sweet confession



Imagine Loki having to go to fight in a war for Asgard. You beg him to take you with him since you are a warrior too but he insists you must stay to take care of your daughter. You break down and confess him you are pregnant, knowing about it shortly before the announcement of the war, and you make him promise he will come back to meet the baby. Loki feels really sad about having to leave you and your children but makes sweet love to you as a goodbye. Before he has to go, he takes your daughter to your bed and watches both of you sleeping for a bit, kissing your foreheads and your stomach as a goodbye.

I’m a diamond player and I switch to my unranked account, then go into bot games. I only own support champs on this account, and I just support low-level players. I usually throw in nice things to say and sometimes tips if I know the champ well enough to offer them.

Art by @franchesssss

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I'm watching Free Rein on netflix right now, and while I'm not sure how I feel about it, Freddy Carter is definitely my new Sean fancast.

I haven’t seen that show or heard of him before BUT OH MY GOD THOSE CHEEKBONES????

since katsuki’s greatest weapon is his sweat, and since he’s a serious little perfectionist, he might have thought about his sweat composition. he might have actually done science with his sweat. he calls izuku the nerd but one day he will hopefully throw away his double standards.

anyway he might’ve done stuff like noting done the explosive power of his sweat after eating umeboshi vs eating curry rice: spice level 5.  he could have eaten only eggs for days and tested his resulting sweat. and if I’m getting this right, I bet he ate some real crazy shit and stored those potent byproducts for his no doubt out of this world hissatsu wazas.

now that he’s being civil to izuku, one day i hope to see them geek out over dumb shit.

wasted years