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Flood my Mornings: Every Day and Everything

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment: Fernacre (Jamie is surprised with an outing by Claire and ends up with a job).

Every Day and Everything 

Brianna, the light of his life, the joy of his heart, wrapped her arms around his neck in the sweetest of hugs, and declared:

“Peee-yooooo, Da!”

“Well, and ye dinna smell like a bed of roses yourself!” said Jamie, startled into laughter. He lifted her above his head and took a dramatic, tickling sniff. “Och, no, I’m forsworn: ye smell verra sweet, cub.” He kissed her repeatedly on the cheeks and neck until she began wriggling–giggling– to escape. “Ye’d best get accustomed to the smell o’ horses, a nighean.” He gave her one more noisy kiss and set her down. “Where’s your Mama, then?”

“In here,” came Claire’s voice from the kitchen, and Jamie’s whole body stiffened, as though reacting to a snapped twig in the dark. Was he only imagining that she sounded strange? Strained…worn…? Tired, perhaps? Well, and he was tired himself, was he not, after the day’s labor and the two long Car rides with Hank? Perhaps it had been a hard shift at the hospital today. Aye, surely that was it. Still, he followed Brianna into the kitchen somewhat braced. 

“Hello, there, sweetheart,” she said over her shoulder, reaching for salt with an apologetic, “Just one moment, alright?” She had already changed from her uniform into a cotton shirt and slacks and was stirring something on the Stove top. 

He came up behind her and placed a careful, tender hand on the small of her back. “It’s verra kind of ye to see to supper, Sassenach,” he said, genuinely thankful, as he knew cooking was not her joy.  

Penelope saw to it, truthfully,” she said deprecatingly, placing a lid on the pot and turning into his arms. “I’m just reheating.”

She did look tired, Jamie thought as she embraced him; or perhaps not tired, for he didn’t think lack of sleep had to do with it. She looked… subdued, and that troubled him all the more. Claire nearly always had a glint in her eye: from love, from excitement, from determination after some task needing to be done. In this moment, though, her arms wrapped about him, looking up into his face, she seemed glazed, distant, and Jamie had the distinct impression it was with some effort that she smiled warmly and asked, “Was it a good first day, sweetheart?”

“Aye, it was, at that.” He kissed her forehead and released her. He was still concerned, but did not wish to press her, and so sank down into one of the kitchen chairs.  “The tasks of conducting business havena changed o’ermuch in two hundred years, from what I’ve seen of it, at least as far as Fernacre is concerned. There are still ledgers to keep, inventories to maintain, records to properly file, and such. Made more telephone calls in one day than I thought I should make in a lifetime,” he said with a laugh, “but it got easier as the day went along.”

“Who were you having to phone?” she asked with the same note of forced cheer as she knelt to check on Bree, who was playing happily with George the toy rabbit on the floor next to the Frigidaire.

“Oh, well, mostly the folk from whom we purchase stock, so Tom could introduce me. The rapport makes a great deal of difference in transactions, ken. That was most o’ the morning. For a time, I was worried the whole of my position would entail sitting at the wee desk…” He paused for a moment, watching Claire’s back, which stayed (carefully?) turned to him as she went to wash her hands. “…but I did get outdoors for the afternoon, inspecting the stock and making my own notes about their ages and breeds and such–to determine what our purchasing priorities should be for the upcoming months; and then ended the day back indoors wi’ damn tedious invoicing,” he said, with a mock shudder he hoped would make her laugh.

She took the cue and chuckled, turning to face him at last, but the mirth had not reached her eyes. “Do you think you’ll enjoy the job, love?” she said, putting her hands in her wee pockets. “Think you can be happy in it?”

“Aye, I do,” he said with a smile, feeling a swell of excited contentment, despite his disquiet over her mood. “Aye,” he said, more emphatically, hoping to reassure her, just in case anxiety over his new position could possibly be the cause. “There’s plenty of the old world about it, but enough of the new to keep me learning.” 

