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The Deal - 4 (Steve McGarrett/Reader)

Steve and the team are faced with a job they can’t do alone leading them back to you…the one they locked up in prison a couple years prior, offering a deal you can’t refuse…Steve struggles seeing the  supposed reformed inmate as he has to keeps tabs on them until the op is over…will things run smoothly? or will there be trouble in paradise?

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The next day Steve sighed in frustration watching the crew build each section to your specifications. His eyes trailed over to the completed sections in the warehouse already where Danny was watching you work on them already.

He stood up and walked over to him. Danny glanced at him before looking at you inch around a corner before leaping up catching another ledge with your hands, “She’s amazing.”

“It’s a skill, Danny.” Steve crossed his arms watching you pull yourself up with little effort, “It’s learned…”

Danny winced as you reached for the top slipping. You tumbled down bumping into a few ledges before grabbing onto one stopping your fall, “Hey! You alright?”

“Yeah…”  You looked down at them before pulling yourself up and creeping to the edge and skidded down the side.

Steve watched Danny walk over to you concerned, “You alright?”

You looked under at your tricep seeing a big gash starting to bleed, “I’m fine…just need some gloves, I think.”

“Gloves…” Danny smiled a looking over at Steve. “She’s bleeding and she needs gloves…”

“She obviously knows what she’s talking about Danny, it’s why we brought her on.” Steve glanced from him to you seeing you make a face looking at your arm, “We should get that covered first…I got a kit in my truck.”

You looked at him and nodded as you followed him out as Danny moved to check on the rest of the construction. Steve opened the backend crawling into the bed as you took a seat on the hatch. You could hear him opening his tuck box, “They built a lot overnight.”

“Governor told them it was important and is sparing no expense.” He replied finding his first aid box walking over toward you, “The threat is real.”

You looked at him taking a seat opening up the box, “You would know, wouldn’t you?”

He looked at you ready to give a snarky reply like the pair of you had been trading for the past twenty-four hours, but your eyes stopped him. They were filled with a genuine sincerity that told him you were sad he had to know, “Yeah…I do.”

You winced looking away when he took your arm cleaning the wound, “What a world we live in, where in order to know what bad is we have see it firsthand.”

He sighed reaching into the box for some gauze, “What would you know about it?”

You looked back at him when he started wrapping your arm up, “You don’t know me, McGarrett…you think I’m just a thief…mind you a high end one, but I’m a lot more than that. Well I was…”

Steve stared at you for a moment, “So tell me.”

You stared into his eyes for a moment before turning your head looking at the workers bringing in more material into the warehouse, “…my family has always been a part of the criminal world…”

His eyes got wide as you spoke to him. He wasn’t anticipating this. He really thought you’d just brush him off with a sassy remark, but you were opening up to him, “Well not everyone…my dad wasn’t until he married my mom. We’ve always been on the outskirts of it, but when we moved here there were conditions that my sister and I learn the trade.”

“You learned how to steal?” Steve asked putting everything.

“Oh no…we were supposed to learn how to kill…yes to steal.” You looked at him seeing the surprise, “Yeah…we didn’t know it at first, we just thought it was tradition learning parkour…my grandpa always went on and on about tradition, you know…but then we heard dad arguing with mom about a contract…So my sister took my hand and we ran…”

“But it’s an island…and we were teenagers.” You smiled at him sadly, “There’s only so many places we can go and when you’re upset and neither one of you have a license…accidents happen. The car flipped and I woke up in the hospital and my best friend was gone…”

Steve frowned a little looking away, “I’m sorry…”

“As we’ve established…it’s life…” You hopped off the back of the truck, “After I got out of the hospital and healed…I left…I managed to find a life of my own. Albeit a one in crime still…not sure why I went that route…maybe because I’m predisposed…”

He watched laughed a little trying to ease the seriousness, “…so your family…”

You fell silent and looked at him seriously, “Yeah…we’re not that close yet. As long as I stay away from them we’ll be alright.”

He nodded getting off the hatch grabbing the first aid kit, “Fair enough.”

You looked at your arm, “I should get back…”

“I’ll be right in.” He told you watching you walk away for a moment before pulling out his phone, “Kono…I need you to look into something for me.”

Later that night you both walked into the safe house. You groaned walking into the kitchen getting yourself a glass of water. You hadn’t pushed yourself this hard in a long time. You looked over at Steve setting some grocery bags on the counter, “Thanks for not pushing earlier.”

“Pushing?” He raised an eyebrow confused.

“About my family…” You put the cup in the sink, “It’s hard to talk about…After Angel died…life got really hard and the only person I miss…is…my dad.”

He stared at you a moment feeling a small sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. He hadn’t left it alone, even if the information had given him next to nothing except verify everything you had told him, “Of course…”

You smiled at him, “I am going to go get cleaned up, so don’t feel like you have to come searching…as it’s going to be a long bath.”

