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because you know this bunch was the absolute worst at school

  • random student: “oh man, keith is so mysterious and dreamy. i wonder what he’s thinking about…”
    • keith internally: ‘if i drink the contents of this beaker will i be able to breathe fire’
  • lance in tears: “pidge i’m gonna fail, i don’t know what to study for this test”
    • pidge: “well i do. goodbye” 
  • lance: “hunk you beautiful rule-breaking moth”
    • lance: “hunk you cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish”
    • lance: “hunk, you’re a genius! your brain is almost as perfect as your face”
  • keith gets mad at a student so he just bites into their eraser and spits it across the room
  • teacher!shiro emailing his students: ‘sorry guys class is cancelled today i couldn’t find a parking space so i cried in the lot for 8 minutes’ 
  • pidge: “haha iverson left his facebook logged in let’s post a message saying ‘i’m a dick hurr durr’” lance: “hahah”
    • hunk: “haha or we could send a 2000 word message to his wife explaining how he’s been having multiple affairs and he doesn’t love her anymore and their marriage has always been a sham”
    • pidge: “…..dude….”
    • hunk: “hahah just a suggestion ( :” 
  • keith naruto-runs through the hallways 
  • shiro: “hey guys today we’re gonna watch a video so i can sleep under my desk” 
  • lance pointing at some birds on campus: “are those your relatives?” pidge: -__- 
  • lance: “yuck there goes keith kogane…with the beautiful hair and the soulful eyes….he’s so disgusting i hate him” 
    • keith: “sorry man can i pass through-” 
    • lance: “can you pass-?! can you pass through??? can you- you burnt piece of celery…do you wanna go?!?! i don’t care, i’ll go right now, i’ll kiss you in the middle of the hallway!! i don’t give a shit i’ll do it!!!” keith: “what” 
  • lance: “hunk i don’t feel so great, i messed up the flight simulator today” hunk: “:( i’m sorry buddy”
    • hunk: “this is a quote that keeps me going when i feel down. ‘if we never flew, we would never fall. the life we live isn’t so simplistic, you just don’t get what you want. so we take what comes, and we keep on going’”
    • lance: “woah hunk….who said that? obama?” 
    • hunk: ”…..big time rush"
  • shiro pointing at a board with the words ‘a lie’: “class, there is only one thing worse than a lie” 
    • shiro ripping off a paper to reveal ‘living a lie’: “boom”
    • keith gasping: “living”
    • shiro: “no-” 

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dont mind me just reading all ur voltron headcanons they are a gift

well consider me the gift that keeps giving, buddy

  • [keith and lance get hit] hunk: “shiro we have to hurry up and come up with a plan!! that last blast almost… heh…. cost us an arm and a leg”
  • pidge and lance lowkey adopted each other. lance knows, pidge probably doesn’t
    • lance waded through a water fountain to get his weird sister a video game she liked i mean come on
    • meanwhile pidge allegedly finds lance annoying but if anyone actually agrees with her she’s like “no wait only i’m allowed to say that”
    • they’re siblings
  • coran is just. so proud of these little humans and their little primitive brains. did you see how number five hacked that computer princess? look at her tiny synapses firing!!
  • whenever allura has free time she’ll plan out circus routines for the mice
  • “this is keith he’s a little stabby but we love him”
  • the team fights over going on missions with shiro
    • *hunk voice* “when do i get my life changing field trip with shiro”
  • when slav saw the particle barrier technology for the first time he straight up laughed
  • lance: “i need some encouragement. i need to ask myself, ‘what would an apollo astronaut do?’… and well they’d probably drink three whiskey sours, drive their corvette into a launchpad, then fly to the moon in a command module way smaller than my lion. man those guys were cool”
  • *Harry, Ron, and Draco sharing a table in the Library*
  • Harry: Really Malfoy could you stick your nose any higher?
  • Draco: Really Potter could you flash your scar anymore?
  • Ron: Really Malfoy could you wedge that stick further up your arse?
  • Passing Student: Haha Yeah Malfoy you prissy pureblood twit!
  • Harry, Ron: Hey!
  • Harry: Excuse me are you part of this conversation?
  • Draco: Yeah, who invited you?
  • Ron: No one gets to insult Malfoy except us!
  • Passing Student: But he just insulted you.
  • Draco: And I'm the only one who gets to insult them!
  • Ron: Exactly!
  • *Student leaves*
  • *Hermione arrives, pecks Draco on the cheek, and sits next to him as he puts his arm behind her*
  • Hermione: Hey guys did I miss anything?
  • All: No.
  • Draco: Just polite small chat.
  • Harry: Bonding.
  • Ron: Waiting for you.
Who Else Just Knows that Rowan Whitethorn can sing?

I mean imagine:

- Aelin sometimes walking in on Rowan humming as he goes over tax plans, or sharpens his knives.

-Aelin idly wondering if her big man can sing

- But Aelin doesn’t push it on him, not yet at least.