“I’m so happy for you, sweetheart,” she said, bending down to kiss him, and Jamie could tell that she meant it.

Nonetheless, as she turned, when she surely thought he couldn’t see, he saw her face fall. “Claire, mo chridhe?” he said gently, catching her hand. “What’s happened?”

There was a moment when Jamie thought she was going to pull away and declare everything to be perfectly fine. He could see her mouth working in deliberation;  but as she turned to him, she seemed to deflate before his eyes. Without a word, she sank down onto his lap and put her arms around his neck, curling against him like a child.

Hey, now, hey,” he breathed, pulling her close against his chest. “Oh, my sweet lass…”

She wasn’t crying, just breathing heavily and clinging to him very tightly, burying her face in his neck and shoulder. “Just…hold me?” she said, voice tight.

“Always, mo nighean donn,” he said. He cupped her head and rested his lips in her hair, closing his eyes and rocking them gently, praying.

Ma-ma?” came a small voice a few minutes later, causing them both to open their eyes. Brianna was looking up with stricken concern and patting Claire’s bum. “Ma-ma? Ah-sad?”

Claire straightened a bit so she could reach down and touch Brianna’s cheek. “No, no, not sad, lovey. Mama just wanted to have a cuddle with Da.”

“M’okay, Sacknap!” the lass said, satisfied. After giving Claire a parting kiss on the footshe toddled off to resume her animated conversation with George. 

Jamie and Claire both watched her for a time as an excuse not to break the silence. Finally, though, Jamie squeezed his wife’s hip. “You are sad, though, aye?”

“Yes,” she whispered, after a long pause, not meeting his eye.

He kissed her cheek and temple, slowly. I’m here. I love you. Don’t be afraid, my love. “Tell me?” he said aloud. 

Slowly, without speaking, she reached into the pocket of of her trousers and pulled out an envelope.

Jamie inhaled sharply. “Jesus…He wrote back, then?”

Claire had shown him her letter before posting it, that second day together, the day before their wedding. With so much joy between them, it had seemed callow not to send a gesture of thanks to the man that had made their life-altering reunion possible; and yet each word had been a wound in her heart in the writing, no matter how genuinely she meant them.

July 7, 1950


I do not know if it is right for me to write you. You might prefer never to have cause to think of me again. I would not blame you, if so, and yet I felt I had to write to you to thank you for each and every one of the gifts that I learned about yesterday, when James Fraser appeared in my kitchen:

Your forgiveness in not pressing charges after what happened at Oxford (Jamie told me what happened, and how badly he must have injured you); the money and tickets (my God, the cost of these alone must have been exorbitant); the passport and birth certificate (I know you risked much in acquiring them: your position, criminal charges). 

And the trust for Brianna….Frank, this above all had me floored and in tears. Had you written to me of it before and I’d not seen, ignoring your letters? For the extravagance of this gift, for my shame at my own behavior, my conscience screams in my ear that I must refuse this, that it would be wrong to accept. Jamie, though, asks that I give you the gift of accepting your kindness; so, unless you should choose to rescind (which I give you full permission to do), I will say only thank you, THANK YOU, and God bless you for wishing to see to the care of my daughter. For the selfless love you showed toward the child that I promised you, then ripped away: I am grateful; I am touched; I am speechless.

What you did for Jamie, for me, was beyond what any person in your position would be obliged to do. Please know how deeply, utterly grateful I am for what you have done by giving Jamie the means to find me. You’ve given me my husband. You’ve given Brianna her father. Truly, you have given me more than I ever could have dreamed of, everything that I have mourned and buried. You’ve given me life again.

I’ve very nearly scratched that last paragraph out, for it must seem little more than salt in a wound, to prattle on about my happiness that came so directly at the expense of your own. So too does it feel woefully incommensurate with the deed. “Grateful”; “Touched”—these are flimsy, disgusting little words that do not begin to reflect the depth of my feeling; and yet I leave the above sentences where they stand, for it would be even more of a disservice to allow your actions to go down as casual good deeds or simple kindnesses.

