sweet little pie


Won’t have to find us, we’ll be tracking you down.

i love yuki

she is a sweet little pudding pie! she is the size of a little pea! she is so cute! i love her squeaky little mieow! i love when she turns into a little loaf!


(Hello everyone, I am Aoi Shouta. Thank you!)

2015.07.28 HKACG2015 HEARTBEAT音樂祭 Aoi Shouta 


Shouta’s live is so much better than CD.  This little sweet pie has THE talent!
He said heaps of 多謝 (thanks you) and being so excited!
I (we) am the one who need to say thank you to you.  Thank you for the great performance and your effort.  Please continue your singer and seiyuu career and I will support you forever!

PART 2 (x)