concept (at the time I was really into J-Pop and stuff. Even then I ended up not liking VVIP. OTL). Based on that email I became very GD & TOP biased. Then 2012 rolled around and I became greatly interested in TOP mainly because I related a lot to his personality and his deep booming voice, mayn. I also took the time to research a bit more about Bigbang as a group (at this time their solo works didn’t particularly catch my interest) because their music really got to me.

It was then when I attended Bigbang Alive concert in LA that I realized I was wrong all along. The moment Seungri graced us all with his presence and his fun and friendly personality and his incredible talent I fell in love. I left the venue head over heels in love with Seungri. I sat at home for weeks feeling beyond upset that I had never given the boy a chance based on my impression of one video. I didn’t take the time to research more on his solo projects back then. I never knew 'Strong Baby’ or 'What Can I Do’ and all his other songs of his freaking album existed until that concert! I felt like a blinded dumbass.

Although each of the members have their talents and their own charms, it didn’t compare to how I felt about Seungri. After reading more about his life, his struggles, his will to learn and to live life to the full extent, I felt admiration. I don’t care what people say, he has his flaws but he has a lot of strengths that make me wish I were more like him. Seungri is the kind of person I wish to be, the kind that puts themselves before others and that regardless of his insecurities he still has a smile on his face ready to take the world head on. The kind of person that goes beyond the limit to learn and see how much more they can do.

Long story short, Seungri is my lord and savior who’s word has saved me from eternal damnation. Amen.

Ok no, but really. I feel so dumb because I was very shallow before. My mind was set on GD & TOP but their style doesn’t fit me in the least. Their music is great, they are great. But Seungri is far greater in my heart ❤️ I love his catchy beats and his sweet voice. It makes me upset when he hardly gets lines in songs. I think that was another reason why I slept on the boy before. I realized that Seungri wasn’t able to show his full capabilities. That is why I am super excited for his new album :O I want to hear my boy sing SIIIIING!!!

If Seungri ever sees this I want him to know that my biggest regret in life will forever be the fact that I thought I was a TOP stan, when in reality Seungri should have always been #1 😭👻 I will repent for my sins.

Anyways that is all I have to say :’D I don’t even know why I am doing it. 😂😂😂

Hi, everyone! This is just a friendly reminder that the Save The 7D campaign is ongoing for over a year, and there’s a petition to sign it to convince Disney to return the series for a third season! It had more stories to tell plus it’s really funny and sweet, not to mention that it’s a great stress reliever! So much heart and talent had being put into the show, only for Disney to suddenly pull the plug on it before its second season began. And by doing so, some 19 episodes that were intended the second – and now final – season were canned. 

So, what do you say? Will you please help us? :)


Pairing: Atsushi x Dazai

Rating: NSFW. Nope. Definitely, definitely not!

Notes: Yes you did not misread the title. That’s literally what this story is about. All because I kept thinking about the ‘I have a feeling they sometimes shower with their clothes on, not being TOO intimate, but enough where they lose shirts at least’ quote from one of my earlier posts. Welp, since we are all here I might as well get this started. But good God I’m seriously questioning the ‘not being TOO intimate’ part. I mean, it still doesn’t get to THAT point but…Just read and you’ll see what I mean. I hope you all like! Cause it took all that I had not to be too embarrassed that I stopped <X///////DDDD

P.S.: I decided to have them use honorifics. I thought it’d be cuter that way.

P.P.S.: This OTP is ruining my life please send help




It had become a sort of hobby for them. Whenever they were stressed out or just felt the urge, the two would go into the bathroom, step into the tub, and shower together. The main thing being they kept their clothes on, aside from shoes, socks, and Dazai’s coat and vest. There was no real ‘showering’ per-se, more like deep make out sessions. The tiger shifter shivered every time he thought about those moments; his mind filling with less than innocent thoughts. Surprisingly, Atsushi was the one who thought of the idea, all due to a certain circumstance that had occurred one stormy day.