You gave me everything, Frank. Everything. And whether or not my words can carry the intensity of how I feel today as I sit here writing to you, please hear me: I am eternally, brokenly, on my knees thankful to you.

And above all, I am sorry. I’m sorry for everything I took from you. Every minute. Every year. Past and future. For everything I did to hurt you, I’m so deeply, terribly, truly sorry.

You deserve far better, Frank, and I wish every happiness upon your life.


Jamie squeezed Claire tight with one arm and turned Frank’s reply over in his free hand. The flap was still sealed. He brought both arms around her and held her close for a long time before saying gently, “What is the worst that this letter could contain?”

“I don’t know,” she said, voice quavering.

“Ye do know.” He ran his fingers lightly over her back, speaking softly but without hesitation. “What is it ye fear he’s said, mo chridhe?”

“All the…I don’t know, Jamie, I just– had planned things so that we’d never speak again. Now, I have to…” She took a deep, ragged breath, “…face all the the terrible things he thinks about me…and the fact that they’re incontestably true.”

That she’d broken his heart thrice over and left him to pick up the pieces. Jamie remembered the rage and the pain in Frank Randall’s face. He knew the truth of how the man suffered.

“Could ye carry on,” Jamie asked with no trace of mockery, “if he told ye all his grievances against you?”

“Yes,” she said after a long silence.

He rubbed her hip slowly. “That is no’ to say it willna be painful…but you are strong enough, even for this.”

She nodded and took a deep breath. She took the letter from his hand and rose, walking over to the sink. There came the sound of ripping paper, the whifft of the letter being withdrawn. She stood hunched for a moment, steeling herself over the paper in her hand. Then, she turned and held it back out to him. “Will you read to me?”

Jamie took the letter and unfolded it, his heart racing, seeing at once that it was far shorter than her own message had been. God be with us, he prayed silently.

Dear Claire…” 

Jamie stopped and glanced up nervously.  She was leaned with her back against the counter facing him, but staring at the floor. He went on. 

Every day since we parted, I have grieved; I have wished; and I have raged.” 

“Jesus,” Claire whispered, squeezing her eyes tight as if to shut the pain out.


Jamie’s breath caught in his throat and he had to swallow hard before reading the next words.   

“…everything I have done since the day you and I met, I would do again, and gladly


Her head came up, stunned, and she made a small whimper, her eyes glassy with tears.

Jamie finished the letter very quietly. 

I wish every happiness for you, as well, Claire. And for your family. 



She put her face in both hands and wept, her strong, narrow shoulders hunched over with the immensity of Randall’s words.

Jamie stood and went to her, hugging her gently to him. “He wishes ye well,” he crooned. “You couldna wish for better than that, aye?”

She struggled to get a deep breath through the tears. “I really do want him to be happy–I do!” 

“I know….I know ye do,” he said, rocking her and smoothing her hair. 

“Until he's–happy–-finds someone who makes him–I’ll always feel…my fault…” She trailed off, crying harder. 

Jamie kissed her hair. “Ye canna hold yourself accountable for his happiness, Sassenach. We might pray for it, true, and we ought, but ye must release yourself from the burden of it.”

She nodded against his chest and let the rest of her tears fall silently against his chest, the peace of the kitchen disturbed only by the sounds of Brianna’s play at their feet.

Suddenly, Claire stiffened and pulled back to look him in the eye, her own wild. “I love you, Jamie,” she said, laying her cool hands on his face and giving him a little shake. 

“And I love you.“ 

“I love you,” she said again, insistently, almost violently, “—and I—I would never—” She shook her head, hard. “You should never think that—I could ever—” 

That she would ever do this to him. Leave him. Love another. 

