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Date: So what are some of your hobbies?
Me: Well….

When someone walks in on me while I’m in bed with my ikemen

With as many kids as Bruce has adopted it’s highly possible that the media has made at least one reference to it, probably something along the lines of: “Bruce Wayne buys houses like he adopts children.”

Contrary to how his family feels (they think it’s hilarious) Bruce actually likes it. The first time he uses the phrase in reference to himself his family is Horrified (and in Damian’s case Offended). “I’ve been buying shares of Apple like I adopt kids.”

They all assumed it was a fluke, a slip of the tongue, until it happened again. Tim and Damian had been fighting and ended up ruining a set of Batarangs. Bruce sighed making a note to replace the set mumbling “I collect these like I collect kids.”

The line stopped Tim mid swing at Damian, both turning to stare slack jawed at Bruce.

“Father, I’m not sure you’re aware of what you’ve said.”

“What’s the matter with what I said?”

It gets to be a habit, and no one can figure out why he likes it. Has he become aware of his habit? Is he some how purposefully making fun of himself? Jason swears it’s to remind himself not to adopt any more children. At last they all corner him in his office, Bruce looking confused from his desk as his children march in one by one.

“Why?” is how Tim starts it.

“Why?” Bruce frowns.

“Adoption. Why do you keep making the joke?” Cassandra clarifies.

Dick adds, “You’re not embarrassed of us are you?”

If their question surprised him it doesn’t show as Bruce sits silent at his desk, watching his children for a moment. “It reminds me of how proud I am of each of you.” He let his gaze rest on each of his children, pausing a beat longer on Damian to remind his son that yes he meant him too.

After that it wasn’t rare to hear the Wayne kids making a joke about their father’s adoption skills.

Roles your zodiac signs has played in Reverse Harems.  ARIES ver. ♈

● A Sadistic and egoistic vampire (Ayato Sakamaki)

● A Creepy vampire who loves sweets (Kanato Sakamaki)

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● A Narcissist and hard working Actor ( Zen/Ryun hyun )
Mystic messenger

● A Spoiled and cute Dragon warrior  (Kija) yona of the dawn

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● An Idol who is a ray of sunshine (ittoki otoya ) utapuri

●A Yandere childhood friend (Toma) Amnesia 

●A lovable idiot and generous host (tamaki suoh) OHSHC

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●A loyal and cunning Demon dog (Roen ) Dance with the devils

A Cold and dorky head of Intelligence Division (Arcana famiglia)

A teacher with prince-like charisma and amazing confectionary skills (Mitsuki Aoi) Bonjour sweet love patisserie

A cocky student council president and the human form of the aries zodiac sign ! (Kazuki Shiranui) Starry sky.

● Another ray of sunshine and a greek myhological figure (Apollon agana belea ) Kamigami no Asobi

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(Stay tuned for all 12 zodiac signs !)

Dear Voltage

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