-Aelin doesn’t push it on him until one night, when their baby wakes up, crying and shrieking, and Rowan goes to go calm her down

- Aelin dozes off, but when she wakes up, Rowan’s not next to her. So she decides to go into the nursery, figuring Rowan probably fell asleep in there (again).

- But when she gets there, Rowan’s not asleep.

- He’s singing!

- Aelin nearly sobs as she watches her mate rock their daughter as he sings, the song clear and beautiful

- She waits for him to finish before entering the room, and when she does, Rowan blushes for like ten solid minutes.

- Aelin begs Rowan to sing for her, just one song, but he declines.

- Rowan has never really sang in front of any one, and was not about to start then.

“Please, Rowan!” She begged, a grin playing at her lips.
Aelin watched as Rowan turned towards the bed, and even through the dark, she could still see his flush.
Rowan flipped back the covers and slid in, the only sounds in the room the rustling of the sheets as he settled in. Aelin sighed, but walked towards the bed. If he was this adamant about this, she’d let it go. But at least she was right. Rowan Whitethorn, King of Terrasen, Warrior of ice and snow, could sing.

- Rowan doesn’t sing for Aelin until one night, when she awakes shaking and sobbing, the darkness too much for her.

-Rowan calmly lights a few candles, then wraps his arms around his mate and begins.

- His voice certainly is beautiful. And Aelin wonders how he’s kept this from her for so long. The song is in the old language, so she can barely decipher the meaning but she decides she loves it.

- Aelin falls asleep with his voice in her heart, and his kiss on her brow.

-But all sweetness aside, the songbird jokes begin.

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your Voltron headcanons are amazing and hilarious and a gift to this world

once again i’m in awe that my gift to humanity is shitposts

  • “where’s pidge” “i don’t know probably planking on a robot or something”
  • lance is a treasure trove of very specific and random skill sets that come in handy at very specific and random moments
    • one time he goes undercover as a circus performer and manages to distract the bad guys long enough for the team to stage a whole prison break by juggling for half an hour straight
    • can totally pick locks with bobby pins
    • king of limbo, once avoided death by lasers by shimmying under them
  • “oh my god guys guys if keith were a superhero he’d be the sandman. get it. get it because he lived in the deser-”
  • keith and lance use the buddy system whenever they have to walk through the castle because they still don’t trust it not to kill them and there’s strength in numbers shut up pidge
  • not that either party knows this but hunk can deadlift more than zarkon
  • allura’s vibe is “don’t fuck with me” while shiro’s is “you could pour soup in my lap and i’d probably apologize to you”
  • *in the middle of a fight* pidge: “tag yourself i’m that galra guy who just straight up ran away when he saw us“
    • lance: “i’m the ship that just blew up”
    • hunk: “i’m the cold, crushing void of space”
    • coran: “can you kids lighten up a little???”

Give me Harry and Draco in the eighth year common room making eyes at each other.

Harry sitting near the fire while Ron and Hermione bicker over school work. Draco across the room, alone at a table pretending to read an advanced potions textbook while actually just staring at the same three words over and over again between not so subtle glances over at Harry.

Harry bored of listening to Ron and Hermione’s not so subtle flirting and secretly wishing he could flirt and bicker openly with his boyfriend.

Harry casually glancing in the direction of said boyfriend who is looking back at him and whose eyebrows raise and lower suggestively, yet so quickly anybody would have missed it except for Harry who knows it so well. Who knows exactly what it means.

Draco snapping his book shut and casually making his way up to his dorm. Lying down on his bed with his head propped on two pillows and opening up his textbook again and actually reading it this time. At ease knowing his boyfriend will be with him soon.

Harry entering Draco’s room a few minutes after watching him leave the common room.

Draco locking and silencing the room without a word.

Harry sitting down on the bed and leaning over Draco to give him a light peck on the lips. Turning away to take off his shoes before settling down next to his boyfriend, their shoulders pressed together and one of Harry’s legs resting on top of Draco’s, before picking up a Quidditch magazine from Draco’s nightstand and starting to read.

Give me Draco and Harry just wanting to hang out with each other.

I’ve seen a lot of the “Lance’s family immigrated to America” thing in fanfics, but the beach he mentions is in Cuba, so I’ve been thinking…

Please consider: a Lance who isn’t an American citizen. Who grew up watching Florida’s space shuttle launches through a scope his father dragged down to the beach at Varadero. Who literally spent years trying to train away his Cuban accent so he’d have a better chance of being accepted into the world’s most advanced space program. Who has to balance worries about his student visa not being renewed with the challenges of his tough piloting courses. Whose feelings of inferiority to Keith are being badly exacerbated by snide whispers from classmates about how he must have only gotten in on affirmative action. Whose disappearance causes an international incident between America and Cuba.

(And maybe also: A Lance who’s able to automatically accept Galra!Keith not just because “Ooh fuzzy <3” but because he knows exactly what xenophobia and racism feel like–knows exactly what it’s like to be treated like an alien in the one place he most wanted to belong, and he refuses to ever make someone else feel the way he did.)

