sweet lord have mercy on all that is holy

First words
  • Baby: T.. T..
  • Mother: Omg
  • Baby: T.. hr..
  • Mother: I can't believe it. Come on, honey!
  • Baby: Thranduil is my sugar daddy. That's right. God fucking dammit I love his fucking fabulous hair and body and face. Sweet Jesus what a babe. I want his lips all over my gracious soul. Lord have mercy for I have sinned. I wanna be his little elve-slave. His wife didn't die in war, she died because she was mesmerized by the holy spirit called Thranduil. Oh gosh, I want him to smack my ass and call me Legolas. Take me now, Thrandu-

This came up on my dash (not mine, photo cred goes to jensenstyles) and I was convinced it was James Deen as I scrolled by.  I thought to myself “Oh that’s funny there’s another fan” and then upon closer inspection I realized it was the life ruiner named Zayn Malik.

Or am I just crazy?

Just thought I’d share since we had that connection about the Deenster xx