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I did it! Fanart of Guang Hong Ji. I wanted to try something new and new brushes. In the end I don’t like so much how it turned out. It is a 50%50 fail - but I had also fun and understood things so it’s okay. If you see your error you can become better :D!!

It’s all about angles ~^^

After semester in Korea I became a little bit chubby ㅠㅠ I think it was because of food and really big dishes!!! Want to lose some weight~ before summer of course :DD

Story Time!

So, mid-morning I went out to purchase a cycle trainer to replace my exercycle that broke yesterday. It basically makes a standard bicycle into a stationary exercycle. Moving on, there was this awesome portable one on sale for $90 that I wanted to check out that I saw on Performance Bike’s website. Upon arrival, I got ma’am. Within seconds I had the goofiest smile on my face. I still get misgendered at times, so getting properly gendered makes my day. What was even better was the fact that the box that the cycle trainer came in was rather large and the two employees offered to help me take it to my car. I thanked them for the offer, but I was more than able to carry it myself. It was just super nice being treated politely as a woman. I also signed up for their store program thingy instead of using my dad’s, and since the manager was teaching a new employee how to use the system, he said stuff to him like “You’ll put her information here.” and “With this she’ll be able to return this without a receipt because it will be in the system under her name and phone number.” As simple as the event was, it made me really happy. Big goofy ass smile and all. I got this sweet trainer for just under $50 thanks to a gift card and the sale. Happy Day!

yesterday my dad told me i needed to start thinking about losing weight

so i drank his glass of wine and hid the rest of the bottle

today i’m making cookies


Enjoy this quick fast easy dinner idea..


Negative Emotions and How I’m Coping with them.

My best friend has moved back up North (sounds like Game of Thrones, doesn’t it?!).  Laura moved to Surrey six and a half years ago and last May moved to Hampshire.  Kristian and I managed to get down to see her three to four times on a good year, or once on a bad year.  Either way, I missed her but she’d made a life down there and Kristian and I had planned on moving down there in a few years time.  However, since her daughter was born in November, Laura and her husband made the decision to move back up North!  I can’t tell you how happy that’s made me.  I’m gutted she’s to leave her life behind, but she’s ready to be around her family and friends and wants her daughter to grow up around family too.  
It’s good to have her back here and she seems and has said she is much happier up here.  We’ve seen so much more of each other (of course!) and planning to do things is so much easier; we can even have random days out!  We’ve been out a meal, just us (another friend was supposed to come with us but unfortunately she’s still recovering from an operation) which was scrumptious and heartwarmingly enjoyable.  She’s just popped around for a coffee, I’ve invited her around for a coffee in a time of need (not my story to tell, so I’ll leave that there) and we’ve had a random morning out to a vegan festival. Laura messaged me the Friday night, which was strange as I was researching how to make “clean treats” and a lot of the ones I was looking at were vegan - great minds!  She was wanting to go as she’s intrigued my the lifestyle and wants her daughter to grow up to be as healthy as possible, so we were both going for inspiration, of which there was lots.  I’m not vegan and don’t think I ever could be, I’m a foodie I love all food and providing I can afford to buy organic I will.  I do, however, buy vegan friendly, non-animal tested make up where possible (Kat von D and Tarte being my favourites at the moment).  That may not be enough for some, but it’s enough for me.
I love Laura.  We just connect, she’s a fantastic friend, wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, auntie, sister and a fantastic human being.  We’ve been friends since we were seven years old, had our ups and downs (we’re both quite strong minded) but we’ve always been drawn back to each other and it’s made us closer than ever.

This week has been full of them for me.  I’ll start with anger.  I don’t cope very well with anger, I either cry or it turns to rage.  It’s something I’m working on though - last Sunday I posted about my disappointment in Kristian’s guise of a compromise and how that angered me, I knew what the underlying emotions were (see previous post) but still struggle with the emotion.  
Anxiety:  my skin has bothered me this week and today feels like it’s getting worse.  I put a repeat prescription in at the GP’s for some Zeroderm, two days after picking up my last one.  When I went to collect it two days later, I was told by the receptionist that it will have been ignored as I shouldn’t be going through it that quickly and if I am I need to see a doctor about it.  I don’t cope well with bureaucracy, I never have.  It took all my strength not a yell at her (I know it’s not her fault, but less of the attitude at the time would have helped), so I left and a behaviour surfaced one which never helps me - I refused to go back.  If something annoys me, I have a streak of stubbornness which bites the hand that feeds me.  So I refused to call up for an appointment, after all, it states on my medical notes I need that cream so why can’t I have access to it?  I’ve calmed down now, obviously, so I’ll make an appointment on Monday and hope my stubbornness hasn’t caused my skin too much of a setback.  I will also speak to the GP about the attitude of their staff and to someone else, it may have had a much worse reaction.