Just sayin’.

College AU Headcanon

Jimin’s your typical sweet, happy-go-lucky dance major that smiles at everyone and buys coffee for the person behind him whenever he can because he’s just that nice, and Jungkook is his big, scary, badboy boyfriend that never talks to anyone unless absolutely necessary and is almost always seen in a leather jacket. 

They aren’t ashamed of their relationship in the slightest but that doesn’t mean that they don’t notice the looks they get when Jimin practically skips around campus with a thousand watt smile as he drags a tired and grumbling Jungkook around behind him. 

Before they got together, Jimin was the sweetest, most patient person on campus. His presence alone would brighten anyone’s day. Sometimes, when he’d go to the library to study, there wouldn’t be any seats left and so he’d settle for sitting on the floor in the back. And sometimes people were careless and rude and ended up stepping on his papers. But he was too nice to say anything.

Once they started dating, Jungkook changed everything. No one so much as touched him in the halls, and the same table was always mysteriously empty when he’d go to the library. His tattoos and piercings made people nervous, even if they’d never met him before. In all honestly, Jungkook had never done a damn thing to anyone. Maybe he got in a few scuffles back in high school, a few heated arguments at parties, but nothing that would justify the reputation he’d received. 

Honestly, Jungkook was just a big sweetheart that wasn’t good at talking to people and liked tattoos and piercings. So sue him for being awkward and appreciating art. 

Jungkook would get up early to walk Jimin to dance practice, even if he grumbled about being up at 6am while he did it. Dressed in sweatpants, a hoodie, and whichever beanie he could grab on the way out the door, Jungkook would lace their fingers together as they crossed the college campus, never paying any attention to the people staring at them.

Jimin would always make them breakfast whenever they had a day to themselves, bringing it in to the bedroom before crawling on top of a sleeping, shirtless Jungkook. He’d press kisses to Jungkook’s spine, working up until he reached his shoulder blades, then his neck, to his jaw, and finally, his lips. And Jungkook would be awake by the time Jimin would kiss him chastely, only to be pulled back into a more heated kiss after he’d roll over. 

“Good morning, handsome.” Jimin would grin and give Jungkook another peck as he blinked up at him, all sleepy and soft. 

“G’morning, baby.” Jungkook would hum back as Jimin traced the tattoos across his chest, relishing the weight of Jimin on his stomach and the feeling of his thighs around his ribs.

Those mornings would be spent in bed, Jimin sat on Jungkook’s lap as they ate, feeding each other bites, even as cheesy as it was. Later, they’d end up on the couch, Jungkook in sweatpants and Jimin in boxers as they lounged around, not really paying attention to the television as much as they were to each other.

And Jimin would always meet Jungkook outside the lecture hall for his music production class so they could grab lunch together. He’d smile and wave at him from across the hall as people trickled out the door before getting swallowed by the mass of students. As embarrassing as Jungkook would claim it to be, he couldn’t help the lopsided grin that would form when Jimin would jump up to stand on the bench above everyone. He’d only chuckle and let Jimin drape himself across his back before piggybacking him out the door. 

Sometimes it was hard on Jungkook. The stares and comments would get to be a bit too much and he’d just want to hide. But he couldn’t do that, so he’d lace his fingers with Jimin’s and squeeze until he looked away from whatever he’d been looking at. And Jimin would know; he always did. 

As sweet as Jimin may be, more people had seen him lose his cool than Jungkook. And it was always for the “badboy” himself.

“He’s no good.”

“Look at those tattoos, he’s a delinquent.”

“He’ll just end up in prison.”

Jimin was always the first person to jump to Jungkook’s defense, regardless of how many times he’d claim that they didn’t bother him. 

“Alright, listen up jackass-.” He’d scold people for saying such things about his boyfriend and it usually ended with Jungkook holding him back and tugging him in the opposite direction.

“They aren’t worth it.” He’d have to whisper into Jimin’s ear, quietly trying to calm his boyfriend’s raging fury as he glared at some middle-aged businessman from across the sidewalk.

“Baby,” Jimin would take Jungkook’s face in his hands, thumb grazing his lip ring, “I’m not going to let them talk about you like that.”

“Babe, I told you it doesn’t-”

“I know you only say that because you know how upset I get about it.”

Jungkook would sigh, knowing that he’d been figured out. Jimin would press a kiss to his lips and pull him into a hug, glaring at the businessman and flipping him the bird before pulling Jungkook away. They’d end up outside an ice cream shop, Jimin sitting back against the building as Jungkook laid his head in his lap. 

“I don’t care what anyone says,” Jimin would start, aggressively licking the ice cream cone in his hand, “you’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met.”

Jungkook would grin up at Jimin before tugging him down my his collar to kiss him. Afterwards, he’d lick his lips and smirk.

“I don’t know, babe. You’re pretty sweet yourself.”

