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Mine Pt.2

Min Yoongi Vampire AU.

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A ray of sunlight penetrated the curtains to fall uncomfortably on your face. You shifted away from it, a wave of pain again taking over. A series of whimpers left your lips as you sat up in your bed, you hand immediately finding you neck, searching for the proof that it wasn’t a dream, a nightmare. You were met by the rough material of a bandage and jumped off the bed springing towards the bathroom.

You stared at yourself for a moment in the mirror, scared of what you’d see. You tugged at the corner of the bandage pulling it slowly off your skin to reveal just what you were fearing. A set of two small marks surrounded by a large purple hickey. You didn’t want to think about why he took the time to treat them as they looked cleaned and carefully treated nor dared to question how you had changed into pajamas. You tried to block your mind from even going there. Your fingers brushed against the wound and you winced at the pain, the feeling of his fangs cutting through your skin coming to life again.

“I’ll be back, kitten” The husky voice echoed in your head and you turned around frightened looking for its source before realizing it was just a flashback. He must’ve said it sometime before you fainted or recovered consciousness yet you had no memory of. Or maybe it was just your mind playing games on you. You covered your neck again deciding it wasn’t time to dread about this, you had to get ready for work.

“Hello … Hello!” The woman on the other end screamed, snapping you back into reality and from the anger in

her voice it wasn’t the first time she had to bring you back into the conversation.

“Yes, sir, what were you saying?” You were met with a brief silent before she erupted in anger.

“Sir? Have you even been listening to what I was saying… Are you stupid?” She emphasized the last sentence taking special care into pronouncing each word separately.

“I’m sorry, Miss. I’m so sorry I was distracted …” The thought of him cut you off again, his eyes, his gaze, his breath stealing you away from consciousness again as you stared at nothing.

“Y/N!!! Come here!” The voice of your manager surpassing all the noise in the small office making you spring off your seat and meet his furious glare.

“This is the fifth one today!” He stated throwing a pair of papers at your face. You turned away avoiding them before looking back at him.

“ Fifth what, sir?” you replied your eyes widening at him. He sighed clearly trying to contain his rage.

“That’s it, you’re out. Get out! You’re fired!” Everyone’s attention was on the two of you now, they left their own tasks to stare at you in astonishment. You were usually the quiet, hard-working and invisible employee that anyone rarely, if ever, saw getting into trouble. You looked around at the number of eyes plastered on you before you turned to your manager bowing your head then giving him multiple bows.

“I’m really sorry, this won’t happen again. Please, sir, don’t.” You repeated trying to change his mind but it wasn’t working as he left you there with your head held low and went back to his own office.

You fell back on the chair your hands cradling your head as you sighed, closing your eyes for a second to stop yourself from crying. However, a few tears betrayed you falling down your cheeks and into whatever you were holding in your hands while you gathered your stuff into a box.

You worked there for a whole two years, and just like that, you were let go … That simple. It seemed so unfair and you felt wronged. The fact that you could fit your entire work life into a small cardboard box didn’t help either.

You made your way outside trying to ignore the pity in everyone’s eyes as you felt them staring at you, whispering between themselves things you really did not wish to know. You set the box aside on the bus stop seat, sitting besides it and leaning against its side denting the soft material.

This time seeing the people come and go was anything but comforting every glance thrown seemed to pity you, to curse at you, to hold you accountable. It probably wasn’t but the mind is a strong influence, the people surely didn’t even notice you. You chose to take the longer way home by riding the wrong bus, one that travels most of the city before eventually passing your house. It would give you time to think, to breath.

However, as the first half hour flew by the only thing you could think about was reaching home and sleeping. A strange feeling of fatigue and exhaustion taking you over, your eyes closing on their own. Just a little longer you thought as the streets became familiar indicating you were getting closer.

Reaching the front door, you felt a strange feeling of hesitation to open the door. It was your home, the only place you were supposed to feel safe but because of him, that safety disappeared. The sound of your ringtone made you spring back, your heart skipping a beat. You reached into your bag searching for it and sighing when you found it was your mom, she always seemed to call you when something was wrong, as if she had a weird sensor.

“Hello” you breathed out quietly.

“Y/N! Are you okay?” your heart jumped but before you could articulate a word she continued, typical for her. “I called five times already and ten times last night and you didn’t call me back! What the hell is going on with you?” she was practically scolding you like she once did to the five years old you.

