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after all the garbage, I mean 'news', we've been hearing about s7, do you have any fic recommendations? anything good you've read lately? I'm looking to erase the whole of s7 (and 6 and 5, too, if I'm honest) from my mind :P

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I don’t know what this gif is, but it felt accurate. Here’s a quick list of fix its, old classics that have really stuck in my mind, and a bunch of new stuff. FIC AWAY.

Amazing fix-its season by season

Mickey Mantle vs. the T-Rex, by ZoePlacid, was written between s4 and s5 and it’s so incredibly well written and beautiful. It’s very sad, but hopeful in the best kinda realistic way. Ian/Mickey & Mandy working together.

Once a Gallagher, by merle_p. Great post season 5 fix it, the Gallaghers love Mickey and fight to keep him around. Ian fights for Mickey. Mickey & Lip bonding <3

We’re Not Scared & Familiar by MimiLaRue are two really brilliant post season 5 fix its that I love. Beautifully written and really lovely, and I’m a sucker for the tag ‘magical realism’. 

The New Year by LanJevinson (even though I haven’t read the second part yet because my fragile feels can’t handle it - I need to get a grip) are literally canon for me since I stopped watching the show.

Bunch o’ classic AU

The Halfway House by MintSauce is one of my early absolute favorites, it’s my fic equivalent to comfort food.

Rookie Mistakes by Delgay. Classic hockey AU is classic for a reason

Absolutely everything The Rat has written, but especially Flyboy and the Gearhead (space mechanic Mickey and pilot Ian and probably my favourite fic ever), Make the change (Mickey tries to get laid and Ian drives a cab, I think about this one a lot and my whole brain kinda hums it’s so good) & Test Run (I might be a lil biased, but this Star Wars AU is a triumph) <3 <3 <3 <3 like seriously 

I’d follow your love down a dead end street, by ZoePlacid, 10/10 makes me ugly-cry and 100% my favourite soulmate fic ever. 

Twenty-One, oh man, dystopian future AU. I haven’t read the last part (I have a problem, OK? I need to take my time with things that are long and emotional and brilliant) but yes. Vive la revolution.

Twelve Months. Y’all probably already read everything that Anomalously has written, and I could be recommending A World Alone or The Boyfriend Experience because they’re brilliant. But this is a short beautiful thing that I’ve re-read time and time again and it always makes me feel a little bit better about whatever ails me.

Eighty-four by kissteethstainred, I have a thing for numbers in titles. Judging by the number of kudos likely is you’ve read it, but hey. It’s time-traveling and kismet and a whole lot of warm feels, go on. Re-read it.

Ongoing and new stuff that are really great

Dealbreaker by Gemmavich, really nice AU about a bet but no unnecessary drama and a lot of sexual tension and feelings. (edit: argh I can’t believe I spaced on writing the author’s handle on this one and didn’t notice for so long, I suck)

Backdrifting, by Violet_Jones. Smart and funny about Ian and Mickey breaking up in season 3 and then reconnecting several years down the road.

Rhythm, by ObsidianQuill, is on its last chapter now, can you believe it? Mpreg, but also kind of a season 5 fix it and a really good one at that. 

Mickey Milkovich is Hot, by kubrickpotter, is a sexy, funny, properly well written smutty thing about everyone wanting a piece of Mickey (Carl just found a second dvd, this is gonna be goooood)

Hope is the thing with feathers, by Drago, super cute new AU, Ian buys a couple of birds and gets hung up on the guy selling them.

I’ll keep holding on by GaleTheSnail, canon compliant up to and including 6x1, wip about Mickey and Ian reconnecting after 8 years. Really good read so far.

Just a piece of paper, by PrettyCalypso. I’m slightly obsessed with this story? Mickey gets released early and because of a diagnosis agrees to marry Ian for insurance purposes. It’s a bit bleak, no-nonsense but hopeful, and probably not for everyone (totally get it if no one ever wants to read about Mickey being sick, ever) but I really, really like it.

Kiss your fist and punch me in the mouth by xSheepie. Boxing AU that’s looking real good so far. Mickey is a trainer and Ian has an older boyfriend who is probably about to get royally dumped.

It’s a deal, by shamelesstravesties, sweet high school AU escapism batman. Ian has a shitty boyfriend and, let’s face it, Mickey is irresistible. 

Feels like we only go backwards, by Violentsdelight. Mickey gets out and tries to figure out his life. I know I’ve read the first two chapters but I can’t remember if I’ve read more. I remember it seemed very promising!

The Ex by LivingInWonderland, Ian and Mickey reconnect in New York. It’s heavy on emotion and really takes its time to sort through and mend everything that happened in canon.

There’s probably a lot more but I need to stop at some point : (

Hey canon,

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Sweet Escape

Summery: An AU where Kurt’s foster mother has passed, leaving him with little to stand between him and the cruel, greedy plots of the circus manager. However, when you go to the circus and see him being mistreated, you know you have to intervene.

A.N: This is officially the longest fanfic I have written in a long, long time. I was reading Kurt’s updated origin comic with the phantom of the opera soundtrack fresh in my mind, which gave birth to this AU. I just got really inspired and had to write it! I don’t know if this idea appeals to anyone else but if you do like it please let me know if your interested in more! I may make it into a mini series if others take a shine to it <33

Warnings: Verbal abuse and mentions of physical/emotional abuse

You were surprised at how nervous you were, you supposed it was mostly the over excitement. You had never been to anything like a circus before, but when you heard they’d be in town you purposefully saved what little money you could to go. The colorful tents, the exotic animals, the eccentric people, it all fascinated you to no end.

You had spent the last of your extra money on seeing the trapeze act in the big tent so you were searching for something free to do before you left. The act had amazed you, though as you left you over heard two men saying it wasn’t as good as it used to be. Something about a blue devil who used to make the act the most unique of all. You shrugged the comment off however, when you saw a group of eager patrons heading towards a specific tent.

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Scenes from the Broadway Bean (Part 4: Sweet Escape)

Summary: Coffee shop AU. Kurt and Blaine. New York. NYADA and a coffee shop. A classic. But I’ve never written it before. Klaine advent fic. (It won’t have every prompt, but I will put it all together at the end for a full fic effect…)

Klaine advent prompt 12: Legend, with bonus Klaine advent prompt 5: Escape (adding in a few I missed)

This is a continuous story so please read first:

Part 1: Broadway (Kurt’s POV)

Part 2: Competition (Blaine’s POV)

Part 3: The Other Day (Kink and Day) (Kurt’s POV)

Scenes from the Broadway Bean Part 4: Sweet Escape  (Advent prompts: Legend and Escape)

“Have you heard the legend of the Broadway Bean?” Blaine leads Kurt along the busy sidewalk as they exit the Spotlight Diner.  

Kurt had texted him an hour after he had clandestinely asked him out with a scrawled message on a Bean napkin (longest hour ever), with a simple ‘So where are we going for dinner tomorrow night?’ And now 27 hours later, he doesn’t want the night to end. 

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