And Jimin would just roll his eyes and let Jungkook kiss him again, pretending that he wasn’t just licking into his mouth for the ice cream. He’d nip at Jungkook’s lip, gently tugging on his lip ring until he’d groan and drag Jimin home.

Cuddling With Sweet Pea Headcanon

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  • Cuddling with Sweet Pea? Oh, boy….are you in for a treat.
  • Despite the fact that cuddling with Sweet Pea is an incredibly rare and spontaneous occurance, when it does happen, it’s the most amazing experience in the world.
  • And, suprisingly, it’s usually initiated by him. 
  • Like the two of you could literally be sitting in your room, watching TV or doing homework, when all of a sudden Sweet Pea would turn off the TV or take away your textbook, and next thing you know you’re craddled into his chest and his arms are wrapped around your waist. 
  • He’s also, despite what you may believe, a very gentle and loving cuddler, so he’ll often try to find a way to look into your eyes or gently stroke your cheek.
  • Sometimes, the two of you will literally lay on your sides and face each other, no words being said as you stare into each others eyes and say all the things you never could.
  • Being from the Southside, however, Sweet Pea is also extremely protective, so whenever the two of you do cuddle, he’ll hold you in a way that makes you feel safe, warm, and incredibly loved.
  • Spooning? It’s a thing, and it’s wonderful.
  • Oh, and he’s usually the big spoon.
  • Except for when he’s sad or angry.
  • Then you’re the big spoon.
  • Sweet Pea would snuggle his face into the crook of your neck, lightly kiss your shoulder, and would always have his fingers intertwined with your own.
  • And whenever you’re cradled against his chest, he would always manage to hold you so that you could hear his heartbeat loud and clear.
  • He knew it helped you fall asleep.
  • Kisses? Oh, there’d be lots of kisses.
  • Neck kisses, cheek kisses, soft kisses, rough kisses.
  • He’d give you all the kisses.
  • You also like to play with his hair.
  • A lot.
  • And sometimes you’ll sneak up on him and lightly wrap your hands around his waist, catching him off guard before softly kissing the exposed skin around his neck.
  • And once in a while, after he’s gotten into a fight or roughed up while messing around with his boys, you’ll find yourself spending a good 10 minutes just focusing on his newly formed scratches and scars, lightly tracing and kissing each and every one of them until the ways in which they got there no longer weighed on your mind. 
  • The cuddling isn’t always gentle and serious, through.
  • Sometimes it’s sappy and  playful, and the two of you would literally lay in each others arms and talk about the dumbest things for hours.
  • Like Netflix shows or your favorite ice cream flavor. 
  • Either way, cuddling with Sweet Pea was definitely an experience.
  • And you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. 
Riverdale Headcanons- Jealous Sweet Pea

