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Fight Song ~ Part 2 ~ Uncharted Territory

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Warnings: Depression, Hallucinations, Language

Pairings: Tony X Reader; Bucky X Reader; Steve X Reader;

Word Count: 2412


The Other Stark 


Reader’s POV

After I showed them around the house and where they would be sleeping I slipped away to my personal bathroom to wash the grease off myself. After I turn the water on I turn to the mirror and raise an eyebrow at myself. Well don’t you look like a rag-a-muffin? My long (H/C) hair was all over the place with grease leaving streaks of black in it. I even had grease marks all over my face. I shake my head and pulling my ponytail out of my hair start pulling my clothes off and then climb into the shower.

“SWEET BABY JESUS THAT’S COLD!” I cry out as the water falls over my legs. “Come on I know it’s not that cold outside!” Suddenly it becomes warmer and I let out a sigh. “Thank you!” I quickly wash my hair and body before grabbing a fat-chick towel off the rack and wrapping it around myself. I wasn’t a ‘big’ girl but I wasn’t little either. I smile at its softness and quickly drying myself off walk back into my room and pull out some Pjs. I settled for a giant Stark Enterprises T-shirt and a baggy pair of Doctor Who pajama pants.

I ruffle my hair as I open my door and suddenly smell something amazing. Raising an eyebrow I turn and walk down the stairs and into the kitchen where I see Tony standing next to the stove sautéing something on the stove while ACDC plays out around him. I can’t help but think about how different my life would have been if he had actually raised me. My heart clenches at the thought making tears threaten my eyes. I knew he was trying but I didn’t want him too, did i?

I wait for him to step away from the stove before I say, “Hey good looking Whatcha got cookin?”

“Just a simple dish, I found some ingredients in your fridge and thought, might as well be useful.”

“Well I appreciate it, I haven’t exactly been eating right lately,”

“Busy at work?”

“Yeah, that and some other things,”


“Yeah, so changing the subject; how much longer until I get to eat?”

“Don’t you have a date tonight?”

“Dean? Oh he ain’t gonna care. It’s not exactly like we eat together when we meet.” I smirk as I see Tony tense up in front of me. Oh yeah I’m gonna milk this for all its worth. “Yeah you know he’s pretty awesome,”

“Really?” He says turning toward me with intrigue in his eyes.

“Yeah, although he’s basically a man whore; who travels the US and sleeps with countless girls and has an arsenal in the truck of his impala. He also has a little brother who is equally cute and pretty much a giant. All in all they are pretty dreamy, but you know I can’t just choose one.”

“Seriously? How much did you take after me?”

“More than you think old man, more than you think.” I say as I walk over to the fridge and pull out a beer. As I twist the top off he says, “I know you probably don’t want to talk about it and that’s fine, I’ll wait until you’re ready.” I know exactly what he’s referring too and I let out a heavy sigh.

“I promise one day we’ll talk, but until then let’s try to get along. Okay?”

“Deal, oh over there on the table; I got you a gift.”

“Really Tony? I don’t need you to buy me stuff.”

“Just shut up and open it.” He says as he starts cooking again. I roll my eyes before I walk over and opening the big bag my eyes widen. Inside were two Build-a-bear teddy bears. One was Captain America and the other was Bucky. I let out an involuntary squeal as I pull them out and hold them to my chest. “You remembered?” I say as I close my eyes and try not to cry.

“I remember everything you tell me.”

“Thank you Tony, no Dad; Thank you dad.” I say as I clench tightly to the bears. “OH MY GOD IS THAT COTTON CANDY!” I cry out as I catch a whiff of the sweet scent coming from the bears.

“Would it be anything else? Although the guy who helped me make them didn’t like the fact that I wanted to do it myself.”

“Seriously, oh I wish I could have been there to see that. Wait; were Bucky and Steve there too?”


“That must have been so awkward for them, god I wish I could have seen it.” I smile at the bears then it suddenly hits me and my smile fades as I say, “Did you tell them who they were for?”

“No but I’m sure they know by now.”

Well shit.

“How come you don’t have Jarvis hooked up to the house?”

“I wanted privacy, and he’s hooked up to the barn. He helps me feed the animals and that Ironman suit you sent helps me exercise them although it is quite funny to see one of your suits’s flying side by side with a running horse to be honest.”

“So you’re the reason those photo’s ended up online?”

“Maybe?” I say as I shrug my shoulders. I turn back to the bears in my arms and smile brightly as I say, “Oh you two are gonna love it here, I’m gonna put you on my bed and cuddle you until you can’t stand it anymore.” Suddenly someone clears his throat an my face whitens as I turn to see Steve and Bucky staring at me. Steve had a raise eyebrow and Bucky was trying to hide a smirk.

“You know if you want me in your bed _____ all you gotta do is ask.” Bucky says and I feel my face blush.

“I was talking to the bears, terminator; But you know if you’re offering?” Suddenly I hear a loud noise and I turn to see Tony standing there with a knife in his hand pointed toward Bucky as he says, “I don’t care how super you are of a soldier, you lay one hand on my kid and I’ll remove an appendage.”

Bucky raises his hands in surrender causing me to smirk. Suddenly I realize what time it is and yell out, “Crap! I’m gonna miss my date!” Grabbing my bears I push past the two sexy men and head into the living room. Grabbing the remote I quickly turn the TV on right as the opening scene was starting. Ah there are my boys.

“So this is what you meant by date?” I hear Tony say and I nod.

