sweet domestic life

Yoongi: *Walks into the kitchen to see Jin bending over rummaging through the refrigerator*

Jin: Yoongi, do you like buns?  

Yoongi: *Struts over and smacks Jin’s ass* 

Yoongi: I love Buns, especially when they’re your buns sweet cheeks.  

Jin: Well that’s good because I ate all of the hamburgers and there are only hamburger buns left to eat, the next time you’re going to be 2 hours late for dinner you better let me know. 

Jin: *Smacks Yoongi’s ass* 

Jin: Sweet cheeks.  

Lay off on the Longing

me: I have written a ficlet and satisfied yet another customer.
also me: you ruined a perfectly good prompt is what you did. Look at it, it’s got angst and insecure Dean!

based on this prompt

tags: fluff, longing, cuddling, domestic destiel, literal sleeping together, established relationship

Cuddles on the couch, with Castiel.
That was the total summary of how Dean Winchester chose to spend his first day off in weeks.

And now, here he is, hours later, still wrapped up with the angel. They’re in their bed, going to sleep, Cas curled towards him. Dean’s eyes flutter open the slightest bit and he watches his breath ruffle Cas’s hair as he exhales. Dean smiles and sighs, resisting the urge to bury his face closer to Cas’s head for fear of disturbing him.

“Nnnhh,” Cas grunts. Dean waits for more of a reaction, sure that Cas is awake even though his eyes are still closed. He looks really adorable like this; pre-frown wrinkle lines staining his features, as if he’s trying to think very hard but he’s too sleepy to do so. There’s some wiggling between them and Cas’s arm flops its way upwards until it’s patting or maybe weakly swatting at Dean’s face.

Dean laughs softly, “Is there something wrong with my face?”

Cas grunts again.

Dean shifts and whispers along the shell of Cas’s ear, “Use your words.” Castiel’s face twitches and so do the corners of Dean’s mouth. Cas’s fingers press down like they’re weakly trying to squeeze his face.

“Use your words or get your goddam fingers out of my eyeballs,” he whispers again. Dean is well aware of the playful tenderness that coats his voice.

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You know, I can't help but imagine if Victor's kinky fantasy does come true. He would be so happy that his sweet domestic life with Yuri came true. Like he's eating katsudon, he would state that it doesn't taste as good as Yuri. Yuri would be so flustered and say that he made the dish out of his love, passion and so on for Victor, causing him to feel so happy as he feels sleepy. Yuri finishes it with chloroform even if Victor is already uncoscience and tearfully calls the police, "I got him."

Woah, I can’t tell if that’s a kind way to take Victor in or if it’s especially vicious XDDD

Return To Sender



WORD COUNT : 16,812





Life couldn’t be better, a sweet domestic life was everything he could have asked for. Till it was all taken away from him with the man he loved. Shiro had been drafted to serve in the war that had broken out in the far sector. 

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Josephine, your letter is sad. You are wrong if you think that I am indifferent for all that concerns you. Your happiness is part of my own. The feelings you inspire me after all this time only can be altered by you. My good, my tender Josephine only can be erased from my heart by Josephine herself, but only if she turns despondent, bad-tempered and irksome. My life is full of struggles, and only a sweet domestic life, pleasant and free from all pressure makes them bearable for me. The fate of a ruler is full of nuisances, and my destiny is to love you always, until I have forgotten them. I don’t know if this letter will be pleasing to you. My intention is to console you, my wish to please you, my will to love you.

Napoleon to Josephine, 11th November 1803. The letter was written from the champ of Boulogne. Translation is mine. Several biographers talk of this letter as “lost”, although it figures on the “integral” of his letters to Josephine published in 1981 by Chantal de Tourtier-Bonazzi and its stored in the French National Archives.

All my sorrows have disappeared in reading the good and touching letter containing the expression of your feeling for me. How grateful I am to you for devoting so much time to your Josephine. If you knew, you would congratulate yourself on being able to bring such joy to the woman you love. A letter is the portrait of the soul and I press this one close to my heart. It does me so much good! I want to keep it for ever. It will be my consolation while you are away, my guide when I am near you, for I want always to remain in your eyes the good, the tender Josephine, solely concerned with your happiness. If a ray of joy touches your heart, if sadness troubles you for an instant, it will be on the breast of your friend that you will spread your happiness and pains; you will have no feeling I do not share. That is my wish and my desire, only to please you and  to make you happy… Adieu, Bonaparte, I shall not forget the last phrase of your letter. I have kept it in my heart. As if it were engraved there! With what ecstasy my own has replied! Yes, my wish is also to please you, to love you, or rather to adore you.

Her reply (from Saint-Cloud), dated November, 14. You could guess that, in fact, the letter had been pleasing in extreme for Josephine.

