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your Voltron headcanons are amazing and hilarious and a gift to this world

once again i’m in awe that my gift to humanity is shitposts

  • “where’s pidge” “i don’t know probably planking on a robot or something”
  • lance is a treasure trove of very specific and random skill sets that come in handy at very specific and random moments
    • one time he goes undercover as a circus performer and manages to distract the bad guys long enough for the team to stage a whole prison break by juggling for half an hour straight
    • can totally pick locks with bobby pins
    • king of limbo, once avoided death by lasers by shimmying under them
  • “oh my god guys guys if keith were a superhero he’d be the sandman. get it. get it because he lived in the deser-”
  • keith and lance use the buddy system whenever they have to walk through the castle because they still don’t trust it not to kill them and there’s strength in numbers shut up pidge
  • not that either party knows this but hunk can deadlift more than zarkon
  • allura’s vibe is “don’t fuck with me” while shiro’s is “you could pour soup in my lap and i’d probably apologize to you”
  • *in the middle of a fight* pidge: “tag yourself i’m that galra guy who just straight up ran away when he saw us“
    • lance: “i’m the ship that just blew up”
    • hunk: “i’m the cold, crushing void of space”
    • coran: “can you kids lighten up a little???”

I’ve seen a lot of the “Lance’s family immigrated to America” thing in fanfics, but the beach he mentions is in Cuba, so I’ve been thinking…

Please consider: a Lance who isn’t an American citizen. Who grew up watching Florida’s space shuttle launches through a scope his father dragged down to the beach at Varadero. Who literally spent years trying to train away his Cuban accent so he’d have a better chance of being accepted into the world’s most advanced space program. Who has to balance worries about his student visa not being renewed with the challenges of his tough piloting courses. Whose feelings of inferiority to Keith are being badly exacerbated by snide whispers from classmates about how he must have only gotten in on affirmative action. Whose disappearance causes an international incident between America and Cuba.

(And maybe also: A Lance who’s able to automatically accept Galra!Keith not just because “Ooh fuzzy <3” but because he knows exactly what xenophobia and racism feel like–knows exactly what it’s like to be treated like an alien in the one place he most wanted to belong, and he refuses to ever make someone else feel the way he did.)

Just sayin’.

Spock pretends to not understand human courting methods, and Bones won’t stop buying him flowers. When Spock decides to return the favor in his own troll way, he gifts Bones a beautiful, freshly-picked bundle of….asparagus. His reasoning in the totally-not-romantic-love-letter attached to it is that asparagus is “more useful” than something that just sits there and looks pretty, but of course Bones puts it in a fancy crystal vase on his desk and openly cherishes its “beauty” just to piss off Spock. They were made for each other that way.

I’m trying to lighten up my blog a bit so here’s the old playground!au:

  • first, picture everyone as tiny children
    • Riko is that one kid who takes being “king of the castle” too seriously and he’s always hogging the slides and being a general butt
    • Kevin and Jean go to day care with him, so they’re kinda just going along with it
    • all of the Foxes are pretty fed up with Riko but what can they do?? they get caught trying to beat his swarmy ass into the the sand and they’re grounded
    • of course Riko ends up throwing a tantrum anyways and pushes Kevin and Jean off the play structure
    • the good news is that kids bounce
    • the bad news is that Jean ended up bumping his head and Kevin twisted his wrist and now everyone has to go home and get yelled at for playing too rough
    • the next day Kevin joins the Foxes
    • Jean, perhaps for the best, wanders away and gets invited into the sand pit with the Trojans, who are 500% more civilized and are currently in the process of burying Alvarez
    • meanwhile, the Foxes are determined to take down Riko
    • Dan draws all of them into a huddle and gives probably the most dramatic speech to ever grace the playground:
    • “win because you don’t know how to lose. this king’s ruled long enough - it’s time to tear his castle down.”
    • except, y’know, it’s this tiny kindergartner saying it, surrounded by other tiny kindergartners, and basically they just all climb onto the playground structure and ignore Riko’s yelling
    • the final standoff is between Kevin and Riko as Kevin dramatically shoves Riko down the slide and refuses to let him back up
    • and honestly, the Foxes aren’t impressed with Kevin’s pushiness either (Andrew least of all), but whatever, they’re going home in an hour, it doesn’t really matter

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Hedwig Plot Twist:

In the final battle Voldemort and Harry cast their final spells….then out of no where Hedwig comes flying down, looking like a crazed bird with missing feathers and dirt all over her, knocks into Voldemort’s head causing him to lose concentration, and drops a howler that opens up to yell:
“NOT MY BLOODY HUMAN YOU NOSELESS TWIT! p.s. Harry dear so sorry I’m late I had a hell of a time getting here.”

