sweet gift idea

YOI inspired Valentine's ideas

• A gold medal that says “you won my heart”
• chocolate coins in gold / silver foil
• ice skating date
• romantic trip to st Petersburg / Karatsu / the cathedral in Barcelona
• get a pet poodle (ONLY IF you are in a position to properly look after a pet)
• walks on the beach
• dance together
• matching gold rings ;)

Hello lovelies!

I thought I would share a DIY that is perfect for the upcoming autumn months: pine cone decorations. 

  1. Firstly collect some pine cones and clean them off using an old toothbrush.
  2. Then using 4 shades of your favourite colour paint each part of the pine cone, this creates an ombre effect.
  3. Leave to dry and enjoy!

Love, Robin

Hello Everyone!

For this weeks DIY, I went with this beautiful picture made simply with flowers and paint.

Simply get a flower dip in paint and start creating your decoration!

Enjoy, Robin x

DIY Wednesday!

To turn old bottles into beautiful decorations simply pour paint into them, place upside down on a drying rack and let the bottles dry!

Enjoy, Robin x