sweet lip balm

BTS Reaction to: their S/O’s lips tasting sweet

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This one was super fun to write, hope you guys like it!

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Jin would try to be so charming and smooth about stealing another kiss when he tasted your sweet lips. He’d play it off innocently as if he simply was curious about the flavor and that he absolutely had to have at least five more kisses so he could guess exactly what it tasted of. 

“Jagi, that lip balm tastes so familiar! You better kiss me again so I can figure out what it is.”


Yoongi would pretend like he totally didn’t notice how your lips tasted so sweet, but he’d be gushing about it on the inside. He’d probably try to play it cool by acting like he was indifferent when you asked him if he liked your new lip balm. However, he’d then spend the rest of the day trying to find excuses to kiss you so he could taste it again.


As soon as he kissed you, Hoseok would start complimenting you on how sweet your lips tasted and attempt to seem like he was super interested in the lip balm you were wearing, but really he’d be trying to find a way to kiss you again. He would keep insisting that you kiss him a second time so his lips could taste the same way. 

“No Jagi, I don’t want to borrow your lip balm. You should just give me another kiss so my lips can taste as sweet as yours.” 


Namjoon would taste the cherry lip balm you put on as soon as his lips met yours. He would absolutely love how they tasted, but he’d try really hard to play it off cool. He wouldn’t pull away when he tasted how sweet your lips were, he’d instead try to bit your lip or maybe even would let his tongue slip to get a second taste. 


When you kissed Jimin, giving him a taste of the sweet lip balm you’d just put on, he’d pull away and get all giggly while covering his rosy cheeks. He’d get a bit embarrassed about it and would probably do that thing where he hides his tiny hands inside his sleeves and uses them to cover his face. Then he’d shyly compliment you on the sweet taste of your lips and ask if he could have another kiss.


When you kissed Taehyung and he tasted the strawberry balm you’d applied, he’d sit there for a moment, cutely licking his lips a bunch of times before he leaned forward, his lips puckered in anticipation for a second kiss. When you backed away, denying him the kiss, he’d probably get up and start chasing you around the room to steal another taste of your lips.

“Jagiiii, I’m so hungry! Let me taste the strawberries off your lips!” 


Jungkook wouldn’t want to admit that he liked the taste of the lip balm you had on because he’d feel too shy to tell you. He’d probably get super squishy and smiley about it and he’d mumble really quietly that your lips tasted nice. You’d try to tease him by cheekily asking if he’d like another taste and he’d get even more flustered to the point where he wouldn’t be able to answer you because he’d be giggling too hard.

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Jimin Scenario : S/O being attacked by jealous Army

Sypnosis : Jimin decides to reveal you to the world as his girlfriend. However, soon, haters start attacking you throughout all your sns. 

It haven’t been too long ago that your boyfriend, Chimchim had decided to make your relationship public. You had mixed feeling about this, as at first, you felt really exited, as you didn´t had to keep hiding anymore, not being able to hang out in public, could not tell anybody about him, or post anything about him at your sns. But, the worst thing of all was to having to see him with other female idols, not that you were the jealous type that didn´t want any girl around him in a ratio of 5km, but you knew the way that these female idols tried to flirt with him at backstage programs, or in variety programs where the MCs constantly teased him with other girls, making him hug them, or have emotional moments.

 But in the moment in where he told you his desition, you finally realised that the fact that making this relationship public could affect his carrer, as you knew that many of his fans secretly hoped to have an opportunity with him … you also were one of them, until it did happened. You told him this, but he reassured you, telling you that it was okay. Big Hit had showed a lot of support into your relationship, and gave him the opportunity to Kimin to tell it at his fansign that was taking place today. 

 You closed the door of the apartment you shared with Jimin, as you returned from university, you had an essay due tomorrow, and you haven’t even begin it, you always lived to the limit. Jimin should be arriving in some hours, as he had to go to a gruop meeting with their PD Bang Shi Hyuk, regarding their promotions. 