“NO, mo ghraidh,” he said firmly. “NO. You loved Frank Randall; it would be wrong for either of us to pretend otherwise….but you’d never have left him if you’d had something like this between you…. God, never!” She dug her fingertips into his arms, lips working furiously as she tried to keep her emotion in check. "You and I,” he went on, “we’re different, aye? We’ve always been different. That kind of heartbreak…that damage and pain: they willna be for us, Claire. Not ever.” 

“But hhhow…” She exhaled heavily on the word, the pent-up distress rushing out of her, such that she had to gasp for air to speak. “…how can you be sure?”

“I’m sure of my own heart…and I’m sure of yours, mo chridhe. There’s nothing on earth to which I stake my faith more than that.” 

“Oh, Jamie,” she breathed, “Jamie, my love…I don’t want to believe we could ever–ever–” She made a sound of anger and pain in her throat. “But I thought I knew my own heart when I married Frank, too…and look at how…” She couldn’t finish the sentence, just clapped a hand over her mouth and shook with weeping. 

The lump in Jamie’s throat burned and choked him with doubt and fear (Jesus, could she)… 

…then vanished; utterly, completely vanished.  

“Ye ask me how I can be sure? Because the first time I took ye to the stones, after Cranesmuir, ye chose me, freely. You felt sorry about Frank, and couldna forget him entirely, true, but from then on, it was me…not him. Because the second time I took ye there, and ye went back to him, it was still me, aye?…even with him there and loving and willing before ye, ye loved me.”  He took her face, her lovely, red, tear-streaked face in both hands. “Because in life and death and beyond time, you’ve chosen to affirm that I’m yours just as you’re mine.”

He opened his mouth to speak the words, but they fell from her lips first. Their promise: 

“‘Til our life shall be done.”

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Don't be sorry it was never your fault *cries forever* thank you for the hugs, I have read all the fluffs, and I couldn't write today (cause headaches) and I really need something right now, even a paragraph of fluff would do, even a caption on an Alex Maggie picture would do, I just need something. The fic I read was really well written, it included consent and all, but it was like the 5th in a very short time that had beating, it's overwhelming. Your kink fics are amazing, I really love them.

She tells her that the days of her pushing her feelings down are over, and god, does she mean it. Because last night, Alex held her and kissed the back of her neck and whispered sweet nothings – sweet everythings – into her ear until she fell asleep, because Maggie had come home upset about a confrontation she’d had at work. And this morning, Alex had gone on her run extra early and woken Maggie up with breakfast in bed. And last week, she’d kissed every centimeter of her face with a reverence that Maggie was still reeling from. Alex Danvers was perfect: and Alex Danvers deserves only the best of all things. Alex Danvers deserves, for once, to be put first. And that’s exactly what Maggie’s going to do, because the days of Alex pushing her feelings down are the days before they first kissed, the days before they started dating, the days before the tumbled into the same abyss of falling in love with each other.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

A Calzona advent calendar - December 8th

“Hey there, stranger.”

Callie caught sight of a head of wavy blonde hair rounding the corner in the hallway in front of her, and she hurried to catch up, sidling up beside her wife as blue eyes flickered over to meet hers in surprise.

“Oh hey–”

Arizona stopped walking, sniffing the air slightly as she looked down at the coffee cup in Callie’s hand.

“Is that hot chocolate?”

Callie felt a grin tugging at her lips – the blonde could sniff out a good hot chocolate from a mile away. And this was her favourite kind.

“Maybe. Kiss me and find out.”

Without hesitation the smaller woman leaned in and curled her hand around the back of Callie’s neck, dropping a soft, sweet kiss on her lips. She lingered just briefly, her tongue seeking a quick entrance to the other woman’s mouth, and then she pulled back, eyebrow slightly raised.

“You don’t taste like chocolate.”

The brunette’s laugh rang out in the mostly empty hallway, and she just held the cardboard cup in question up in front of her wife.

“That’s cause it’s for you, dork. Candy cane hot chocolate, with whip, from that place across the street.”