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The Three Times Arthur Failed At Romancing Merlin, And The One Time He Didn't
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: claimedbydaryl

Rating: Mature

Setting: ModernAU

Word Count: 19k

Summary: After a quite tumultuous start to their relationship, Merlin and Arthur now share a blissfully happy existence in their dingy little apartment, watching Lord Of The Rings, making crepes and spending far too much time in bed. Arthur decided it was about time he showed Merlin just how much it meant to him, but his numerous romantic plans soon go awry–or so he thinks.

Comment: This story is so sweet. The amount of effort Arthur puts into all his attempts to romance Merlin is lovely, and even though most go wrong, it was great to see Merlin and Arthur enjoy themselves despite the set backs. Their relationship was just so wonderful and loving.

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All 3 of you TFP&TFA Soundwave -K

looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know

TFP soundwave: have lord mercy on my sweet buns. I like him a little too much.
I guess I can relate to him? I kind of wish I was him, I don’t often like to talk or I like to use as few words as possible. So soundwave is pretty choice.
I would hella date this giant robot if he was real.

TFA soundwave: He’s cute, and then when he upgrades he’s PRETTY RAD!!!!!
Soundwave in this show rejecting Megatron was pretty great. I love it. That’s the only part where I said “yeah fight the man” But otherwise, soundwave didn’t really have a personality to really connect to? Sadly he was only a one episode character.

Buffed up Soundwave lurks in my dreams, I would date him if he was real. He’d be my party boyfriend and can teach me how to rock.


looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know

Honestly I’ve loved just about every incarnation of Soundwave, though if I had to choose between Prime and Animated I’d choose Prime in a heartbeat!

TF!Prime Soundwave: I don’t know why, but for some reason I always like the cool, collected, soft-spoken (or non-speaking in P!Soundwave’s case) type of guys, so if it was the option to either be his best friend or date him I’d be happy in both cases. XD It just sorta feels like he’d be the type of bot that I could spend time with and not have any awkward silences. UvU Overall he seems like someone I could have a lot of fun with (take that as you will >w>)!

TF!Animated Soundwave: I gotta say seeing this Soundwave at first was kinda…iffy, but eventually he grew on me. For the most part I feel he’d be more a good friend, and overall I do enjoy the fact that he has Laserbeak turn into his guitar! X3

Overall though I think I’d enjoy being able to listen to all kinds of different music with these two. c:


looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY 

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know

I love TFP Soundwave!! He’s a great, cool, bad ass character and I love his design. I can’t really relate to him but I do think he’d make a great friend or lover~ 

looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

can you relate to this character on a personal level?:
no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?
: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know

I don’t really care for TFA Soundwave to be honest and I definitely don’t relate to him. I still think he’s a cool character though, I mean it’s Soundwave!!



Charles Dance being adorable/sexy as hell in Was It Something I Said? (x)

And here to read our quotations is an actor who once said “I’m a great worrier. Truly. All the time, worry, worry, worry. Still asking myself, ‘will I ever make it?’”
Well, if the question was, 'on to a channel 4 panel show?’ The answer is yes!

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Ok so T.O-eh not that great but alright for first dance Debbie- she was good surprisingly Alan is a miracle worker Sasha- she has a lot of potential but I think nerves got to her Drew- he was...okay Len said he if he were a house he would be a "fixer upper" Barbara-lord jesus charo 2.0 but in a more tasteful way Jordan-stole the show Nick- wasn't bad actually he was good Peta is also a miracle worker Vanessa- killed it! Watch out for her Frankie- surprisingly he did really good he's so sweet


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May I have a male marvel and marauders ship? I'm 5'2,have brown hair, green eyes, and wear glasses. I'm shy but sweet,as stubborn as a person can be,bubbly,and sarcastic. I like classic and alternative rock, painting, playing video games,and I tend to sing a lot especially when I'm alone. I tend to say before I think so that can be a problem and I'm really protective of loved ones even if I don't always show it. My self esteem isn't great and I have depression but I'm getting better about it.


