sweet lily

here have some jily headcanons
  • it was in 6th year when lily realized that potter wasn’t all that bad after all
  • it was in 6th year when james realized that he didn’t need to put on a show in order for people to like him
  • they start doing homework together
  • laughing together
  • lily realizes that james is a GIANT FUCKING NERD
  • “marlene you’d never believe how much of a nerd potter is”
  • “i always thought remus was the brainy one”
  • “but potter READS his textbooks for FUN”
  • james realizing that lily has quite the wild side
  • drinking firewhiskey with the marauders while playing truth or dare
  • coming back to gryffindor tower at 4am with five treacle tarts, another bottle of firewhiskey, and a pair of slughorns socks
  • “lils the dare was to nick some fruit from the kitchens, not the entire food supply and why the bloody fuck do you have a pair of slughorn’s socks??!!?”
  • “what can i say potter, i got carried away”
  • brewing the amortentia and lily smelling james’ cologne and realizing holy SHIT IM IN LOVE WITH POTTER
  • james’ smelling lily’s hair in his and not being fazed because of course he knows he’s in love with lily
  • lily being too proud to admit her feelings to him, because she is a gryffindor after all
  • the two of them being practically inseparable by the end of 6th year
  • and writing to each other all summer
  • the highlight of lily’s week is getting james’ owl
  • their letters to each other are pages long
  • they tell each other everything
  • and three weeks before term starts lily finally admits her feelings for him
  • she does this a subtle revenge for being such a prat before
  • and this won’t do so he shows up at her door step the next morning
  • petunia is unpleasantly shocked to open the door to find a boy with robes and ridiculous hair at her doorstep
  • while lily is pleasantly shocked
  • and three weeks later they show up to  platform 9 ¾ hand in hand
  • and sirius, remus and peter all clap and wolf whistle because it’s been nearly a YEAR OF THIS
You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spends every minute of every day just wondering what you’re doing, where you are, who you’re with, and if you’re OK. You need someone who can help you reach your dreams and protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who could make you happy, really happy, dancing on air happy.
—  Alex, Love Rosie

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“Nozomi chan is sort of like a cat.
All alone under the full moon, a beautiful cat strolling around at night with her head held high.
But you know, even though cats always act on their own, don’t they also gather around during the full moon, and have a kitty party?
We’re like that sometimes.
Having fun singing and dancing like cats.
I’d love to sing with Nozomi-chan under falling stars, someday.”

Rin Hoshizora, Love Live! School idol diary. 

camping / sirius black

author note: aaah so this is my first fic! this was actually inspired by the film the parent trap. i had watched it last night and got the idea to use it for this fic. i hope you guys enjoy it and feedback is always appreciated! requests are open as well now! 

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 It was a week before school started again when you and your friends decided that a weekend camping trip was necessary before the new school year. Well, it was actually Lily’s idea but none of you opposed it.

 "And I should’ve realized sooner how sweet he really is,“ Lily rambled on about James and their nth date over the summer. “I think he’s going to make it official soon. I hope.” she continued but you weren’t exactly paying attention. Not because you didn’t care or because it was boring you out, but because your attention was on someone else. 

 Your eyes were locked on the young man who was encouraging his best mate on making a handmade fire for the night. Though it was turning dark, you could still see the crinkles appearing at the corner of his eyes every time he smiled widely. “Y/N, do you-” Lily stopped when she realized you weren’t listening to a single word, she followed your gaze, smirking when seeing who you were admiring- “You know you could always just tell him how you feel. It’ll make it easier.” 

 “I was actually looking at James in amusement so I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You lied, gesturing over at the boy failing miserably on starting a fire.

 “I’m not going to use magic, Padfoot! I’ve seen someone in a Muggle film do this with just sticks and a stone.” James was determined on making it happen. 

“There’s a reason why it’s called a film, James.” Lily shouted which caused him to send a glare in her direction. 