I’ve also found I’ve been comparing myself to others a lot this last week or so.  I’m so worried I’ll be the unfittest and fastest person at the Les Mills training course at the end of the month.  However, I was watching Ashy Bines on Snapchat (Ashybines1 - if anyone would like to follow her) who covered this topic and it was a revelation.  Amazing, how I was suffering with some self-doubt and the topic was covered totally randomly.  She said when she starts suffering with self doubt she thinks of some positive things about myself.  So, here we go:
1.  One of my friends comes to me for fitness advice, over other people she’s close to because she thinks I’m less judgemental, more open and honest.
2.  I am fit, healthy and in a loving, stable relationship.
3.  I love my eyes.  I have a form hetrochromia, so I have all three colours in my eyes and they change colour depending on the amount of light.  They’re brown in the dark, yellow in low light and green in bright light.
Self confidence is something I struggle with, slowly but surely I’m building on it. I’m learning that being able to talk to others about my dreams, goals and what I’m good at isn’t being conceited, if done properly. 

I’ve managed to get to the gym three times this week; if I go with Kristian tomorrow morning it’ll be four.  It feels good to be back there, I still struggle with motivation but it’s anxiety based and once I’m there all is good.  I’ve done BodyCombat twice and it’ll be the release I’ll be learning to teach which I’m excited about, it’s an amazing release.  I’ve also done an upper body session which included:
1.  2km sprints to warm up
2.  Skipping - 30s skips with 30s rest for 3 sets
3.  Leaning camels x10 (no weight) for 3 sets
4.  Kettlebell side bends x10 each side for 3 sets
5.  Reverse crunches x10 for 3 sets
6.  Dumbbell hammer curl x15 reps / 3 sets
7.  Dumbbell lateral raises x15 reps / 3 sets
8.  Tricep dips x15 reps / 3 sets
9.  Cable upright rows x15 reps / 3 sets
10.  Cable tricep extensions - 21s / 3 sets

My sister in law, Katie, has just called after her third shift being a student nurse. Hearing her speak about how much more interactions with patients and family, dealing with very poorly people and gaining confidence in taking vital signs and getting such positive feedback from her mentor and other auxilleries.  It’s heartwarming, really made me smile.  I’m so proud of her - chasing her dreams and they’re finally coming true.

Limited-time prompt requests: open!

I hoard fic prompts in my inbox, please give me some more, and hopefully I’ll be inspired to spit out some short Tumblr fics!

Regular pairings apply: JM, Erejean, Springles, Yumikuri, Malec, Bellarke, MSR, GinRan, Royai, literally anything Star Wars/Game of Thrones. Or original/no preference! Doesn’t even have to a be pairing, could be a character!

Send a word or a phrase or a quote as your prompt, pretty please!

one of my guy friends was concerned that I didn’t go to track practice today, and it was actually kind of nice? Idk how to describe how it was adequately. Like, “we don’t talk very much, but the fact that you were concerned about me was really sweet, and I should totally hang out with you more, man…Except you’re like Sonic the Hedgehog when you run, and I am an awkward potato.” He’s cool.

So I finished my list of headcanon hobbies/interests for Obi-Wan and he really is a Giant Nerd:

  • He is a ravenous bookworm and would read for 24+ hours straight if given the chance. That 50-volume collection on Ancient Jedi Philosophy? Read it. The entire collected works of The History of the Republic? Read it. The most praised collection of The Politics of the Republic? Read it (and hated it). He’s read them all. He can’t control it. Help him.
  • Anything related to strategy that stimulates his over-active mind. Sparring, holochess, dungeons and krayt dragons. Few can best him when it comes to thinking up a good strategy, and even if they can it’s not an easy feat.
  • He loves reading and writing poetry. Like a lot. He’s quite imaginative but not many people, if anyone, knows this (sadly). You know you have a special connection with Obi-Wan when he shares a poem he really likes with you. If he shares one of his own poems? Jfc nearly consider it a marriage proposal.
  • He loves learning about every culture he can and he learns their languages too. He’s always studying a new language and reminding Anakin of the customs on different planets (much to his padawan’s annoyance). It comes from a place of deep respect though so Anakin brushes it off, at least when he’s older.
  • He loves documenting and studying ecosystems, and plant and animal species! He has notebooks full of really useful information. His proficiency in the animal friendship ability allows him to get close to even the most dangerous beasts so he can study them. It isn’t odd to see him calmly writing while surrounded by docile reptavians that would otherwise rip your arms off.
  • He gardens. It’s a peaceful and humbling hobby and is one of the few things that stills his restless mind. It’s also a useful meditative exercise for connecting to the Living Force. More importantly… it reminds him of Qui-Gon. When he’s tending to his plants it makes him feel close to his Master again.

Of course he’s also a workaholic and doesn’t get to enjoy these things as much as he used to, but when he does have free time you can bet he’s always occupying it with something.

jogged - l i a m

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You were jogging through the woods, trying to clear your mind of the Algebra test you probably just failed, when suddenly your foot landed on a twig and you’d slipped down into a hole. 

You looked up, it was at least nine feet up, and your ankle was throbbing like the bass to an arctic monkeys song. You dug through your sports bra for your phone. You turned it on, but there was no service. You leaned your head against the dirt closing your eyes tightly. 

Stay calm right? That’s what they tell you to do in a stressful situation right? You moved your hand and it landed on something cold, a silver necklace in the shape of a leaf. It looked beautiful, you remembered seeing it before. 