Someone added the tag ‘silly homorobos’ to one of the comics and the image of Zenyatta taking selfies with Genji immediately hit me xD

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“Tony, you can’t eat so many donuts.”


“Tony no.”

–Since then, Gladiator Captain America and Tony Stark(osaur) live happily ever after :D

Just saw the screen cap of the new event of the Avengers Academy (x and x), and my imagination can’t help but goes wild :D They are so cute heehee

(raises leg) anyway my garbage brain produced another kagehina AU some time ago and it’s a weird 50′s thingy about slurping milkshake and awkward drive-in cinema dates

anyway check out these fantastic headcanons from my twitter:


social media demigod style: Percy Jackson.

Levi: Eren, will you marry me?

Eren: Levi… We`re in a titan`s stomach, we`re about to die.

Levi: I know that, that`s why I`m asking, I have to know.

Eren: *shaky breath* Yes.

*hugs Levi*

Levi: I love you Eren.

Eren: I-I love you too, so much.


Armin: They`re here! We found them!

Erwin: We`re so glad you`re both safe, let`s get you out of there!

Eren and Levi: *smile the biggest smiles ever*

Hanji: So!? Did anything interesting happen in there!?

Levi: Well…

Eren: We`re getting married!

Everyone: WHAT!?!

You curtsy back with a laugh before shaking your head.  “What god awful thing did you do this time, Negan?”

“Ya know what, that fuckin’ hurts my fuckin’ feelin’s.  Who the fuck says I did any-fuckin’-thing bad?”

“Beyond the shit-eating grin and bow?”  He was too charming for his own good…for your own good as you grip the lapels of his jacket and let your lips brush his.  “Give it up, big man, or I’ll have to get rough with ya.”

Negan’s pulls you up against his chest, his laugh shakes your bones, before his lips brand yours with a demanding kiss.  When he pulls back you’re both breathless.  “I got ya somethin’.”

“If you say your dick, I swear to god —” Another kiss stops you as he stuffs the gift into your hand.  You break the kiss, look down in shock.  “Oh my god!”

“Fuckin’ A,” he grins in pride.  “Did fuckin’ good, didn’t I?”

You smile up at him.  “Oh, you did very good.”

“Do I get fuckin’ prize?” He smirks, pressing into you.

“For this?  Abso-fucking-lutely,” you grin, pressing back.

“Fan-fuckin’-tastic!” He cheers, before yanking the Twinkie from your hand.  “This one’s mine,” he cheekily grins as he steps back, raising the treat high above your head to open it.

“Negan!”  You scold, laughing as he stuffs it in his mouth.

“Fuck me hard, these’re fuckin’ amazin’,” Negan declares, eyes nearly rolling back, before smiling down at you. “The rest in the truck are all yours, beautiful.”

Requested by @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash for my 500 Followers celebration.  Turned out cuter than I expected, but I couldn’t resist doing a bit of a throwback to my “Negan loves Twinkies” headcanon, lol!  Hope you like it!!

The details on this whole shindig is HERE.

Sleep with mcl/eldarya boys...


Nathaniel: (let’s say the evening after a hard day)

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Lysander: (playful little hand)

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Kentin: (maybe a bad dream??)

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Ezarel: *Wrapped her up in a bag, to lower her to touch*

 (Oh, come on, he just think she is damn cute in a blanket, don’t lie to us)

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Nevra: (The more kisses the better!)

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Valkyon: (Less clothes!!!)

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here have some jily headcanons
  • it was in 6th year when lily realized that potter wasn’t all that bad after all
  • it was in 6th year when james realized that he didn’t need to put on a show in order for people to like him
  • they start doing homework together
  • laughing together
  • lily realizes that james is a GIANT FUCKING NERD
  • “marlene you’d never believe how much of a nerd potter is”
  • “i always thought remus was the brainy one”
  • “but potter READS his textbooks for FUN”
  • james realizing that lily has quite the wild side
  • drinking firewhiskey with the marauders while playing truth or dare
  • coming back to gryffindor tower at 4am with five treacle tarts, another bottle of firewhiskey, and a pair of slughorns socks
  • “lils the dare was to nick some fruit from the kitchens, not the entire food supply and why the bloody fuck do you have a pair of slughorn’s socks??!!?”
  • “what can i say potter, i got carried away”
  • brewing the amortentia and lily smelling james’ cologne and realizing holy SHIT IM IN LOVE WITH POTTER
  • james’ smelling lily’s hair in his and not being fazed because of course he knows he’s in love with lily
  • lily being too proud to admit her feelings to him, because she is a gryffindor after all
  • the two of them being practically inseparable by the end of 6th year
  • and writing to each other all summer
  • the highlight of lily’s week is getting james’ owl
  • their letters to each other are pages long
  • they tell each other everything
  • and three weeks before term starts lily finally admits her feelings for him
  • she does this a subtle revenge for being such a prat before
  • and this won’t do so he shows up at her door step the next morning
  • petunia is unpleasantly shocked to open the door to find a boy with robes and ridiculous hair at her doorstep
  • while lily is pleasantly shocked
  • and three weeks later they show up to  platform 9 ¾ hand in hand
  • and sirius, remus and peter all clap and wolf whistle because it’s been nearly a YEAR OF THIS
Madzie Headcanons

