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#Sweet Elite 30 days challenge

Day 5: Who’s their crush?

- Cato Newell - 19 - Departement of Fine Arts -

Without any say, Cato had the incredible luck to get interested in Tadashi out of all people, the president boy with his rather cold aura. His hard working personality and his self-confidence are truely fascinating to him. He looks up to him and gets inspired, to work even harder to archieve his dreams.

Sometimes he gets into day-dreams, imagining just to talk to him, but talking is hard, when he’s your “senpai~”, you know…

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Michoel Cruz | 18, male, latino
Basketball Player | Department of Athletics

Mic l-o-v-e-s to write and perform rap songs, but he thinks that “singing” is no real business. So even tho he´s much better than his fellows he is no competitor to them, since his true fervor is basketball. He is 6′11″ and muscular build.
He failed class 2 times when he was in primary school, thats why he is so old. Well maths are not his fave… Also his parents died, but he has an older brother which took care of him.
He doesn´t have a crush yet, cus he tries to avoid feelings as much as he can. He once lost his girlfriend in a car accident. He was driving and drunk, so he blames himself, even tho he was not the one who ignored the red traffic light.
Since then he lost interest in romantic relationships. He still loves girls, but he don´t wants a realtionship. Poor boy c:

Sweet Elite 30 Days Challenge

1.       Introduce your scholar!

2.       Draw them in casual outfit

3.       Who’s their best female friend?

4.       Who’s their best male friend?

5.       Who’s their crush?

6.        Draw them on a date!

7.       Who are they more likely to get into an argument with?

8.       Oh no! Tadashi gave your scholar another detention.. What did they do?

9.       Arlington’s academy is outstanding! What was your scholar most impressed by?

10.    Who’s their ultimate OTP?

11.    What’s your scholar hidden talent?

12.    Teachers finally gave your scholar a break! Where can we find them chilling?

13.    How was your scholar and their crush’s first kiss?

14.   It’s Halloween’s annual costume party at Arlington. Draw your scholar and their friends there!

15.    Introduce your scholar’s parents!

16.    How was your scholar as a child?

17.   What’s your scholar’s dream job?

18.   Ugh! It’s finals week. Who’s your scholar revising with?

19.   It’s finally Christmas! Draw your scholar and their crush in ugly Christmas sweaters

20.   Your scholar has official permission to dress Karolina however they want! What outfit do they choose for her?

21.   What’s your scholar’s Hogwart House?

22.   It’s almost Valentine’s day! How are your scholar and their crush going to celebrate?

23.   Axel’s doing a private concert at school! How would they dress to go?

24.   Your scholar has to department-swap for a day. Where do they choose to go?

25.   It’s April’s fool! Your scholar decides to join Tyler and prank one of your classmates.

26.   Neha owes your scholar and decides to design them a formal wear for prom. Draw your scholar in that!

27.   Your classmates want to surprise your scholar with a birthday party. What should they buy as a gift?

28.   It’s the end of your first year at Arlington. Draw your scholar on their graduation day!

29.   Your scholar and their friends want to organize  small summer vacations. Where will they be going?

30.   It’s officially been a year since your scholar came to Arlington. What’s their overall impression?


Special thanks to @mikamycandylove for helping me out with this

You can use the #sweet-elite-challenge - and tag me in it ‘cause I would love to see what y’all come up with!