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Sweet Home Alabama (2002)
Gonna Make You Love Me

Welcome to my latest crossover drabble. The opening quotes are in italics and the movie title is a song from the soundtrack. Plus, points of view will change. 

This is kind of different to the original movie but still hope you like it. Thanks gorgeous Jo @fanfantasticworld for the gorgeous cover by the way. 

Also to my adorably lovely nonnie who requested this crossover, hope you like it, luv!


“Can I help you?”

“Well, for starters, you can get your stubborn ass down here and give me a divorce.”

The intercom suddenly went quiet, obviously her husband was trying to come to terms with the fact that she’d turned up on his doorstep. Given they lived over 5000 miles apart, his shock wasn’t altogether unexpected but Caroline figured that Klaus deserved it. If he’d bothered to return her multiple calls and emails then she wouldn’t have to resort to such extreme measures.

“Caroline?” He finally spoke. She momentarily lost her concentration, no one said her name quite like he did and Caroline had the feeling no one else ever would either.

“Last time I checked,” she growled. “Unless there are any other Mrs Mikaelsons running around the place.” A passing stranger gave her a curious look as he walked by making Caroline suddenly self conscious about having this particularly awkward conversation in public. “Can you just let me in already?”

“That depends.” Caroline rolled her eyes, Klaus hadn’t changed in years. He was still the same smug idiot she’d met when she was a naive teenager who didn’t know any better. She just hoped her poor taste in men had improved with age.

“Are you going to hit me?”

“Klaus,” she warned.

“Well, I have every right to ask given last time,” he baulked. “I still have the scar on my big toe to prove it.”

“Your toe? Seriously? Anyway, it was an accident.”

“Oh, so your stiletto just happened to crush my toe that time?”

“What can I say, I slipped,” she drawled, knowing it wasn’t entirely innocent. “Now, are we going to discuss this like adults or are you going to hide behind your intercom like a pathetic child?”

Caroline was equal parts surprised and disappointed when she heard the door to the apartment building click. Disappointed because she was much more comfortable with the distance between them and wasn’t quite sure how she was going to face him after all this time. She pushed on the door and decided on climbing the multiple stairs so she could steel her nerves.

She first met Klaus Mikaelson ten years earlier. They were both seniors at neighbouring, private schools in Los Angeles and had run into each other at various events. She thought he was an arrogant ass from the outset and Klaus told her later on that he thought she was a spoilt princess. Obviously nothing much had changed between them. They fought incessantly, probably why the teachers of their respective schools decided to make them opposing debate captains. Their reasoning was it was a good way to channel all that energy. Plus, they figured if either school lost everyone knew it would be a good show.

While Klaus’ team took an early lead in the competition, it was Caroline who’d taken the win at the regional championships and this didn’t sit well with him. The rivalry between them only grew and pranks were common place until they’d been hauled before their principals and threatened with expulsion. This hadn’t played well with their parents and they’d been forced apart, neither of them that upset about the outcome.

Fast forward four years and they’d run into each other at an inter collegiate football match. He was top of his law class and she was the same in her marketing class. One insult led to another and their bubbling attraction had spilled over under the bleachers of all places. Yes, it was ridiculously cliched but Caroline blamed it on all that pent up sexual tension.

Tension which continued across consecutive nights, weeks and months and subsequently during her best friend Katherine’s birthday celebrations in Vegas. A few too many tequila shots later and they were suddenly husband and wife thanks to Elvis. Not her finest moment, that was for sure but for some reason she’d never had any regrets. Until he started acting strangely.

Before Caroline could reminisce any further the door flew open unexpectedly on her arrival.

“Hello, gorgeous,” Enzo greeted her at the door. The brown eyed brunette hadn’t changed much since she’d seen him last.

“What are you doing here?”

“Trust me, if I wasn’t he would have never have let you inside,” he replied, knowingly. “He’s in one of those brooding, immature moods.”

“I heard that, Lorenzo,” he muttered.

“I meant you to, Niklaus,” he shot back, whipping his head over his shoulder to scowl at his brother-in-law for using his full name before turning back to Caroline. “I thought these temper tantrums might have finished after puberty but obviously I was entirely too optimistic. On that cheery note, looks like it’s your turn, darling.”

Caroline suddenly felt uneasy as he stared at her expectantly. Not just because she had to deal with his childish ass but because they’d be all alone. If history was anything to go by, they usually ended up in bed in that particular situation.

“Thanks,” she murmured.

“Tonight, 8pm at the Connaught.” Caroline fought the urge to reminisce especially seeing it was her favourite bar in Mayfair.

“I’m here on business, Enzo, nothing more,” she uttered, finally focusing and remembering exactly what had brought her to London.

“Trust me, after dealing with his bloody grumpiness you’re going to need an alcoholic drink, possibly multiple,” he suggested. Caroline couldn’t really argue with that logic even if alcohol was the very reason she was in this current predicament. “Plus, Rebekah would kill me if I let you leave our fair country without a proper send-off.” Rebekah was always so god damn formal.

“As long as there’s a Grey Goose martini waiting for me, I’ll consider it,” she bargained. Caroline wasn’t flying out until tomorrow, so why not enjoy herself? She also figured Enzo had a point, she’d need it after dealing with Klaus.

“Dirty, three olives,” Klaus called out, obviously still eavesdropping on their conversation. Why the hell did he have to know her so well? She made a mental note to change her drink preference on returning to the United States.

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