“Mom, I’m 25, stop worrying about me, nothing has happened” Lie “I’m okay!” Another lie. By the end of the conversation, after reassuring her a thousand times that you were alright, you lost count of how many lies you told her. But were you going to tell her that you were attacked by a Vampire? Who would actually believe that, even if it was true.

You threw your shoes aside stepping lazily inside the apartment scattering your outer clothes around and plunging onto sofa for a moment, when you closed your eyes, you forgot about everything and your mind went blank only the feeling of your tense muscles relaxing and a satisfying sigh leaving your lungs.

You opened your eyes again glancing at the kitchen “ I’ll be back, Kitten the words echoed again this time even louder than before. The memory more alive than ever. Your hand unconsciously reached up to your neck scratching the bandages. What did he mean? There were so many questions left unanswered, so many confusing things that tortured you. Things you couldn’t speak about to anyone, without them thinking you had lost your mind.

The sound of the TV playing filled the void in your brain bringing you quickly to sleep, not that you needed the push, your thoughts drifted away from the drama you were watching to think of him again. His short hair hiding those deep icy eyes, two colors that would usually look ridiculous together seemed so harmonized. You found yourself imagining his touch again, even craving it. It was strange, you were supposed to be disgusted, repulsed and revolted by it. He intruded your home, your safety and you. You should be scared and stressed about what happened yet you weren’t, at least not now.

You could clearly remember how your heart felt tight and trapped in your chest at the time and the cold sweat slowly forming from the shock. At the time, you were about to die so it was natural for you to feel that way. However, now it had disappeared completely, which was abnormal. You massaged the patch, a small pain making you wince every time your fingertips ran over it. Before closing your eyes, falling into deep sleep, you swore you could see him in front of you, blaming it on hallucination from tiredness.

He walked towards you in light steps, not to wake you up, and got on his knees. His face dangerously close to your own and only coming nearer, he sighed, taking in the sight of you. Dark circles surrounding your eyes and fatigue clearly draining your features which was half his fault.

“I should’ve stopped sooner, sorry.” He whispered for no one to hear as he brushed a stray strand of hair from your eyes. Shrugging to himself, he had never perceived his food this way before. Something about you, about the taste of you blood against his tongue, switched on what he thought of as an nonexistent instinct inside of him, the instinct to protect. Your puffy eyes screamed that you have been crying, he wanted to know why, he wanted you to tell him. He was as captivated by you as you were by him. Just in a different way.

Days passed and you tried to not be brought down by what happened, trying to find a new job. The hectic life you were now leading from going to job interviews, to part time jobs, to trying to slip in a few hours of sleep in.

It kept your mind off of that night and gladly so. You would still remember him every time you had to hide the deep hickey on your neck with skin toned bandages, avoiding any possible awkward situation in case anyone saw it. However, you would easily drift away from it when you needed to hurry up to leave for your early part time job.

“Hey, Y/N. You’re here early” Your co-worker Ivy greeted you with the usual sweet, heart-warming smile. You bowed your head returning her smile then quickly stealing a glance at the clock, you were a half hour early. You chuckled, your fingers finding their way through your hair as you brushed it back.

“I guess I am, I didn’t notice the time.”You smiled again and she shook her head in disbelief.

“My god Y/N, you’re always distracted,” She laughed before continuing “It’s okay, I was feeling lonely anyways.” She stepped closer to you making her way to the storage room when she stopped her eyes fixed on your neck “What’s that?” her fingers reached out to touch you when you slapped them away. Her lips parted slightly in shock of your harsh reaction “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to meddle.” She quickly took her hand back massaging it.

You stumbled towards her feeling sorry “No, it’s okay. I … just … It hurts that’s why.” She stared at you for a moment before breathing out “oh? …oh!” and giggling to herself. You followed behind a strange blush on your face “No, no, no That’s not it …. god no.” You screamed at her.

“Alright, let’s just say it isn’t” She looked over her shoulder back at you and winked cunningly. You opened your mouth to say something but decided to just keep at that.

“By the way, Y/N, could you do me a favor?” She peeked at you from one of the convenience store isles and smiled awkwardly. You looked up from the counter.

