sweet lord he's fine

Ok so the thing is, Doumeki has been terrified of getting a hard on in front of Yashiro for ages. He thinks that it’s gonna make Yashiro reject him, that he will be just as useless as any of Yashiro’s other sex partners, that the fragile bond they share is gonna be broken. So for Doumeki what happens in this chapter is his biggest nightmare coming true - at this point he can’t resist Yashiro’s advances or refuse him and he can’t control his own desire either. 

But look at the panels when Yashiro discovers Doumeki has gotten an erection and thus has been cured of his dysfunction. Yashiro is well aware that it is HIM and only him that did that, since Doumeki has had no other sex partner in years. 

This is not Yashiro’s horny face. He’s not thinking “oh yeah let’s ride him now that his dick is finally up and working”. Yashiro feels moved, proud, special, because deep down he knows it’s him and ONLY HIM that could have done something like that, only he could have resurrected Doumeki’s desire on a psychological and emotional level (because ofc we all know that psychically Doumeki has always been more than fine SWEET LORD JESUS THAT BODY). I think that he doesn’t quite realise it, but he already reciprocates Doumeki’s possessive attitude. In his mind Doumeki is his and noone else’s and this makes him react in ways he doesn’t understand, like he no longer knows himself, especially since it never happened regarding his feelings for Kageyama.

Now, what are the possible scenarios in this situation. Our poor Doumeki is trapped. He no longer has any excuse to avoid having sex with Yashiro and he knows well that he can’t refuse him - I wouldn’t be surprised if Yashiro said something like “ok, then you’re fired”. Also, Doumeki himself has sworn to “do anything his boss desires”. It may not happen directly in the next chapter (although I hope it will oh lord I’m already salivating at the thought) but it is bound to happen sooner or later (unless some external events, more injuries, fights etc interrupt them, it will rather happen sooner than later lmao). 

Imagine our boys then. Doumeki right before the act as if he’s about to be executed, already imagining how his life will be empty after Yashiro throws him away. At the same time he’s barely holding himself together, because he’s been celibate for ages and that’s Yashiro who wants to sleep with him, the person he loves the most, so all he wants is to fuck him senseless, but there’s also this tinge of guilt and protectiveness, he’s afraid of being the same monster his father was but his desire is so strong he can’t control himself at all. He’s basically in kind of a heavy mood. Then we have Yashiro, excited, exhilarated but actually quite carefree. After all, this is ONLY sex, right? That’s his playground. He’s done it so many times before that he can’t even count. He’s the boss here and he’s sure he’s got it all under control, so he’s feeling pretty confident. 

But then as they actually start having sex…everything shifts. Because Doumeki realises that he now has nothing to lose. In his mind, he has already lost everything, so he may as well pour all his love and desire into this one last moment (while trying not to break our poor already injured Yashiro). As Doumeki stops putting on the breaks, he unleashes his strength and passion, and Yashiro is completely helpless when faced with this. Yashiro is totally swept away, he realises he can’t control himself at all and that sex with Doumeki won’t be all fun and games like with his other fuckbuddies. Now this is the difference between them. Doumeki has accepted and embraced this moment of madness and in this department, ironically, he’s in control of the fact that he doesn’t control himself. Yashiro is completely shocked and unprepared for this though. He has been deluding himself all this time how cool and unaffected emotionally he is by the sex acts and in this moment Doumeki destroys his illusions, pulls him out of his comfort zone and owns him on all possible levels like no other partner has ever had. The fact that they are both so vulnerable with each other makes the sensations extremely intense for them, but Yashiro is more wrecked because he has been denying himself this kind of intimacy his whole life and has in this moment completely been stripped of all the act that he likes to put up. 

I think Yashiro will be a real mess afterwards, because what is he gonna do now? He may try to act tough again, but at this point he already knows how much power Doumeki has over him, so he has a hard time lying to himself. Doumeki will probably get all dramatic like “I will leave” with all this “it’s over” attitude but Yashiro will have to make him stay. Because actually dismissing Doumeki at this point would be admitting how special this sex act was…and Yashiro doesn’t want to admit that. He will want to keep him for the sake of proving to himself that sleeping with Doumeki is no big deal. How long will he be able to keep up this game though? Once they start having sex, they will have a hard time staying away from each other and they will only be falling deeper each time. I am really excited for this development and I have complete faith in Yoneda Kou’s skills in destroying the fandom with perfect content.