Hi darling ! I hope you’re doing well today


I ship you with Star-Lord:

- When you’re not feeling well, he’d take you to another planet so you can escape your problems

- Even if he met many women is in life, he’d think you’re the most beautiful one et he wouldn’t understand how you cannot see it

- You’d create music compilations because it drives you crazy that he’s listening all the time the same music. He’d love this gifts because he really like your music taste

- He would ask you to paint so of the planets you’ve visited together to have a memory. Secretly, he’d love seeing you passionate about what you’re doing and he’d think you’re talented

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Best friend: Peter Parker
- You’d play video games all the time
- He’d know how to cheer you up and he’d be over protective


You and Sirius would be the power couple:

- He’s favorite thing about you is your sarcasm. I fell in love the day you sass him, looking at him with your green eyes

- You’d spend a lot of time in the park listening to music. He’d give you wizard music to listen to and you’d give him muggle music

- You’d always want to help your friend Remus during the full moon. Sirius wouldn’t allow that because is scared that you get hurt. He’d learn that he cannot do anything to stop you from helping a friend. He’d complain often about it but he’d secretly love how stubborn you are

-He’d always have crazy ideas to have fun

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Your best friend is Lily Evans:

- She’d understand as well what being a muggleborn means
- When your boyfriends are going out to party, you’d go to the three broomsticks to have a drink and laugh together

(I really hope you like it, I had fun writing it and sorry for my english mistakes)

@israphael-x HIGH FANTASY AU!

This is a great idea !!!
I’m a sucker for Au’s

I coose my beloved Ellie and she would like a Necromancer / Dark Witch (1/?)

She looks like ,she would kill kittens but Ellie is a sweet girl inside.
She has many friends on the light side. But she doesn’t like to show it.
And she has a crush on the edge lord (haha )

( aya and Caleb are following aa )

#sweetelite #Se #Au #Fantasy #Ellie #Collage #Witch #Dark #MeelyusinaArt

Wishlist Wednesday | Nerdy Candles: For Nerds by Frostbeard

Calling all fellow bookworms out there! Frostbeard, an Etsy shop run by Roxie and Tom, has created book-themed scented candles which, although I haven’t had the fortune to sniff out yet, sound like they would smell like a whole lot of wonderful. If you don’t believe me, here’s a list of some of their scents from the Book Lover’s Series to get y'all interested:

Old Books - Inspired by the smell of old books! Ideal for bibliophiles of all sorts. The scent is a sweet, earthy smell with a hint of must. (Not mildewy, rotten old books!) It will make you want to curl up with your favorite Classic. Scents: Timber, White Tea, Newsprint, Must.

Sherlock’s Study - Inspired by Sherlock Holmes and perfect for fans of Arthur Conan Doyle. It is cozy and sweetly rich. Curl up with a book while burning this candle and imagine yourself on Baker Street with the great sleuth. You can practically hear his violin playing while he works out his latest case! Scents: Sweet pipe tobacco, cherry wood and fresh rain.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot - This nerdy candle is a completely original scent and inspired by one of our favorite shows, Star Trek! Jean-Luc Picard’s favorite drink: Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. This candle smells just like a hot cuppa Earl Grey, with the orange bergamot and tea scent and is an excellent gift for any Trekkie. Scents: Bergamot.

The Shire - Inspired by Hobbiton and perfect for fans of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. The scent is a fresh blend of earthy notes. Scents: Oakmoss, clover, aloe, with a hint of sweet cherry pipe tobacco!

Check out their shop at the link below to purchase these and other candles including Winterfell (scotch pine and firewood), Dumbledore’s Office (vanilla, fireplace and lemon), the Oxford Library (oakmoss, amber, sandalwood, with hints of tobacco and leather), Eau de Klingon (lilac and Irish moss), Pemberley Rose (fresh roses with a hint of lilac and hyacinth) and even Trashy Romance Novel (Sex on the Beach (peachy) and Love Spell (floral)) haha!

delicate in every way but one (glory & gore go hand in hand)

[bc evil!carmilla’s backstory & the subsequent changes deserve some attention. lots of angst but ends in hollstein fluff.]


delicate in every way but one (glory & gore go hand in hand)


tired little laughs, gold-lie promises, we’ll always win at this/ i don’t ever think about death, it’s all right if you do , it’s fine/ we gladiate but i guess we’re really fighting ourselves/ roughing up our minds so we’re ready when the kill time comes/ wide awake in bed, words in my brain/ ‘secretly you love this/ do you even wanna go free?’/ let me in the ring, i’ll show you what that big word means

—lorde, ‘glory & gore’


The first time you kill someone is the day after you die.