“Yes, sure. What do you need?” You replied, your eyes returning to the papers in front of you sorting out your interview profiles.

“You can say no if you don’t want to, and I …”

You cut her off before she could get another word out “Just get to the point, Ivy.” She went silent for a moment before continuing.

“Would you take the night shift for me? I have this date and I don’t want to miss it … Please?” You glanced at her again, smiling at her pleading expression, she looked too cute to refuse so you just nodded “Fine.” you whispered and she jumped in happiness launching towards you. You quickly picked up her movement stopping her before she could strangle you in a tight hug.

“What did I say about too much physical contact?” You joked as she wrapped her excited arms around you not leaving you space to move. She pulled back, her smile still lingering.

“Thank you so much!” she squeaked. You were too preoccupied by  her shouts that you forgot that having night shift meant you would get off work at 10PM, then have to walk three blocks to reach your house … in the darkness.

The realization didn’t hit you until it was the end of the work day. You closed the store checking each lock prolongedly before you wrapped yourself into your coat and hurriedly, almost running, heading home. Feeling the similar cold sensation from that night, the same darkness embracing you all so comfortably. You glanced around at the deserted street, feeling relieved but the voice in the back of your head screaming in anxiety, you chose to silence it ignoring the constant warnings for every sound, whisper or movement anywhere near you.

You hands tightly wrapped around the numerous store keys each one entangled between two fingers, it was stupid to think it would serve an actual purpose if anything was to happen but it provided a much needed consolation for your vulnerability. You weren’t the strongest person and you knew it.

You were surprised to hear an engine sound driving up from behind you, at this time and hour. Even more surprised when the car came to a halt on the sidewalk besides you almost ramming into you. You leaped back away from it.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” You yelled at the stranger stepping out of the vehicle feigning a worried look on his face as another stepped out the driver’s seat and not leaving his spot once the door was closed.

“Are you okay? You must’ve been very shocked. We apologize for that.” His voice, damaged by obvious years of smoking, rang through one ear leaving the other as the obvious lie almost had you laughing. You didn’t respond just started walking again. They didn’t seem to be having it, a hand grabbing your forearm turning you violently towards him.

“Come on, it’s rude not to show appreciation for my apology.” His tone deepened and his eyes filled with clear lust. You could smell the scent of alcohol with every breath he exhaled in your direction making you cringe away. You tried to jerk your hand away from him but he grabbed it back right after it slipped. You stood still for a moment calming yourself before glaring at him.

“Let. Me. The. Fuck. Go.” It was getting hard for you to control your anger at this point. Things have been piling up inside of you, and knowing yourself you would never relieve the stress and leave it to accumulate until breaking point.

“You heard her, let her go.” A familiar voice spoke from behind you. A voice that haunted you for the past weeks, making staying in complete silence torture. You turned to glance at him, he still looked the same, dressed in nothing but black from head to toe. The green in his hair has faded some but the traces were still there, you felt disappointed at the mere fact that something changed, why? You brushed away those thoughts concentrating on the current situation, on the hand painfully tightening on your arm, on the death stare the red eyed man was giving the two of you and his sharp fangs making themselves known as he parted his puffy lips, slowly licking his bottom lip in the most erotic way possible. He shot a glance at you.

“Can you not think about that right now?” He growled and you could feel heat seeping into your cheeks looking away trying to pull your hand from the man’s grip but, again, to no avail. Your failure seemed to anger the dark figure even further as he seemed to be losing his self-control.

“Who are you to tell me that?” The stranger yelled back letting your hand go and instead wrapping his arm around your waist pulling you towards him. That was it, the drop that flooded the cup. He lurched forwards grabbing the man by the collar as you were pushed to the ground violently, unintentionally. He didn’t take into account how much force he used against you only thinking about protecting you from the other, he ended up hurting you himself, again.

He glanced at you his icy expression breaking into worry. That’s all it took for the other to flee his grasp, the other guy, clearly more drunk, joining him instantly. He stepped towards you in a hesitant step pausing when you flinched away looking up from your scraped and bloody hands. Now, being in his presence, the feeling of nervousness and fear were building up deep inside of you.

