sweet frienship

queerdraco  asked:

uwu i dont know what kind of promts you want but like some sweet nightmare and frienship stuff with harry and ron?? like first year or smt when theyre really smol and just need a friend

A/N: You had me at friendship stuff with Harry and Ron. ( @ronaldswheezy did some proofreading. Thanks, wifey. (sun) )

What friends are for

It’s dark in their dormitory. Dark, and quiet.

Ron lies awake and wonders why he’s awake while Neville’s vigorous snoring fills up the room. Moonlight comes pouring in through the windows. Scabbers is nibbling at his pillow. Maybe that’s what’s woken him up.

He nestles against his pillow and stares sleepily at the Muggle fairy lights wrapped around Dean’s bedframe – Hermione’s been kind enough to bewitch them for this special occasion (“It’s Christmas, after all”, they insisted a few hours earlier, “come on, Hermione, it’ll look great”), but they have yet to figure out how to turn them off again.

Seamus’ sheets rustle as he shifts in his sleep. A muffled whimpering sound comes from the bed on Ron’s right. He frowns and rolls around in his bed, staring into the darkness.


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