He nodded a little as he started to put the food away. Why did he feel guilty about checking up on you? It was his job…he needed to be prepared…he did it on Danny…he did I on everyone…So why was he getting bent out of shape?

The next day the construction crew was finished and you could run everything. He watched pass through most with ease, except for sector 1.

“Dammit!”  You fell back again staring at the wall frustrated. You’d been at this one for an hour.

“Hey…maybe you should take a break.” Kono asked concerned.

“I will stop when I’m dead.” You snapped back as you stood up.

“Whoa…” Danny stood up from his makeshift desk walking toward you, “I agree with Kono…you’re gonna burn yourself out…take a break…eat something.”

You looked at Danny before looking a Steve who was silently looking at a file, “Yeah…okay…Sorry Kono…”

“It’s okay, I get it.” Kono smiled a little walking with you to a chair, “We’ve got some sandwiches…nothing special…”

“Long as there’s some protein on them…that’s all that matters.” You took a seat staring at sector 1 raking your brain for how to attempt it. The break helped. They were all right, you were burning yourself out. You just didn’t want to them to think you were just a criminal.

You had worked hard to get where you were. When you heard a few of the inmates talking about escape you looked into it. That was when you started to see all the flaws of the place. All the weak spots. You told the warden and of course he didn’t believe you. So, you proved it to him and got yourself a sweet deal with the DEA and pursued a degree.

You slammed against the ground again laying on your back starring up at the wall. Danny sighed and looked over at Steve, “Hey…Macho man…maybe you could help her.”

“What can I tell her that you already haven’t?” Steve looked up at him.

Danny shrugged throwing his hands out, “I don’t know…some Navy SEAL shit…”

“Navy SEAL shit…” Steve crossed his arms leaning back in his chair.

“You know what I mean…” Danny huffed staring at him, “Something inspirational. Something that will get her out of her head.”

Steve rolled his eyes standing up walking toward you as you skidded down the wall letting out a frustrated noise before smacking the wall, “Hey…”

You turned looking at him face full of frustration, “I’ll get it…”

“I know.” Steve put his hands on his hips.

“Then what do you want? I need to figure this out.” You wiped your forehead with your shoulder.

Steve stared at the wall before asking, “Do you have to go in this way?”

“It’s the fastest option.” You told him rolling your neck, “Unless I could walk through the front door and get outside from inside.”

“Yeah that’s not going to happen.” Steve smiled amused a little by the suggestion.

“Well then no…there’s no other way in…” You turned ready to go again.

“Hey…” He grabbed your arm gently getting you to stop, “You’re thinking too much…just…work on the others for a while. Come back to this one.”

“This is the one that is preventing me from moving forward…” You snapped looking at him, “this is the one stopping us from getting in today.”

“We don’t have to get in today…” Steve told you letting his arms go slack.

“But you said…” Your eyes narrowed on him as you stepped closer to him.

“I know what I said and that’s still true. The sooner we get in the better our chances.” He looked down into your eyes, “But it doesn’t have to be today…or tomorrow…we’ll figure it out.”

“…why are you being so nice all of a sudden?” You crossed your arms staring up at him as he looked away, “McGarrett…”

“I looked you up.” He confessed looking at you finally, “You opened up to me yesterday…and I didn’t trust you…so I fact checked you.”

“You thought I was lying?” You pointed a finger into your chest.

“You’re a thief…” He said quietly.

“Not any more…” You teared a up a little, “Why can’t you trust me?”

“Because…” He started to speak but he found he was just going to repeat himself. He had no reason other than you were a thief.

“Well?” You waited for him to answer.

“I’ve got no good answer besides I didn’t like you…but then you opened up to me and I just…it took me by surprise.” He sighed feeling his jaw tense up, “So I wanted to find out if…if I could trust me…”

“That isn’t trust!” You shouted at him, “That’s…that’s exact opposite!”

“What do you want!? You can’t really expect someone to just trust someone over night!” He shouted back.

“That’s exactly what I expect!” You told him pointing your finger in his face, “You came to me! Not the other way around. I’m trusting you to hold up your end…so I expect the same courteous.”

Steve stood there as she walked away from him. He sighed letting his head hang as Danny walked over to him slowly stopping next to him, “That…looked like opposite of a pep talk…”

“Danny…” Steve glared at him.

“She’s not wrong Steve…” Danny turned to him fully.

“I know.” Steve rolled his eyes starting to walk away.

“You need to let it go.” Danny followed him outside, “So what if she was right! It doesn’t change that Catherine is gone…just like it doesn’t change the fact that we need Y/N right now.”

“I know!” Steve turned to him face red in frustration, “I know…just…I will…figure it out. Just get her focused.”

“Where are you going?” Danny watched him get into this truck, “Steve!”