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‘cause i know i’m not easy to deal with sometimes

aka frank iero being a little shit 

okay it’s about to be 2am and i just thought about how uma probably makes the crew find some edible food for gil and then when he’s just having one of those times where he feels less appreciated, she shows up and gives it to gil because she hates seeing him eat rotten / trash food and he gets all happy ajskkddk

and im crying at the thought bc uma would really do anything for both harry and gil cause those are HER boys and she knows they deserve the best, man


hush little baby, don’t say a word
and never mind that noise you heard
it’s just the beasts under your bed
in your closet, in your head

vmin-yoonkook  asked:

Taehyung how much do you love jimin? Tell us!

Taehyung: He is such a sweet boyfriend who gives you all his love and reminds you often how important you are to him. He is also a cutie, I mean I love seeing him in my sweater *cough cough* um but he is just an adorable mochi on his own. Doesn’t mean he isn’t attractive and cool because aha when he dances I mean that’s a different story ahem anyways so how much do I love him? A lot.

fun fact!

In the Moana chapter book, after she and Maui escape Lalotai and he starts moping about how they’re never going to make it to Te Fiti, Moana actually gives him two motivational speeches!

There’s the one she gives him on their canoe, when he’s telling her his backstory. When she looks at him and tells him that he is worth more than his hook, that his past does not define him, that he is the one who makes him Maui.

But even before that, before they’ve even left Lalotai, she gives him a different one. She’s trying to encourage him to stand back up so they can get a move on (more or less), but he feels too defeated to keep going. She tells Maui that they will make it to Te Fiti, that he will defeat Te Ka.

And when he asks why?

She looks at him and she goes “Because you are Maui”

So, later, on Te Fiti

When Moana tries to apologize to him for what she did to his hook, and he says

“Well, hook, no hook. I’m Maui”

and looks at her like this?

That’s because he’s using her own words on her


Let’s appreciate that Killian Jones, the Captain Hook, realized that he needed to talk to someone about how he was feeling. A man notorious for internalizing his pain and his emotional struggles. A man who, in the past, would  much rather have drown his problems in the bottom of a rum barrel than have anybody share the burden. If this isn’t a sign of growth and emotional maturity, I don’t know what is honestly. It also shows that Killian encouraging Emma to talk to Archie wasn’t some hollow sign of support. He’s practicing what he preaches, holding himself to same expectation he held to Emma. It’s such a big step for him. This was such a huge moment for him on a personal level and it makes me so proud.

How B.A.P Sounds in Bed


Yongguk is going to want you to be more vocal than him. To react to his deep complements and comments and he’ll want you to tell him how’s he doing too. The reassurance will be so fucking sexy to him. Yongguk is by default (and blessing) deep toned. So whatever he says in bed will be low and it will drive you crazy. Yongguk won’t over do it though. He’ll mostly be honey groans and deep moans, especially when you’re giving him head. When he speaks (lord bless you) it’ll be in whispers. Against your neck or stomach. Compliments and just pure (not pure) body worship.


Himchan has no problems being vocal in bed. He’d love to dirty talk to you while he teases your body. Imagine (!) you’re on the bed and he’s letting his fingers trace over your body while he comments on your rocking hips and indulging on the things he wants to do with you, for you, to you. Himchan would be okay with just being himself with you, so you’ll hear many of his beautiful groans and grunts. His hand will be flat on your stomach as he rocks into you. The feeling of you making him groan, he might say something like “Ah, Y/N. You feel so good. Just for me.” To cover up his moans a bit because he’d rather see and hear you. 


Daehyun lives to praise you while you two are having sex. He’ll tell you how good you’re doing or how absolutely amazing you feel. “Damn, you feel so good, baby.” Or “Ah, Y/N.” just all breathy. When he’s not talking he’ll either want you to praise him back while he looks into your eyes or splatters kisses, literally wherever he can get his thick lips. Or, and hold on; he’ll be moaning. The most beautiful, body rocking moans that make you moan with just the simple thought of them. And Daehyun will moan right in your ear, he won’t care. Just because he wants, no, needs you to hear how good you’re making him feel. 