(This is assuming the writers had to change elements of CC’s Bane Chronicles/Tales excerpts because of the rights, so Madzie is basically Max!)

  • Rafe calls her “Zeezee.” 
  • The dads prefer her full name–they love it–but pick up “Zeezee” anyway because Big Brother Rafe is too lazy to say her full name half the time, especially when they’re older.
  • Aunt Iz affectionately calls her “Zee-bug,” while Clary and Uncle Jace just call her “Madz.” It drives the dads nuts until Madzie sits them down and tells them, firmly, “I like my nicknames. They’re funny, and they make me feel cute.” 
  • (The dads die a little inside because she’s already so cute and articulate wow look at their girl go.) 
  • When they’re young, Rafe is always trying to hold Madzie’s hand, mostly for his own sake. He’s anxious she’ll wander away or try to cross the street without him.
  • Holding her hand makes Rafael feel calm.
  • When they grow up, Madzie has a mad brother complex–she thinks Rafe is just the coolest. Especially when he sings her to sleep. 
  • Since Madzie is the first official Bane-Lightwood addition, she’s super nervous when Alec says he’s bringing in Rafael–another child. 
  • What if they like him better? She worries. What if they forget about me because they actually wanted him more? What if they can’t keep me anymore? What if they don’t WANT to keep me anymore?  
  • Magnus and Alec pick up on her anxiety quickly–and are swift to reassure her. 
  • “Madzie, sweetie, don’t think like that! We love you so much,” croons Magnus. “Kid, you’re ours. That’s never going to change,” Alec adds seriously, on one knee and speaking to her at eye-level, just as he had when they first met. They tug her into their arms and she feels so relieved, she cries. 
  • (Magnus and Alec are so alarmed any time Madzie cries, simply because she’s not much of a crier, so when she does, it’s important.) 
  • “PLEASE DON’T CRY LITTLE LOVE-BUG, YOU’RE GONNA MAKE PAPA MAGNUS CRY TOOOO~” Alec just squeezes her closer and kisses the top of Madzie’s head, his big hand rubbing small circles on her little back until she’s calmed down again.  
  • “Smarter than a whip” Madzie opens up slowly but SURELY. She blooms into the fast-talking, quick-witted Child of Malec’s Dreams. 
Bassian + romance

Listen, just, shit listen.  We’ve been wrong.  We’ve been so wrong.  It’s understandable, you take one look at Bodhi Rook and then you take another look at Bodhi Rook in a flower crown and you just want to see him romanced so hard and flustered and adorable but just fucking listen. You know who’s the one to actually get really flustered by romance?  Cassian. Fucking.  Andor.

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I love the idea of Mike trying to hold El’s hand under the dinner table and just flubbing it up because she still makes him so self-conscious and flustered and awkward. She’s over for dinner for the first time with Will and the rest of the guys and she looks a little nervous, having just met Mike’s parents, so he wants to try and comfort her somehow, but he doesn’t know how, so he decides to maybe just hold her hand to let her know he’s there for her. So she’s sitting at the head of the table and he’s sitting next to her in his usual spot and he’s going through the whole “Should I? Is she going to think it’s weird? Am I just going to make her MORE nervous? Screw it, I’m gonna do it” and he works himself up so much that he just rams his hand into the table leg while reaching for her hand. It jostles the table and EVERYONE looks and he’s embarrassed, thinking “Wow, Mike, how could you screw something THAT SIMPLE up?” He’s completely red in the face and his mom’s asking “What’s wrong?” and he’s just saying “Nothing, sorry” and desperately trying to divert the attention away from himself. It’s a total personal DISASTER for him but eventually everyone just shrugs and goes back to their dinner. He’s not looking at anyone, especially not El, trying to stop blushing so hard and just feeling like he wants to crawl under a rock and DIE when he feels someone’s hand tentatively rest on top of his and he looks up and it’s EL and she’s shyly smiling at him, her own face a bit pink as she looks away, sheepish, and he just wraps his fingers around hers and smiles back at her, making her turn a shade pinker, he notices. But the nervousness starts to fade from her eyes, and suddenly he feels ten times better, although the blushing definitely doesn’t go away.