sweet dreams gif

“You have brought me flowers everyday for the last two weeks. You can stop. Take them to her.” You said trying to close the door
“Please take them.”
“I don’t want them anymore. They only remind me of the heartache. Don’t ruin flowers for me the way you have ruin my thought on love.”
“Damn it Y/N that’s not fair.” Jax said
“It’s. Not. Fair!”
“I don’t want to fight.”
“Well, I didn’t want you to leave me for her.”
“I made a huge mistake.”

You had started dating Jax about six months after Tara died. You knew when you started dating what had happen. You never asked him to love you more then her. You never tried to be her. But what you weren’t counting on was him to run to Wendy and cheat on you.

“Jax I can’t do this. I’ve always had Tara hanging over us and I never said anything because she was your true love and the mother of your boys. I can’t compete with a dead women, but you turned to Wendy instead of being with me. Between Tara and Wendy there is no room for me.” You said know crying.

“I was so wrong. I was scared. The way you loved me. It scared the fuck out of me Y/N. The thought that you could and were making me happy scared me. I’ve lost so much. Then I meet you and I didn’t think anything of it besides I enjoyed your company. Then it got where I thought of you before I went to bed. Then when I woke up you were on my mind. Then the boys asked about you. Then I realize I love you and this wasn’t a love I have felt before..” He paused for a second to see if you were still listening.

“I ran to Wendy in a impulse of trying to screw thus up. I don’t think I deserve happiness. I’m not a good man Y/N, but I love you. I love you so fucking much it physically hurts without you.”

“I love you to Jax, but you cheated on me. How can I trust you won’t again? I want all of you the good and the bad. I said yes to you. In so many ways. I’m not going to walk out when it gets tough. I know what I’m walking into.”

Walking up to you and shutting the front door.
Putting his hands on your face and wiping a way a tear with his thumb. When you didn’t move he leaned down to kiss you.

“I want to be happy Y/N. Once more chance is all I ask.”

“All I can do is try Jax, but I make no promises. Not yet.” You said kissing him back.