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Being the Ghoul fucker I am I want all Ghoul followers reacting to their friend just suddenly hugging them from behind while mumbling sweet things, just letthembeloved

OOOKay back to reactions. ALSO gonna be working on some OLD asks bc yall have been waiting long enough. What better way to start off than w/ the ghoul boyfriends

Charon: Genuinely surprised, he almost never receives physical affection, especially not this suddenly. His first instinct was that something was wrong with them, so he asked them if they were okay. He just can’t grasp the concept of people genuinely liking him. 

Raul: He appreciated the gesture, but Raul isn’t exactly a huggy kinda ghoul. He made it a point to thank them though. It isn’t every day that someone reacts so well to a ghoul. 

Hancock: Startled, but just started laughing. He turned around and wrapped his arms around them, “if you wanted a hug, you shoulda just asked!” Hancock was surprisingly a pretty good hug-giver. Since they had surprised him with a hug, he occasionally did the same to them. 

The way Bangtan would have sex (M)

d i s c l a i m e r || this is just my opinion based on the general idea of their character I have formed through out the years. Of course you could have a totally different opinion than mine (since we’re all different people, we also perceive things differently) and of course I have no way of knowing if I even came close to the reality so take it as it is: an opinion of a fellow ARMY. Thank you :)

w a r n i n g || the contents of this post are only for a mature audience to see - that’s why it’s under the cut - and it’s heavily N S F W because it doesn’t contain only words but also gif depictions of love making.


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Finally decided to try my hand at drawing some voltron and thought I’d get some practice in with a quick sketchy sketch of lancey lance.
From a scene that made my heart ache in one of my fave fics: Lilac Sweet by Star_Gazing_Knight 


Aftermath/continuation of this. Because watching a vampire tear into your bf (I think they’re a thing here? maybe??) and thinking he’s dead is a terrible life experience.

Hi! My name is Cody and here’s my story - my person died and I ended up at the city shelter at the age of 17.

I was adopted out from the city shelter, but it wasn’t working out with the resident kitty. Fortunately my adopter knew about the amazing friends at @givemesheltersf in San Francisco, and they not only took me, they asked YOU to help me!

Can you share me so I can find a home that will keep me the rest of my life? I’m a lovable, sweet boy and I promise to give you lots of love in return if you take care of me.

Here are some things my foster mom says about me:

- I’m easy going
- I LOVE to lie next to my foster mom and sleep by her head
- I LOVE to eat and have a great appetite
- I’m a sweet companion
-I LOVE to have my head rubbed

One more thing you should know about me - I take a twice-daily medication for hyperthyroidsim. Good news, I take it in my food and it’s quite economical. Please give me a chance!

To meet me or find out more, email maria@givemesheltersf.org

Not near San Francisco? A reblog is worth my best head-bump! 🐾💕

Love, Cody


My self-indulgent little collection thus far. Smut is marked with an [M], angst with an [A]. Anything else is probably fluff I’m not gonna lie.
|| Kitten & Bun || Kitten’s Masterlist || Coming Soon || Request Masterlist ||




Dewdrops | Hybrid!AU
Your morning walk doesn’t go as it usually does and you accidentally step on a certain someone curled up on the forest floor.


Catsitting | Hybrid!AU
You somehow find yourself ‘catsitting’ for your best friend while he’s on a week-long trip. The only problem? His ‘cat’ hates you.


A Home | Hybrid!AU
Your friend drags you with her to go hybrid shopping for herself and your plan of interacting and then leaving commitment-free is interrupted by an adorable, tall cat hybrid with entirely too much affection and love to share.


Rain | Hybrid!AU
Your night takes an unexpected turn when in the early hours of the morning you received a panicked call from one of your employees at the shelter you own.



Timid | Hybrid!AU
Jimin was by far the cutest person you’d ever seen, but he always seemed to avoid you, dodging activities and events that included you. That changes when his home is compromised and he finds himself staying with you while it’s being repaired. 
[Companion Shorts. Sweets | Uno ]

Crown Jewels | Mermaid!AU
You sneak into the castle to steal the King’s jewels and gold and find more than you bargained for.

 A Matter of Pride [M]
You make some comments that wound Jimin’s pride and threaten his standing as Best Lover of the group so he sets out to prove you wrong the only way he knows how.


Under the Bridge | Hybrid!AU [M]
Your life takes a turn for the better one night when you find a bun under the bridge.


Leftovers | Bestfriend!AU [A] 
You wish you’d never fallen in love with your best friend Kim Taehyung.
      {Co-written with @kitten-dont!!}

Min Yoonji

Lure | Siren!AU [A]
You’re alone on that island but at least there’s Min Yoonji there to keep you company.




