sweet gift idea


These seem adorable. Sweet gift idea.

Hello lovelies!

I thought I would share a DIY that is perfect for the upcoming autumn months: pine cone decorations. 

  1. Firstly collect some pine cones and clean them off using an old toothbrush.
  2. Then using 4 shades of your favourite colour paint each part of the pine cone, this creates an ombre effect.
  3. Leave to dry and enjoy!

Love, Robin

He gave his skin a moment to adjust to the heat and then leaned back in the too-hot water, the burn giving way to a pleasant warmth. For a minute they sat opposite each other, legs slotted together and water settling. Things were admittedly tentative, and it was weird to see Louis this shy.

Louis pushed his toes along Harry’s calf. “You’re all the way over there.”

“I don’t want to crush you.”

“It’s water, Harry. And you’re hardly Goliath.”

So he moved carefully, arranging himself between Louis’ legs and leaning back against his chest, which was soft and smooth. Louis slipped his arms around Harry in return.

- Butterfly Gun - Chapter 9. by Eravain.

YOI inspired Valentine's ideas

• A gold medal that says “you won my heart”
• chocolate coins in gold / silver foil
• ice skating date
• romantic trip to st Petersburg / Karatsu / the cathedral in Barcelona
• get a pet poodle (ONLY IF you are in a position to properly look after a pet)
• walks on the beach
• dance together
• matching gold rings ;)

Advice please mes amis!

A friend of mine who is an artist says she’d like to do a henna design on my bump as a gift. It wouldn’t be anything of cultural significance, probably something art nouveau - she’ll just be using henna as the media for it since it’s safe to use.

I want to know if it’s inappropriate for me as a white person to have any kind of henna drawing on me, or if it’s acceptable so long as it’s nothing traditional? I think it’s a very sweet gift idea, but I certainly don’t want to tread on any ground I shouldn’t as Whitey McWhite.

So if any of my lovely followers have a cultural connection with henna as an art form and have any advice on whether or not they’d find it appropriative, I’d really really appreciate some input before I say yes or no to the offer!

Best gift idea ever!!!
  • <p dir=ltr> Im making my boyfriend 15-20 letters.
  • Each one is for when he is feeling a certain way. For example: <br>
  • 1. Open when you miss me<br>
  • 2. Open after you see me<br>
  • 3. Open when i am asleep<br>
  • 4. Open when you are sad<br>
  • 5. Open when you are really happy<br>
  • 6. Open when you are feeling horny<br>
  • 7. Open when you are having a bad day<br>
  • 8. Open when you are having an amazing day<br>
  • 9. Open when we are fighting and you are wrong<br>
  • 10. Open when we are fighting and i am wrong<br>
  • 11. Open when you are feeling lonely<br>
  • 12. Open when you are falling out of love<br>
  • 13. Open when you are sick<br>
  • 14. Open when you can't sleep<br>
  • 15. Open when you need encouragement <br>
  • 16. Open when you have a long day<br>
  • 17. Open when you are really nervous <br>
  • 18. Open when we can't see each other<br>
  • 19. Open when you need a hug<br>
  • 20. Open when you are mad at the world</p>
  • <p dir=ltr> If you put enough effort into each one, they should take 20-30 minutes to write. If you have writers block on one, choose another one to write. Your lover will sure love this gift because it shows you that you took a lot of time and effort to come up with the perfect words to write for each predicament. <br>
  • I hope he likes this! : D</p>
  • HE LOVED IT!!!! : D

Hello Everyone!

For this weeks DIY, I went with this beautiful picture made simply with flowers and paint.

Simply get a flower dip in paint and start creating your decoration!

Enjoy, Robin x