  • We can all agree Sweet Pea gets jealous very easily
  • Whether some Ghoulie, Northsider or hell, even another Serpent, Sweets is bound to get jealous
  • There is no subtle jealousy from him if he’s jealous it will be known
  • God help anyone who gets in his way
  • Prime example was when he first started dating you, he announced to the group of young Serpents that if anyone tried anything, they were going to be sorry
  • Everyone took that guarantee seriously and still do to this day
  • What he will do during his jealous episodes will range depending on what exactly is going on
  • If some guy is flirting with you, the simple answer in Sweets’ head is to show them who you belong to
  • So a rough, hot kiss  and glare to the male flirting with you is enough to scare them away
  • Now if the guy is touching you, like touching your hand, arm or thigh. Better break out the bills and place your bets
  • Sweet doesn’t need to know what’s going on, by the uncomfortable look on your face and the fact that the guy has the idea to even lay a finger on you sends him into a rage.
  • Sweets just walks up to the man and punches him square in the face, maybe adding in a few kicks when he’s on the ground.
  • Him pulling you into his arms for a comforting hug makes all the jealousy fade away and he keeps you close all night.
  • Other times when he’s jealous about some such as Archie or Reggie flirting with you, a simple kiss to his lips and saying those three words that make his heart race a mile a minute is enough to cool him down
  • You are so important to him, he can’t imagine his life without.
  • a lot of people, like neville, choose to return to hogwarts for their “eighth year”
  • a lot of them aren’t surprises - hermione, luna, draco…
  • but what is a surprise is when george weasley peeks his head into neville’s train carriage and asks if he can sit with them
  • and, unlike many of the people on the train, he grins and accepts a voucher for a free copy of the quibbler from luna and when he says “cool” she looks so happy she might burst
  • “i thought you left school,” neville says
  • “thought i’d come back,” george says, scratching his arm, “finish learning everything, so my products can be the best”
  • there’s something he’s not saying, but neville just nods
  • they share the jelly slugs they get from the trolley, and swap chocolate frog cards because neville has fabian prewett
  • “i didn’t even know he was on a card,” george says, raising an eyebrow
  • the room of requirement shows up to all the eighth years as another common room, for when they need the peace and quiet and time to themselves or time with those who have been through what they’ve been through
  • neville almost always finds george there, instead of in the common room, and he’s surprised, but he doesn’t say anything again, because he knows george is still reeling from being without fred
  • (the fact he’s even come back is a miracle)
  • but he can’t take that george is always sitting there looking miserable, so after class one day he heads over to george, feeling bold, and asks
  • “would you like to come and help me cultivate the dittany?”
  • fuck, he thinks suddenly, that’s so stupid, of course he isn’t going to want to do that, he probably thinks it’s boring-
  • but george smiles and nods, getting to his feet
  • he’s surprisingly good with the plants, and he even talks to them, just like neville
  • between the two of them, they take the dittany cuttings in far less time than neville would’ve taken alone
  • “thanks for inviting me out,” george says, leaning against the greenhouse door as neville pulls off his apron (can’t be too careful). “it’s been really hard, and you and luna and hermione have been great”
  • neville shrugs: “i just want to help”
  • “well, thank you for it”
  • neville’s not expecting it when george tentatively puts his arms up around neville’s back and leans in close, hugging him gingerly, like he’s scared of the contact
  • he’s a little nervous to do this, in case it’s wrong, but neville hugs back a little tighter and george melts into him for the briefest of moments
  • george starts to settle in a little, after; he stops sitting on the sofa on his own staring into space and helps luna out with making posters advertising for quidditch positions for ravenclaw
  • he even takes up the helm of quidditch commentator, and when neville cheers in the stands with hermione, it almost feels like nothing’s happened at all
  • he’s not going to forget the carrows and what they did to hogwarts, not easily, and george is never going to get over being alone in hogwarts, but it feels like - it feels like things aren’t completely awful, like there’s a light far far away at the end of the tunnel, but there, even if it’s difficult to reach
  • there’s a strange and utterly unpredictable mid-october heatwave, and he helps george and luna hand out ice creams to the younger students
  • george lights up when he’s busy, grinning at the first and second years and giving them a reassuring clap on the shoulder when he sends them off with their cute little ice cream cones
  • neville is struck by how sweet it is, that he’s doing his best for them, no matter how he feels on the inside
  • george is a people person, and always has been
  • “hey, nev, you want some?” he asks with a grin
  • “it’s for the younger students,” neville says stubbornly, but he can tell already that george isn’t giving up on this
  • “come onnnn,” he says, butting his shoulder against neville and giving him a playful look, and neville has to give up with a smile
  • “only if you’ll have some, too”
  • luna takes over, because the rush has died down, so neville and george sit out in one of the courtyards, basking in the peculiar heat (“the hell’s wrong with scottish weather?” george asks with a fake frown)
  • “how are you feeling?” neville asks, trying not to be awkward
  • “okay,” says george. “not feeling like i want to die, or anything, strangely enough”
  • “if you do, i’m here, and so is luna, and hermione, and everyone else…” he nudges george. “maybe even draco malfoy would be nice to you,” he says with half a wink, and george giggles
  • and they spend most of the afternoon out there, even once they’ve finished their ice creams (though george has to finish neville’s cone), just talking and laughing and reminiscing 
  • they start spending time as a group: neville, george, luna, and hermione, and dean and seamus sometimes join them, but they’re tight-knit because they’ve been through so much
  • they can relate to each other
  • but neville and george start to stick together; neville loves george’s quirks, and george appreciates that neville wants to help and spend time with him
  • george helps out around the greenhouse, and neville helps test the products… even if that means being turned into a canary again (he didn’t mind so much the first time, really)
  • they become inseparable
  • neville worries he’s a replacement for fred, but hermione assures him he can’t be, because he’s so different and not exactly a bundle of excitement and energy like fred; he’s quiet and careful, sits and waters his cacti instead of making big jokes
  • it’s an option in seventh year to help out in the first year classes - not that most people take it, because it’s a waste of the time they could be using revising for their dang n.e.w.t.s - but neville has a go, and george waits for him to walk to their next period class, grinning 
  • “next thing we know, you’re gonna be called professor longbottom,” he says
  • “you think?” neville scratches his chin, thoughtfully. “that’d be nice”
  • “you’d be great,” george assures him
  • it’s not a surprise that they get together - the only surprise is that it took them so long, but with feelings all tangled up like vines, maybe it’s understandable (but not to the younger gryffindors, anyway, who have been keeping a betting pool)
  • it’s in mid-december, and they’re sitting out in the rain in puffy jackets testing out george’s magical umbrella that creates more of a bubble than an umbrella, keeping the rain off completely, with no having to dump the umbrella in the bath later
  • neville has a flask he’s borrowed from dean, with hot chocolate and marshmallows and he’s about to share it with george when he suddenly realises how close they are and how much he wants everything for george
  • and wants everything about george
  • he just wants to be close to george, to hug him, to kiss him better
  • he leans in and touches his lips to george, a little uncertain just like their first hug, and george puts a hand round the back of his neck, pulling him closer
  • neville can feel the smile against him
  • they don’t say anything about it afterwards because there’s nothing they need to say to each other that they don’t know, so he takes a sip of hot chocolate
  • (and they kiss again because they’ve spent this long not kissing; they might as well start making use of their time)
  • “how are you feeling?” neville asks, just before they go back inside
  • “a lot like i don’t want to die,” george says, squeezing his hand, “’cause i think i’ve got something to live for”
being cheryl’s bff and dating sweet pea would include: 🥀🐍

•         them fighting over who gets to see you more 

(because come one they’re both so possessive of who they love)

•        “listen here, sweet pea. she’s mine. i’ve known her since she was a little ugly duckling in middle school, so go back to your snake pit, romeo.”