Inheritance | Hybrid!AU
After your grandmother passed she left everything to you. Her house, her fortune, and apparently… her cat? The grumpy male hybrid you encounter at her house is anything but the tame housecat you’d expected to find. Fulfilling your grandmother’s last request to look after him becomes a lot harder when he seems to be avoiding you, and your dissatisfied relatives start stirring up trouble.  
Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5 | Pt.6 (coming soon)

BTS | Halloween Drop

Sweeter Than Sweet | Supernatural creatures!BTS
A night of Halloween partying doesn’t go as expected when your favourite vodka aunt shows up and your friends break her favourite shot glass. What was only meant to be a petty prank in revenge turns out to have different results than expected when all of your friends wake up the next morning as the very thing they’d dressed up as the night before. With your aunt nowhere to be seen, how on earth do you go about fixing this?
Masterpost | Prologue


BTS | Collab with @kitten-dont

Bound by Platinum | Vampire!AU, Prostitute!AU
An offer that has flexible hours, amazing benefits, and great pay- it was perfect. Signing the contract and being hired that day is exactly what you needed except… maybe you should’ve read the fine print.
[Kitten’s Masterlist]

BTS, EXO, GOT7, MONSTA X | Collab with @kitten-dont

She Who Never Cried Wolf | Wolf!AU, Gang!AU
After being let go to live on her own by her family, y/n’s only choice is to move to her old hometown in a modern day mansion. Life goes by until y/n gets mixed up with some of the largest, most powerful gangs in the world. She soon comes to find that there’s more to the world then she could’ve ever imagined, and she’s not complaining.
[Kitten’s Masterlist]

Tales of Zestiria + Titles

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AYYY A FELLOW PORTAL TRASH. thank god I began to think I was the only one

I once beat Co-op solo. I Also had portal ask blogs (well have but they don’t get asks anymore so they kinda died you can see em hiding in the corner)

Portal for lyfe Anon bud.

When life gives you lemons

Burn life’s house down

FFXV - Kitty!AU - Noctis

AKA You are a crazy cat person that cannot say no to these adorable fluff balls that come into your life. 

This will be the first post of many, bear with me. ♥

You’ve decided that you needed a companion. And you figured, well, Kitties are the way to go right? You look up breeders, and shelters in the area, skimming photos and stories about said feline companions. 

You had heard that getting a cat was much like chips, and you can’t stop at just one. You wish you had known just how true that statement was as your Clowder continued to grow….

However, you fell in love with this blue eyed beauty first, and decided that the best name for him would be Noctis.

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I gotta a question! So we all know that Louis is completely against turning a human into a vampire right? But at the same time, he wanted to leave Claudia to be with Armand. How on earth did he think it was going to work out? Obviously, he had to turn someone into a vampire in order for Claudia to be cared for since she couldn't grow up.

Louis does not approve of making vampires himself, that’s for sure! But yes, Louis wanted to be with Armand and Armand didn’t want Claudia as part of that equation and she knew it. 

So, right, IDK what Louis was thinking about how it could possibly work out w/o making her a new adult vampire companion. He had little choice in that. He couldn’t bear to think of her out there on her own, she clearly wasn’t going to be invited to join the Theatre des Vampires, and she couldn’t make an adult vampire herself. There was a line in book!IWTV where she tells Louis: “ ‘Can you picture it?’ she said, so softly I scarcely heard. “A coven of children? That is all I could provide…” <– whether she could actually turn a child is not known. We don’t know of it happening successfully anywhere else in canon before or after that point. Louis probably would not have approved of that, either.

Worth noting here is that in the first version of IWTV, Claudia wasn’t killed off by the Parisian coven (from the Vampire Companion):

“In the first version of [IWTV], Claudia eventually goes off with three vampire brothers whom she meets in Paris. She does not die. As such, it was as if Rice had attempted to give her daughter a form of immortality. Rice, however, experienced psychological problems that cleared up only after she had rewritten the ending - by killing off Claudia and taking Louis through an experience of intense grieving. This version was much more cathartic for Rice.”

Do you ever get really emotional about cats? Sometimes I get emotional about cats.

Not just like, because their little foot beans are the cutest thing, or because one of my cats made a goofy face at me, but like… really, honestly, what wonderful, sweet companions we have the honor of sharing our lives with sometimes.

I was sick a while back and had a rather uncomfortable stomachache and one of my cats made it her mission that every time I was in bed miserable she’d come lie next to me and purr. And I don’t know what it meant to her, or what exactly motivated it, but, it meant the world to me.

Cats… cats are good.

Timid Mini Scenario | Uno

Companion piece to Timid, set in the 2 months before they got the call about the cafe, but after Sweets.
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: fluff, Hybrid!AU
Words: this one is fucken 4.4k+ 
Warnings: none
Notes: The second and final “drabble”, which I have been informed by the lovely @kitten-dont​ is actually more of a sequel than anything, but I digress. The next thing I will be writing for Timid after this is pt 2, an actual sequel, so look forward to that! Although it might not be out for a while (uni resumes for me in a week!). Also don’t mind this it’s a bit of a mess and I was up until 4:30 writing it<3 

Jungkook and Taehyung come over for a night of fun and games that result in Jimin realising that his feelings for a certain someone have changed and not in a way he was expecting.

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Masterlist || Original oneshot. Timid | Companion short. Sweets 

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