The sound of notifications started emiting from your phone rentlessly, coming from the application of your Instagram and Twitter, there were over 100 notifications! 

 Excited, you started opening them, your photos on Instagram had now hundreds of likes, and you had over one thousand new followers! This was insane. Armys really were impressive on social media, you thought to yourself smiling. However, this smile flattered when you saw one of the newest comments on your new photo at the beach.

“Who does she thinks this crazy bitch is?" 

And it wasn´t the only comment of this way, as many more like this kept popping on your notification chart. 

Whoa, she really has some guts to be showing such a fat body like this.“ 


"You shoud die f**king bitch" 

"You are such a whore, wear actual clothes please. You embarass Jimin”

 "Darling!, I´m Home". You heard Jimin said, his voice being accompained by the sound of the front door closing. You quickly blocked your phone, and placed a smile for him. 

 Jimin aproached you, quickly, and embraced you, picking you up, and spinning you. You had rarely seen him this happy, and he still had his promotion clothes on, and wearing makeup. You laughed at this, leaving away the thoughts about those comments on your instagram. You could deal with that later. 

 “How did it went?”. You asked, giggling, as he placed you again on the ground. Jimin cupped your face on his small, warm, and loving hands, while looking at you and smiling with that cheeky smile from him, that actually had won your heart the first time you met. “Armys went crazy when I told them I had found my other half.” He leaned in, and gave you a sweet kiss, which actually tasted sweet, due to the lip balm he was wearing. “They asked for your name, personality and about our relationship, they’d would love to meet you”. He added between kisses. 

 This made you feel a little less troubled, as you felt that at least some people were giving you support, and loving you. You closed your eyes, enyoing the moment. 

However, you still felt your phone vibrating due to the notifications on your pocket. 

It was late at night when you had finally garnered enough bravery to be able to see the notifications panel on your phone. It had over 400 notifications. Your were now sitted on the bedroom your shared with Jimin, him not being anywear near, as he had gone out to celebrate with the members and their CEO the sucess that had caused the revelation of his relationship on the Korean media, as it was the hot topic of the day. Your also wanted to think the same, however, hose negative comments that you recieved on the afternoon had left you troubled.

“No, Y/N, you don’t know if those notifications are negative coments about you, maybe they are possitive ones. You’ll never know until you look at them”. You told yourself, taking the desition to look at them at last. Bravelly, you taped the icon of notifications of your Instagram, and entered the first notification of a comment that you saw. 

Chimlover_0998 “You should die” 

Jams03 “Jimin-ah, you are dead to me, until you end up with this bitch” 

Shyshykittyarmy “Bangtan does not deserve our support anymore” 

Tears rolled down your cheeks before you could stop them. Your heart felt a pang everytime that a message like this appeared when you scrolled down your Instagram. What had you done to them, for them to treat you like this?. You just desired to love Jimin freely, and recieve their support in your relationship. The pain in your chest almost felt unberable, as sobs erupted from your mouth.

You felt so lonely, so disgusting, and on top of that, so guilty that Jimin could suffer because of you. You leaned on the mattress, cuddling the most small you could, and let yourself cry to sleep, leaving your phone on, with the comments still on the screen. 

You woke up to sniffing sounds. Your head throbbed, due to the all the tears the you had shredded before falling asslep. Slowly, you lifted your head from the mattress, and opened your eyes, instantly regreting it because the lights were turned on. Slowly, you started recognizing a back that you knew so well, it was Jimin’s. He was hunched over, loking at someting on his hands. And everytime you heard a sniffing sound, you saw his back mucles contract through his white shirt. 

You incorporated and saw over his shoulder, and saw that he was reading the comments on your phone. You had forgotten to block your screen when you had fallen asleep, and now he had seen it all. 

“Y/N, why didn’t you told me?” He murmured without looking at you, with his head still down. You didn’t knew what to answer. 

“I.. I- I saw you so happy that I just couldn’t.” You whispered. 