•        “cheryl you can’t just say that to my boyfriend!”

•        “listen here, blossom. she’s my girl now. and call her ugly one more time, i swear to god.”

•        “you guys need to stop this, this is getting ridiculous. also, thank you very much, cheryl.”

•        cheryl buying you nice things like expensive jewelry, snidely remarking sweet pea would never be able to afford it

•        you getting mad at cheryl, telling her he doesn’t need to

•        cheryl apologizing. after a week.

•        cheryl buying you a bracelet with a snake and lipstick charm on them

•        “don’t you dare to say anything. just give me your arm.”

•        sweet pea unwillingly asking cheryl what to get you for your birthday

•        cheryl being stubborn at the beginning, not wanting to help since she wants to get you the best present

•        sweet pea confessing his feelings he has for you to cheryl, making her realize how much he actually adores you, making her fake gag

•        cheryl sighing in defeat, telling him that you’ve always wanted a picnic at night while rolling hey eyes constantly

•        cheryl threatening sweet pea that if he told you that it was her who told him, she’d make sure this was the last present he ever made you

•        sweet pea threating cheryl because he threatened her

•        you knowing that it was cheryl that gave sweet pea the idea to take you on a nightly picnic

•        thanking her

•        her denying it was her

•        you knowing she is lying but dropping it

•        you not knowing what to get pea for his birthday

•        cheryl smirking and suggesting to buy sexy underwear and to seduce him

•        cheryl calling sweet pea, asking if he liked stockings

•        “how did you even get my number? and why are you even asking me this?”

•        “shut up and answer. i have to get a manicure, so don’t waste my precious time.”

•        sweet pea still being confused by the phone call, hoping cheryl is never going to call him again

•        sweet pea’s eyes popping out when he sees you in red lacy underwear and stockings

•        him connecting all the dots and thanking cheryl blossom for the first time in his life

•        “you’re okay, blossom.”

•        “don’t expect me to say anything nice to you, snake. see you around.”

•        them acting like they hate each other

•        but they like each other. kind of. you just know it

•        cheryl and sweet pea making you the happiest person in the world

Hedwig Plot Twist:

In the final battle Voldemort and Harry cast their final spells….then out of no where Hedwig comes flying down, looking like a crazed bird with missing feathers and dirt all over her, knocks into Voldemort’s head causing him to lose concentration, and drops a howler that opens up to yell:
“NOT MY BLOODY HUMAN YOU NOSELESS TWIT! p.s. Harry dear so sorry I’m late I had a hell of a time getting here.”

Riverdale Dating Sweet Pea Headcanons

- Late night motorcycle rides

- Proudly wearing his serpent jacket or vest

- Fiercely protective. Mercy to whoever messes with you

- Him being constantly worried about your safety, no matter where you are

- If you go to Riverdale High, he feels better knowing you’ll be safe. But that doesn’t mean he trusts everyone openly *cough* *cough* Dark Archie

- If you go to Southside High, you best believe he’s on watch 25/7. Arm around your shoulders or waist, glaring at any Ghoulie or person who even dares look in your direction

- This also does include him not want you anywhere near the Serpents. 

- Being close with some of the younger serpents. Toni and Fang being the ones that are constantly around you

- He probably has your Pop’s order memorized. Swoon

- Princess or Baby girl being the go-to nicknames. Cause to him, you’re a princess

- SP would 10000% support you in whatever you do. So long as you’re not in any danger

- Enjoys spending time with you, even if you come back from a late night shift at Pop’s and you pass out in his arms, he’s happy just to have you there

- If you’re into it, he will suck it up and watch any movie you would like. Yes, this includes Disney

- Knowing he has a short temper and being able to easily calm him by caressing his neck or looking him in the eyes

-Lowkey has to be touching you in some way, shape, form or fashion

- Whether holding your hand, throwing an arm around your shoulders or waist, resting a hand on your thigh, you name it

- He may not be as loving in a public setting, but get him behind closed doors and this boy is *insert heart eyes*

- Kisses can range from soft and sweet to dominant and rough

- The wall will be your new best friend

- Both of you sporting some good Post Intense Makeout Hair

-  Hickeys

- Him knowing you have limits and constantly asks for your consent before anything moves on

- Loving him unconditionally and for who he is as a person

- Him loving you just as much

anonymous asked:

!!!!!!!!! Headcanon that all of the Serpents absolutely love and are SUPER protective of the reader. Sweet Pea loves watching you laugh with his friends, he can't help but grin and think how lucky he is❤️

this is so cute!