It scares you, how much you love it, how much you crave the sick, sweet break of blood down your throat, quiet like rain. 

You’re not neat, though, not quick like you learn, later, how to be. Your suffering is great and later when you read Derrida you will realize that the first time you put your lips to a man’s neck and felt the sharp prick of your new teeth against his skin, you were displacing your hurt.

It didn’t go away for a very, very long time—you were resentful, sometimes, that you hadn’t gotten to die. But you are your mother’s favorite child by far, because you’re pretty and ruthless, the most beautiful monster: nothing makes your heart closer to beating than watching someone else’s stop.

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  • Book!Aemon: "Allow me to give my lord one last piece of counsel, the same counsel that I once gave my brother when we parted for the last time. He was three-and-thirty when the Great Council chose him to mount the Iron Throne. A man grown with sons of his own, yet in some ways still a boy. Egg had an innocence to him, a sweetness we all loved. 'Kill the boy within you,' I told him the day I took ship for the Wall. 'It takes a man to rule. An Aegon, not an Egg. Kill the boy and let the man be born.'"
  • Show!Aemon: Jon, IDGAF what idiotic decision you're making and don't bother coming to me. Do what you want because that's when men do. Kill the boy!
  • D&D: We see no difference!

I don’t think anyone should be angry at Jensen for his comments about destiel. He’s made it clear that he’s uncomfortable talking about any kind of slash ship. We all know how much he can’t stand discussing wincest or fanfiction or hearing about ANY of it, why would destiel be any different?

He isn’t Misha. He isn’t going to sit there and joke with us and play into what we want for some laughs and to make us feel better about what we ship. He’s going to be honest, blatantly, and you actually should be thanking him more than anything else.

I’m not saying he has a hand in what happens in the scripts, but he obviously knows better than we all do, and I appreciate SOMEONE finally stepping up to the bat and telling us, “Hey, it’s not going there. Stop getting your hopes up. Let me set the record straight for you, because nobody else is.”

There’s a reason shipping questions are banned at cons. Maybe it comes from the stigma that slash ships are all about two dudes just getting it on. And maybe that’s how Jensen interprets destiel, as a bunch of fangirls wanting to see two characters bang. He’s not exactly part of the social media aspect of supernatural; he has NO CLUE why we ship or what we see. And that’s not his fault.

Calling someone homophobic because they don’t agree with a romantic pairing is really fucking stupid. His comments aren’t homophobic. They are honest. They are his opinions. Just as Misha has given us his honest and open opinions in the past.

Don’t let shit like this get you down. You think wincest shippers stop enjoying their ship because they know it won’t be romantically canon? Hell no. They still enjoy it and have fun in the fandom. Destiel shippers should do the same, because nobody’s comments can take away from what you like or think or interpret what a television show gives you.

Don’t forget why you started watching this show. Don’t forget that you love these boys and their characters for who they are. Don’t forget that we love Sam Winchester because he’s an intelligent, driven young man with hopes and dreams and an intense love of his big brother and would literally go to Hell to save him. Don’t forget that you love Dean Winchester for the same reasons, for his loyalty, his sarcasm and snark, his flirty and sweet demeanor and his badass side that made you all fall in love with him in the first place. Don’t forget that you love Castiel, fallen angel of The Lord who has stood up for everything he believes in and has taken on heaven and hell for the love of the Winchesters, who taught him the importance of humanity and family and love.

Don’t you dare let a ship not going canon on screen take away from your love of this show. You’re doing yourself a great injustice if you sit there upset over a lack of romantic behavior.

Supernatural is not a romantic show. But it IS about love. And that’s what everyone needs to remember. And I love Jensen, Misha and Jared for not holding back on us and telling us exactly what they think. We have a wonderful cast and a wonderful fandom. Go forth and enjoy, my friends.