“It’s all my fault, I didn’t want to listen when I was warned about the consequences that it could bring” He turned his face towards you, He had tears on this eyes, this made your heart hurt, only few times you had seen him crying. You took his face on your hands, and leaned your forehead on his. “Jimin-ah, please, don’t blame it on you, it’s also my fault, I. I also wished it to become public.” He led out a shaky sigh, and embraced you. You felt so protected on his arms, felt that your heart was slowly healing the open wound. You remained like that for what felt like hours. Until he kissed your forehead and started getting up.

You silently looked at him from the bed, while he took out his phone and dialed a number. 

“Good Evening PDNim…Yes I know it is too late, I’m sorry…ehh.. yes, you were right. My Y/N ah is been harrased,… yes.. I’m Sorry it’s my fault for not being thoughtful ” At this statement from with his CEO you finally understood that it wasn’t that Jimin haven’t thought about the possible situation, but he had desired with all his might this to not occur, by even not listening his PD, and maybe his older Hyungs too. “Alright, understood… yes.. No I’ll be alright… okay, thank you so much.. thank you.. I’ll hang up first.” He turned to you, and passed a hand through his hair. 

“PDNim told me he is going to take care of all. The only thing is that you are not supposed to any of those comments, and if I’m asked about that on any of my promotions I can’t make any statements about it. God, it bothers me so much the fact that I can not defend you myself if I come to face any of those bullys” He said with a shaky breath. Apart from all the pain that you had felt on all the day, this was more painful than everything. He could not defend you in any way from his fans, as it could damage his public image, and a public image is everything to an idol. But, apart from this, you knew inside you that you did not wanted to be defended by him, that the only way of comfort that you wanted was him to be by your side and hold you on his arms. 

“Jimin-ah”. You told him, while you stranded from your bed and walked towards him, hugging him. “Right now the only thing that I want from you is to stay by my side. I don’t want you to fight, I just want your comfort.” You smiled lovingly, while getting on the tips of your toes to be able to kiss him. You felt that he started smiling slowly while kissing you. “I love you so much, I promise you that I would not let something like this happen the future, just because of me being thoughtless.” He whispered while hugging you tightly on his arms.


Simple Self Confidence and Attraction Spell by saltwater-phoenix

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SkinCarebyMarley - #4 Lip Care 👄

“I’m back. By popular demand.” It’s time for part 4! (The last part 😪) Today it’s all about your smooching tools! It’s pretty simple to keep your lips nice. You don’t need a routine, you just have to keep two things in mind: moisture and exfoliation. (But don’t over exfoliate) I’m going to be sharing my favorite lip products and a little bit about them.

🌟Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm - whatever flavor you choose (team vanilla bean 🤘🏾) , these lip balms are super bomb and all natural. I keep this in my wristlet at all times

🌟EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm - this is another one where the flavor doesn’t matter ( I like all three 😌) but it’s about neck and neck with the Burt’s Bees and not much different in price, however they are different in size

🌟MaryKay Satin Lips Lip Mask (the original one) - loveeee this sooo much you guys like honestly this is like my favorite MaryKay product all together and I use a lot of MaryKay 😂 but this removes dead skin leaving your lips super smooth without being as harsh as a scrub 😌

🌟 Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula - cocoa butter is a natural emollient so this really softens your lips. 😚 Just be sure to follow up with a lip balm in top. I always slather this on before I before I brush my teeth and before I use the mask. 🤙🏾

Other honorable mentions are EOS Lip Balm Sweet Mint, Nivea Lip Care Milk and Honey, and MaryKay Satin Lips Shea Butter Balm.

Thank you for keeping up with me throughout this series! Love you so much! Feel free to hit my asks with any questions or any posts you want me to make and if you missed the first three parts of this series be sure to visit my blog and check them out! Until next time! ✌🏾💋

“And what do you want?”

“For people to see you, as I do.”

“And how do you see me?” she challenged.

Vision considered his words carefully before he replied.