  • you hadn’t really met sweet pea’s friends when you started dating since he wanted to take things slow first 
  • you were nervous meeting them, but they fell in love with you instantly
  • “what if they don’t like me? i’m from the northside, they’ll think i’m a bitch.”
  • “well, i guess i’ll have to break up with you then.”
  • you punching his shoulder
  • when you first met them at the whyte wyrm there was this awkward silence because your outfit screamed northside and they didn’t really know what to think or how to react
  • but then they saw sweet pea wrapping his arm around you protectively and looking at you with so much affection 
  • toni almost threw up
  • jughead couldn’t believe his eyes
  • “how much is he paying you for dating him?” - fangs forgarty
  • “not nearly enough.”
  • everyone bursting out into laughter
  • toni literally crying
  • sweet pea pouting
  • “you’re in, princess.”
  • everyone calling you princess, teasing you since you’re from the other side of riverdale
  • even though you don’t plan on becoming a serpent, they treat you like a family
  • meaning they’ll always watch out for you and care for you, especially when you wander around the southside alone idk why you would but still
  • once a ghoulie decided to follow you and corner you when you were on your way to sweet pea’s trailer
  • well
  • he was lucky he got away with just some bruises
  • you baking pies for the serpents weekly as a thank you because they always have your back
  • “i love how this relationship benefits all of us.” - toni topaz
  • they also think it’s kind of funny how you have sweet pea wrapped around your little finger
  • everyone lowkey ships you and thinks you’re adorable
  • “if you ever break up with her, i’ll gladly take your place, pea.”
  • “that’s not going to happen, topaz.”
  • when you hang out with the crew, sweet pea just loves observing you interacting 
  • like he loves it when you make them laugh or they make you laugh
  • he is genuinely happy that you get along with them so well because the serpents are family to him
  • and to you now too

anonymous asked:

HC for being Tall Boy's daughter and dating Sweet Pea?


