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July 24, 2001 → *NSYNC’s Celebrity Album 

The fourth and final studio album by *NSYNC. It was released on July 24, 2001 by Jive Records. The album was the band’s second to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 1,879,495 copies, the second best debut-week sales in the country at the time. Which makes this NSYNC’s fourth consecutive top ten album and fourth multi-platinum selling album in the USA following No Strings Attached in 2000. As of 2015, the album has the third best-debut week sales in the US of all time. Upon release, the album received generally positive reviews from music critics.

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!!!! I saw your URL in my notifs and I got super excited! This just made my whole weekend, I've missed seeing your art (though I've also been consistently revisiting your blog) :'D I'm glad you're back ^^

slinks in. idk why but i thought peeps would be mad at me for comin back like this and i’ve got tears in my eyes me bucko

I just realized that I had a number of pen doodles that I never posted…. So here ya go I guess. Some of these things were like test sketches for things so they might look familiar… And I just threw these together, there’s not a particular order or anything. 

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