“You are immensely powerful, oh yes. But you are also remarkably kind and clever. There is a fierceness to you that, while intimidating, reflects both your courage and determination. There exists a complexity about you that I find both unfamiliar and intriguing. You are a beautiful marvel of nature, Wanda,” Vision paused for a brief second. “I admit, at times, when I least expect it, I find myself awestruck by you.”

Vision smiled and caressed her arm in what he hoped reflected the sincerity of his words. Quietly, he observed as her lips parted, eyes dilated and cheeks pinked, indicating she was experiencing unexpected emotions.

Wanda’s heart beat like a hammer as she peered up at Vision. She had heard beautiful words before, from silly boys attempting to win her attention, lyrics from songs or lines from poems. But none of that compared to hearing his words, his voice, his eyes, his smile, his … closeness. Something akin to a sunrise, a wonderful euphoria, bloomed in Wanda’s chest, raced through her veins, and seeped in her bones.

Vision was about to inquire if she was alright, when suddenly she leaned in closer, closer than ever before, catching him by surprise. He quickly noted the soft pressure of her palm against his chest, finding it pleasant. Then, rather unexpectedly, she kissed him. Vision’s eyes closed of their own accord, prompting his other senses to compensate, sparking up and collecting data for analysis. The texture of the cotton sweater in his hand, the soft lips brushing against his. He inhaled apple blossom shampoo, the cooking peprikesh, and something purely Wanda Maximoff. The taste of salty soup and sweet lip balm on his tongue. The music playing through the speakers, the tick of the clock on the wall and her small breaths danced into his ears. He would remember every minuet detail of these precious seconds for the rest of his life.

Then, much to his disappointment, it was over.

Wanda leaned back from what she was certain was a colossal mistake. Turmoil surrounded them as their team was splitting down the middle, and here her impulse probably just freaked him out and ruined the most precious relationship she had left. He was so trusting, so good, and she’d taken advantage of him, the nicest man she’d ever known.

Vision gazed down at her, stone still.



“I would like to do that again, please.”

A bark of laughter nearly left her, but then he was leaning down. Slowly, remarkably so, he closed what little space remained between them. She could stop this, apologize and admit her mistake. There was still time! Everything could go back to the way it was and they’d still be friends.

Yet she didn’t, and so they wouldn’t. Desire and curiosity easily won over propriety as her hands slid over his shoulders and she met him halfway. Her body pressed against his, a happy sigh escaping her throat as she felt his arms encase her.

Source: Wanda Maximoff.

Action: Kiss.


Physical response.




Vision’s mind raced as he hoped to categorize and define what was occurring to him, between them. While he recognize the mechanics of course, he was still at a loss. This was unlike any film he’d witnessed, any text he’d read. In a haze, he acknowledged her as she leaned back, smiled, and excused herself. Dumbly, he continued to calculate as her presence dissipated, scent evaporated, and he was left alone in the kitchen.

Conclusion: Unparalleled exhilaration.

Wanda grinned like a giddy schoolgirl as she hastily made her way down the corridor to her room. Leaning back against the closed door, she placed a hand over her heart, willing it to calm. After all she had endured, her parents, her brother, her homeland, fate had finally smiled on her.


Later, after their escape from the Avengers facility, Clint didn’t understand why Wanda sniffled silently in the car as tears streamed down her face. But he didn’t pry, didn’t question, as he simply held her hand, driving on through the night.

My 20 year old husband - [Day 8 : Boy in Luv]

20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. Things get a little out of hand and you find out you’re pregnant.

Read: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6 / Day 7 / Day 8

It was that smug expression again.

The same one Jungkook knew to send all girls into a state of frenzy. Without hesitation, he boldly blurted out his naively suggestive thoughts.

“I’d prefer if YOU took it off.”

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Love sonnets

Characters: Jin & You

Genre: romance, slice of life, slight angst, friends to lovers

Words: 4630

Summary: You and Jin have been best friends for years but only when he’s on the verge of losing you, he realizes that you might have been in love all along.

