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This week’s chapter is the exact reason why this blog is on hiatus. The longer One Piece has gone on, and the more closely I’ve looked at the series, the more disappointed I’ve gotten. 

So many people were thrilled to finally have a character like Pudding in One Piece. A female character who starts out acting like an innocent, helpless damsel in distress but who turned out to be a unscrupulousness and cruel villain? She seemed like a deliberate attempt by Oda to subvert and change the predictable pattern he had fallen into. You know, the one where Dressrosa had 5 different damsels in distress on it, and not a single woman who defeated an important enemy during the entire 100 chapter arc. The pattern where Nami, Vivi, Robin, Hancock, Viola, Baby 5, and Reiju are all female characters who Oda took and went “Look at this dangerous female villain! Lamo jk they’re actually all victims who were either actually good the whole time or who switched sides.” 

Not only that, Pudding seemed like a female character who might actually be used to address some of the problems with Sanji’s character and force him to develop and change. Some people were hoping that Pudding would cause Sanji to go from his “All women are innocent and sweet delicate little flowers who need men to protect them” mentality to, you know, seeing women as actual people who deserve to be viewed and treated according to their actions.

However, despite the big, exciting twist of Pudding turning out to be evil, I still couldn’t—wouldn’t—get my hopes up precisely because of Oda’s track record. And sure enough, what do we get?

We get, “That confident and malicious queen of deception? Guess what! She’s actually a sad girl who is insecure about her physical appearance and just needs to be told by a gross man who she hates that she’s beautiful!” 

The only reason I’m not disappointed is because I never got my hopes up in the first place. Oda’s handling of the female characters in One Piece ranges from outstanding to depressing to infuriating. But on the whole, Oda has left me distrusting and disillusioned. I’ve long since lost my respect for how Oda writes/treats women. I’m still reading, but so much of the passion I used to have for the series is gone, and I am perpetually on my guard now so that I won’t be hit by the same intense disappointment that I’ve been hit by too many times already. 

hear me out:  a pynch 10 things i hate about you au, because who doesnt want that (basically im just putting the thread about it i made on twitter here)

allow me to set the scene:

  • ronan lynch is the super mean, super scary kid at aglionby, and his little brother, matthew lynch, is a pure/sweet/innocent little flower child who just develops a crush on someone and wants to date them
  • but ever since the death of the lynch parents, ronan’s older brother, declan, has been suuuper strict and protective, especially of matthew. 
  • so he says that until ronan dates, matthew can’t date. its foolproof, ofc, because ronan is too Emo and Scary to ever like someone or want to date them, and everyones too scared of him to ask him out
  • declan thinks this is a solid plan until matthew goes to gansey for help
  • gansey, being the Dad he is, allies w/ matthew and they come up with a plan that will allow matthew to date: pay someone to date ronan
  • and who better to pay than adam parrish: the only guy at aglionby who doesnt piss his pants when ronan glares at him but actually glares back instead, who could really use the money, and who (gansey hopes) would be a positive influence on ronan
  • adam agrees to take the money and take ronan out (a bit reluctantly, yes, bc this angel would obviously feel bad about it but he also thinks ronan would do the same to him and ronan is too Scary to care anyway)
  • SO ronan agrees to go out with adam (i wonder why) and the more time they spend together/the more they get to know each other, the more adam realizes he was wrong about ronan and actually really Genuinely starts to like him
  • eventually adam goes to gansey and matthew and says he doesnt want to play their game anymore and they can keep their money
  • but ronan finds out that adam was paid to take him out—cue a dramatic storming off, ronan’s faith in adam being temporarily shattered, and adam doing a gesture (mayhaps dropping the “i love you” bomb during an argument) that convinces ronan he really truly does like him
  • and obviously the paintball date scene and the singing scene from the movie will be Mandatory in this au
Breaking…. bad

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood.

Alternative Tom and Conny.

Conny has a problem and Toms trying to fix it. Warning bad jokes and fluff.

“Just let the bloody thing out”

“I can’t, I just can’t, years of mums training, I can't”

We were lying in bed and I had indigestion and really needed to, well you know. Trouble was in my house as a child you didn’t. It was so not done that it was almost a hanging offence,

my mother would look like someone had shot the hamster and really go into one, if the horrors of horrors happened. Of course, we all did but not in her, or anyone else’s hearing.

This meant that now I couldn’t, I had such a hang up about the whole subject, I’d rather die of pain than let one loose where anyone could hear.

Tom thought this was totally ridiculous, he didn’t just thingy anywhere, he was a gentleman most of the time but in the bedroom and bathroom he had no qualms about letting rip.

The more he told me I could, the more it became a problem and the more I didn’t, thus ending up in pain and discomfort.

The little bastard had tried to end this …

“Frankly silly state of affairs” as he put it, by making me giggle and on one occasion, seriously getting quite cross.

It didn’t help, I just felt worse than ever about it and waited till he’d finally gone to sleep, before creeping down stairs and resolving the problem in the downstairs bathroom.

So today here we were, me in pain and him telling me yet again to, ‘just let it out’, and I wanted to, I really did but my mum was still with me in spirit and my bottom end still following her rules.

“Oh I give up, you strange beast of gas filled joy, let’s finish the book after all we better not, EHeheheheh….you’re pumped up enough and you might explode Ehehehehehe"

I didn’t hear the end of the book he’d been reading to me for the last month, even though I love it when he reads.

I fell asleep.

Only to wake up two hours because he was laughing fit to bust.

“What is your problem Mr?”

“Oh my little angel of Ehehehehehehe"

“What are you laughing at?” This was not said with a happy face, I’m not good at being woken up, except under exceptional circumstances and that involves his tongue.

He put on his Dobby voice and said.

“Mistress has bestowed a great honor on Dobby, Dobby has been blessed” he then fell about laughing again.

“Will you just tell me Arse face, what is so bloody funny you woke me at 2am?”

“Actually, you woke me” he now had smug face on

“I bloody didn’t!”

“Oh, you did my little sweet smelling Eheheheh flower, I snuggled up to you and you……”

“Shut up, don’t say another word” oh no!

“Yup, on my leg as I cuddled up to your back, I gave you a bit of a hug and the next thing I hear is a unicorn breath”

“If you don’t shut up, I will hit you” I said now so red that there was no need for a light in the room.

“You wouldn’t hit the love of your life”

So I gave him a ding bow and the fun began. This was a pillow fight I was not going to lose, he’d dishonored me, trouble was I was still full of …of…and as we rolled round the bedroom, well it sort of got out. On its own!

Modified by my body’s betrayal, I turned to apologize, as he said,

“The Unicorn is back then” He then hugged his pillow and was unable to speak any further as he was laughing so hard. He was laughing so hard he Farted! And I then lost it and did too, which made him laugh even more and ..oh you get it.

And that my friends is how I got over my phobia of making Magical Unicorn Breath, in front of Tom. Until he mentioned the unicorn could do with a breath mint!!!!!!

(picture not mine I just played)

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