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for the AU meme: Padawan! Qui-Gon and Master! Obi-Wan(aka that AU that I'm working on lol)

(Friend, you know 90% of these are influenced by you)

1. The moment Qui-Gon reached 16 years old, he shot up taller than bamboo in the rain. Poor smol Master Kenobi. (Even if Qui was pretty gangly)

2. I really enjoy the idea of Dooku having been the one to train Obi-Wan *fight me*

3. Both of them survive the Blockade of Naboo. 

4. Qui-Gon is the one who “officially” takes Anakin as an apprentice, though Obi-Wan is never far away. I like to think they became a badass trio during the Clone Wars. I bet Qui-Gon even got a cool nickname like Obi-Wan and Anakin did. The Negotiator, The Hero Without Fear, and…I don’t why my mind keeps telling me ‘The Strongman’ but, come on, if you were one of trillions in the unwashed masses of the galaxy, and you saw this Wookie-sized Jedi Master swoop in and take out half a battalion of separatist droids on his own what else are you gonna think to call him?

5. He so called Anakin/Padme. He seems like the type that would feign ignorance, then make a teasingly cute comment that would make both Knight and Senator blush. (and poor smol Grand-Master Kenobi have a conniption)

6. I want him and Obi-Wan to be married, dammit. I need it. I want them to squeeze into tiny bunks together on ships in the Outer Rim, wrapping around each other and discovering with apprehension and relief all the new scars the other bears, because each one is a story of survival; I want them to wear wedding rings and make snide little comments at each other in front of other Council Members, who ship the hell out of it; I want them to affectionately call each other Obi and Qui; I want teeth-shatteringly sweet looks into domestic life in the Temple; I want them sharing kisses fucking everywhere until Cody is so desensitized to it that they’ll just be smooching in some random corridor (much to the shock of many a new Clone) and he’ll just walk by without even looking up and say, “Try to be on time for the debriefing at least, Generals.” I JUST WANT CUTE HAPPY FLUFF MOMENTS GDI.

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I love the idea of Simon and baz settling down and living a sweet, ultra domestic life after they all graduate. They've mostly recovered from the events of the book, and because they've been together so long they're much more comfortable and open and stable with eachother, and they have successful careers and personal and social lives and in general are just fucking HAPPY lik they deserve to be!

Yes yes yes yes!! I’m actually writing something abt this right now (I know I’m writing a lot of shit I swear I’ll post it all eventually) I honestly have my own timeline of their relationship wanna see

1. The time between the end of the book and the leavers ball is super lowkey. not much happens with them but like Baz said they basically just hold hands and sit with eachother and are super comforting and safe with eachother!! And bc Simon was already subconsciously into Baz it only takes like two months for Simon to figure out he loves him but even after that they don’t really do a bunch with eachother other than be there and comfort eachother w/out words you know

2. After the leavers ball they all start to get their emotional shit sorted out a bit and Simon starts to get back to his old self, they start doing fun stuff and being real people™ over the summer
3. The beginning of the new school year is when shit gets started and things in their lives and relationships actually start happening. This is when their relationship actually starts to be real real cause before this it was just being there for eachother but they didn’t actually do that much like I said

4. At first it’s fucking craaazy like their relationship is a billion huge ups and downs. Now that they’re mostly back to their old selves (only with a rlly bad case of ptsd) they return to their old antics which in their case is fighting CONSTANTLY !!
5.They don’t do the do (u kno) for a while maybe like a few months after starting school but when they do oh boy they can’t stop can they

5. They will literally be yelling at eachother one minute and doing it the next it’s wild

6. Baz (and probably Simon to some extent) has a really rough time letting his guard down because A. He’s not used to letting it down with ANYONE and B. He’s still beyond scared that he’ll fuck up and Simon will leave. Simon has a pretty easy time letting Baz in completely because even though he spent years being super on guard around him he’s sort of like a puppy and as soon as you pet him and tell him you love him he’s like “okay I trust u now”

7. Actually I take it back, just because Simon is comfortable being himself and being open when he’s WITH Baz, it’s when he’s not with him that’s the trouble. After eight years of constantly being paranoid Baz is plotting, those suspicions don’t go away that easily. And it’s not even that he has anything to be suspicious about, it’s just when Baz doesn’t answer his phone or come over when he said he would Simon is like “he’s up to something i just know it” and Penny will be like “wtf do u think he’s up to?” And Simons like “i DONT KNOW but it’s SOMETHING”

8. About two years after the end of the book their relationship starts to chill out and become less passionate (which is a huge relief trust me) but in becoming less passionate (hate that word it sounds so gross) they become a lot more loving. Like at first it’s this crazy thing like “oh my god I’m so desperate for you i need to be with you 24/7 even if we’re screaming at each other we need to have crazy intense sex all the time” now it’s much more settled and they can just be super in love without all that extra baggage

9. For example before, Baz would always try to stay distant and cool so like if Simon was wearing something really cute and was like “do u like this?” Baz would make some witty comment (before jumping his bones ofc) instead of just saying “yes u look so good” but now he’s comfortable enough to be like “yes!! u look so good!”

10. Before they probably weren’t mushy with each other that often (they were sometimes of course but neither one of them was really comfortable enough to be that way often) but now they’re super fuckin mushy!

11. One of the only things that hasn’t changed is the cuddling. They have hardcore cuddled since day one.

12. literally always

13. So much fuckin cuddling they are disgusting

14. They are in love 5ever and always

15. bye