sweet jesters

HeadCanon-Morning routines

Yugi- Wakes up to his alarm twice, and as much as he wants to be lazy he get up anyway to get ready for the day. after getting dressed and doing his crazy hair and brushing his teeth he goes down to help Grandpa sort and open the shop, making sure they have inventory done and also so that he can make sure they both eat breakfast. Cant sell or make games on an empty stomach~!

Atem/Yami- When Atem was in the Puzzle his mind would rise when Yugi did so watching the boy go though his morning routine was endearing to the spirit. Seeing the other rub the sleep from his eyes had to be the most precious thing the spirit had seen besides Yugi getting flustered. And Yugi being the sweet boy he was would let the spirit take over some times to eat breakfast and talk with grandpa, it being a kind and sweet jester from the other, Yugi saying that he didnt want the other to get to lonely.

When Atem’s memories came back to him he would remember how he hated mornings, his servants and mages having to fight him to get him up, but once he was wake he was awake, the sun moving him to do his kingly duties as Pharaoh. Mornings with Yugi still holds over anything he could have recovered in his memories though.

Joey- sets ten alarms, never wakes up to the first nine and then panics and rushes around to get ready for school. After graduation the blonde has two jobs and even though he is still late his bosses ignore it with how hard the tough young punk works. Joey also likes to go to a small shop on his way to work and get some breakfast, not the most healthy thing he could eat but he lifts and does a lot of manual stuff so that plus working out when he can keeps im in shape for Duel Monster tournaments, cant let rich boys outshine his rugged good looks now can he?

Seto Kaiba- wakes up around 6am if he gets to sleep that long, most of the time its quick power naps until Mokuba makes him promise to sleep, which now that Mokuba is older and half runs the company Seto has taken those suggestions more. After waking up he eats a light healthy breakfast, works out for a few hours while managing his numbers and yelling at people over the phone, never once sounding like he is out of breath, and then showers. Three cups of coffee later and going over the day plans with Mokuba, the act like the two were casually talking about the weather or something, then then brothers would head to Kaiba Corp.

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