I got quite rusty writing third pov, so this is my attempt to get back to it. I hope it’s not confusing but every other scene is a flashback. Also, check out Pablo Neruda’s poems, they were my inspiration for this fic.

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“Are you recording a video right now?”

Video from Jordan Fisher’s Snapchat (jordan_fisher). Because for some reason watching Aaron apply lipbalm is worth it.

(We’ve never used Snapchat and jumped through a bunch of weird advertising hoops to get this video so if there’s actually a straightforward way to save Snapchat videos please hook us up…)

anonymous asked:

Darling Alice what are some self care things you can do when you feel tired and drained?

♡ hi bee, I think it will help to
♡ wash your face, tie your hair and put on some sweet smelling lip balm or moisturiser
♡ listen to music that makes you happy
♡ go on a walk or a jog (it will give you energy)
♡ look outside and think clearly about how you’re feeling and what you need to do about it
♡ disconnect from wifi for a while 
♡ drink tea, hydrate yourself
♡ make a list, study and get stuff done, if you want to feel in control of things again
♡ distract yourself for a while, like by watching a film or youtube videos
♡ pick yourself up again by thinking positively 
♡ if all else fails, sleep or take a nap! :)

Sweet Speech Lip Balm

All of us have times when we could use a little boost to our speaking abilities. This recipe is designed to created a sort of portable spell that can be used whenever you feel the need for some honeyed words.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 part beeswax
  • 2 parts cocoa butter
  • 2 parts sweet almond oil
  • ¼ part raw honey
  • skin safe mint essential oil (roughly 3 drops to every part beeswax)
  • skin safe ginger essential oil (roughly 1 drop to every part beeswax)
  • A medium sauce pan
  • a glass measuring cup or jar
  • a containers for the lip balm (check craft stores and etsy suppliers for these)
  • Pipettes or a small funnel

How It’s Done:

  1. Put roughly an inch of water in the pan and start warming it over medium heat.
  2. Put the beeswax, cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil in the measuring cup and place it in the sauce pan creating a double boiler. 
  3. Allow the mixture to melt slowly, stirring occasionally.
  4. Once the mixture is almost completely melted add in the honey and stir well until dissolved. As you are stirring say “Oh, how sweet I speak, each word is as honey from my lips.”
  5. Remove the pan from the heat but keep the measuring cup in the water so that the mixture does not re-solidify too quickly.
  6. Stir in the mint oil, clockwise, and as you do say “Oh, how well I speak, each word is clear and will be understood.”
  7. Stir in ginger oil, clockwise, and as you do say “Oh how confidently I speak, each word is strong and potent.”
  8. Quickly transfer the mixture to the containers using the pipettes or funnel. If the mixture starts solidify simply heat it back up a bit and continue filling.
  9. Allow the mixture to settle untouched for several hours to fully set up. If you need to speed this process up you can put everything in the fridge under a cover such as plastic wrap.
  10. Enjoy!

That’s all there is to it folks, enjoy this mixture and use it whenever you feel your speaking powers could use a little boost. 

Feel free to tweak or modify this recipe to suit your needs. I don’t even mind if you write it down in your personal book, just please note where it came from. Also please don’t upload/post this spell anywhere else and claim it as your own.

Keith make out scene

Keith’s hands threaded through your hair, nails scratching pleasantly across your scalp. His chapped lips fit perfectly with yours, albeit a little awkwardly, his nose bumped yours a bit. You pulled away for a moment, taking a small step back. “You haven’t really done this before have you?” you asked. He grinned shyly.

“Not really. I’m a, uh, quick learner, though,” he promised. You laughed, thinking he was adorable.

“I bet.” You threw your arms around his shoulders and kissed him again, making sure to avoid his nose. He kissed back, applying the smallest bit of pressure. His hands moved over from your head to your hips leaving a pleasant burning, his skin rough against your skin. You could smell a faint wisp of cologne and a smell that was so undeniably Keith and it was like you were slipping away into some kind of daydream.

