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For adoption: Holly

Who is she: Holly Shawcross is an English teacher and artist in her 20s, from an episode of the miniseries True Love

Personality: sapphic, reserved but speaks up when her feelings are hurt, loves art and literature, gentle, snuggly, makes sacrifices for people she cares about, actual ray of sunshine 

Title Availability: DVD | YouTube Pirate sites

Why you should adopt her: Because Holly’s episode is about 20 minutes and we 100% guarantee you’ll fall in love with this precious angel. She’s among the handful of canon sapphic Piper characters and presents a great opportunity for some femslash. She’s super kind and caring so she’d also make great friends with many characters :D

More on this character: fics | tumblr tag

How to Adopt: All characters in the adoption drive are open to everyone and can go home with an unlimited number of creators. Simply leave a comment here letting us know you’d love to make any sort of fanwork featuring her in some way - and there’s no deadline!


Melting chocolate Dome! 😋 . Now u can make it at home 😃😃 . VC:@soyummy


🍴Swedish Sticky Chocolate Cake (Kladdkaka)🍴 


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🖤Vegan Black Bean Brownies🖤 


Comment bien commencer son samedi! 😍🔥🍫😘🍦
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Brownie Marshmallow Supreme Rolled Ice Cream! Mmm.. 🍦🍫🍥


Brownies 4 Ways


And another one!! 😍