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{FA} °♥°♥°♥ My Sweet Bunny ♥°♥°♥° par Koala Krash

Artist of the Year award… We’ve already received 5 awards today, we’ve received such a huge award for 4 consecutive years. I think there is no other award more meaningful than today’s award, today’s award is really a meaningful one. We have many people whom we are thankful to, firstly Lee Sooman teacher, SM family, our staffs, manager hyungs, we are really thankful to you. Honestly, while watching the stages, our juniors like BTS, Twice as well as  Mamamoo, Seventeen, Red Velvet, I watched your performances with great emotions. However, when I saw Sechskies stage at the end, although I wasn’t sure why, I wanted to cry, but I’ve learnt a lot from Sechkies seniors today and I only have one thought in mind now, I want to stand on stage for 10 or 20 years, forever even, with our EXO-L fans! I want to become such an artist. EXO-L thank you so much and Ii really love you greatly. We are One, EXO Let’s love! Thank you!!!.
—  Artist of the Year Award speech - Suho trans.(x)


The “my little random moments of pleasure” series - The one with the bunny - SN:12x11


“A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it’s the only weapon we have.”

Contributing to my friend’s (@judylavernehopps) AWESOME AWESOME “Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Judy Hopps)” AU! I hope you all enjoy these, I guess “fake screenshots,” I did XD (OH AND BOGO I WAS NOT PLANNING FOR AT ALL IT JUST ANKDKD)

Enjoy, sweets! 

Links for inspiration (all by my friend!): link link link

(I DID NOT DO THE BG, ONLY EDITED CERTAIN PARTS!!! I did draw the characters, however!)