“How’s this?” he asked, voice breathy.

“Good.” Amazing, fantastic, magical. “Keep going.” You tilted your head for a better angle, slotting your lips together. He tasted faintly of something minty and sweet, like lip balm. He made a sound like he was surprised, but didn’t pull away.

You pressed yourself a little closer and he let out a groan. Taking advantage, you slid your tongue into his mouth, running it along his own. Surprised, he pulled back.

“What? Was that not okay? Do you want to stop?” You panicked. Keith laughed putting his hands on your cheeks.

“No, no, it was fine! You just surprised me a bit. It was really nice! I enjoyed it. Maybe we could slow down a little bit, though,” he offered shyly. “It’s a little too much.” He blushed a deep red that spread across his entire face.

“What? Really, was I too- wait. Oh. Oh!” It was your turn to blush. “O-okay.”

He shyly pecked your lips. “We’ll pick up where we left off another time.”

You smiled and nodded. “Deal.”

Tickle wars and Play Fights with BTS

how would play fight / ticklish fight with bangtan boys be like when you are their girlfriend?


I think with Yoongi it would be more tickle fights than play fights. They would be the type of situations that would build up, starting off gently, with him running his fingers along your forearm, causing goose bumps to ripple through your skin. He would notice the slight shiver, and would press his lips together, suppressing a smile. Then he would move further up your arm, rubbing gentle circles onto your shoulder area, and this is when you’d start backing away slightly. He wouldn’t be able to stop the grin breaking into his face when the sound of your squeals and giggles echoed through the room, bouncing off the walls as one of his hands tickled your neck, and the other tickled your waist.

You wouldn’t notice how close his face was to yours until you opened your eyes and were met with his beautiful stare just a couple of inches away from you. Your breathing got even sharper, and he would smile playfully, before crashing his lips onto yours, tasting your sweet lip balm with every kiss.


He’d be teasing you about something, poking your face repeatedly, mocking your complaints, until you had enough and without even noticing, yelled at him.

“Fight me” You would have screamed, realizing your mistake a little too well. A cocky, yet playful expression would flash across his face.

“Okay then” He would comply, jumping on you, tackling you to the ground. He would hover above you, staring into your face to make sure he hadn’t hurt you, before you would begin pushing at his toned chest. You’d roll around the carpet, pinning each other to the floor whenever someone managed to take dominance. After an hour or so, you’d both be sweaty and tired, but laughing uncontrollably.

“Let’s take a break, let’s go for a nap” He would say, but judging by the way he raised his eyebrows you knew the last thing he had in mind was sleeping.

Rap Mon:

“Namjoon pass me the remote please?” you’d ask from your spot on the sofa, and he would nod, reaching over to the remote, but knocking over the pretty flower vase right next to it, causing to tumble, and fall off the table, breaking into a million pieces as it hit the ground.

He turned around to look at you in panic, an apologetic expression on his face. You knew he was worried that you might get mad at him for breaking your furniture once again, but this only made you burst out laughing even harder than you thought you would.

“You’re not mad?” He would ask, a little relieved.

“Please Namjoon… I am already used to you breaking everything you touch” You’d laugh out, wiping a tear from under your eye. His head would perk up.

“Oh yeah?” He would reply teasingly, to which you nodded. That moment he would throw his body on top of yours, and begin tickling your sides until you were squealing and grabbing his shirt with your hands.

“Do I break everything then? You seem pretty fine to me now” He would tease, causing you to giggle at an impossibly high pitch.

“No! No! Namjoon is perfect and never breaks anything” You would manage to get out in between ripples of laughter, making him stop tickling you.

“That’s more like it” he would say, before lifting your body up and holding you, chuckling to himself.


You’d have no idea how it started, or how it got to that point, but you would have him on his back, hands on either side of his head being held down by your own arms. You’d smirk, and lean closer to him, mouth just inches from his, and then you would stand back up, turning around and running straight towards the room.
“I won!” You would yell while you ran. But before you could even close the door to the bedroom, J-Hope would push right through it, taking you with him, and pushing you on the bed, pinning you down on the mattress, hovering right above you.