One of the two men swung a drunken punch at him while he was distracted. He stopped it before it could hit his jaw clenching his fist around the larger man’s hand the sound of bone crushing echoed through the street. It was followed by silence then a high pitched scream of pain as he kept tightening his slender fingers around him. He stepped forward wrapping the other free hand on the second’s neck not leaving him a chance to react when the air was blocked from his lungs so suddenly it wasn’t long before he stopped struggling falling to the ground motionless. His glare turned back to the screaming one, still trying to get away from him,

“Never touch what’s mine.” He stated his words hitting you hard. His? Rather than making you feel whatever you were supposed to get from someone saying that about you, you just felt anger, pure anger. A strong emotion you couldn’t pinpoint the cause of, but it was there clenching your heart.

You pushed yourself up stumbling back a few steps to gain balance. You looked just as he pierced the man’s neck, just like he did to you. However, it was rougher and more brutal than with you. You suddenly felt a pain in the bite mark, remembering how it felt when his pointed fangs made their way so easily into your soft skin, how it felt to sense as every drop of blood leaked out to meet his warm tongue resting all so comfortably against your tense muscles and his low moans of pleasure as he took in each drop with utter desire for it, for you.

There you were again, feeling all the wrong sensations and imagining all the wrong things. A growl snapped you back to him as he pulled away the cold, drained body falling like a dead leaf to the ground. He wiping the leftover blood from his chin with the back of his hand before speaking under his breath “Distasteful.” It was the first time you witnessed a dead body so closely, it was so gruesome, so sickening.

His dead eyes staring into yours, his muscles were still tense from the struggle, he gently twitched as they finally relaxed. You didn’t even dare to look at the man, you couldn’t. You turned on you heels and started running aimlessly, you just wanted to get out of there, it was too much for you to support and to process. You stopped next to an alley the urge to vomit omnipresent in your stomach. You were coughing violently and dry heaving hunched forward your hand pushed against the wall for support. A cold hand grabbed your shoulder tightening all so softly.

“Stay away from me!” You jerked his hand away choking on your tears and coughs, you were surprised you could speak out even a single word. His hand found its way back to your arm turning you to him and pulling you closer. You closed your eyes in anticipation for the worst, the only thought in your head is that you were going to end up like that man. Dead in the middle of a back alley for no one to find. To your surprise, he wrapped you in a tight hug pulling you against him, his chin resting on the top of your head holding you in place.

“I’m sorry, It’s okay, it’s going to be okay.” He kept humming his vibrating adam’s apple palpable on your forehead each time it moved up and down as he spoke. The hoarse tone of his voice strangely making all the disgust and anxiety go away.

You don’t know when but you were crying frantically into his shirt, your breathing becoming a mess. You held it in for too long that when it started coming out, it literally exploded. His embrace felt normal, comforting and warm. You would usually feel weirded out by prolonged physical contact but this was the most comfortable silence you have even been in. Well, it wasn’t technically silence since your heavy breathing broke it. He just stood there his arms still around you pulling tighter and tighter whispering sweet nothing into your ear. It took you a long time to stop, but he didn’t let you go.

“I … I…” you spoke, your voice muffled against his chest affirming that he could indeed let you go. And after a deep sigh he did, instead his hands finding yours and grasping them as if you were going to run away if he wasn’t touching you.

“Yoongi. Min Yoongi.” He declared with an unknown smile.

“What?” you looked up at him your cheeks still wet from the old teardrops as new ones joined them. He brought his hand up to wipe them, his touch so gentle you leaned into it, his smile widened with satisfaction at your friendly gesture. Unlike earlier when you flinched away from him, he wasn’t feeling hostility from you anymore. Can I trust him? You frowned as the thought echoed through your mind. In response, he leaned forward placing his lips on your forehead a bit rougher than his touch, then taking his lips back just as they touched you.

“My name is Min Yoongi.” He restated and you giggled for no reason. He arched an eyebrow at your sudden reaction and you pulled you hand away from him causing him to frown before you reached out again.

“I’m Y/N.” He took your hand in his shaking it.

“I know.” He replied his fingers fitting so perfectly between yours. You shook your head.

“I don’t even want to know how you do.” He laughed, unlike what you would presume, the sound of his laughter was bubbly and silly making you chuckle. Meeting his eyes you realized they settled on a velvet black, no traces of blood in them at all. For a moment, right there, he seemed normal. You seemed normal.

But it wasn’t. This feeling wasn’t right.