You stood up determined to get out of the hole. You tried to jump up while grabbing on to a root and pull yourself up. You fell down again, but luckily on your good foot. 

You tried again and this time almost got your hand out and scrambled to get your feet up but slipped and fell back down, this time on your bad ankle. You screamed bloody murder as the pain shot up your entire calf. You bit your lip and focused on your hands and good foot. 

Pushing yourself out of this hole, you were going to be fine, good even. You grabbed your phone and tried to shove it in the air getting as much of a signal as you could. Still nothing. Wasn’t 911 supposed to work without signal? You dialed the number and it beeped. Guess not. Maybe that was just old phones when your batter ran out. 

You were about to jump up again when you heard a voice. 

“Hello?” It asked. 

“Oh my god!” You screamed. “I’m stuck in a hole! Please call for help!” You cried, happiness spilling out of your tone at the prospect of another human being here. 

Liam Dunbar, the dumbest kid in your science kid poked his head out, and grinned. 

“You fell in the hole?” He asked laughing. 

“No. This is my house, if you wanna come down here with me I’ll show you my flat screen and rain shower.” You deadpanned sarcastically.  

“Ooh, what a great idea!” Liam exclaimed, sliding down the hole. You felt a giant volcano explode. 


“Oh, I can get out of the hole.” Liam said climbing out in an instant. “And I would offer you a hand, but if you leave your flat screen down there it might get robbed.” Liam added with a wicked grin. 

“I swear to god if you don’t help me out of this hole right now when I’m out of this hole I will literally tear your finger nails off one by one.” You threatened, deathly serious. 

“Well I’m a little confused on how you would get out without my help.” Liam shrugged, and you closed your eyes taking a deep breath. You tried climbing one more time, grabbing onto a rock, but it fell loose and hit you on the head. You fell to the ground on your bad ankle and you shrieked in pain. 

“Oh my god, (y/n) I’m so sorry.” Liam exclaimed leaping down to grab you and he carried you up with little ease. He was poking around your ankle and you screamed. 

“What the fuck is wrong with you! Stop poking it!” You shrieked. 

“Okay, Okay, we need to get you out of here.” He said, sounding slightly panicked. “Get on my back.” He demanded. 

“How?” You deadpanned. He slowly put you on his back, grabbing under your thighs. He started jogging really fast. Jostling up and down killed your ankle, you bit your lip so hard it started bleeding. The world was getting dizzy and you started feel like you were going to puke. 

“I’m gonna puke.” You groaned, angling your head so you wouldn’t puke on Liam. 

“I think I have a concussion.” You said after vommiting. 

“Me too.” Liam groaned. Finally you were at his car, he’d covered a mile in like five minutes and he didn’t even look winded. He bucked your seat belt for you, but you were to disorientated between the throbbing head, nausea, and sharp ankle pains. Liam turned his car on and started driving. 

“Stop.” You exclaimed, throwing open the door and puking on the highway. “Okay, Okay I’m good.” You said but just as you were closing the door another wave came one. “Never mind.” You said puking some more. You were finally able to close the door. You put your hand over your eyes and tried to focus on the pop music station. 

“Okay we’re here.” Liam said. He ran and got you a wheel chair. You didn’t even have to wait in the emergency room before you were being spoke to. 

“Explain what happened.” A woman said. 

“I was jogging when I fell into a hole, I really hurt my ankle, and I hurt it a couple more times trying to get out of the hole, the last time a rock fell on my face. Thankfully minutes later Liam was there to help me.” You winced, just talking made your head hurt. Behind the woman was a very nervous Liam who was looking incredibly guilty. 

“Okay.” She said, feeling your ankle and then shinning a light on your pupils. 

“Well I think your ankle is broken and you have a pretty bad concussion. I’m scheduling you for an x-ray in an hour and a MRI afterwards. She said before leaving. 

“I’m so sorry, if I hadn’t been fooling around and just helped you up then none of this would’ve happened.” Liam exclaimed. 

“It’s fine.” You said. 

“Look, I want to make this up to you, will you go on a date with me?” Liam asked. 

“Going on a date with you doesn’t make up for anything. And it’s sounds pretty arrogant.” You told him. 

“Sorry, I phrased that wrong. I’m really sorry and I want to make it up to you. Also, would you like to go on a date with me?” Liam said. 

“Yeah, just help me out of the hole next time please.” You asked. 

“I promise.” He laughed. 

-You know you’d be attractive if you weren’t such a smug arsehole.

-oh? Maybe you are just lagging behind because you like the sight of my arse!

Okay okay basically I have some headcannons for modern AU femmerthur, being that Arthur is very athletic (obviously) and collects exercise/sweet pun themed shirts. and tries to drag the not so Athletically inclined merlin with her (merlin does enjoy low impact things like Yoga if she is going to do anything but is not much for 5am runs which Arthur INSISTS she comes on and then gets obnoxiously smug about it.)

Also featuring @deheerkonijn’s and @thepolomonkey’s  Pancake  because I love that cat and I think femarthur would love her too. (don’t ask me why she is going on a run with them as well? maybe the just got home and she is saying hi to her mum.)

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