“Say that again?” he would whisper to you, his soft breath tickling your lips, as you swallowed hard, heart beating faster in anticipation.


I think Jin wouldn’t want to play fight with you much, he would notice the difference in heights, and would be too scared to harm you accidentally, so he would probably just center on tickling you.

You’d keep staring at him suspiciously from above your book, and he would notice from the corner of his eye, and he knew if he looked hard enough, he would be able to see the wheels in your head turning. Once you thought he was distracted enough, you would pounce on him, taking him down onto the bed, and tickling his sides with your cute hands. He would burst into fits of laughter as he felt your touch on his waist. But the fun would not last long for you, for in a matter of seconds he would flip you over, and begin taking his revenge, his long expert fingers running through all the sensitive and ticklish spots on your body.

It didn’t make a difference to him how long you two had been together, every time he saw you smile and laugh he would feel the butterflies in his stomach go wild, and his lips would curve upwards into the most sincere smile his face could produce


You wouldn’t even have time to react, before you even know it he is running towards you at full speed, some incomprehensible war cry coming out of his mouth. You are too stunned to get up, so his body collides onto yours, forcing you down onto the bed with him.

“Gotcha” he would smirk at you, holding both of your hands above your head with one hand, while he tickled your sides with his free hand. You’d scream and pull at his hand, trying to move away from him, but he would only keep you in place with more strength.

“Stop!!” you would yell at him, completely out of breath.

“What do I get if I stop?” he would ask, waiting for a fair trade. You’d keep screaming, until you had enough clarity to utter some words.

“Anything you want!” You’d screech, as he moved to a different spot.

“Oh really now? Anything? Okay” He would say smugly, letting go of your hands, and putting both of his at either side of your head, eyes turning dark with lust.


With Jungkook I think things would be a little more lighthearted and fun. I think it would start off with you teasing him about being the maknae, and how he is a little boy, a baby, and just overall poking fun at him, just to see him get wound up.

“What did you say?” He’d ask you with an incredulous smile, slowly getting more and more annoyed at your comments. You’d hold back your laugther.

“I said I could even beat you in a fight” you’d reply, pronouncing every word very carefully.

“Oh that’s it!” he would exclaim, jumping on you and pushing you towards the wall, making sure not to hurt your back in the process. He would keep you there, and smile smugly at you. You’d pretend to lean in to kiss him, instead biting him on the tip of his nose, causing both of his hands to shoot up to his face. You took the chance to run away, but he grabbed your wrist and turned you around. You tugged and pulled, trying to keep his arms away from your frame, but he overpowered you, dragging you towards him and enveloping you in a tight hug.

“I think I won babe, what do you have to say to that?” he would whisper in your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

“Arranged”  ~  Sirius x reader (Gryffindor)

“Hey! Can you do a youngSirius x reader where the reader is also a gryffindor in a pure-blood slytherin family so both of sirius’ and the readers family forces them to get married because their like the traitors of their families. The thing is they are both best friends and When they both recieve the letter, they kinda don’t know what to do but eventually they fall in love? Thank you!” ~Anon

Hi! Thank you so much for the request!! I absolutely loved writing it. I’m sorry that it took me a little longer than expected. School and my rehearsal schedule has been driving me insaneeee! 

Again, I really enjoyed writing this! I changed it around just a tad, but I hope you like it😊😘💕

  • y/n - your name
  • y/m/n - your mother’s name
  • y/h/c - your hair color
  • y/s/c - your skin color
  • y/e/c - your eye color


The common room was silent. A stack of howlers sat on the table across from the sofa. Y/n took a deep breath. She was ready. Slowly, she opened the oldest one.


Y/n laid it aside with a laugh. She’d waited six and a half years to open it. As she picked up the next one, she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Looking up, she saw Sirius making his way over to her.

“It’s three in the morning!” he exclaimed tiredly. “Why are you opening howlers?”

