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Shadowblog 2- Supportive friends

After the date….

Twilight: What are you guys doing here?!

Sunny: We’re here to support you on your date dearie.

Sour Sweet: Yeah. It was Lemon’s idea.

Twilight: *looks at Lemon with a raised eyebrow*

Lemon Zest: Thats what friends are for, right? Right…?

Twilight: Do you even know what kind of date I’m talking about?

Lemon Zest: Pshh. Of course! You have a thing with Sunset.

Twilight: *blushes* Nooooo…… *high pitched voice* Uh, this is only a friend date. Not a date date…..

Sunny: *sing SONG tone* Someone’s in loooooovve.

Sour Sweet: *nods* Dont deny it Twily… We’re just supporting you by convincing Sunset to kiss you. Not marry you.

Twilight: *blush harder*


So, do you ever wonder what the students and staff of Canterlot High and Crystal Prep had been thinking about in those pictures shown in the end credits of Friendship Games? Well, I have too, so I decided to make a post showing my headcanons about it.


C: Us?

M: Well yeah. I think we should start talking about the future…you know, colleges and stuff. I was hoping we could get into the same one, maybe also consider moving in with each other.

C: I’m sorry, I’m just…a little lost here. You wanted to…keep dating me? In all seriousness?

M: Um…yeah? Did I miss something here?

C: I don’t know, man. I really don’t think it’s time to settle down just yet…or ever. Like, you’ve always been fun to hang with, but I wasn’t aware this was how you thought of it. There’s still so much time and so many possibilities and…

Final Fantasy XV, 2016

Sunny and I just having a “friendly chat” about personal punk philosophy. Eff that guy sometimes.

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Won’t have to find us, we’ll be tracking you down.


Canterlot High School VS Crystal Prep Academy. #TeamWondercolts or #TeamShadowbolts?


“We’re not about to let you win, so get out of our way
Think you got us beat, but we’re here to stay
United strong, yeah, we’ll take you down
You’re not so tough, now you’re in our town
All of the times we lost before
Not about to give up, we’re only bringin’ it more
We can smell your fear, we can see your sweat
Hope you didn’t spend money ‘cause you’re losin’ this bet!
You’ve got nothin’ on us
Na, na, na-na-na, na
Let’s go, Wondercolts!
You’ve got nothin’ on us
Na, na, na-na-na, na
Let’s go, Wondercolts!”


“Talk a little too much for a school that never wins
Maybe you should just stop 'fore you even begin
We are Crystal Prep High and we have a reputation
Every little moment is about our education
Put your ear to the ground
Listen to that sound
You’re a house of cards
And it’s about to fall down (fall down)
About to fall down (fall down), hit the ground
You’ve got nothin’ on us
Na, na, na-na-na, na
Let’s go, Shadowbolts!
You’ve got nothin’ on us
Na, na, na-na-na, na
Let’s go, Shadowbolts!”

((Boy, this was the longest vector I’ve ever did & probably the biggest file saved & I’m glad it’s finished! I can fairly say that “MLP: EG -Friendship Games” is an awesome movie with amazing songs! :D))


Requested by anonymous. You were in Math class learning about the Pythagorean theorem. You only needed 30 minutes to see Cheryl. It’s been days since you’ve seen Cheryl other than a quick good morning kiss before class you barely spent time with her. Both of you had so many things to do it was almost impossible to be together. Both set your plans to the side to spend the whole day together, to say you were excited was an understatement. The teacher was explaining something when the PA system went live. “Is thing on?” the person on the system said. “Ok, so rumors have been going around the whole school about how I and y/n broke up. So let me clear that up” You couldn’t believe Cheryl went to the PA system to talk about this. “Me and y/n are still dating I don’t even know why you people thought it was over, have you seen y/n they’re hot and amazing and sweet..” your cheeks flared up as she was sputtering endless compliments on you. “Ma'am I need you to stop broadcasting” A male voice came from behind Cheryl’s voice. “Also another thing #(your ship name)isstrong!” Oh and sorry y/n for embarrassing you I love-!“ The broadcast cut off mid word. Everyone looked at you smiling at you. Two girls started seeing before most of the class joined. "Enough let’s start again with the lesson"The teacher quieted everybody trying to get back into the lesson.

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