Blue eyes lit up immediately and Arizona grabbed it from her hand, lifting it to her lips to take a sip. A satisfied hum left her body and she sighed – the fancy beverage was exactly what she needed after the morning she’d had, and her wife was the most amazing woman in the world for going out of her way on her day off to deliver it.

“Do you even know how much I love you?”

Callie smiled again, just happy to see the content look on the other woman’s face. She’d been called in early for an emergency surgery, and Callie knew she’d been going non-stop ever since then. It was well past lunch hour, and she didn’t even know if her wife had stopped to eat – so the least she could do is provide a sugary boost for the time being.

“I have an idea,” she teased, “but maybe you should kiss me again and show me.”

Arizona took another long sip of her hot chocolate, her eyes trained on Callie over the top edge of the cup. She glanced down the hallway before stepping in closer again, and she tilted her face up, grasping Callie’s jacket with her free hand as she kissed her slowly and deeply and with a passion that made the brunette a little weak in the knees.

When she pulled back a few moments later, Callie had a bit of a happily stunned look on her face, and Arizona was pleased to have put it there – smirking to herself as she took another sip of her drink.

Now you taste like chocolate.”



Imagine: Riley meets Y/N his human mate who happens to be the newest cullen.

(Requested By Anon)

Warnings: Swearing

Y/N was very different from the rest of the cullens, she was fully human but it didn’t stop her from wondering by herself. Forks forest was beautiful, all sorts of animals and plants to see and admire. Trails to walk, it was like a photographers dream if they were into nature. Y/N stood admiring a tree which people had written on calling it the love tree

“You shouldn’t be out all alone ya know” a voice said from behind as Y/N turnt around their eyes locked.

“I-i was just walking home actually” Y/N murmured while shaking in fright

“Don’t be scared my names Riley, I won’t hurt you but your blood just smells so sweet” he murmured against her neck leaving sweet kisses as he went to sink his teeth in, he was thrown to the ground

“Leave her the hell alone” Emmett growled as Rose grabbed Y/N and ran back to the cullens with Y/N in her arms

Y/N sat in her room rubbing her neck and sighing as she thought about Riley he was so dreamy but dangerous, she knew he was dangerous but it didn’t stop her from wanting him.

“Y/N dear someone wants to see you” Esme said gently while smiling as Y/N got up and walked down the stairs, she spotted Riley standing next to Jasper and Emmett.

“What the fucking hell is that dickhead doing here he almost killed me” Y/N spat out in anger as Jasper tried to chill down her emotions

“He wants to become a vegetarian Y/N, to join us and be with you fully if you let him” Carlisle said staring at Y/N

“I don’t know if I can let him I’ll have to think Carlisle. But it’s your house so you decide if he says” Y/N said as she walked back up the stairs and into her room.



In all his dreams he hunted her, sometimes through the new green meadows of spring, but usually through the ice fields, dodging boulders and crevasses with unerring steps. Always he chased, and always he caught her. In the good dreams, he slammed her to the ground and throttled her, watching the life drain from her eyes, heart full of vengeance - finally, finally. In the bad dreams, he kissed her.

In these dreams, she didn’t fight him. She laughed as if the chase was nothing but a game, as if she’d known he would catch her, as if she wanted him to and there was no place she’d rather be than beneath him. She was welcoming and perfect in his arms. He kissed her, buried his face in the sweet hollow of her neck. Her curls brushed his cheeks, and he felt that if he could just hold her a little longer, every wound, every hurt, every bad thing would melt away.

The Force Awakens X Six of Crows

The Force Awakens X The Grisha Trilogy (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

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Luke and joss, outside, in a field after a romantic picnic (idk what I'm talking about anymore, do what you want! It'll be spectacular!)

Utterly shameless Lucelyn smut that takes place somewhere in the better version of S2 that we should’ve gotten. Hella NSFW and also on AO3.

Normally, Joss would point out that this is a terrible idea. Normally, lying on her back on a blanket in a field in the middle of nowhere would be a problem - and nevermind the person above her. But somehow, strange circumstances be damned, today feels like the most right thing Jocelyn’s done in a very long time.

