sweet elephant


Three different covers for James Tiptree Jr’s Ten Thousand Light-Years From Home. There’s a sweet one with an elephant on it, but I couldn't find a good image of it anywhere.

Anyway, this is the last of my images celebrating 10,000 followers. I could keep going, but you guys get the point. Thanks for everything!

Gothic Garden

different dark flowers and grass to add to a delightfully dark garden

songs for opposite/sister signs
  • aries/libra: first day of my life - bright eyes
  • "but now i don't care, i could go anywhere with you and i'd probably be happy"
  • taurus/scorpio: werewolf (i like you) - sky ferreira
  • "you disappear inside a melting tomb. but i like you, we can howl at the moon"
  • gemini/sagittarius: i'll try anything once - the strokes
  • "sit me down, shut me up. i'll calm down, and i'll get along with you"
  • cancer/capricorn: everlasting light - the black keys
  • "let me be your everlasting light. the sun when there is none"
  • leo/aquarius: cigarette daydreams - cage the elephant
  • "so sweet with a mean streak, nearly brought me to my knees"
  • virgo/pisces: dreams - the cranberries
  • "a totally amazing mind, so understanding and so kind; you're everything to me"
Huge jumpers knitted by villagers to keep elephants warm
As the nights grow cold in the Indian sanctuary where the rescued animals now live, they can slip into these massive jumpers that have been specially knitted for them.

I just thought you guys should know that in an Indian wildlife sanctuary some elephants were feeling cold, so a bunch of village ladies made them some sweaters and red pyjamas.