  • Daddy is oh-so-protective of you
  • Bc despite being the daughter to one of the more fearless serpents, you’re still his baby and spoiled rotten
  • Being family to tallboy made you untouchable to the rest of the town 
  • Serpents like FP thinking of you like their own to ensure the gang’s family members are well looked after and protected 
  • You see no issues with the serpents  & it wasn’t bc you were biased 
  • You just couldn’t wrap your head around the negative backlash from the northside 
  • In your eyes, being a serpent meant something important. It meant unity, and strength, and loyalty and family - all of which are incredibly important to you and tallboy. Literally a means of fucking survival
  • One day this kid from school starts hanging around your dad bc he’s a new recruitment and initiation will come up soon
  • Which is weird bc .. its your dad and he’s a fucking child but ok cool we’ll roll with it 
  • Hearing the name in passing and staring at him the first time he’s stuck sitting at your kitchen table while tallboy goes to make a phone call 
  • ‘Sweet pea huh?’ ‘don’t start’
  • He probably doesn’t really like you bc you’re one of the only kids left in the generation that hasn’t been initiated (or shown interest)
  • He doesn’t understand that it wasn’t by your choice, but by your fathers 
  • Sweet pea belittling you because he’s POSITIVE you’re ashamed of what it means to be a serpent and you’re too dumbfounded to put him in his place
  • being silent after that at school and home because you consider the idea that maybe everyone else thought that about you, too. 
  • Losing it on sweets after he (yet again) makes some snide comment about disloyalty and cowardice in  your presence - ‘I haven’t started the process because my dad would literally spear every head on a stick and i won’t disrespect his wishes like that - my loyalty is with him first’ 
  • Maybe sp shuts up after that .. maybe he tolerates you a little more 
  • Maybe when he’s not bitter and sarcastic, he’s actually someone you’re comfortable spending time with and want to see
  • you notice he’s making a visible effort to put distance between you two so you have to make the first move 
  • Good thing daddy didn’t raise a little bitch 
  • Kissing his cheek when he drops you off at home or swings by to stay with you until Tallboy gets back from whatever it is he does 
  • Innocently weaving your way into his good graces and heart despite him trying not to let that happen bc he’s scared shitless of tallboy 
  • Maybe the night after he’s finally fully initiated you’re sitting next to him on your couch as he holds a bag of peas to his head while tallboy showers
  • Nervously gnawing on your bottom lip because something feels different and you just want to touch him
  • Sweet pea watching you sideways and sighing, “stop doing that” “doing what” “biting your lip” “why?” 
  • He can’t say the words but he closes his eyes and thats when you knew 
  • Forcing him to look at you so you can clean the nasty cut on his eyebrow 
  • Admiring his self-restraint when you purposely lick your lips and pull his attention to your mouth 
  • ‘Wow you’re really gonna make me be the one to do this” “do what?”
  • Gently placing your hand on his cheek and leaning in, lips barely brushing, waiting for him to pull back
  • When he doesn’t, just smashing your mouths together
  • Sweet pea placing the bag of peas on the table so you can straddle his lap 
  • Stealing kisses behind tallboys back
  • Coming home late from school bc u stuck around to makeout with SP in the parking lot once everyone left
  • Everyone at school noticing something changed bc you two wouldn’t be caught dead sitting next to each other at lunch 
  • SP always being the first to volunteer to keep an eye on you when Tallboy had business to take care of 
  • Pretending to hate him to appease your father and keep him in the dark 
  • Feeling slightly bad for not telling your best friend about this important developing relationship but knowing your father would quite literally strangle the fuck out of SP 
  • Sneaking through bedroom windows to sit on the roof, go for late night rides, sneak into the drive in, etc 
  • Tallboy asking FP to watch you while he leaves town on personal matters; FP being called into a meeting (peace keeping and all that) and asking Sweet Pea to sit this one out keep an eye on you 
  • Maybe that night your hands wander a little more than usual
  • Maybe that night Sweet Pea takes Tallboy’s daughters virginity 
  • Maybe FP comes back to Tallboys and sees the pair of you passed out under a blanket (naked) 
  • FP yelling at you the next morning because as much as he loves you he HAS to tell tallboy  
  • Grabbing SP’s face at lunch the next day and just kissing him in front of everyone 
  • ‘What are you doing?’ ‘my dad wants to see you after school’ ‘so you had to kiss me?’ ‘you’re going to die, pea’ 
  • High anxiety all day 
  • Sweet Pea grabbing your hand during class to comfort you 
  • Tallboy sitting in the kitchen with a beer in hand, wearing more rings than usual 
  • ‘Daddy .. lets not do anything we’ll regret’ ‘if you think you can treat my baby like some COMMON WHORE-’ ‘DADDY ITS NOT LIKE THAT’
  • Sweet Pea talking faster than you’ve ever heard with his hands up trying to explain that he tried to stop it from happening out of respect but that you got to him
  • ‘You really think im gonna believe that she corrupted you?’ ‘NO just that she’s sweet and loving and kind and i didn’t mean for it to happen but i wouldn’t have gotten involved with her if I wasn’t certain about loving her’
  • Tallboy not trusting you two alone for a really long time 
  • Has serpents watching both of you 
  • Even when you’re apart 
  • When you hit your year mark together you want to show Sweet Pea how much both he and his serpent family mean to you by engaging in your own initiation 
  • Sweet Pea trying to convince you not to participate for days before it happens 
  • And right before it happens
  • Fangz and FP having to hold him back (which proved to be difficult) when the gauntlet started 
  • ‘If you touch a single fucking hair on her head, I’ll have your hands, toni!’ 
  • Toni pressing her lips together as she faces you, ‘no hard feelings’ and then literally beats you into a fucking pulp 
  • Tallboy having to be the one to tattoo you (he did all the tattoos for the serpents) and requesting that you at least put your tattoo somewhere you can hide it 
  • You agree
  • It’s put on your ribcage just under your heart 
  • Doesn’t stop you from wearing crop tops and sheer shirt to show it off proudly 
  • ‘You need a nickname’ 
  • LOBA - Literally means wolf, and usually refers to a person who is sly.

I’m trying to lighten up my blog a bit so here’s the old playground!au:

  • first, picture everyone as tiny children
    • Riko is that one kid who takes being “king of the castle” too seriously and he’s always hogging the slides and being a general butt
    • Kevin and Jean go to day care with him, so they’re kinda just going along with it
    • all of the Foxes are pretty fed up with Riko but what can they do?? they get caught trying to beat his swarmy ass into the the sand and they’re grounded
    • of course Riko ends up throwing a tantrum anyways and pushes Kevin and Jean off the play structure
    • the good news is that kids bounce
    • the bad news is that Jean ended up bumping his head and Kevin twisted his wrist and now everyone has to go home and get yelled at for playing too rough
    • the next day Kevin joins the Foxes
    • Jean, perhaps for the best, wanders away and gets invited into the sand pit with the Trojans, who are 500% more civilized and are currently in the process of burying Alvarez
    • meanwhile, the Foxes are determined to take down Riko
    • Dan draws all of them into a huddle and gives probably the most dramatic speech to ever grace the playground:
    • “win because you don’t know how to lose. this king’s ruled long enough - it’s time to tear his castle down.”
    • except, y’know, it’s this tiny kindergartner saying it, surrounded by other tiny kindergartners, and basically they just all climb onto the playground structure and ignore Riko’s yelling
    • the final standoff is between Kevin and Riko as Kevin dramatically shoves Riko down the slide and refuses to let him back up
    • and honestly, the Foxes aren’t impressed with Kevin’s pushiness either (Andrew least of all), but whatever, they’re going home in an hour, it doesn’t really matter

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