 Remus agreed with Lils, but James was quick to comment on how poorly him and Peter had done their tent. Your heart fluttered at the sound of Sirius laughter, his gaze meeting yours as you sucked in your breath and forced yourself to look away. You had come to terms on the crush you had on the Marauder during your third year, keeping it a secret from everyone. Lily was quick to catch on and had always tried to push you to tell him, but you knew you couldn’t deal with the sting of rejection if you ever did. He was one of your best friends after all which meant your friendship came first and meant more to you than a stupid crush ever would.

 ‘It’s only a crush’ you always found yourself saying, knowing deep down that it had blossom to something much more. 

 You were all huddled close around the bonfire that James failed to make, Remus having had to step in and take care of it himself with a swift flick of his wand. You were all talking about the new school year that was going to start, sad looks hidden behind everyone’s eyes though. You all knew it was your last year and were well aware of the fact that the war was quickly approaching. You had glanced over at Sirius, seeing that his eyes were already fixated on you. He winked at you before looking away, a smile creeping on his lips. 

‘How long had he been staring at me?’ 

‘Was that smile because of me?’

Your thoughts were whirling as your cheeks blushed a bright shade of pink. Of course it wasn’t because of you.

 “I think the fire is dying. You should get more wood.” James ordered, his attention averting to Sirius. 

 “Wha- No it’s not.” Sirius pointed out, but pulled his wand out from his back pocket. “I can jus-”

 “No. You will do no such thing. Just find some wood out there, mate.” James insisted, whispering something before looking over at you. “Y/N/N, you should go too.” Lily quickly nodded at the idea and grinned widely at you, causing suspicion to arise from you.

 You got up regardless but in slight confusion, “Okay?.. Are you coming?” You looked at Sirius.

 The two of you were heading back to the camp, your path being illuminated by the moon as you both carried a fair share of collected wood. Sirius was saying something but you weren’t paying attention to be honest. You were staring at him, taking in his exquisite features. You noticed how the moon shined perfectly on him and made it seem like his long, ebony locks was flowing. His grey eyes appeared darker than usual and his cheekbones seemed more prominent. Due to his distracting appearance, not only were you not paying attention to what he was saying, but you weren’t looking at where you were going. A yelp soon escaped your lips when you tripped, the wood you were carrying soon fell to the ground as you tried to catch your fall.

 You didn’t of course. 

 Sirius ruptured in laughter, quickly trying to muffle his laugh when you shot him a threatening glare.”Oh love, you can’t deny that wasn’t funny.” He beamed with an amused smile, biting down his bottom lip to try and stop him from laughing again.

 “It’s not funny when you’re the one busting your ass.”

 “Right. Not funny.” He chuckled before dropping the wood he was carrying. “Are you alright though?” 

 You quickly took the hand he offered, “I’m fine.” You assured. “Mildly embarrassed though.” 

 Sirius helped you up to your feet, pulling you close to him. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about with me, love.” He said softly, staring down at you intently with a smile plastered against his lips still. Your cheeks blushed profusely, quickly pulling away from him.

 “We should pick up the wood.” Your voice hitched quietly, Sirius’ smile that was now faltering going unnoticed by you. 

 You both picked up your respective pieces of wood before continuing your way back to the others in silence.

 “Should we really be doing this?” Peter questioned with uncertainty as he watched James pick your sleeping body up from the mattress you had been sharing with Lily.

 “Of course. I warned Padfoot that if he didn’t make a move when they went to grab wood last night, that I would intervene somehow.” James spoke as he laid your body down by Sirius.

 “I’m surprised they haven’t woken up to being handled. They’re pretty knocked out.” Lily mused and James snorted.


 “I might’ve drugged them.” He admitted with a smirk.

 “YOU WHAT?” Both Remus and Lily quietly yelled.

 “Ah yes, their butterbeer was mixed with a strong sleeping potion. But enough about that, let’s drag this to the lake as planned. Shall we?”