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*puts his/her(let`s keep it that way)hands on her waist and hugs her from behind,pulling her closer* *brings his/her mouth close to her ear and whispers sweet nothings* *breaths on her neck and plants small kisses and bites till he/she reaches the base of her neck* *one of his/her cold hand slips under her t-shirt and traces lines,light as a feather,on her belly till he/she reaches her breats while his/her other hand presses her against him/her* *smirks, kisses her neck again and leaves* oh well


Make me blush!!!

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Send 💗 to kiss my muse tenderly without explanation

《 • 🕇 • 》The kiss was a sweet surprise to Michael. It had been a couple of hours since she had arrived at his house, unannounced, and they had smoked a couple of blunts and watched cheesy horror films to pass the time.

The kiss was sweet and tender as she had wrapped her arms around his neck. He put an arm around her waist and returned it happily, moving her ontop of his lap as he leaned onto the couch arm. A moan of satisfaction escaping his lips as they parted from the kiss. ❝ I hope you’re not high. Especially after only taking two hits of the first one. Lightweight. ❞

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virgin!deb coming in her pants during her nd jen's first time <333

she’s so embarrassed hiding her flushed face behind her hands an jen dips her fingers under debby’s jeans an panties an when she feels it she beams “sweet girl.” kissing her neck


In the bad dreams, he kissed her. In these dreams, she didn’t fight him. She laughed as if the chase was nothing but a game, as if she’d known he would catch her, as if she’d wanted him to and there was no place she’d rather be than beneath him. She was welcoming and perfect in his arms. He kissed her, buried his face in the sweet hollow of her neck. Her curls brushed his cheeks, and he felt that if he could just hold her a little longer, every wound, every hurt, every bad thing would melt away. Traitor, witch, abomination. Beautiful, charmed one. Röed felta.

Crazy, Sick Love (Part 2)(Nogitsune!Stiles Imagine)

***Warning: Smut, Rough Sex, Biting, Bleeding, that sort of thing***

“We have a lot to catch up on.” The girl’s body spoke, a voice unfamiliar to the Nogitsune came out of the mouth, yet the words were his beloveds. They were both walking through the high school, deserted at this time of night. The Nogitsune, in the body of a boy named Stiles Stilinski, entered one of the classrooms, bringing Y/N by the hand.

“Yes we do.” He spoke, leaving kisses up her neck as she released a moan. A grin grew on Stiles’ face, still being able to remember the pleasure spots on Y/N’s body. The neck was probably the least fun.

He continued kissing up and down her neck, her skin tasting sweet under his lips, as she backed up into a desk, her hands coming up behind Stiles’ head and pulling him into a kiss. The kiss was deep and intense, both of them biting on each other’s lips, the kiss getting rougher and rougher.

“Clothes off.” Stiles whispered harshly as Y/N pulled her tank top off, revealing a lacy bra.

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Time for a story - My need to protect you

“How come you always get home when the kids are finally asleep?”

Oliver closed the front door behind him, cocked his head at Felicity, who was walking down the stairs towards him, and pursed his lips at the exhausted expression on her face. “Drama again?”

“Drama is an understatement,” Felicity replied.

When Oliver stepped to the foot of the stairs and spread his arms, Felicity sighed tiredly and closed her eyes. Wrapping her arms around his neck and snuggling her cheek against his, she sank against him and Oliver put his hands to the back of her knees to lift her from the floor and into his arms. While he carried her to the living room, he peppered her neck with sweet, little kisses.

“Everything was fine,” she murmured, eyes still close. “The kids were both asleep, so I made myself comfortable on the couch, watching TV. And then Tommy woke up and cried for an hour. And his crying woke up Emmy, who was so tired that she started crying, too, and-“

“It’s terrible when they are crying at the same time,” Oliver said between two kisses to her pulse point. “Because then they just encourage each other to cry more.”

