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Hello:) I have been following you for some time now but I was always too shy to talk to you.But lately I've been feeling worse than ever and I just want someone to talk to, you are always so nice to everyone and seem like a truly sweet person, we both draw and we have the same age so it makes me feel like you would be really understanding.IDK if you feel uncomfortable with these type of depressing(?) asks. And the last thing I want to do is bother you. So you can ignore this if you want😊

Awwwww hi!!!! And im very sorry that u feel that way!!! :^((( And don’t be shy!! If you want to talk to me about something you can send me a private message anytime 👼👼👼💓💓💓


🎀💖 Care bear cousin Kiddy Cat is known to be a kind-hearted, bubbly kitty who likes to make bows and pick flowers for her friends! If you ever need a helping paw or just want someone to play with, this easy-going feline is sure to be there in a jiffy! 🎀💖

(Special thanks to @teddiursaas for this super sweet surprise drawing ahhhhh! She’s so precious in your style, thank you!!!)

And through the flames, she sees you, Magnus, alive.


“Hanzo -” His voice was strangled, his lips drier than the desert.

“That’s better,” Hanzo murmured as he rose up on his toes and brushed his nose against Jesse’s once, twice, three times. “Eskimo kiss,” he explained. “You looked sad and I’ve been told that kisses fix stuff.”

I’m so glad you’ve commissioned me to draw this scene, @mariejacquelyn. It’s beautiful. The whole fic is. You’re an awesome writer; please, keep gracing us with your stuff <3

Guys you can read it here!