“Why were you even carrying around a potion? You know what, I don’t even want to know.” Lily sighed, shaking her head.

You had slowly stirred in your sleep, waking up to a strange amount of brightness shining on your face. You groaned as you hovered an arm over your eyes to block it but felt the mattress you were sharing with Lily move strangely as well. You sat up and rubbed your eyes, your mouth gaping open when you saw the situation you were in. 

You looked over and instead of seeing Lily you were surprised with Sirius.

 “S-Sirius?” You stammered, only causing him to stir slightly. “Sirius!” You tried to shake him awake now. 

 He groaned, rolling over to face you. “What Ja- Y/N?” He frowned. “What are you-”

 You cut him off, gesturing around- “Look.” 

 The both of you were on a inflatable mattress that was floating on the lake by your campsite. He sat up now to look around, his mouth parting as if he was going to say something but deciding not to. “How the hell did this happened?” You questioned, more to yourself than anything. But what you saw ahead of you answered your question.

 Remus, Lily, Peter, and James were all sitting on folding chairs and waving at the two of you as if nothing. 

“What did you guys do?” You shouted, you and Sirius glaring at them.

 “What was right!” Lily shouted right back.

 “What was right? What are they going on about?” You asked as you looked over at Sirius. He seemed quite amused about the predicament you were both in but his heartbeat started picking up when he realized what this was about.

 “How’d you even bloody manage this?” He asked out loud, avoiding your question. 

 “I’ve impressively managed to drug the two of you!” James shouted now, sounding rather proud of himself. “Now stop talking to us and get on about your feelings.” 

 Sirius face instantly froze as you looked at him again with confusion, “Your feelings?” You tried not to stammer, making a mental note to yell at James later for drugging you.

 And by the look on his face it dawned on you that this wasn’t a prank being pulled on either of you, it was meant to be a confession.

 “Look, Y/N,” He began, knowing there was no way out of this if he didn’t tell you how he felt for you all these years. “You don’t have to say anything but-”

 “Sirius I fancy you.”

 “I fancy-” He tried to finish but abruptly stopped when he realized what you had confessed. “Y-You fancy me?” He grinned, his face lighting up. You nodded, the grin you wore matching his. “Oh thank Merlin,” He seemed to let out the breath he hadn’t noticed he was holding in. “Because I fancy you too, Y/N. For such a long time and hadn’t had the slightest clue on how to tell you correctly. I mean I wanted to tell you last night but didn’t want to ruin anything and-”

 “Sirius?” You interrupted his uncharacteristically rambling.


 “Just kiss me already.”

 With that Sirius eagerly moved over to kiss you but the sudden movement wasn’t favorable to the inflatable mattress because it had suddenly turned and flip the both of you into the water. You and Sirius emerged up to the surface, looking at each other before erupting into laughter. He splashed you and you feigned a shocked look before sending water back his way. After your short water fight and fits of laughter died down, the two of you had locked eyes on each other. His orbs boring into yours with adoration.

 “C’mere, beautiful.” He whispered, his tongue grazing over his bottom lip as you moved closer to him. He grabbed your hips, pulling you tightly against him as your heart raced against your chest uncontrollably fast. “I think this is going to be the start of a great school year, don’t you think?” He grinned, his hands moving up as his heart was just as much of a mess as yours. He cupped your face with his hands, a thumb stroking your cheek gently before tilting your head upwards a bit and leaning down to place a kiss on your wet lips. You kissed him back instantly, running a hand through his soaked hair, the kiss turning into a much more passionate yet needy one.

The two of you eventually pulled away slightly to catch your breath, Sirius resting his forehead against yours as his slightly swollen lips broke into an enormous smile. The cheers and roars coming from your group of friends went unnoticed due to the fact that the two of you were entranced with each other. 

And true to his words, it was one of the best starts to a new school year.