sweet bailey

Sweet Bf headcannons Clay Bailey

♡Clay is a shy sweetie. It’s amazing if he ever goes for anything first. He never wants you uncomfortable, so he let’s you be in charge. You do try to push him into coming out of his shell every once in a while.

♡ He will sing to you, in private . Like happy birthday or a sweet romantic song. It’ll have a little twang to it but that’s what make it special.

♡This guy here acts like he isn’t the most protective cuddle monster ever. He is though. Big ol loving cuddles, from a built in heater .

♡ Is always a gentleman, unless it comes to food. It will take a minute to get use to his love for food, but hey he is willing to share .

♡ Speaking of food, he is a great cook. He is more a grill you a mean burger kinda guy. The ketchup on it would be shaped liked hearts.

♡ Remembers dates, and firsts like a champ. He will never forget, but oh damn it will be sad if you do.

“ Oh s/o your sweeter than my uncle Jebodiah’s tooth at the county fair. ”

♡Also pda and any contact will need to be taken slow. Just kisses will leave him a blushing mess and it was only on the cheek!

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