“Really? Never occurred to me,” Felicity said sarcastically and sighed once more when she felt Oliver sitting down on the couch. “I’m tired.”

“Me, too.”

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This is a little ficlet based on the Halloween fanart made by the insanely talented @keep-calm-and-have-an-apple . thank you so much for letting me do it!

I know it’s a bit late, but hope you all had wonderful Halloweens, Swen! 

“Regina Mills, you know how disappointed my mother will be if you don’t show up to the costume party.” Emma tried to sound scolding as she attempted unsuccessfully to get Regina out of the house.

Regina frowned and turned her back to the blonde, which Emma thought was absolutely adorable.

“Come on, ‘Gina! You look so cute,” she pleaded as she wrapped her arms around the brunette and placed light sweet kisses on her neck.

Typical Regina, though, leaned away from Emma’s lips and crossed her arms.

“I’m not talking to you, Miss Swan.” she insisted firmly.

Try as she might, Emma found it was impossible to feel frustrated at the woman. What with the little scarlet bow resting softly on the top of her silky chocolate colored hair and the deep blue-and-yellow dress- because Regina looks gorgeous in blue anyway- with the puffy sleeves and tall white collar and soft yellow flats, Regina looked so different. She looked younger, more naive, and Emma kinda just wanted to cuddle with her and hold her forever.

It was all because of a silly bet they had make two weeks prior…


Two weeks prior:

Emma had just lost Mario Kart to Henry for the fifth time in a row. She threw the controller down and shoved Henry off of the couch playfully.

Dammit kid! You gotta go easy on me. I haven’t played this in like… 3 months?”

Regina chuckled and Emma turned. She was leaning against the wall and looking down at the blonde woman with a teasing smugness.

Fine, Regina. You think it’s so easy, you come and we’ll do best of five. If you win, I have to dress up in whatever you choose for me for the Halloween party in two weeks, and if I win, I get to choose your costume. Deal?”

Regina smirked and sat down lightly on the couch.

You’re on, Miss Swan.”

Emma wasn’t surprised when Regina chose Yoshi. Because Yoshi was her character, and Regina would of course would go to evil lengths to get Emma to dress up in something humiliating… luckily the brunette had two weeks to think of something that would humiliate the blonde. It didn’t really seem like she could.

The other woman let out a low chuckle and leaned over to peck her on the cheek.

Get ready to dress up as your worst enemy.”


Two weeks later:

“Hey, you can’t be all haughty like that as Snow White… You have to sing to birds and stuff!” Emma tried.

Regina merely glared at her. “Don’t push your luck, Emma.”

All of a sudden, Emma dashed off, and came back a second later with a stuffed animal that her brother had left at the house. “It’s perfect!”

She stuffed the doll into Regina’s arms and lifted her up, getting both of them tangled up in the royal purple cape.

“Why can’t I just wear that? At least I know how to walk in it without breaking my neck.”

“Oh, so you do care about my safety?” Emma lifted her eyebrow, attempting to copy Regina’s Evil Queen smirk.

“I never said that dear. I simply meant that you have no idea how to work a dress like that.”

Emma didn’t reply. Instead, she just dashed out the door with Regina squirming in her arms.

When they arrived at the town hall, everyone grew quiet. Emma was walking regally through the doors with Regina, having given up her struggle, limp and supremely annoyed, bridal-style in her arms.

“Sorry we’re late.” Emma sneered.

Regina glared up at her. “You sound nothing like me.”

“I’m the sheriff, so if I just drop you, I won’t get in trouble right?”

“I’m the mayor, dear.”

“Shut up and let me be the Evil Queen.”

There was a shriek, and they pair looked up. The real Snow White was rushing toward them in her bunny costume, a bright smile on her face.

“You look ridiculous, dear.” Regina snarled.

“Regina, you look adorable!” Snow exclaimed

“Emma Swan, I am going to destroy you, if it’s the last thing I do.”

Emma laughed.

“Remind me, who’s in the Snow White costume right now?”