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I should have kissed you | part two // newt scamander

Chapter/One Shot: Part 2 out of 2

Part 1


so I, kiera, wrote this when I was really amped up and shit, and was so happy that people actually liked the first part. I feel so weird after writing this, because the ending didn’t go the way I thought it would, and I just gave up and let the words flow by its own. So if it’s a teeny weird, IM SO SORRY)

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(a/n: a pink calla lily, something Newt uses to court the girl. Just so you guys can get an idea of what it looks like)

I should have kissed you | part two // newt scamander

Alright, Newt tells himself. Just ask her. Confidently, charmingly and most of all, don’t get rejected.

So…the last one was a little out of his hands. Newt could only hope that by listening to his heart, he was doing the right thing and making the both of them happy.

She was going to come out of the Potions dungeon anytime soon. Anytime. Newt clutched the pink calla lily Pickett had convinced him to bring along, and tried to catch his breath. Pink Calla Lilies, according to the few muggle reference books from the Hogwarts library, meant admiration and appreciation.

He knew for a fact that she would love it. She always had a strong love for flowers, and hated it when she receives roses, often claiming and grumbling to Newt that they were unoriginal and cliché. Pickett had loved this particular flower, and Newt intended to use that fact as a backup conversation starter.

The classroom door opened. Last chance to back out, Newt thought, but he still stood firmly. Pickett gave him a warning look from under his Hufflepuff sweater. He knew exactly what Newt was thinking, and was there to make sure he didn’t pull out.

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