“Yup these are the only constant men in my life, save for my employees.” I say not taking my eyes off the TV. Suddenly I feel the couch sink in on both sides of me and I smirk as Bucky and Steve lean forward toward the TV and instantly become engrossed. Of course through almost the whole thing I had to explain every little detail to them but that was fine with me. “So you’re saying you’re a Dean girl?” Steve asks as he keeps his eyes on the TV.

“Yes sir,”

“You do realize he’s almost exactly like Tony.”

“What? No, not at all.” I continue watching for a moment and then it hits me. “GOD NO! Why did you have to tell me that?” I yell out as I throw myself into the floor and fake cry.

“Are you okay?” Steve asks concern in his voice.

“That’s it, I’m gonna turn celibate.”

“Sounds like a good plan to me!” I hear Tony yell from the kitchen and roll my eyes.

“Shut up old man!” I yell back at him before looking up at Steve and saying, “God Steve you’re so mean! Now I’m not gonna be able to watch this without thinking about Tony.”

“I’m sorry?” He says not sure how to react.

“That’s it you’re just gonna have to take responsibility for this.”

“Come again?”

“Food’s done!” Tony yells out saving Steve from my obvious silent innuendo. I grab my bears and holding them over me say, “Come on boys, time for some grub.”

“What are you five?” Bucky asks as he reaches for the Bucky bear.

“Why yes I am, and I require someone to carry me to the dinner table.”

What the hell did I just say?

“Alright then,” Bucky says and before I have a chance to react he lifts me off the floor and throws me over his shoulder.

“AGH! What the hell? It was a joke! Put me down.”

“Not until we reach the table.” He replies and I suddenly become aware of how ripped he actually is. Come on this isn’t fair! He’s just so- AGH! How in the hell was I supposed to live with not only my father in my house but also these two handsome men. I can only imagine what hell I’ve gotten myself into.

When we reach the table Bucky sets me down and I quickly fix my clothes before I pull out my chair an quickly sit down. I look down at my plate and instantly smile as I see Steak with Sautee veggies and butter garlic noodles. Suddenly the guys start eating but I just sit there in shock.

“You okay?” I hear Steve ask from beside me and without looking at him I say, “Yeah, I’m just not used to this.” I narrow my eyes as my heart starts to clench at the memories of my parentless childhood. All the sudden I have the urge to run but before I can I feel Steve’s hand on mine breaking me from my memories. “It’s okay, you’ve got us now.”

“And you won’t leave me?” I say not able to stop my voice.

“Not if you don’t want me too.”

“That’s what everyone else said, right before-” I instantly stand up and pulling my hand from his say, “I’m sorry I need to be alone, I’ll eat later.” Then turning and running I run up the stairs to the safety of my room. Throwing myself onto my bed I clutch tightly to the bears Tony had given me and the tears start to pour from my eyes. They’re just empty words _____. You know everyone leaves and hurts you sooner or later. I curl up into the fetal position as I try to push the past memories from my mind.

'Hey ____, you’re a cute little girl?’ I hear a voice from my past say and I cover my ears as I say, “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

'Aw come on it’ll be fun, you know you want too.’

“I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!” I jump up and look across the room to see that familiar face and fear fills my body. It was the man my mother had sold me to for dope. His teeth were rotten and he looked like he was suffering from malnutrition. “Why won’t you go away?”

'Because you need me?’

“No I don’t!”

'Yes you do, I’m the only one who truly cares about you.’

“That’s not true.”

'You think Tony actually cares about you?’

“It doesn’t matter, leave me alone!”

Suddenly I accidentally hit one of the bears paws making the room fill with Tony’s voice as it says, “Hey Peanut, look I know you aren’t exactly happy with me and I wasn’t able to be there for you when you were a kid; but I want you to know that I do love you and I will do whatever it takes to make up for what happened to you. I wasn’t there when you needed me most and it kills me that I couldn’t protect you. Will you let me?”

Tears pour down my cheeks as I stare down at the Captain America Bear. He wanted to be there for me and it wasn’t because he could get something from me. He had been denied that chance to be a father just like I had been denied the chance to be a kid period. Taking a deep breath I look up into the air before turning back to the obvious hallucination in the corner of my room and say, “You can’t hurt me anymore. You’re dead. I killed you myself.”

'Then how am I here?’

“You’re just a part of my subconscious. You’re not real.”

'Denial, my dear pet.’

“Do not call me that! I belong to no one. Now get out of my head!” I say as I reach behind me and toss a pillow at the Hallucination and let out a breath of relief as it disappears. Being a Manic Depressive was a real bitch. It had started that night I grabbed the drug dealer’s gun and shot him to keep from being raped. 

All the pain he had caused me was gone that night but it had left its mark. Then from there I was placed in the system and tossed from one abusive Foster home to another; until I met Mikey. I didn’t know much about his past but he never seemed to be too sad. He instantly became my big brother figure and had made it a mission to protect me.

He didn’t have to do it anymore did he? I mean now I have Tony right? I look down at the bear again and smile as I hold it to my chest. I had only told him once that I was a Bucky and Cap fan and he had remembered. I bury my face in the bears face and smile as the scent of cotton candy fills my senses. I look over at the Bucky bear and reaching over push it’s paw and wait for it to say something.

'I don’t know about this Stark it seems weird.’ Steve says and I smirk.

“Then don’t hog the bear Steve, hey _____ you don’t know us but I’m Bucky and this troublemaker is Steve.”

“She can’t see you Buck.”


“Anyway, we hope that you accept these bears.”

“Of course she will, at least mine anyway.”

“Bucky come on,” Suddenly it goes quiet and I can’t help but laugh.

“Those goofballs,” I say as I wipe my eyes and setting the bears down on my bed give them a soft smile before Opening my door and taking a deep breath head out into unknown territory.

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