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Can I raise you a Graves who has a kink for chubby Credence? This boy who when he first met him was nothing but skin and bones, clearly malnourished. But he watches Credence, under his wing put on more weight and its a sign of how far the boy has come. Graves just sliding down his body and peppering Credence's softer stomach with kisses. Credence of course is shy, but Percy just tells him he's beautiful,

WAIT FUCK YOU’RE RIGHT THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER can this be like … soft feeder kink ??

  • Me before I started playing Fallout 4: Oh the companions can be romanced? Cool, I'll probably go after the Brotherhood dudes seeing as how Bethesda usually goes with romanceable characters.
  • Preston Garvey appears with a chorus of angles singing. His pure soul lighting my world, clearing my skin, adding five years to my life, nourishing my crops. His beautiful face and voice alone curing all known diseases from this world: Hi.
Looking for RP Connections

SO! It just so happens that when I decided to leave for 3 months and then come back, my FC and I didn’t really click anymore. So I left and am a free agent now, and the Espi is unanchored–and I don’t know what to do with her.

SO! If anyone has any wish to connect with Espi, any plots she can be a part of, jobs she could take, shenanigans we could get into, I would love to hear from people. Espi remains: A sharlayan, an astrologian, a trained companion, timid, sweet, a pacifist, and in possession of low self-esteem.

SO! Respond to this or message me if you’re interested? Thanks. :)

((I also have my other two characters Reina Dancer and Tahni’sae Farreihm (Sae). I would be open to connections for them as well.))

coffee-time fic rec, today….     

Patterns of Fairytales   by buttheyrebrothers                     

Summary: Jared is a homeless teenager with no place to stay during a dangerous blizzard. He finds an empty hallway. He is found by a beautiful boy. And the rest is, as they say, history.                  Notes:    First of a series of meet-cute AUs I want to write. Prompt is from dimpleforyourthoughts:

Part 1 of the Meet-Cute AUs series      from this prompt: J2 au Homeless teen Jared befriending rich heir jensen and sneaking in the back of his mansion to crash on jensens bed and Jensen letting him borrow clean clothes and telling himself that it’s out of charity but in reality he just likes the way Jared wears his shirtsI forgot the shirts. I’m sorry.

Companions React: Sweet Sole

Requested by @fo4companionsreact 

Cait: She’d been reckless again and ended up with a bullet in her arm, thank god Sole was there. They found a safe spot and Sole sat her down, carefully cleaning and dressing the wound. Afterwords, they gingerly kissed the spot and grinned at her, causing Cait to blush a deep maroon and scream jovially on the inside. 

Curie: Since Curie didn’t have a birthday in a human sense, everyone had decided the day her operation system was activated was now her birthday, that day being June 24. They all had a grand party at Starlight drive in, and Sole took her aside, giving her a gift: An entire preserved medical kit complete with syringes, scalpels and assorted medical tools. She was all smily and giggly, giving Sole tons of soft kisses. 

Danse: Sleeping was hard for him, sometimes. In the Brotherhood, he saw some things that occasionally kept him awake some nights. One night, Sole came in and laid with him. They drew little patterns on his chest and told him sleepy stories while he drifted off into one of the most restful sleeps in his life. 

Deacon: He was about to go undercover for a very important Railroad mission, this particular one required a very convincing settler disguise. Sole stayed with him for hours, carefully selecting clothes and strategically brushing on makeup. When the masterpiece was done, they kissed him on the nose, wishing him success. 

Nick: Nick had been stressing about his office for months. Papers piled up and spilled over tables like waterfalls, and there simply was too much clutter for him to work efficiently. He was coming back from some in-the-field investigations when he returned to his office, which was now beautifully filed and clean. Sole stood in the midst of the office with a huge grin. Nick scooped them up and twirled them around, kissing their forehead and chanting ‘thank you, thank you!’

Hancock: Hancock had one of his rare ‘bad days’. Usually he could put up with stuff like that well, but today was unusually rife with bullshit. He plopped down in a chair, sighing. Sole came over, noticing his lack of chattiness and took his face in their hands. They told him how much they cared for him, gently rubbing his cheek with their thumb. 

Piper: She wanted to improve Publick Occurrences, to make it something even more. She racked her brain for months to come up with the idea, but nothing came to mind. One day, Sole was waiting with Nat outside, grinning. Turns out, they had a new camera and modified the press to make images, so Piper could now use pictures to improve the paper. She practically cried in joy, hugging Sole tightly. 

MacCready: Miraculously, he somehow ended up being sick. He was bedridden at Sanctuary, with Sole by his side. They made soup, hot drinks, literally anything he wanted to make him feel better. Every time they felt his forehead, they kissed it gently to make him feel better. When they weren’t around, he would brainstorm little plans to repay them once he got better. 

Preston: Preston loved his Minutemen outfit, maybe a little too much. It got torn in some places, thin in others, and overall began to fall apart. On Christmas, Sole decided to patch it all up, so well that it looked brand new. When he opened the box to see the beautiful clothes, he practically leaped on Sole, kissing their face and hugging them close. 

X6-88: Foolishly, X6-88 had lost his sunglasses somehow fighting Raiders. They dropped into some random lake, and couldn’t find them. One day, Sole snuck out to find them in the wee hours of the morning. When Sole presented the glasses, he showed the most emotion ever by thanking Sole and side hugging them awkwardly. (Voluntarily, too!) 

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(For the ✨ character thing) You seem like a really sweet person and I associate your blog with portal so in my head I kind of just see this sweet little companion cube.

I’m squealing this is the cutest most sweetest thing ever oh my goodness!

Finished, finally! yogscastkimbox fully decked out in some Alien: Isolation digs… and maybe a few non-standard issue items as well.

( I think Kim would actually be a pretty sweet companion to have on an abandoned, alien infested spacecraft though. She could probably kick butts if it came down to it, but more importantly she has an amazing resilience and ability to stay positive, which I really admire. )