Youngjae wants the reassurance that comes in your moans and screams for him. Your sound is his praise and he craves each of them, needs them even. Youngjae will go harder, faster, stronger for your loud sounds that award him the title: God of Sex. There is honestly nothing Youngjae won’t do to get your sounds just the way he wants them. He’ll try his best to keep his own sounds at a low to hear you but that won’t always work. His hums and grunts will still be in your ears but he’ll want you to be louder than them. Honestly Youngjaes shaky moans he releases when he enters or pulls out of you are the best things in the world. If you’re loud enough he smile sweetly after you’re both done and praise you for each sound you made.


Jongups sounds will be at the same volume throughout your sex-capades. He’ll love that moment when you get loud towards the end, signaling to him that you’re close. His heavy breathing and groans will be steady, in line with his hips motion. Jongup will have no problems controlling his sounds and movements but when he lets go and you get to hear some of his deliciously sweet moans. You’ll be hooked, doing anything to hear one of them again. They’re the best sounds to make you feel properly praised and cause your whole body to shudder. Jongups sounds will haunt your wet dreams and bless your daydreams. 


Two words. Heavy. Breathing. Junhong loves to hear you out of breath. He’ll pull you onto his length and bring his head closer to your face to hear you gasp and then pant at his size. His head will fall to your chest as he continues to move, listening to every sound and breath you take. Junhong will also be a loud breather with a few hisses and hums. Every now and then you’ll get a grunt that will knock on your sexuality. He loves to hide his sounds in your chest, neck, thighs, anywhere!  At the end when you’re both laying in bed, holding each other. That’s when Junhong will be vocal. Asking about your day or telling you about his.


Request: “Can you do an imagine where you are dating Harry (Hook) and is really close with Jay and Harry turns into a jealous bitch and you guys have an argument about it but it ends in cuddles and all that sweet stuff.”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: Profanity

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You were currently hanging out with Jay in the Isle. He was like a big brother to you and you were talking to him because knowing you, you were over thinking things. Jay was good at listening and giving advice so you figured you’d go to him to empty your heart and mind.

“What if he gets bored of me and dumps me for some prettier and smarter girl I’ve been afraid of that happening ever since we got together.” You confessed to Jay.

“Don’t worry Y/N Harry loves you we can all see that. And if he’s stupid enough to so that he’s insane because you’re amazing and a great person.” Jay said.

“Thanks Jay I really needed that.” You said as you stood up and gave him a hug.

“No problem that’s what I’m here for.” Jay smiled. “Hey Y/N I’ve been looking-” Harry was about to finish his sentence until he saw you and Jay.

“Never mind you’re obviously very busy so I’ll see you later.” Harry said bitterly before walking away.

“I’m sorry Jay Harry’s really protective and gets jealous easily.” You apologized.

“Don’t worry about it go talk to him before he swords something to pieces.” Jay said. You chuckled before nodding and following Harry.

“Harry!” You shouted.

Harry didn’t slow down though he continued walking very quickly. You ran and finally caught up to him. You grabbed his arm and spun him around.

“Stop okay what’s up with you why are you being like this.” You asked. You already knew the answer but you wanted Harry to tell you himself.

“I saw you hugging Jay.” Harry said.

“Babe it was just a friendly hug okay you know Jay and I go way back.” You explained.

“Yeah but maybe Jay could’ve thought it was more then just friendly.”

“What? No he likes Lonnie he’s been thinking of away to ask her out. Baby him and I are like siblings okay nothing more.” You stated.

“You sure?” He asked.

“Yes by the way you look cute when you’re jealous.” You giggled.

“So are you and in that case I’ll have to get jealous more often.” Harry winked.

“No please don’t.” You chuckled.

“I’m sorry for getting jealous I just don’t want to lose you, I love you.” Harry said.

“I forgive you don’t worry and I love you too.” You smiled.

You and Harry had walked while you both were talking with each other. Now you were in your bedroom. You both went under the covers and cuddled with each other as you watched a movie. Halfway through it you both had fallen asleep in each other’s arms guarding and protecting each other.