“To get rid of them.”

He sat down beside her. “How long have you had them.”

She laughed again. “About six years I think?”


Y/n rolled her eyes with a giggle.

“Why’d you wait so long?”

Shrugging, she answered. “I just didn’t want to hear all of the all of the things my mum had to say.”

Sirius put his arms over y/n’s shoulder. “I understand.”

“My dad hasn’t even spoken to me.” she continued. “Even when I’m home. He just leaves the room, like I’m not even there.”

He gave her a reassuring smile. “But, you’re better than they are.”


“Since were on the subject of us being blood traitors and all,” he added, “did you happen to get a letter, maybe two years ago, about our parents collaborating on a plan to shame us?”

Y/n raised an eyebrow before she turned back to her stack envelopes. To her surprise, she found a cream-colored envelope hidden within the what seemed like one thousand red ones. Carefully, she pulled it our of the stack and opened it.

‘To our dearest blood traitor,’

Y/n rolled her eyes again, more seriously.

‘We and the Black family have decided that you and Sirius are to be married after you finish your education at Hogwarts. You two deserve each other.



“I thought you’d read it.” Sirius said, breaking the silence between them.

Y/n shook her head. “No. I’m just now opening howlers from our first year.”

“But, I mean,” he continued, “if you don’t want to, then we don’t have-”

A sly smirk appeared on y/n’s face. “Do you not realize what opportunity this gives us?”

He shook his head, confused.

“My parents don’t know we’re friends.” she stated. “Not only would we make them ‘happy’, but this is the opportunity to get back at them for all of the hatred they’ve shown us since we were sorted our first year.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“It’s going to blow up in their faces.”

Smiling, he finally understood. “Let’s do it!”

A few days passed. The two of them told James, Remus, Peter, and Lily about their arrangement and how it was bound to get a load of laughs. Lily didn’t seem to think it was the best idea, but James was definitely on board.

“So you guys are really getting married?”

They nodded.

“Only as a way to get back at our parents, though.” Y/n added.

James smile grew bigger. “Still!”

“Don’t you think it’s a little silly?” Remus asked, closing his text book.

Sirius chuckled. “We can always get a divorce.”

Over the next few months, Sirius and y/n bonded like crazy, testing out how it would feel to be married. Sneaking into each others dormitories was the most interesting part. Lily and Remus found it a bit annoying, but they couldn’t help smiling at how cute they were together.

Transfiguration was their last class before the Christmas holidays. Everybody was finding it hard to focus on the lesson, especially Sirius. He couldn’t keep himself from looking at y/n: her beautiful y/h/c hair; her soft, y/s/c skin; her y/e/c eyes. Snapping himself out of it, he started scribbling random lines in his notebook. Like he was going to take notes anyway.

After class, he caught up with her, James, Remus, Lily, and Peter. But, instead of sticking around to discuss their plans for the holidays, he took y/n’s hand and lead her into an empty classroom, shutting the door quietly behind them.

“Are you oka-”

“I can’t do this.”

Y/n stepped closer to him. “What do you mean?”

Sirius opened his mouth to speak, but couldn’t bring himself to. Her eyes were too distracting.


Taking a deep breath, he pulled her close and smashed his lips into hers, only to pull away after realizing what he’d done. “I-I… I’m sorry-”


“I know that we’re supposed get an ‘arranged’ marriage, but…” He paused, biting his bottom lip nervously. “I’m in love with you.”

Y/n didn’t respond.

“And I just don’t want to hold you back from-”

Y/n took a bold move and kissed him back. It surprised Sirius, his eyes widened before slowly closing and following the movement of her lips, her sugary sweet lip balm making him want her even more.

“I love you, too.”

“Good.” he whispered.

Y/n fixed her gaze on the floor and giggled lightly.

“What’s so funny?”

Looking back up at Sirius, she smiled. “Just think about how much this arrangement is going to blow up in our parents faces now?”

“I can’t wait to marry you.”