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Chubby GF- Im Jaebum

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-protective af. protective af. protective af.

-will literally stare anyone down who looks at you, your body, or even your way too long.

-loves it SO much when you wear sexy and revealing outfits.

-in private. 

-bitches and moans when you wear revealing things out in public.

-always absentmindedly has his hands up your shirt when he holds you in any way bc he loves the feel of your skin.

-always takes his time to kiss down your body VERY slowly when he goes down on you cause he loves it that much.

-always wants to smack and grab your apple booty. 

-if he catches you staring at yourself in the mirror too long with a worried look on your face, he’ll always come up from behind and wrap his arms around your precious waist to whisper “god you are SO beautiful.”

- you are absolutely his plump queen.

This is Charlie, and he’s a big sweet dumb chubby baby. Sometimes, he chases the shadow of his own tail because he literally doesn’t understand what it is. He does not pose well for the camera. unflunflayueri

Regarding Chubby MC ask...

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but

in a little under 2 months, I managed to get 10,000 notes on this thing! @_@

It’s amazing how quickly it increased, I planned to start working on this once it was at 9,850 and somehow before I could even get it done, it hit 10,200+

Not only that

1000 followers….I had like, under 200 before this I’m quite sure. Gais. Wowe.

I’m pretty sure that’s the fault of our sweet but insecure chubby little MC. People have confessed it.

I don’t know if you guys know but I love looking at your reblogs and comments, and reply as much as I can. I never had anything so popular before so I treasure such little things <3 And I love looking at your insane tags. I even save them.

if you look closely you’ll even see that’s at 71 (tho it’s not just chubby MC they’re just my fave tags)

It’s really flattering for me since my work was never that popular uwu;; Because of chubby MC some of you have sent me asks just to say thanks, shared your stories and thoughts, and some have even shown interest in my OCs. *cries, I am a proud author-sama .>_<.*

So I wanted to say something to Chubby MC, which I think Chubby MC and I would also like to say to all of you.

Hope you all find the love Chubby MC got from you guys in your personal lives too!